Best US Sportsbooks

If you are looking to place your bets online in the United States then you shouldn’t search any further. What we have done is compare the best American sportsbooks to settle once and for all which are the top ones. Below you are able to see the full list of offshore online sportsbooks that accept US players, all rated according to our set of specific factors. We also list all the distinctive features of US sportsbooks, make a detailed comparison between Vegas sportsbooks & the offshore ones and point out the most profitable sports to bet on.

Best US online sportsbooks - How we rate them

How to choose the best Champions League bookmaker Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Right below we have broken down all the fundamental criteria that can make or break a sportsbook that operates in the USA. We advise you to take some time to understand how we have rated the aforementioned sportsbooks and why we have disqualified some subpar ones.

  • Longevity & experience - The longer a sportsbook has been around, the more reliable you can expect it to be. It’s also far easier to find player reviews for an experienced operator compared to a brand new sportsbook.

  • Fast payments - And by fast we mean up to 3 days. After all, what is the point of betting online if you have to wait to receive your winnings close to a week every time you wish to cash out on your won bet slips? So, when it comes to speedy transactions, the top online sportsbooks USA offers will process your withdrawals within a few days.

  • Low transaction fees - These apply both when topping up your account and every time you request a payout. Although different payment methods come with different charges, a sportsbook that has a policy of squeezing every dime by adding extravagant banking charges should be avoided.

  • Crypto availability - Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dogecoin and Litecoin have become really popular among US bettors in recent years; since they constitute an easy to use payment option and offer fast withdrawals. So, the top sportsbooks operating stateside accept crypto transactions and some of them offer special promos exclusively for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

  • Reliable payment options - Even if you place your bets on well established sportsbooks, you may run into certain payment methods going off the line. A top US sportsbook will quickly react to such an event and offer you an alternative banking method at reasonable fees without freezing your payments. Just to be clear, we don't consider Bitcoin as a good alternative to FIAT transactions as exchanging USD to Bitcoin is too pricey. However, payment options such as credit cards, money order and checks are just fine.

  • Existing players’ promotions - Every sportsbook will try to entice more players to join them by offering a sign-up bonus. What separates the top US sportsbooks from the average ones, is that the top are always going the extra mile by awarding offers specifically tailored to existing players (e.g. loyalty bonuses, reload bonuses, free bets).

  • Competitive lines & odds - Probably the most essential part of a good sportsbook, high odds, will quite simply let you earn more money every time you win a bet. Note that we take into account both the pre-match odds and the in-play ones.

  • Variety of betting markets - The more betting options you have, the easier it is to find a market you can correctly predict and ultimately win. The best sportsbooks for US players do not only come with loads of betting markets on American sports; but also from other lesser known ones.

  • Quality of exotic bets - Special bets like politics, entertainment, awards and player props on the most important sporting events, are not only a fun way of gambling but can also hold many profitable opportunities. An important prerequisite here is to find low juice odds on these special bets.

  • Top-notch customer support - Many players often underestimate the importance of quality customer support, up till the point when they run into a discrepancy with their US sportsbook. Waiting too long for an answer, or worse, not being able to contact an agent on the live chat is something that is best avoided.

  • Fast & reliable platform - Betting on a stable and fast sportsbook is of vital importance; since an operator that has invested in good software will let you navigate its platform & mobile easier and place your bets faster. This is even truer when you are betting on their sportsbook app, as access issues are an all too common problem on obscure operators.

Key characteristics of US sportsbooks

Wagering on US online sportsbooks has distinct differences compared to online sports betting on European or Asian operators. Apart from the different odds sets, betting in the United States is split into various sports, bet types and exotics. Therefore, go on and check if the sportsbook you consider choosing has the characteristics mentioned below.

red arrowTypes of bets popular in the States: The most frequent types of bets include Moneyline bets, Totals on the NFL and basketball point spreads. There are also Against The Spread (ATS) bets that are extremely popular among College betting enthusiasts. Next are Parlays that are placed by more rookie players; with Futures, Proposition Bets (on teams and players), Teasers and Pleasers sealing the deal.

red arrowAmerican Dollar accepted: The American dollar (USD) can be found as a standard currency on sportsbooks for US players. Opting for such sportsbooks means that you get to avoid any currency exchange fees or other additional fees that may apply. Furthermore, most of the time, you will also receive a sign up bonus in USD.

red arrowExotics & special bets: Exotics, like Political betting, have lately taken a surge in popularity. Although election betting is a thing in the USA, it only concerns local politics like the US presidency and the House of Representatives election. There are some more classic special bet types like the Oscar Awards, the Emmy Awards or beauty pageants like Miss Universe, where US offshore sportsbooks will offer good odds and a number of prop bets.

red arrowPayments widely used in the US: A truly localized sportsbook that operates in the States should offer payments that are widely used in the region. More specifically, the most popular ones are credit cards (i.e. Amex, Mastercard and Visa), gift cards, money order, bank transfer, checks, person to person payments and cryptocurrencies.

red arrowAmerican sports & leagues: US bettors love placing their bets on the NFL both on the regular season, on the playoffs and on the Super Bowl. NBA betting shares the top spot with the Playoffs and of course the NBA Finals. The NHL with its Stanley Cup is also on top, while the MLB is a favorite among all bettors. Thus, sportsbooks that operate in the US make sure to offer markets on all aforementioned sports and competitions.

red arrowAmerican odds: In USA online sportsbooks all offer American odds (+/- form), which are apparently the most common ones among local bettors. As a matter of fact, it is a prerequisite for offshore sportsbooks that target the US betting market to offer this specific odds type; if their ultimate goal is to keep their player rate high.

