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If you, like us, are always searching for new bookmakers to try out and new sign up offers to claim then you need not look any further. We are listing the latest betting sites to enter the online sports betting landscape according to feedback from both professional and everyday bettors. What we bring to the table are the best fresh bookies, all tested by our team of experts along with hints on which book makers you should avoid in all cases.

Bookmaker Website Year Est. Review status License 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed    Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2020 Reviewed    Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2016 Reviewed    Visit Site 2020 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed      Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed     Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed     Visit Site 2019 Reviewed    Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2016 Reviewed    Visit Site 2019 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed    Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2016 Reviewed    Visit Site 2017 Reviewed    Visit Site 2016 Reviewed    Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2018 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed    Visit Site 2016 Reviewed   Visit Site 2017 Reviewed   Visit Site 2016 Reviewed    Visit Site

Full list of New Bookmakers 

The list above lets you see a presentation of each and every new bookmaker evaluated according to more than a dozen different parameters. The most important of those include:

  1. The year of establishment, as a bookie that has been present for a longer time allows us to get more feedback and make a much clearer evaluation.
  2. Its license, or regulatory authority. A UKGC or MGA license is obviously a clear safety signal, however, there are many bookies that are regulated by lesser-known authorities that boast high odds and fast payments.
  3. Review Status. This is our own reviewing formula that is split between bookmakers that are either Reviewed or currently Under Review. You can find more details on our review system at the end of the following table.

How our new bookmakers review system works 

The three reviewing categories above are dependent on every important aspect a bettor should take into account before signing up on a new bookmaker. Although you can see a comprehensive breakdown of these parameters, to sum things up each one of them means:

Reviewed. These new sportsbooks have been weighed and measured by our team of experts and are highly recommended. They boast very fast payments, a light website that can be easily accessed via mobile and have introduced certain betting innovations.

Under review. These bookies have appeared on our radar as they are usually suggested by our community. We have yet to make a clear evaluation of them and as a result, have not published a detailed review to outline their strengths and weaknesses.

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New Betting Sites reviewed

This section includes all our recently reviewed bookmakers that have not necessarily been established during the past three years. Similarly to the new bookies on the list above, you can expect to find the same level of quality in terms of services and security, along with good odds and various markets. You can check our honest reviews to find details on all the latest bookmakers from the UK and other countries with specific ratings on their reliability, payout rate, mobile friendliness and other helpful info.

New betting sites vs established sportsbooks

Surely, no one can fault you for signing up on established operators like Bet365 or Bwin, as there are certain brands that have proven they can be trusted. However, missing out on some recently added sportsbooks can mean missing out on some cool features and even profitable opportunities.

Higher odds

It is common knowledge that some well known online sportsbooks have remained in the business simply by netting huge profits through high commission rates. A simple glance on our top bookmakers odds page should make this simple enough to comprehend. On the other hand, there are many recent bookie additions that offer higher odds compared to their older counterparts, as they are looking to increase their player base.

Sportsbook Bonuses & Promotions

This one is fairly straightforward. Think of a new bookmaker like a brand new neighborhood shop. The usual approach is to offer some low-cost goods in order to attract new customers, which is actually free money in the case of new online bookies. This is why you will often see a fresh sportsbook offer a 200% welcome bonus or a no deposit sign up bonus while a more established operator will only allocate a matched freebet.

Mobile Friendliness/New Innovations

It is safe to say that a new operator will utilize all the latest technologies as they are aiming for a younger crowd that likes to bet on the go through mobile devices. This is why you will often find some of the fastest and most stable mobile apps on some recent bookies. Additionally, you will see some innovative markets and fresh sports, particularly esports, that are extremely popular with millennial bettors.

New bookies: 5 things to watch out

Picking a new bookmaker is no walk in the park as there are many different aspects you must watch out in order to find the bookie that fully suits your needs. The top 5 most important factors include.

1. Abundance of payments & Payout speed

Quite possibly the most important factor when choosing both new online bookmakers and established ones. You simply should be able to deposit and withdraw with your preferred banking method, including mobile payments and obviously receive your money as quickly as possible.

2. Security and trustworthiness

Not all new bookmakers are entirely obscure, as many operators will launch new brands to further enhance their market share. These bookies share the same high levels of customer attention and security, meaning that they can be trusted. What we do insist on though, is to check our review of a new betting site in order to get as much knowledge as you can, before you decide to sign up or choose a different bookie.

3. Regulation and licenses

There are two ways you can check this. Either visit our review page and look for the regulatory authority and local licenses of each site, or outright visit the bookie and look for the specific badges at the bottom of the homepage. As a rule of thumb, you can expect European licensed book makers to be more strictly regulated.

