Bookmakers with Highest Odds

Q: Which betting site has the best odds?

Not all bookies have the same payouts. Depending on which sport you want to bet on, you would have to choose different ones. However, some bookmakers, like 1xbet and Marathonbet, offer very high odds for almost every sport and market available.

Q: How do odds work?

Based on the number of possible outcomes, there is an implied probability; how likely a result is. For instance, there are two potential outcomes for the Over/Under market; the probability is 50%. Sportsbooks charge a small commission, known as margin or VIG, on the odds to ensure a profit. The higher the number of potential outcomes, the higher the commission.

Q: Should I create multiple accounts?

Yes. That way, you can make sure that you get the best of all your bets. Depending on the region they appeal to, betting sites will offer higher odds on specific sports, so having several accounts can undoubtedly benefit you.

Q: Why do prices change?

There are many reasons why this would happen. First, to attract new players or increase the amounts bet on big tournaments like the World Cup in football or the NBA Finals in basketball. Also, if a lot of people have bet on a particular result, betting sites will alter the odds accordingly to balance the scales.

Q: What are the biggest bets ever won?

Billy Walters holds the record for most money won from a single bet. He bet $3,5 million on the New Orleans Saints, who were the underdogs, to win the Super Bowl in 2010. Vegas Dave won $2,5 million on a $140,000 bet when he backed the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series in baseball at 30/1 (31.00) odds.

Q: How many different odds formats are there?

There are six. The three most common ones are European (decimal form), American (+/- form), and UK (fractions). Malay, Indonesian, and Hong Kong formats are not widely spread and used mostly in Asian bookmakers.

Q: What are the best odds guaranteed?

It is a type of promotion offered by the leading bookmakers, mainly for horse or greyhound racing. Essentially, if you take the early price on a bet, but the starting price ends up being higher, you are paid on the biggest odds.

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