Vegas sportsbooks vs offshore sportsbooks

As is often the case when visiting Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you may feel inclined to place a wager on the sportsbook of a casino. Among the most well-known sportsbooks in Vegas are the Golden Nugget, the Mirage and the Caesars Palace; while the Borgata is the most frequently visited one in the East Coast. What makes these casino sportsbooks stand out are their instant payouts. However, as is often the case with casinos, we’ve found that Vegas odds are very low.

Las Vegas sportsbooks have very pricey lines, and in most cases, even sharp bettors end up losing to the juice in the long run. A small odds comparison between Vegas sportsbooks and offshore sportsbooks in USA, will show you that Vegas odds steadily come with a minimum of 10% juice; while in the meantime some offshore ones will go as low as 2%. To be perfectly honest though, if you are a sharp bettor who lives in Nevada; then you should keep an eye on these casino odds as they are nearly always slower to react to significant odds changes. Be prepared though that if you win way too many times, you will quickly see large limits on your bets.

Best offshore sportsbooks for US players (2023)

Below you can see our list of the best offshore online sportsbooks US has to offer for 2023. In order to select them we have tested their payments, security features, American sports’ markets and other important criteria for US players. So, go on and choose the one that suits you.

USA sportsbooks: Most profitable sports to wager on

Americans are among the most passionate sports fans in the world and are keen on placing their wagers on the most profitable sports. Therefore, the best online sportsbooks for US players make sure to offer markets on a wide range of American sports and below we list the ones that stand out.

American football (NFL)

This is by far the most popular sport among US bettors. It is simply known as football in the States. It originates from soccer and rugby and the first game ever played dates back to 1869. The National Football League (NFL) is the top-level professional football league in the country with an annual revenue of about US$15 billion. Its championship game, the famous Super Bowl, is one of the most-watched sporting events in the globe and attracts millions of bettors too.

Baseball (MLB)

If you are in search of the best USA sportsbooks to wager on baseball, then you are in the right place. Our list above consists of the top offshore sportsbooks operating stateside and since currently baseball is the second most popular sport in the country; then it is guaranteed that you’ll get to place your bets on your favorite Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. Plus, you will find markets on other top baseball competitions based abroad; like the NPB and the KBO.

Basketball (NBA)

nbaBasketball is the most popular American sport around the world and that comes as no surprise; since the National Basketball Association (NBA) has helped it grow in popularity in recent years. US bettors absolutely love placing their bets on the regular season, the playoffs and of course the NBA Finals. College basketball is also very popular in the States and more than US$10 billion are wagered every year on the NCAA’s March Madness tournament.

Ice hockey (NHL)

nhl-logoThis is yet another sport that is really popular in North America and more specifically in the States. The National Hockey League (NHL) is the top ice hockey league in the world and bettors residing in the USA like to place their bets on their favorite teams. Consequently, online sportsbooks for US players make sure to offer a wide variety of bets on games of the NHL season and of course on the Stanley Cup playoffs & the Stanley Cup Finals.

Q: How to sign up on an online sportsbook in USA?

Just click on one of the “Visit” buttons on any of the American sportsbooks listed above and enter its homepage. After that, locate the “Sign Up” button to start the registration process. In most cases, you will have to enter a username & password and fill in your personal details. After you are done creating your account and verified your email & mobile number, you can make a deposit and start playing.

Q: How to bet at a sportsbook in the US?

This requires that you have already completed the aforementioned step of creating an account. You should navigate to the sports section and choose any event you want from the menu. Pick a market and place your stake; provided that you have enough money on your balance to place a bet. Then all you have to do is click on the confirm button and wait for the bet to be accepted.

Q: Are online sportsbooks legal in the States?

As of May 14, 2018 sports betting became legal in the US. More specifically, placing your wagers online on a sportsbook and gambling in a Las Vegas sportsbook is exactly the same. Furthermore, you can expect no legal repercussions from any US court, as the government is only trying to block payments towards online sportsbooks and will not go after any players.

Q: Are there any US online sportsbooks accepting PayPal?

Unfortunately, no US friendly sportsbooks will let you deposit via PayPal. Although there are dozens of such operators in the UK and other European countries; PayPal is abiding by the UIGEA and will not allow you to send or receive money from online sportsbooks if you reside in the United States.

Q: What is a pay per head sportsbook?

Pay per head is nearly as old as online sports betting in the US. It is offered by certain sportsbook software providers that let individuals utilize their platform and become operators themselves. The way it works is that cooperating partners are required to pay a fee for all active players, regardless if they are profitable or not.

Q: How do sportsbooks in USA make money?

There’s a single answer to this question. Juice. Imagine a sportsbook that is offering -110 on both teams to win an NBA match. If they get US$500,000 worth of bets on each team they will only have to pay back US$910,000 to the winners. There is also the case of falling prey to a scam sportsbook that will walk away with your money. However, we guarantee that we don’t recommend such sportsbooks in our analysis.

Q: Can I trust sportsbook agent sites?

We definitely advocate against playing on sportsbook agent sites and if you happen to come across one, then simply stay away from it. If you don’t want to get scammed and lose all your winnings; we would advise you to bet online on sportsbooks that are licensed by legitimate gambling authorities and are well-respected by the US gambling community.

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