Best Betting Predictions for Τoday’s professional tipsters aim to reduce the difficulty level of sports wagering. After a detailed analysis of markets, odds, and statistical data, we provide free and verified betting predictions. With just one click, you can find free daily betting tips from all the popular sports worldwide. All you have to do is choose one of the top leagues below.


How to get our betting predictions for today

Getting an edge over online bookmakers is challenging, so you need a piece of advice from long-experienced experts. Here you can find the best free daily betting predictions from UEFA Champions & Europa League, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, NBA, Euroleague, NFL, NHL, and MLB. Our tipsters provide a positive ROI, and they can help you grow your bankroll over a certain period (e.g., month or year). The experts of use immersive experience and knowledge, analyzing the crucial factors that determine the outcomes of all top sports events daily (e.g., injury lists, current form, the nature of each league). That’s our process to help you place the Banker Bet of the day and make a steady profit from betting.



  • We collect the highest prices straight from all reliable and leading bookmakers. Then, we deliver average market odds next to each released pick.
  • We don’t provide odds feed now, but we plan to add it to our services in the near future.
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  • We post the status for all daily betting tips (win, lose, void).

How to choose the Banker Bet of the day

Winning with our Bundesliga Betting Tips One of the most critical parts of sports betting is to follow successful picks on a daily basis and win consistently. The betting predictions for football, basketball, American football, ice hockey and baseball are by far the most popular among bettors. So, the first crucial advantage of is that we offer you a deep menu of globally known leagues and sports. Either you agree or disagree with the released picks, the only sure is the numerous picks you can find. You can choose the Banker Bet of the day by exploring them, which means the pick with the most winning chances in the highest odds for each day. Here are the main criteria to make a good decision.

All players know that no bet is sure to be successful. We release only singles, but you should understand that guaranteed bets don’t exist. Although our experts have a long betting experience and positive ROI, making picks with high winning chances.

The most critical advice is to follow specific leagues and markets, picking among them your Βanker Bet of the day. Following constantly, for example, the EPL allows you to predict the number of goals scored in a derby or which matches are likely to confirm the BTTS option.

Alongside our picks, you can find value offers from the most reputable online bookmakers. For instance, if you manage to qualify for a free bet, you can take advantage and place your chosen Banker Bet of the day without risk οr enhanced odds.

Analyzing all sports, we evaluate all key facts, stats, and the latest news. Οur daily trusted predictions have a great potential to be profitable, with our tipsters provide knowledge, betting experience, and a high yield percentage.

When we publish our daily betting tips

quick mobile siteOur tipsters filter and analyze several factors based on the latest news and odds, making value picks beyond the bookmakers’ prices. In order to achieve daily returns and a high yield (i.e., profit percentage per bet), we post the betting predictions on the same day the event begins. Sometimes also on the previous night. Following that pattern, by 10:00 pm (CET) every day, you can get our daily betting predictions from all the top leagues mentioned above based on the best value odds for your wagering.

At we will do all the hard work for you; οur primary target is to help you secure high returns and ensure that all our picks are verified. Protecting the quality of our released daily betting tips, our experts can’t erase the already posted picks. Exploring some marketplaces, you undoubtedly can check that some tipsters show only their winning bets deleting the lost ones. It’s important to know that our verification process ensures that our predictions are authentic and help you make your decisions fast and accurately.

Which markets do we use to make daily betting predictions

How our new bookmakers review system worksFor most bettors seems easier to bet on football. Although, there are several alternatives in sports where you can chase profit. Our basketball betting predictions are released by experts that analyze each NBA or Euroleague game in-depth. At the same time, the verified Banker Bet of the day from NHL and MLB are provided by tipsters that know everything about ice hockey and baseball. Here are just a few of the main markets we are covering in all sports.

Football: Τhe most picks are from the popular FT Result, Total goals, BTTS, and Asian Handicap markets. It’s pretty challenging to predict which team you expect to win the match among three possible outcomes and wagering on specific numbers of goals scored. Moreover, you can find football daily betting tips for bookings, corners, players’ specials, and correct scores from all elite leagues in Europe.

Basketball: Β provides basketball betting predictions in a broad range of markets like moneyline, total points, special player bets, and handicaps for NBA and Euroleague elite tournaments. Our tipsters follow the sport closely and always try to help you win.

