New Bookmakers 2022 – List of New Betting Sites

Like us, if you are always searching for new bookmakers to try out and new sign up offers to claim, you need not look any further. We are listing the latest betting sites, according to feedback from both professional and everyday bettors. We bring the best fresh bookies to the table, all tested by our team of experts, along with hints on which new bookmakers you should avoid in all cases. Why choose a new betting site? Welcome bonuses tend to be higher, rollover requirements lower, and odds are better than the established bookies. 

In our table, you will see all the recently added sportsbooks based on year of establishment, country availability, review status, and license.

Bookmaker Website Year Est. Review status License 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2022 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2022 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed    Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2016 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed    Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2021 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed    Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed    Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed    Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed    Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed     Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed     Visit Site 2019 Reviewed    Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed    Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site

New Bookmakers List 

We want players to trust our listings and be transparent about how we evaluate the best newest betting sites. Therefore we go to great lengths to ensure that every factor that makes a good bookmaker is covered. Furthermore, we examine issues that should make you cautious about a new sportsbook.

How do we evaluate brand new bookmakers 

How do we evaluate brand new bookmakers We always strive for top quality with our reviews. That means that while we get more than a dozen review requests from the latest betting sites every month, we only review 2-3 of them. Thus, we can dedicate time and resources to test and try every available feature of the bookie. Our evaluation is based on multiple factors. The most important features that are on display on our list are:

Year of establishment
We consider a bookmaker as new if it started services within the last three years. However, we include those that started before on a local market, but they expanded internationally post 2018. Moreover, the same applies to old school bookmakers that went through a rebranding or a new management takeover after 2018.

Licensing authority
A major issue that plays a significant role in the reliability of any new online bookie is the authority that oversees its operations. UKGC and MGA are considered the most upright ones. Offshore authorities, such as Curacao, are subject to controversy.

Reviewed status
We present you new sportsbooks that have gone through our thorough review. That means that we have played on them and tested every available feature. Furthermore, we include in our list bookies that have not yet undergone our review. Usually, they are recommended by our community and our evaluation is not concluded.

Country of operation
Our list will automatically display first the best new bookmakers that provide betting services to your country of residence.

How our new bookmakers review system works

We aim to let you know what is going on in the betting world, but we do not add new betting websites immediately after being launched. The reason is that there are numerous problems when a new sportsbook emerges. Moreover, we review as new entries, bookies that are spin-offs from existing casinos or established betting sites that moved to a new platform. The same applies to sites that acquired a Tier 1 license later on and expanded to more markets. You should keep in mind, however, that the concept of new varies to the individual. For one player, that means a few months, while for another a couple of years. Therefore, we cover the most comprehensive time range possible.

Open account and deposit 

At first, we open an account to check if the process is as short and straightforward as it should be. Then we go to the Banking page and choose to Deposit. Here we notice if all the security protocols, such as SSL, are in action. Then we check all the available payment methods (the more, the better). The deposit process should not require more than a few clicks.

Promotions and placing your bet 

As soon as we fuel our betting account , we are ready to see some action. First, we will claim the Welcome bonus and review the amount, rollover requirements and restrictions. 

Then, it is about time to place our bets. Once more, it should be done with fewer clicks possible. Moreover, it should be easy for the player to locate all the available sports and markets. The betslip should clearly state our picks with our total wager and possible winnings.

Payout and verification process 

Hopefully, we made the correct predictions and it’s time to withdraw. All new sportsbooks require you to verify your account first. So, we look into the KYC page to check if the needed documents are stated clearly. Next, we see if we can upload them directly instead of sending an email. Once done, we assess the time required by the bookmaker to verify the documents. Up to 24 hours is a reasonable timeframe; more can cause delays to the whole payout process.

Finally, it’s a payout time. Again, the request should not take more than a few clicks. We notice the waiting time for each payment method and we confirm if it’s true. Furthermore, we consider the time needed for an internal review of the payout by the bookie. The best new bookmakers calculate that time in the reported withdrawal period.

Customer Support 

During our whole evaluation period, we often get in contact with the customer support of the bookie. We evaluate the speed of reply, politeness and knowledge. Moreover, the more channels of communication, the better. Live chat and email are staples in the industry, while social media have become another field of solving issues. Many new betting sites opt to offer phone support as well. 

