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Are you tired of wasting money on sites with low odds? With so many online bookmakers launching every month, it is difficult to decide which is best suited to your needs. It is comfortable to be attracted by an excellent welcome offer and stick with one sportsbook, but this is a mistake. Whether you are a recreational or professional bettor, finding the bookmakers with highest odds is the most crucial factor, but researching yourself is time-consuming. Our list below contains the best odds betting sites in your country and can be sorted by the payout overall or by sport. Οur criteria and process for picking the betting sites with the highest odds include evaluating several markets, sports and leagues, among others.

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Best odds betting sites - How we rate them

BettingCalculating the odds is a lengthy process, which requires the collection of a lot of data. There is always room for error, mainly because bookmakers regularly update their prices, but we aim to be as accurate as possible by updating the list of odds often. Here is a detailed checklist with every aspect we inspect when looking for the betting site with the highest odds:

Odds on specific markets 

paypal bookmakerAssessing the payout for each market is a top priority. We check three primary markets in each event, the WDW, Over/Under and Handicap, and 4-10 secondary ones, which differ depending on the sport. Many bookies offer excellent payouts for the betting options with the highest appeal but considerably lower for the rest. This is why the overall payout in the betting sites’ list with the highest odds might be smaller than what you’d expect, as is the case with Unibet and LVbet.

Top and secondary leagues 

Like markets, our review process contains multiple leagues, not just the top 2-3 ones in each sport. Again, bookmakers are willing to pay higher prices for the most important leagues, such as the Premier League and La Liga in football or the NBA and Euroleague in basketball, and diminish the rest’s odds. To be thorough, we always consider smaller and domestic competitions alongside the ones on higher demand.

Of course, there are best odds bookmakers, namely 1xbet, Pinnacle, and Marathonbet, whose payouts remain stable across all leagues and markets. What you need to be wary of is if the odds are too high. If a betting site, especially a new one, offers odds higher than most of the competition, it could be a sign of a scam. If the profit margin is too low, a relatively new bookie will not survive long term.

Sport-affiliated prices 

Best online sportsbooks for withdrawals Depending on the number of possible outcomes, a market’s payout fluctuates to ensure the bookmakers’ profit. Not all sports are equal when a betting site sets its prices. What we want to determine is how much variance exists between the top and secondary sports. However, there is no specific list we check because bookies provide odds on sports in relation to the region. For example, it is more critical for us that North American betting sites have better odds on the NHL, the NFL and the NBA.

Οr that Indian gambling websites offer lower margins in cricket, badminton and field hockey. We alter the number and types of sports we examine when calculating the overall payout of the bookmakers with highest odds. It is advisable for bettors who like to bet on more than one sport, to open accounts on multiple sites to ensure they will get the highest odds.

Pre-match and live lines 

Pre-match prices are mainly set based on form, statistics, and injuries, while in-play odds are adjusting continuously, depending on how a sporting event is unraveling. Checking the odds both before and after an event starts is crucial when wondering which are the highest odds betting sites. Usually, bookies will offer lower odds for live betting.

For instance, Netbet pays more attention to pre-match lines. Its payout is 95% overall pre-game, higher than Bet365, but the in-play margin increases to 7-8%+. That’s why we calculate the payout of various matches and sports in several different leagues in each situation to determine which are the betting sites with the highest odds overall.

How to choose bookmakers with highest odds

Besides our process, there are several things you can do during your own research. Right below, there are tips on how to choose the betting sites with best odds and how to avoid the ones that will not benefit you in the long run:

Stake limits on bookmakers with highest odds 

Bookmakers will always have a maximum bet and payout limit. Usually, the bigger the bookie, the higher the limits. They exist because betting sites use them as insurance to cut their losses, prevent match-fixing, and control how much high stakes bettors can manipulate the lines. Of course, there are the best odds betting sites, mainly Asians, who offer very low margins and no real betting limits since they have a rebet option.

The question is, should I bet on a site that has very high odds but operates in a non-regulated environment or a more trustworthy one? We recommend the latter. Betting on high limits is tremendous, but it is mainly for a few sports like football and horse racing. It is better to use a renowned website that has been certified by multiple testing labs. That way, your money is always protected.

