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In the early days of betting, most brands were pretty much independent. However, the invention of the internet changed gambling dramatically. New, online-only sports betting companies began to appear and have become big enough to challenge even the top names. From the 2010s onward, another interesting phenomenon started to unfold. Big companies have elected to merge, thus creating colossal betting groups. Another common practice is to launch a new website using the same platform. This is why a bookie might appear independent at first, but, in reality, has several sister sites. Read on to examine the biggest gambling companies, how mergers have affected online wagering and scam groups’ signs.

Full list of bet companies 

criteria checklistPeople often confuse a betting site with a company. When we refer to a site, we generally mean just one brand, though a betting company is a group that may own or operate several. Right below, you can find a complete list of online gambling groups that is updated on a regular basis. You can find important information like address, location, and all the brands we have reviewed.

ElectraWorks Bookmakers 

Entain Betting Sites

What we rate about sports betting companies 

BettingSince a company might retain multiple brands, we cannot just assess the odds or the number of available markets and payment options. When we talk about betting groups, we mostly check other aspects such as the background of the company, location of the headquarters, number of employees, and revenue.

Headquarters & Licenses 

The corporate headquarters are the company’s most important location, which tells us a lot about its strategy and the markets it is primarily targeting. You can find gambling companies that elect to operate from the established country, Malta, the UK, and even offshore in Curacao. In addition, several have taken the business to Gibraltar to avoid heavy taxes. When it comes to operating licenses, the situation is a little different. A company usually has acquired more than one license so that it can target players from specific markets. For example, if you want to attract bettors from regulated markets like the UK or Sweden, you need a local license. Others that aim at grey or unregulated markets mainly obtain a Curacao license.

Background Information 

When it comes to online betting, experience is key. The year a bet group was established is vital. If it has been operating for a long time, it is easier for us to collect valuable information. However, that doesn’t mean that one with fewer years of experience can’t be trusted. It all comes down to actions and steps a firm follows to ensure it does not fall behind the competition. Another thing we examine is the related companies. With so many mergers and acquisitions that occur lately, a company’s status might change dramatically if a larger, more prominent group acquires it.


betting types on politicsThe success of any company depends on the total profit at the end of the year. The revenue of gambling groups is an easy way to determine which one is the biggest in the world. For example, in 2020, Flutter Entertainment had revenue of $4.64 billion, while Entain $4.33. These were the two highest gambling-related companies in terms of revenue. To be honest, it is simple to find data about the biggest groups since they are usually listed on the stock exchange and report all their activities. However, smaller companies that operate under Curacao licenses do not declare their total revenues.

Number of Employees 

Even though it is not the most critical point, the number of employees can showcase how big a betting company is. There are groups, like Entain or Bet365, that have more than 1,000 people working for them. This means that more agents are manning the Customer Support channels, more developers are tasked with improving the websites, and generally more people that can tackle any problem that might come up. If there are not enough employees, you can come across bookmakers where the Live Chat is unavailable 24/7, or the websites could be down for several hours.

Why some betting companies online have similar info 

While browsing through a site, you might have noticed some information matches the ones of another brand. The reason is that bookmakers that belong to the same bet group also share some details. This info can be found on the footer, which is the bottom of the page and regards several aspects. The first is general data about the company, such as an address, type of operating license, lab certifications, or related companies. You can see if they sponsor any teams and if any sister sites are part of the same betting organizations. In addition, you can find the top payment methods available on the website.

They will advertise if e-wallets, local transaction options, or cryptocurrencies can be used to deposit and withdraw. There are also indications related to the sports offering. Betting companies online tend to include a list of the most popular sports, markets, and features available, all in the same place for players to see. If two brands, like Coral and Ladbrokes, are operated by the same company, it is understandable if they have registered the same address or offer the same odds and features to bettors.

How betting groups merging affect gambling 

Many top brands have chosen to join forces throughout the last decade, creating substantial online sports betting companies. One of the most notable mergers took place in 2016 when Coral (including Gala) was integrated into Ladbrokes and made the biggest group in the UK. However, this only lasted for about two years before Entain Plc (formerly known as GVC) bought them both. Another exciting collaboration took place in 2015 when Betfair and Paddy Power became one. In 2020, the company was renamed Flutter Entertainment and merged with the Stars Group to form the biggest gambling group globally.

Naturally, this phenomenon has both positive and negative repercussions that can significantly affect the players. On the one hand, betting on a site that belongs to a large betting company means that, in general, you can feel safe. They run under various Tier 1 licenses, like the MGA or UKGC, and can be trusted. It is also easier to file and resolve a complaint against them. They provide all the essential features and offer several special bets and markets.

On the other hand, wagering on websites that share the same software is not usually worth it. The reason is that the sites are sometimes identical. For example, Bwin, Party Poker, and Party Casino all run under the same platform, providing the same odds, features, and interface. Because of that, there is no point in opening accounts with all of them since they cannot offer something different.

Can new betting companies still emerge 

New football betting sites The business world came to a halt around 2020, but that did not stop Flutter from becoming the largest gambling company in the world… for now. What will happen to the betting industry in the future is a mystery, but you can count on one thing. You can expect new online betting companies to continue to make an appearance. We anticipate brand new groups to enter the spotlight and more giants coming together for the top spot. The problem with smaller brands is that it is difficult to withstand the competition. Being bought by bigger bet companies is the way of the future.

Which are the signs of non-reliable bet groups

Paysafecard restricted countriesEven if a bookmaker has many years of experience, it does not mean that it can be trusted entirely. The same logic applies to betting groups, too. It does not matter how many brands a company owns; it can still be a scam. Thankfully, there are quite a few signs that can reveal non-reliable gambling organisations. The first thing you can check is the operating license. Bookmakers that only have a Curacao license or no license whatsoever are a cause for concern, albeit not absolute. Other standard practices are refusal to pay off winning bets, lying about the bonus requirements, closing your accounts, or not replying to complaints. For more information, you should visit our scam bookmakers page.

How to report a betting company 

If you face issues with sports betting companies, there are few ways you can take action. The first thing you should always do, though, is speak to the Customer Support team directly. If you still feel that you were wronged, you can get in touch with the licensing authority. Alternatively, you can write your experience on our complaints page.

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Q: Which is the richest bet company in the world?

At this point, among all the sports betting companies, the one that has the highest revenue is Flutter Entertainment that owns Betfair, Paddy Power and Pokerstars. The second is Entain Plc, while Bet365 is third.

Q: Can betting companies ban you?

Of course. This is a common occurrence in online betting, where sites can restrict or close your account altogether. However, this doesn't have something to do with whether they belong to a large group. It is just a means to protect themselves or ban players who violate the terms.

Q: What is the best betting company?

This will primarily depend on what kind of bettor you are. If you prefer betting on a safe site, you should choose a bigger gambling group. It is not that smaller ones are all scam, but if a company has a lot of experience, it is easier to trust.

Q: Which are the biggest gambling groups in the UK?

The UK is one of the most prominent markets when it comes to online betting. Naturally, all the large companies aim to attract UK players. Some of the most prominent groups that operate there are Flutter, Entain, Bet365, 888 Holdings and William Hill.

Q: How to sue a betting company?

If you feel that an interaction with a sports betting company has cost you money and you have a strong claim, you can take your case to court. Of course, this will significantly depend on the laws and jurisdictions of the country in which you reside.

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