Players feedback and rating 

How does gambling affect credit rating The factors above account for 60% of our review. The rest, 40%, is based on players’ experience with each bookie. A high satisfaction rate among bettors shows that the betting site follows high standards and commits providing the best service.

Signs of suspicious new betting sites

There are three major red flags when we review new betting sites. While they do not necessarily mean murky business, they certainly raise our suspicion levels.

Connection of the management to shady operators
Several examples have shown that a bookie set up shop, collected a significant amount of deposits and then used absurd excuses, not to payout. The next step for the brains behind that scheme was to set up another betting site and go all over again. Therefore, we always perform a background check on the management team of the latest betting sites. In case we find any connection with a scam bookmaker, we promptly let our readers know.

 Controversy about the licensing authority
New online bookies licensed by offshore authorities such as Curacao or Costa Rica will be subject to a more detailed investigation. This happens since scam bookies in the past, have been licensed by these authorities, only to turn out as frauds. Thus, we will also check the betting site’s platform, the budget invested, and, most importantly, the players’ feedback. Another red flag will be if the operator targets a high-risk profile in terms of reliability. Prime examples are bookies targeting Turkish players or Asian agent skins.

Agents and individual bookies
Private operators are not licensed and regulated by any authority. They might act as ‘’representatives’’ of major bookies. However, that is usually not the case. They will offer enormous odds and bonuses to entice players and accumulate deposits. While we are contacted regularly by agents and individual bookmakers, we have decided not to list them. The reason is that they operate without a gambling license in an illegal environment.

New Betting Sites vs Established Sportsbooks 

New online betting sites want to get off to a flying start; hence they go the extra mile to stand out from the competition. Big sign up offers, high odds and a state of the art interface are among the top traits they offer.

Lucrative welcome bonus
Probably the most enticing factor of a new bookmaker is a big sign up offer. To attract players from an old school bookie, they can require a small low first deposit such as £/€5 or £/€10 and double or even triple it. On top of that, rollover requirements tend to be much lower.

High odds
New online bookies offer increased odds on several markets to make betting with them more profitable. On top of that, they might provide other odds boost for new customers. That helps to establish the name of a bookie that offers players great value.

Variety of payment methods
A variety of banking options is mandatory for all new sportsbooks that want to compete with established ones. While credit/debit cards, bank transfers and vouchers are considered standard, some old school bookmakers are restrictive with wallets. This will not be the issue with the latest betting sites as they include wallets such as Skrill and Neteller in banking options. Furthermore, if you opt to use Cryptocurrencies, most recently established bookmakers support it.

Easy to use interface
A cutting-edge environment is pleasant to the eye and convenient for navigating through the markets. Moreover, it will be less time consuming when you want to take action such as deposit, place your bet and withdraw.

Mobile Apps
More than 50% of the total betting activity takes place on a mobile phone. Hence, the best new bookmakers apply all the latest tech to develop a state of the art mobile app. Some go the extra mile and offer tailored promotions should you use only the app. Furthermore, features such as live betting, cash out and live streaming are available on your smartphone.

What to watch when you open a new sportsbook account 

What to watch when you open a new sportsbook account When you have found a new sportsbook, it is expected that you are all excited to sign up and play. However, since your money is involved, you should pay special attention to factors that show a bookie’s legitimacy.

Terms and conditions
The disclaimer provides the legal basis for the operations of the bookie. From signing up to placing your bets and withdrawing money, terms and conditions provide a framework for how to do it. You want a betting site that does not include ludicrous terms such as refusing to accept your bet or even closing your account for no reason.

Withdrawal rules
One of the most important sides of betting is when you want to take out your winnings. Always make sure that you are familiar with bonus wagering, closed-loop policy and have completed your account verification.

Security measures
Online scams have become almost a daily occurrence and online betting is no exception. New online bookmakers apply 128-bit authentication, password protection, encryption of data, SSL certificates and even separate PIN codes. That helps ensure that only the account owner has access to it and that his funds are always safe.

You should not skip looking at our detailed reviews on the latest betting sites. That helps to prepare and have the necessary knowledge before putting your money in.

Players’ feedback
Another valuable tool is what other players think about your chosen bookie. Again we are here to help as we provide up-to-date user feedback with ratings and comments.

