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FIFA World Cup 2022 winner predictions

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup set to arrive in Qatar, it means one of two things. Not only will it be the first time the tournament is held in the Middle East, but it will also be staged in the winter instead of the summer. This may mix up any predictions for those looking to bet on the World Cup winner before the events unfold in November.

While backing an outright champion before the tournament carries considerable risk, if you get their bets in early, you can take advantage of the highest odds on offer. Of course, when it comes to placing bets and making World Cup 2022 winner predictions, plenty of bookmakers will be ready to take your wagers. Here is a list of the very best:

Latest World Cup Winner Predictions

best mobile bonus bookmakersFor those who are looking to make World Cup winner predictions before the tournament gets underway, several nations will be considered genuine contenders and with that in mind, here are two that we believe could go all the way in Qatar.

Winning tip: Brazil at 6.00 (5/1) odds

With Brazil currently being considered as favourites, they will soon have to live up to early expectations. When you account for the talent that manager Tite will be able to call upon, it is no surprise as to why they have the shortest odds. The South American nation made light work of the qualification schedule and will look to carry that momentum into the tournament itself. Not to forget that although a winter event is a new prospect for us all, the weather should not be too different for Brazil. This will give their chances of a sixth outright success a huge boost. This is why a lot of World Cup Bonuses have taken that into consideration. 

Outsider tip: Netherlands at 13.00 (12/1) odds

Those who like a bit more value when it comes to World Cup winner predictions, the Netherlands are a nation that stands out from the crowd. After losing twice in the final in the past, they will hope that 2022 is finally their year, especially when you consider their recent impressive form in both WC qualifiers and the Nations League. Not only that, but with a talented Dutch squad failing to make the 2018 edition, they will certainly have a point to prove. Although winning the trophy may be a step too far, backing them each-way could be a wise move. Another fun combo bet is to add Memphis Depay to be the World Cup Top Goalscorer

Bookies with the best FIFA World Cup winner odds

With the tournament just a few months away, all the major bookmakers will be offering World Cup outright winner odds. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where your hard-earned money should go. For that reason, we have compiled a list of bookies to place your wagers based on market coverage, payout, and whether they offer free World Cup Live Streaming.

Current World Cup outright winner odds

With Costa Rica being the last nation to earn a place in the 2022 World Cup, they are also considered the rank outsiders to lift the trophy and even when looking at the odds for them to reach just the Quarter Finals, such an achievement looks rather unlikely. While the same could be said about hosts Qatar, as their debut in the finals could well end up being something of a learning curve. Keep in mind that there are multiple other alternatives like World Cup Group betting if you are not sure which team to back. 

Looking at the list of 2022 world cup winner odds, Argentina may also constitute decent value and especially as Lionel Messi looks to finally lift the only major trophy which has eluded him up until now. Then again, they also say that you should never write off the Germans and for those who are looking for a little bit of security, backing Hansi Flick’s men to at least reach the final is also worth your consideration. The latest FIFA World Cup Winner Odds look like this:

Nation Reach the Quarters Reach the Semis Reach the Final Win the Trophy
Brazil 1.44 2.37 3.50 5.50
England 1.44 2.50 3.75 6.50
France 1.50 2.50 3.75 7.00
Spain 1.66 2.87 5.00 9.00
Argentina 1.83 3.00 5.00 9.00
Germany 1.83 3.25 5.50 12.00
Belgium 1.90 3.50 6.00 13.00
Portugal 1.90 3.40 6.00 13.00
Netherlands 1.72 3.75 6.50 13.00
Denmark 3.00 6.00 13.00 29.00
Croatia 4.00 8.00 17.00 51.00
Uruguay 3.40 8.00 17.00 51.00
Switzerland 4.33 10.00 26.00 81.00
Senegal 5.00 11.00 26.00 81.00
USA 5.50 13.00 34.00 101.00
Poland 6.00 15.00 41.00 126.00
Serbia 6.50 13.00 51.00 151.00
Mexico 6.00 15.00 51.00 151.00
Ecuador 6.50 15.00 51.00 151.00
Canada 10.00 21.00 67.00 151.00
Wales 6.50 15.00 41.00 151.00
Cameroon 11.00 26.00 67.00 201.00
Japan 10.00 21.00 67.00 251.00
Morocco 8.00 27.00 67.00 251.00
South Korea 11.00 34.00 81.00 251.00
Ghana 11.00 29.00 81.00 251.00
Australia 11.00 29.00 81.00 251.00
Qatar 17.00 41.00 101.00 351.00
Tunisia 13.00 34.00 101.00 351.00
Saudi Arabia 34.00 101.00 251.00 751.00
Iran 26.00 101.00 251.00 751.00
Costa Rica 34.00 101.00 251.00 751.00

What to focus on when choosing a team

How do race terms influence Pegasus World Cup betting When it comes to World Cup 2022 winner predictions, there is a lot to consider before the tournament gets underway and although you may have a gut feeling that success is just around the corner, that alone does not necessarily guarantee victory. This is why we are now going to highlight the fundamentals that you should be considering.

Previous Winning Experience

For those who are looking to bet on the World Cup winner in 2022, the weight of history can always be a huge help, and with Brazil having won the competition on five separate occasions, they look well placed to be in contention for a sixth victory. Then again, one cannot forget the current holders France, and with their winning squad of 2018 largely unchanged before the winter’s main event, they will also be keen to rule the world once again.

Weather Conditions

Regarding any World Cup Predictions, the weather will certainly have to be considered. With a winter tournament being a huge unknown to us all, the 2022 World Cup winner odds could be far different by the time we reach the knockout stage. Since the heat is expected to be rather stifling, this is obviously going to affect player performance. This is why South American nations may be better prepared than their European counterparts.

