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      About: Bwin

      Good betting options, awesome rates, better customer service. I am very happy with Bwin. Would recommend it any time!

      18 Jun 2018Roman (**.***)

      Good betting site

      18 Jun 2018Ryan (**.***)
      About: Bethard

      Riktigt bra välkomstbonus!

      27 Apr 2018Andreas (78.73.2**.***)

      Not too bad for football but it’s more casino oriented. Still the sign up offer is fairly easy to claim plus they’ve got nice odds on the Prem.

      14 Apr 2018Ciaran (88.202.1**.***)
      About: 1XBet

      DO NOT ADVISE 1xBET !!! At first everything was like norms, small victories and defeats. Basically was in the black, of course the pluses were removed, the bank left. When the withdrawal of money exceeded the initial fee (bank). I closed the withdrawal of money! Based on confirmation of identity. Like everything is normal, the usual practice as the majority. I gave them a scanned passport, basically, all this was always enough, but not for 1xBET)) After waiting 72 hours, there were no answers from them. I myself called the city where I was told that they do not accept scanned documents! Ok, I took a photo, I wait three days, no answers. Again I call myself, and now they tell me that this is not enough, they need a photo of my card. Ok, I take a photo of the map, I send it, I wait for three days, there is no answer. Here I am already covered …. I call them, now they need an extract from the bank on my card)) who else does not know, an extract with a bank seal service is paid! But okay, I think I’ll do it and everything will be gud and there will be no problems with the person. I made an extract, did not scan because I already made it clear that this option does not suit them. I take the photo of the extract, of course I close the personal identification number and the personal limit of the card, I leave everything else open, first and last digits of the card and transfer to their account. Sent, I’m waiting! What do you think, what was the answer?))) They do not fit the photos))) they need a PDF format! I scanned the dock, made the PDF format, sent it. Got the answer: “Provide original extracts in .PDF format. Do not compress, cut or edit the file.” I did not do anything with him except how I made the PDF from it, concealed the IDP and the rest of the account, for what! I sent them my thoughts, I’m waiting for an answer))) Now I’m shooting a video, I think it’s competitive for bloggers, it will be a treat.

      26 Mar 2018Serjiik (172.68.2**.***)
      About: Vbet

      It is good for people living in Armenia But services for foreigners are awful They are kind to receive money, but they get angry to withdraw money.

      26 Mar 2018Hasan (162.158.9**.***)
      About: Betrebels
      Really nice environment! A like the variety of games and their support is always polite.
      13 Mar 2018Juan Agram (188.114.1**.***)
      About: Campeonbet
      9 Mar 2018Michael Langely (172.68.6**.***)
      About: Bethard

      Fairly decent odds and quick payments

      6 Mar 2018Josh (78.133.3**.***)
      About: Betvictor

      Really glad I found Betvictor. High odds on most Prem matches and very fast payments.

      23 Feb 2018Raj (46.101.1**.***)
      About: 888sport

      The best place for horse races. I’ve found some lesser known tracks and can also watch the Royal Ascott for just £0.50. Pretty cool.

      24 Jan 2018Jeff (87.248.1**.***)
      About: 18bet
      Not bad accept Turkish players which just fine!
      16 Jan 2018Ersoy (162.158.9**.***)
      About: 1XBet

      1xbet is big fraud, Dont trade with them
      on 23rd Dec 2017, My balance was more than $6000, they reduced $2700 from my balance, now balance was 4169
      Did live chat they replied odds were incorrect in their website at that time. so thats company problem, not mine.
      They reducted all odds from 2.2 to 1.27, said It was system error, so all bets are resettled to 1.27.
      Also they have reduced my betting odds, without login showing different rates and after logging in rates are very less.

      On 24th they rejected my withdrawal request. did live chat – they requested for documents, document emailed and said wait for security dept reply.
      Got response – (Your data is under verification now. At the moment your account is available only for betting)

      I started trading on 24/12 again now on 12/01/2018 my balance was 5281.11. from 24/12 to 11/01/18 got same reply of under verification.

      I called customer care of local Indian number 00080000507100 and speak with them regarding this matter
      on 12/1/18 1xbet requested additional documents, from 12 to 13 Jan they requested so much proofs of neteller, skrill, selfie and more, sent all documents.

      on 13/1 I got this reply

      (We are bringing to your notice that we made a decision to stop any collaboration with you (closing your gaming account) on the basis of General Terms and Conditions of the Bookmaker Company:
      Should the bettor commit fraud in respect to the bookmaker (such as the registration of multiple accounts, the use of automated betting software, arbitrage betting, if the betting account is not used for betting, the improper use of loyalty schemes, etc.), the bookmaker reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by:
      -bet cancellation;
      -closure of the customer’s account with the balance being refunded;
      -filing a claim to a law-enforcement agency.
      Effective as of 1 January 2011
      It was made decision after close investigation of the situation by our Security Service.
      We ask you not to create playing accounts in our company. Please, be aware that new accounts created by you will be closed, bets will be cancelled,  deposited funds will not be returned, they will be used on the expenses related to investigation and blocking.
      Due to the fact that your actions are the most rough violation of rules of our company, the decision about stopping the collaboration with your is final and it can not be reviewed.
      All requests from you on the topic of blocking will be ignored.)

      They reduced my balance from 5281.11 to 495 again. did withdrawal of 495, got payment, they have also removed my trading history.

      According to their terms –
      -closure of the customer’s account with the balance being refunded;

      Where is my remaining balnce. I asked in email also, but no reply till 14/01


      16 Jan 2018Undisclosed (**.***)
      About: 24Bettle

      Good welcome bonus and very high odds on basket. Better for casino to be honest.

      16 Jan 2018Peter Andre (http://tools.tracemyip.o**.***)
      About: Campeonbet

      Payments are poor. No neteller or skrill and it took ages to make a withdrawal. They have to improve this.

      15 Jan 2018Sadih (185.113.9**.***)