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A cookie is technically a file placed on your browser. This enables certain features and a better functionality for the user, since it identifies the device and helps the visitor have a faster and more secure access to our site. Moreover, cookies are used to deliver relevant advertisements, track ad campaigns and provide more relevant ads. They are maintained on the browser you are using to access the internet and the method of deleting them may differ from browser to browser. Note that if you delete all the cookies on your computer, you might need to re-enter the information that was stored on the site’s cookies.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 – 10.0 You should select the 'Tools->Internet Options' menu, and then click on the 'Delete...' button which is found under the 'General' tab. When you find the 'Cookies' option, uncheck all the other options and click 'Delete'. The Tools menu may be reached by clicking the gear icon on the Internet Explorer toolbar.

Firefox 7.0 or later version

You must go to the 'Tools -> Options' menu item, find the 'Privacy' tab and click on it. Afterwards, choose the 'remove individual cookies' link, by pressing the option ''Remove All Cookies' and you will delete them all.

Firefox 3.0

It is very simple. Go to the menu and select 'Tools -> Clear Recent History'. After that you have to choose the time range you wish to clear, then choose the 'Cookies' option and click 'Clear Now'.

Google Chrome 5.0

Press the menu button, go to the Settings option and enable the advanced settings to be shown. Go to the “Privacy section, click on the “Clear browsing data”, uncheck all the options except “Cookies and plugin data” and press the “Clear browsing data”.

Apple Safari 5.1

Go to the 'Preferences...' section, on the 'Settings' or 'Edit' menu (Windows) or the Safari menu (MacOS). Afterwards, you have to open the 'Privacy' tab and click the 'Details...' button. All the cookies will be deleted by clicking 'Remove All'.

Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) Stay on the home screen, touch the 'Settings' icon and then choose 'Safari'. You will find a “Clear Cookies” option, tap on it to delete all cookies, and confirm by touching the option 'Clear'.

Android browser

If you have an android device, tap the 'Internet' icon, choose 'More', select 'Settings' and then 'Privacy & Security'. Scroll down and you will find the “Clear all cookie data” option.

Android Chrome

Tap on the Chrome icon, go to the options menu and find the “Settings” option. After that tap on “Site settings”, Advanced and then “Privacy” where you will find the “Clear Browsing Data” option. Choose to whether delete cookies, browsing history and/or internet cache.

Windows Phone 7/8

Go to the Internet Explorer app, tap 'More...' and then 'Settings'. Tapping the 'Delete History' item will allow you to erase browser history, cookies, stored passwords and temporary internet files.

Blackberry If you have a Blackberry, you should open the browser from the home screen. After that press the Menu key, and next the 'Options' button. You will find the 'Privacy & Security' panel, where you can choose what sort of browsing information you would like to delete. Click 'Clear Now'.

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