Recent Form and Chemistry

For those who are looking through the FIFA World Cup winner odds, recent form is always going to be a strong indicator of future success and the nations that are currently generating momentum on the international stage will certainly fancy their chances in Qatar. This is why the odds on England winning the World Cup have not diminished after the Nations League struggles. France is also suffering as of late and confidence in the holders may also be somewhat misplaced.

Player Fatigue

Another key aspect to consider will be player fatigue and the domestic seasons being crammed in before the tournament gets underway, which could also have a bearing on any 2022 FIFA World Cup winner predictions. For example, Liverpool and Real Madrid players that competed in last year’s Champions League final only had a limited vacation time.

Injuries and Bans

Injuries or disciplinary bans picked up either before or during the tournament also play an important role in placing a bet on the World Cup winner. You have two options. You can either bet on the best odds currently available but risk a top player getting injured before the start of the tournament or wait until the squads have been announced and receive lesser odds. In fairness, there is no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on how brave you want to be and whether or not you are prepared to take risks.

World Cup 2022 winner predictions based on past trends

Election betting oddsWhen looking to make informed 2022 FIFA World Cup winner predictions, a look at the past can always indicate what may happen in the future. Although the continent where the tournament is staged usually holds some weight towards the eventual winner, this year, it is all changed. Of course, history cannot be the only factor in World Cup outright winner odds, and with international teams always evolving, it will be interesting to see what France can do in 2022. Here are some key points to consider:

⏩ Only eight nations have won the World Cup.

⏩ Six of the previous 21 winners have also been the host nation.

⏩ No host has won it since France in 1998.

⏩ European nations have won every World Cup since 2006.

⏩ Eight of the last nine events have been won by a nation rated 8/1 or lower by the World Cup bookmakers

⏩ Six of the last nine World Cup runners-up started the tournament with double-figure odds.

⏩ Germany has played in the most World Cup Finals with eight appearances, followed by Brazil with seven.

List of previous Champions

Which are the rules for betting online abroad The most successful team in history is none other than Brazil. This nation is truly synonymous with the tournament. They have managed to lift the trophy on five separate occasions. If you are looking to bet on the World Cup winner for 2022, you may want to consider which nations have a good track record.

Year Winners Final Score Runners-Up
2018 France 4-2 Croatia
2014 Germany 1-0 (a.e.t.) Argentina
2010 Spain 1-0 (a.e.t.) Netherlands
2006 Italy 1-1 (a.e.t.) France
2002 Brazil 2-0 Germany
1998 France 3-0 Brazil
1994 Brazil 0-0 (a.e.t.) Italy
1990 West Germany 1-0 Argentina
1986 Argentina 3-2 West Germany
1982 Italy 3-1 West Germany
1978 Argentina 3-1 (a.e.t.) Netherlands
1974 West Germany 2-1 Netherlands
1970 Brazil 4-1 Italy
1966 England 4-2 (a.e.t.) West Germany
1962 Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia
1958 Brazil 5-2 Sweden
1954 West Germany 3-2 Hungary
1950 Uruguay 2-1 Brazil
1938 Italy 4-1 Hungary
1934 Italy 2-1 (a.e.t.) Czechoslovakia
1930 Uruguay 4-2 Argentina

Can I bet on the World Cup winner and win money

Payoneer spyNow that you have read through our guide, you should be able to make your own informed World Cup 2022 winner predictions. This means it is time to recap everything that we have gone through above, and for those looking to make money from this year’s odds, you must remember a few key things. Backing Brazil for success is arguably the best starting point, but at the same time, it is also smart to consider a few more options, and maybe one of the outsiders will offer more value.

When it comes to whether making money is possible or not, a lot will depend on your strategy and if you make the best use of the advice that we have provided in this article. If you consider our key betting fundamentals, you will certainly have a better chance of earning glory, while failure to take on board our advice may leave you short-changed by the time the final takes place in December.

Q: Which are the current World Cup outright winner odds?

The current World Cup outright winner odds see Brazil as favourites, as the South American nation looks to win the competition for the first time since 2002. Although they are the favourites, they are not the only genuine contenders. Both France and England are very much in the mix when it comes to global glory.

Q: How many teams play in the world cup?

Going into the 2022 edition, this will be the last version to have 32 finalists, with that number expanding to 48 in 2026. It will also be the final time we see eight groups of four in the tournament’s opening stage.

Q: Who is currently predicted to win the World Cup?

When it comes to World Cup winner betting odds, the current favourites are Brazil, and with Tite’s superstar squad qualifying for Qatar with ease, they will now look to continue the momentum they have built over the past two years.

Q: What country has won the most titles?

The country that has won the most World Cup titles is Brazil. With the South Americans ruling the global stage on five separate occasions, they will look to not only end a 20-year exile from the top but also make it a half dozen of outright victories in Qatar later this year.

Q: Will England win the world cup in 2022?

That is the question that everyone is asking themselves, and with Gareth Southgate’s men impressing in both the previous edition of the World Cup and last summer’s European Championships, the Three Lions are well priced when it comes to 2022 World Cup winner odds.

Q: When are the finals in 2022?

With Qatar being handed the hosting rights for the 2022 World Cup, we are also set to see a first, which is a winter staging of FIFA’s crown jewel. While although there was indifference in the past, everyone is now looking forward to the tournament between 21st November and 18th December 2022.

Q: Which are the latest World Cup 2022 winner predictions?

The current 2022 world cup winner odds have Brazil as the outright favourites. However, they are not the only South American nation with a chance of victory, and Argentina should not be overlooked either. Those European nations who will consider themselves frontrunners and with England and France leading the charge for the continent will be supported by the likes of Germany and Spain.

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