NFL: Every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday, you can find the best NFL picks at Our experts release their betting predictions based on spreads, moneylines, and props on the highest odds.

Ice hockey: The betting tips from the fastest sport are a great addition to every bettor’s choices. NHL and KHL are the two leading competitions globally offering many markets, with the most popular being the 2-way (with Overtime) and 3-way moneyline, Over/Under on goals, handicaps, and winning margins. Ice is a surface that we can take a betting advantage of.

Baseball: MLB provides a long season with a 15-match average per day. You can choose among our baseball tips and place your Banker Bet of the day on moneylines, run lines, picks against the spread, and specials on pitchers.

Why follow our daily betting tips

Germany Bundesliga predictions todaySome bettors know specific sports in-depth and may not need our betting predictions for wagering profitably. Although, they can check our released picks and get at least advice for their chosen sport. On the flip side, several players treat sports wagering as a considerable chance of investment, betting on more than one sport. Undoubtedly, they need our professionals to leverage expertise even in ice hockey or American football and protect their bankroll. So, here are the most important reasons you should follow our daily betting tips based on a deep knowledge of specific sports and their most popular markets.

✔️ Betting on the highest odds: It’s essential to comprehend that successful betting is relevant to the odds’ value. Our picks are released at the highest prices in the selected markets. So, you should always wager with the odds in your favour in order to receive earnings in the long run.

✔️ Get the best bonuses: The offers we promote alongside the picks can undeniably benefit all bettors. You can easily claim bonuses and take free bets or increase the first deposit, enlarging your bankroll.

✔️ Focus on singles: All our daily betting predictions are adjusted on single betting, the most straightforward type with the best winning chances. You can adapt the picks building a multiple or a system, but learning to control yourself wagering on singles it’s the safest way for profit.

✔️ Make fast decisions: By following our betting tips, you avoid doing complete research about news, injuries, etc., saving time. Our picks include all the correct information. Following them, you take a calculated risk in just a few seconds and make faster decisions, even in sports, like baseball, that demand technical knowledge.

How we make our verified betting predictions for today

Final betting tips provides exceptional match coverage for today, each day, and every weekend, releasing betting predictions from all the elite leagues globally on all top sports. In football, you can find picks from UEFA Champions & Europa League, the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. At the same time, American sports players can get the Banker Bet of the day from NFL, NHL, and MLB. Furthermore, NBA and Euroleague around the globe bettors have the opportunity to follow our experts and their lucrative picks. Check out the full range of our free daily betting predictions and how we approach sports to receive earnings.

Champions League Predictions

champions leagueIt’s the most competitive football competition for clubs globally with well-known and popular teams are in the tournament’s format. Many markets and betting options are available from online bookmakers who offer high odds and several special promotions. It seems easy to predict Champions League’s matches; most bettors consider they can evaluate favourites like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. In any case, you should think about how often favourites win at 1.20 or 1.30 odds and how you must avoid hidden losses on low prices. Secondly, it’s approachable to find all the team news if key players are missing from injuries or suspensions. There are factors that we analyze in order to make the most accurate daily betting predictions.

Each game’s importance is one of them, especially in the early group stage. Some favourites when they secure two or three wins when we get to the fourth or the fifth matchday put out their first-choice lineups. If Manchester City or Juventus have a local derby at the weekend, it’s possible to rest players in the Champions League. So, sometimes we release betting tips on underdogs analyzing the latest news. Also, you can find picks on a certain amount of yellow or red cards in a market that is very popular in the competition. Even great favourites may change tactics, trying to keep the game in the field’s centre. That’s the main reason you can find value, betting on Over in cards and Under in the corner market compared to domestic league matches.

Europa League Predictions

footballThe second tier of European football includes some of the best teams in the continent who have a primary target to demonstrate their skills in a more balanced competition than the Champions League. The games from earlier stages are tougher and more unpredictable. So, you can find high odds following our underdog betting predictions, mainly from the less known teams. Exploring’s Banker Bet of the day, you will find picks on Over 2,5 or Over 3,5 goals; in the last tournament’s edition, 57% of the matches had more than 2,5 goals and the 22% more than 3,5. Undoubtedly, you will discover high prices on goals, so you shouldn’t hesitate to follow our picks.