Margin on betting options 

The first thing to consider is whether a bookmaker offers odds on all the sports and markets you like to bet on and how good the payout is. The margin on secondary markets is also essential. All leagues have a break, but you still might want to wager, even if it is just for fun. A betting site might claim it has the best overall payout, but what if there are only 10-15 sports and a handful of markets available? You should combine the best odds bookmakers with the range of betting options on offer to determine which are the ultimate sportsbooks for your needs.

Best odds betting sites for live betting 

In-play wagering is one of the biggest betting trends, so almost all sportsbooks provide it. This is why you need to dig a little deeper besides figuring out which is the betting site with best odds when it comes to payout. Checking the number of markets and sports available is the number one priority. Does the bookmaker offer odds for riskier markets like next goalscorer or other prop bets, where it is more challenging to set the lines?

Betting on many games and markets, not just the marquee matchups live, differentiates the betting sites with the highest odds from their competition. To save time and make sure you realize which sportsbooks have the best odds and provide the betting options you are looking for in live-betting, it would be beneficial to use live odds comparison sites.

Fast betslip settlement 

How quickly the money appears on your balance is key. Even the highest odds betting sites might have trouble paying off. There might be times when the site is down for maintenance or some sort of problem delays the process. If this happens often, though, it is a red flag. The problem is that no one will advertise that the payouts are slow, and it is not easy to trust 100% of players' reviews you find. You should rely on your own experience.

Even if it is a betting site with the highest odds, it should be avoided if you can’t claim your earnings. Quick bet settlements are invaluable, especially during live betting. Several bookmakers calculate the payouts manually, which takes a lot of time, particularly on the weekend. For us, it is acceptable if you receive your winnings within one minute after the bet is settled. That way, you can keep on wagering.

Bet Acceptance time 

The time a betting site requires to accept a bet is vital for players. Imagine watching a basketball game live and spotting a great price on who will score the next points. You click on the wager, but you end up losing a winner because the Bet Acceptance is slow. Some bookies willingly don’t accept bets immediately to try and cut their losses. Best odds bookmakers will take all your bets within 3”, while anything more than that is not productive for bettors. If you don’t want to miss out on great odds, search for sites with the Quick Bet feature available because it allows you to place bets with one click.

Odds-related promos 

Bonuses and promotions are a primary way bookies try to attract new players or maintain the ones already betting. There are several promotions regarding the odds out there. The most common type is enhanced odds, where you can bet, mainly on top leagues and competitions, with a lower margin than the bookmaker’s usual. Besides, some bookmakers with highest odds offer best odds guaranteed for horse and greyhound racing.

If you bet on an early price and the starting price ends up being better, you get paid on the highest line. You need to keep in mind that these promos are not to let them cloud your judgment and don’t sacrifice the overall payout for their sake. Great offers do not necessarily mean that the bookie has something to hide, but it shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind when choosing the betting site with the highest odds.

How do odds work and why is it critical to understand them

Most common bookmaker withdrawal problems Behind the odds, there is something that we call implied probability hidden. It is how many potential outcomes each market has. For example, the WDW market in football has three possible results, which translates into 33.33% for each one. However, the odds are not identical because many elements influence an outcome. To ensure a profit, bookmakers lower the odds a little. This small commission, which varies depending on the bookie, the sport and market, is known as the VIG or margin (or juice in NΑ).

By calculating how much the VIG is, you can figure out which are the highest odds betting sites and make sure you get the best out of your bets at all times. If a sportsbook charges 3% on a bet and another charge 7% on the same bet, then you need to stake more on the second one for the same returns. Keep in mind that the higher the number of possible outcomes, the higher the margin will be, so that bookmakers can profit.

Which are the best odds sites by sport 

Depending on the region, bookies will offer different payout on sports concerning the players they want to attract. There are also some, like 1xbet and Pinnacle, that consistently provide the best odds in many sports. You can find the betting sites with the highest odds in football, basketball, and tennis for the most popular leagues and markets in the following tables.

Football payout %

The list below is a quick representation of the bookmakers with the best football odds. We collect prices daily from a wide range of betting sites and update the list as often as possible.

Bookie Overall % EPL La Liga Bundesliga Serie A Ch. League
Pinnacle 98.00% 97.95% 98.10%  97.90% 97.60% 97.80%
1xbet 97.80% 97.60% 97.30% 97.50% 97.70% 97.50%
Bet365 95.00% 95.90% 94.70% 59.00% 94.90% 95.20%

Basketball payout %:

This table contains information on who has the highest basketball odds. We included the most popular markets and leagues to demonstrate where the bookmakers pay the most attention.