Communication channels
An easy-to-reach and available 24/7 customer support department is a must in today's betting industry. That includes live chat, email, phone and even social media platforms to solve any issues that might come up.

Languages and currencies available
New sportsbooks that offer localized services are a step ahead of the competition. A variety of currencies ensures that you will not pay hefty conversion fees. Having your language available on the website helps to have a clear understanding of all the sports and markets.

Newest betting sites online for 2022 

Responsible gaming has been an essential feature of 2020 online gambling. Bookmakers have to adhere to a set of compliance rules that protect players and the business’s reputation. Moreover, the newest betting sites are in a race to provide the best customer experience possible via multiple channels. Customer service in social media has quickly gained popularity among players. The top-rated latest bookmakers that lead the industry in these changes are Party Poker Sports, Betiton, and Rolletto.

Best New bookmakers of 2021

Mobile gaming has taken over the betting industry for good. In 2019 it accounted for more than 60% of the total gaming revenue. Furthermore, regions such as Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa have seen a big surge in online gambling. On top of that, advanced technology was used for safeguarding players’ accounts and funds. Fingerprints and even voice recognition have started to replace passwords and usernames after signing up. The best representatives of the above trends are STSBet and Mr Play.

Best New bookmakers of 2020 

The World Cup in Russia dominated the industry in 2018. It generated €136 billion in bets and broke any record by far. Moreover, this year we saw the rise of Cryptocurrency bookmakers. Top speed and privacy are a great combination that, especially high rollers, cannot ignore. Also, esports has taken a more significant share of the market in 2018. That trend is only likely to go on, as 30% of the players have placed at least one bet in the last three months on esports. The best new bookmakers that paved the way for such innovations are Betzest, Neobet and Betwinner.

Should I play on new betting sites 

Should I play on new betting sites New bookmakers often give enormous welcome bonuses to attract new players. However, that does not mean that you should jump right into using them. 

When it comes to “grey” bookies, they usually take advantage of licensed bookies’ limitations in France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany. While they offer enticing bonuses and high odds, I have noticed several issues on how they operate, mainly in terms of withdrawals and bet settlement. 

Of course, there are also many reliable bookies out there. These new licensed sites however, do not have the same financial stability with established bookmakers. Moreover, withdrawal and stake limits tend to be lower.

Nevertheless, unless new bookmakers prove value on the field and create a base of loyal and happy players, it’s better to make a test with small deposits first and check if they cover your betting needs.

Q: Which new bookmakers are good?

Top-picks in the area include Neobet for a user-friendly interface and an excellent mobile app. Then you can trust PartyPoker Sports, which transitioned from a top poker service to a great sportsbook. Last but not least, Mr. Play applied its casino knowledge to sports and created a first-class betting site.

Q: Are new bookmakers legitimate?

You should always check our reviews first. Then, keep an eye on the regulatory authority of the bookie. If it is UKGC or MGA, the site is safe. However, offshore authorities such as Curacao tend to attract not such honest bookies. Also, you can always check the players’ feedback.

Q: Do all new betting sites have welcome bonuses?

Almost all new betting sites offer sign up bonuses as a way to attract more players. On top of that, they often allow for lower wagering requirements.

Q: How can I deposit money in new sportsbooks?

The process is similar to old-school bookies. Click on Deposit, choose your preferred option, and enter the amount. It should not take more than a couple of minutes.

Q: Can I deposit in the latest betting sites with Crypto?

Yes, some bookmakers allow for cryptocurrency payments that will enable unparalleled speed and privacy. Prime examples are 1XBit, Stake and FortuneJack.

Q: Can new betting sites compete with bigger bookmakers?

Many new sportsbooks have taken big leaps forward and they challenge giants with multi-year experience. Still, that does not apply to all of them, as there are reports of scam bookies. Therefore, we advise you to always check our reviews before signing up for new online bookies.

Q: Which sports are popular with new bookmakers?

Football, tennis, basketball and fighting sports are the classic choices in both old and new bookmakers. Moreover, esports attract the interest of more players and that will only increase over time.

Q: How often are new betting sites established?

Every year hundreds of new betting sites appear in the market. However, only a handful of them will remain as credible choices for players.

Q: Why should I avoid signing up with a new betting site?

Some new bookies apply questionable practices such as closing accounts or refusing to pay out winnings. Therefore you should always check our detailed reviews and look at players’ feedback.

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