Premier League Predictions

Betting on the EPL, you can find numerous markets, competitive odds among the leading bookmakers, and special offers; they know the tremendous betting interest, trying to capitalize on it. All the latest news and statistics are approachable, but there are specific factors that our tipsters analyze before they release their weekend Premier League predictions. Firstly, they check which teams are taking wins at home; in the EPL, the home soil advantage might be critical for teams at the bottom of the table. The crowd absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic has eliminated the home advantage factor; Arsenal, for instance, won two more away matches than at the Emirates.

On the flip side, the example of Liverpool that lost six successive games at Anfield for the 2020/2021 season is rare. Following our daily betting tips, you can check the best odds for each pick on the panel. That’s a helpful piece of advice wagering on the English Premier League. Especially in trendy markets like Both Teams To Score; 49% of EPL’s matches had both teams get on the scoresheet last season. For example, 24 of 38 Manchester United’s games and West Ham’s 22 seeing BTTS.

La Liga Predictions

La Liga is one of the most challenging leagues in Europe, with several title contenders theoretically like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Atletico Madrid, and Valencia. The Spanish clubs have shown massive success in the Champions and Europa League over the years; that’s one more reason for the league’s popularity among bettors from all over the world. Our tipsters have to deal with a misbalanced league that offers many mid-table competitive matches and local derbies.

Some weaker teams can upset the favourites, especially on their ground. Last season 42% of La Liga’s matches ended in a home win, so you will find in our betting predictions several picks based on the home teams. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each favourite and underdog, trying to predict the final result, but also we check the Under/Over goals market. You see, 44% of season 2021/2021 matches had Over 2,5 goals, lower than German Bundesliga percentages. That’s the main reason our tipsters take the risk in many cases and choose the fewer goals in La Liga.

Serie A Predictions

We also provide betting tips for Serie A matches, a league that’s broadly known for the unique defensive style of the Italian clubs. It seems that their primary target is to score simply one more goal than their opponent, a factor that leads to a very defensive pattern of football without high scores. Although, due to crowd restrictions, 57% of matches played for the 2020/2021 season had Over 2,5 goals; Internazionale, for instance, had 14 out of 19 home games finishing with Over 3,5 goals. Our tipsters check the teams’ current form to release the Banker Bet of the day from Serie A, seeking the value of exploring various odds; especially among favourites for each matchday, like Juventus, Napoli, Roma, Internazionale, and Milan.

Bundesliga Predictions

Bettors who place wagers on exceptional firm favourites, like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, will find several picks with value at Before releasing their betting predictions, our tipsters evaluate each team’s top statistics in German Bundesliga. It’s commonly known that the clubs’ defences in this Central European League face a lot of issues. Last season the average number of goals scored per game was 3.00, almost 0.50 higher than in Spanish La Liga. The odds in the Over/Under market gain value in higher lines (e.g., Over 3,5 or Over 4,5), so you will find a great variety of Bundesliga predictions based on these bets. Consequently, betting on BTTS can be profitable also; near 60% of last season’s games had both teams get on the scoresheet, with Eintracht Frankfurt having 28 BTTS matches.

Ligue 1 Predictions

The major league of French football has gotten stronger and stronger in recent years. Although, a considerable imbalance exists between powerhouses like Paris Saint Germain and newly promoted teams. Last season, 54% of Ligue 1 matches had Over 2,5 goals, a rise of 7% compared to the 2019/2020 season. There are numerous matches with a high number of goals so that you can find among our experts’ picks several betting predictions based on the Over 2,5 and Over 3,5 goals market. Our tipsters also avoid releasing picks on away teams in the French league; only 27% of last season’s games ended that way which means it’s hard for a visitor to secure an away win in Ligue 1.

NBA Predictions

basketballAmerica’s NBA is a globally popular basketball league that offers daily betting action from the regular season to playoffs. Our tipsters will cover the tournament until finals, releasing daily betting predictions that cater to main markets like moneyline, point spread, and total points. They also track the NBA line movements more accurately, seeking the best odds to perform in our feed. Especially for favourites, it’s crucial to check on a daily basis the lineups changes, injuries, suspensions and probable trades. Before we post our NBA Banker Bet of the day, we check all the latest betting trends, the closing lines compared to opening ones. Τhen, we evaluate all the player/team stats to release special picks for these markets.