Bookie Overall % Win Over/Under Handicap NBA Euroleague
Marathonbet 97.50% 97.00% 97.10% 94.30% 98.00% 97.50%
22bet 95.50% 95.60% 95.40% 95.10% 95.80% 95.30%
Bet365 94.00% 94.30% 94.20% 93.80% 94.50% 94.00%

Tennis payout %:

Tennis is another widely-spread sport for betting. Underneath, we display the betting sites with the highest odds on the major tennis tournaments and betting options.

Bookie Overall % Win Over/Under Handicap Grand Slams ATP
1xbet 97.50% 97.50% 97.40% 96.80% 98.00% 97.30%
Pinnacle 97.20% 97.30% 97.00% 96.50% 97.50% 97.30%
Bet365 95.50% 95.80% 95.40% 95.00% 96.00% 95.50%

Why bookmakers have different odds

Bookmakers have different ways of setting the odds. Some might offer more attractive payouts if they want to target specific audiences or because the nature of an event commands it. For example, a UK bookie will have higher odds for the Cheltenham Festival in horse racing than a betting site that does not accept players from the UK.

How many people have bet on a market is also important. Ideally, bookies would like equal amounts staked on all betting options, but that rarely occurs. If a great number of people have backed a certain market, i.e., Chelsea to beat Aston Villa at home, they will lower the odds on Chelsea and improve the ones on Aston Villa to make it more enticing and balance the margin as much as possible.

Should I bet on Bookmakers with High odds 

Should I choose or avoid low deposit betting sites Understanding how the odds work and why they vary is crucial to grasp before you start betting. When the BMB Team reviews a bookmaker’s lines, there are several things we check. It would be superficial to consider the top leagues like EPL and La Liga or the most popular markets, such as WDW and Over/Under. It is vital to dig as deep and as thorough as possible by evaluating the odds on various sports, leagues, and markets when calculating a betting site's overall payout.

Of course, to become a more accomplished bettor, you have to do things on your own. Not being hung up by betting promotions and understanding your needs is step one. Holding multiple accounts will undoubtedly benefit you as you will be able to bet on different sports with the highest payout possible. I recommend registering with 3-5 bookies to guarantee you get the best out of your bets. Overall, there are many sportsbooks online that will claim they offer the best odds, but I feel that, with experience, you will be in a position to read the odds better and recognize a good odds site from a scam.

Q: Which betting site has the best odds?

Not all bookies have the same payouts. Depending on which sport you want to bet on, you would have to choose different ones. However, some bookmakers, like 1xbet and Marathonbet, offer very high odds for almost every sport and market available.

Q: How do odds work?

Based on the number of possible outcomes, there is an implied probability; how likely a result is. For instance, there are two potential outcomes for the Over/Under market; the probability is 50%. Sportsbooks charge a small commission, known as margin or VIG, on the odds to ensure a profit. The higher the number of potential outcomes, the higher the commission.

Q: Should I create multiple accounts?

Yes. That way, you can make sure that you get the best of all your bets. Depending on the region they appeal to, betting sites will offer higher odds on specific sports, so having several accounts can undoubtedly benefit you.

Q: Why do prices change?

There are many reasons why this would happen. First, to attract new players or increase the amounts bet on big tournaments like the World Cup in football or the NBA Finals in basketball. Also, if a lot of people have bet on a particular result, betting sites will alter the odds accordingly to balance the scales.

Q: What are the biggest bets ever won?

Billy Walters holds the record for most money won from a single bet. He bet $3,5 million on the New Orleans Saints, who were the underdogs, to win the Super Bowl in 2010. Vegas Dave won $2,5 million on a $140,000 bet when he backed the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series in baseball at 30/1 (31.00) odds.

Q: How many different odds formats are there?

There are six. The three most common ones are European (decimal form), American (+/- form), and UK (fractions). Malay, Indonesian, and Hong Kong formats are not widely spread and used mostly in Asian bookmakers.

Q: What are the best odds guaranteed?

It is a type of promotion offered by the leading bookmakers, mainly for horse or greyhound racing. Essentially, if you take the early price on a bet, but the starting price ends up being higher, you are paid on the biggest odds.

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