4. Word of mouth

Aside from reviews and expert opinions, the most honest and accurate way of evaluating a bookie is quite simply the player’s experience. It is through betting regularly that you can see in more detail which betting sites will deal with you fairly and which ones will try to scam you. Always look for such comments from other bettors as they are in almost all cases impartial and detailed.

5. Review ratings

This one is also quite simple to grasp as the higher a new bookmaker scores on an average rate, the better sportsbook they offer and the safer they are expected to be. Remember to check all the player ratings in order to find which bookie suits you best.

New UK Bookmakers

You might be wondering what we class a new UK bookmaker. Currently, there are 900+ active UKGC sports betting license holders with this number growing each year. We on classify a bookie operating in Britain as a”new UK bookmaker” only by the date on which they acquired their UKGC license. Thankfully enough, the British gambling landscape is one of the most secure in the world, as it is strictly and adequately regulated. This means that if a bookie manages to obtain a license, it is almost without a doubt a legit and safe operator. Lastly, you should note that our list is frequently updated as we will add a new bookie as soon as they obtain a British gambling license. Should a period of 12 months pass we will then remove these recently entered bookies and place them on our general rating page.

New US Friendly Sportsbooks

Step one of picking a new US sportsbook is to look for favorable odds. After all, this is the essence of sports betting. Higher odds on a new sportsbook mean more money in the bank every time you win. Either check the odds manually or compare the average payout on our top bookmakers odds page. Your second step is to find what we classify as truly generous promotions. Many new US sportsbooks claim they offer the best welcome offers or reload offers you should not miss. Although it might be true that you can get a generous sign-up package, it is often the case that the rollover terms will make converting the bonus money into withdrawable funds extremely hard. This is why we strongly suggest that you pay attention to the wagering requirements of a welcome bonus of any USA recent sportsbook. Last but not least is to answer the age long question, does the sportsbook actually pay, as this is a problem many US bettors are all too familiar with. Many sites will allegedly offer high odds but will not honor their obligation when it comes to payouts. You can expect such sites to appear on our Scam category at the table above.

New bookmakers in Germany

Many bookies have made their entrance in Germany during the past year, not all of them, however, are optimized for the local market. It goes without saying that you should focus on those that have a Deutsch customer support as it is much easier to get a quick and correct answer to any of your questions. Another important factor are taxable winnings. As we all know, betting on any of the land-based shops in Germany will incur a 5% tax on any won bets. A small number of German online bookies also uphold this tax in order to abide by the various interstate regulations. Obviously, this 5% reduction on any possible winnings is a burden we can all live without, this is why we are always looking for those legit German new bookmakers where we can play tax-free. Finally, one of the most common problems German bettors face is finding a reliable bookie. This can sometimes get even worse with new operators who are only concerned with scamming players. One of the surest ways to avoid being cheated is to look for bookies that have obtained a secure license, like the MGA and UKGC.

New bookmakers in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are on the verge of upcoming legislation changes so finding a bookmaker that currently operates legally in the Netherlands is a bit hard. This is due to the fact that the local gaming authority has branded all foreign operators as illegal. However, no real steps have been made to ban access to them, apart from those sites that were offering their sportsbooks in Dutch. The law is projected to change in January 1st, 2019, however, towards a regulated licensing system. Contrary to other inadequately regulated markets though, there are no limitations on the payment methods you can use, as this is dependent on which banking options a new bookie will accept. In any case, you can expect a new bookmaker to accept deposits and withdrawals via credit/deposit cards, Paysafecard vouchers, Paypal and bank transfer. Lastly, as things stand no taxes are incurred towards your winnings as the Kansspelautoriteit has not made any amendments to the existing gambling law. This is the case with both established operators and new bookmakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can check the most common questions bettors ask on the internet regarding new bookmakers. This section is frequently updated according to the latest queries you ask us on the live chat and email channels.

Which sports are most popular at new bookmakers?

Although football is the king of all sports, many other sports and markets are starting to rapidly rise. Horse racing is making an impressive come back, MMA is quickly closing in on boxing while esports are projected to amount to $1.8 billion in revenues by 2020.

How many new sportsbooks can I join?

There is no limit to this number, as you are allowed to join as many betting sites as you want. Regardless, we advise you to always bet responsibly and don’t go overboard with gambling.

Recommended Deposit Methods

Throughout the years we have to find that e-wallets, especially Neteller and Skrill, offer the best combination of speedy withdrawals with no added charges. Many other ewallets are on the rise, with Trustly, Paypal and Payeer quickly becoming strong favorites among bettors. If you happen to be a US player, however, you might see your payment methods being limited. Our safest, if not fastest, choice would be a cryptocurrency payment like Bitcoin, as it will keep your anonymity.

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