Euroleague Predictions

euroleagueEuroleague regular season runs from October to April, with eight teams qualifyings for the playoffs. So, you can find daily betting tips up to Final Four. It’s the highest tier in European basketball; generally, the participants have won their domestic leagues alongside Euro Cup champions and teams who preserve contracts with the Euroleague. Our tipsters analyze the stats, all the latest news and post their Euroleague predictions on a wide range of popular markets, including the Final Result, handicaps, Over/Under Total Points. Also, they track the H2H comparison between teams and players, evaluating special bets based on these stats (e.g., H2H players’ points). Before posting our picks, we check all the factors that determine the result, such as injuries and the starting lineups.

NFL Predictions

Our NFL experts check subprofessional factors to be accurate in betting predictions based on a challenging sport like American football. The quality between the teams involved in a game, their winning probabilities based on the offered odds, and the starting quarterbacks are the primary parameters for successful betting. From kickoff in September until the Super Bowl, they rate anything that can influence an American football game; from the extra days of rest, a team can enjoy due to day-offs to the location of the contest, including the travel distance. We also test the weather, the coaches and coordinators, and the tactics, releasing NFL Predictions on moneylines, point spreads and players’ props.

NHL Predictions

ice hockeyIt’s the most popular league in the world, consisting of USA and Canada teams. Each team plays 82 matches, so for ice hockey bettors, the betting action is daily. We release NHL betting predictions for the Match Result market (i.e., 60 minutes regular time) and the same market, including overtime, where the odds are obviously lower. It’s an unpredictable game, so finding the correct score it’s not easy. Our tipsters analyze the lines on goals totals, but mainly the puck line handicaps; it’s the point spread market in ice hockey and is applied to the favourite and the underdog. The most common puck line is the 1,5 goals, so we seek stronger franchises who can break that line and give a higher payout than the moneyline market.

MLB Predictions

baseballThe meaning of opportunity is priceless in baseball. A 162-game regular season, plus postseason, means that our experts have to deal with an average of 15 matches per day. Our MLB betting predictions cover all the main matchups and the under-the-radar bets where you can find huge value. An underdog can easily beat a heavy favourite if the pitcher at the mound is sharper. So, our experts process the critical information about pitchers, injuries, weather conditions, and travel schedules before they release the Banker Bet of the day. Moreover, the MLB provides a regular season with 2,340 games. That’s the main reason you should have the experience, patience, and a high level of detailed info to succeed in the long term. Our tipsters try to determine the winners accurately while also releasing picks on the popular point spread.

Q: What factors do we evaluate before releasing our betting predictions?

Trying for the highest level of accuracy, we track several aspects before posting our daily picks. We evaluate all the latest news, the teams’ and players’ stats, the weather conditions, and of course, the odds chasing the best value possible.

Q: How often do our experts release their betting tips?

Our predictions platform is updated every day by 10:00 pm (CET) with all the daily picks from the top football, basketball, American football, baseball, and ice hockey events.

Q: Are the tipsters’ predictions free? offers verified daily betting tips for all sports for free in a transparent and secured platform where you can also find the latest odds and the best bonuses from leading online betting sites.

Q: What is the easiest bet to win?

According to our experience, the moneyline markets and totals (Over / Under) are the easiest to win. Particularly in American sports, there are plenty of 2-way bets you can place and reduce your risk. These wagers have two possible outcomes, which means a high win percentage.

Q: Can I place bets straight from the

When we release our betting predictions, we also provide the odds of the specific pick and the chosen bookmaker with the best bonus offer. If you simply tap that button, you will be transferred to the bookie’s website. Then, you can place your bets there.

Q: What is the Banker bet of the day?

We release picks for several sports, so you can customize your favourite predictions depending on your personal preferences. For most bettors, the Banker Bet of the day is the most popular one. As you can check in, we provide tips from all the elite leagues so that you can find a lot of popular bets on a daily basis.

Q: Why should you follow our betting tips?

After an in-depth analysis, our predictions are released only in the best value odds for your wagering. We transparently post our daily picks, and our feed is effortless to be followed by the bettors.

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