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Low Deposit Betting Sites

Online betting is not always equal to spending large amounts of money to place big wagers. What happens if you want to place a small bet on an underdog? Or test a new bookmaker with a small deposit before sticking to it? Luckily, such questions bothered us, too; therefore, we created a detailed guide on low deposit betting sites.

From betting sites with no minimum deposit to ($/£/€) 1, 5 and 10 minimum deposit bookmakers, you can risk less and still enjoy an outstanding betting experience. In the following section, you can see all the low deposit betting sites. You can sort the bookmakers by minimum deposit, lowest stake limits or overall rating. As the minimum deposit does not apply to all payment methods, we provide you all the necessary information. 

Top Minimum Deposit Betting Sites

BMB_TrophyMany premium bookmakers accept deposits as low as €5 (for reference, we will use the euro currency), while some will go as low as €1. That does not mean that there will be compromises on reliability, bonuses and limits.

For example, Eastern European bookmakers such as Melbet and 22bet credit the welcome offer on €1 deposits, while €5 payment triggers the sign-up bonus on Betvictor. Be careful as some betting sites will only allow you to deposit that low, only with wallets or cards.

Benefits of Low Deposit Betting Sites 

 Choosing a bookmaker with a low deposit is appreciated by players that want to test a betting site before committing to it. Going for a €10 minimum deposit sportsbook means that you will be able to place some small bets and even claim a sign-up bonus. Overall, a low deposit can give players a good impression if the sportsbook can be a preferred choice for betting.

Also, low deposit betting sites cater to players with little to no experience in gambling. They usually want to learn some basic sports gambling rules and become familiar with an online bookmaker interface. Therefore, they tend to be cautious with initial deposits until learning the rules of the game.

Players on a limited budget also look for cheap bookmakers deposit methods because they hold a great alue to them. €5 bookmakers allow you to have your spending in check while still enjoying the excitement of betting.

In case you have found an underdog and want to place a small bet, for the opportunity to win big, low deposit betting sites come to the rescue. By depositing to a €5 or €10 minimum deposit sportsbook, you can be sure that you will be able to back an outsider without hurting your bankroll.

Betting Sites with Minimum Deposit

There is no shortage of sportsbooks with minimum deposit in 2020 online betting. Starting as low as €1 and moving to €5, €10 and €20, betting sites with minimum deposit target not only a beginner but also everyday bettors. 

Βetting Sites with Minimum Deposit of €1 

BMB_Number_One The fierce competition among bookmakers has driven the minimum deposit as low as €1 in particular sportsbooks. Melbet, Betwinner and 22bet allow for such small deposits if you use a credit/debit card, wallet or Paysafecard.

In general, even if your preferred bookmaker does not allow for a deposit of €1, it will most certainly allow for a bet of that value to be placed. Hence, you will be able to control your spending or test the features of the sportsbook.

€5 Deposit Betting Sites

BMB_Number_TwoMore and more betting sites with a €5 minimum deposit appear in the market, allowing players to place a risky bet or try a different betting strategy without hurting the bankroll. Major bookmakers in this category are bet365, Vbet and BetVictor, while the latter will qualify a €5 deposit even for a Welcome Bonus.

However, keep in mind that not all payment methods allow such a small deposit. Make sure that you use a credit/debit card, wallet or a Paysafecard. Bank transfers have higher deposit limits.

€10 Minimum Deposit Sportsbook

BMB_Number_ThreeA bookmaker that offers a €10 minimum deposit is considered the gold standard in low deposit betting sites. With that amount, bettors can claim a Welcome Bonus and use almost every payment method available. William Hill, 888sport and Bwin have set the bar high enough when choosing your next €10 minimum deposit sportsbook.

Bookmakers with €20 Minimum Deposit

BMB_Number_FourIf you want to deposit with a more traditional method such as a bank transfer or wish to claim a bigger sign-up offer, a minimum deposit of €20 is the way to go. All betting sites with low deposit in the market allow for a minimum deposit of this amount, with PartyPoker, Unibet and Betfair standing out.

Betting Sites with No Minimum Deposit

BMB_Markets GenericA few bookmakers offered demo accounts to players in recent years to place a couple of low-value bets without an initial deposit. That worked as an advertising campaign, so bettors could test a bookmaker before sticking to it, and why not, make a small profit.

In return, betting sites with no minimum deposit opened up to a bigger audience as many of the no deposit players continued betting with real money. However, the legal framework of online betting has become much stricter recently. Therefore, bookmakers do not allow players to place bets without any deposits.

Thankfully, there are specific workarounds if you want to deposit as low as possible. Crypto bookmakers have gained significant popularity in the last few years. The lowest limit for deposits can go to 1mBT while you enjoy unparalleled privacy in payments, quick withdrawals and high odds.

You can also opt to use betting sites with €5 minimum deposit, which are prevalent in the market. You will get behind bookmakers with decades of experience and might even claim a Welcome bonus. 

Should I choose or avoid low deposit betting sites 

BMB_Book SpyBookmakers that offer low deposits are now ordinary in online betting. However, the interpretation of a low deposit can be different, depending on the player’s level. For an amateur bettor, a low deposit can be €5. For an average player €50 οr €100, while for a high roller it could start from €1000.

The limits are pushed to the lower end, and some low deposit betting sites are even accepting €1 payments. There are certain drawbacks in such bookmakers, though, specifically in credibility issues.

Therefore, I would recommend a €10 minimum deposit sportsbook as the most valuable choice for bettors. Such bookmakers have built a solid reputation in the industry, plus you can test them with a payment of €10 as it is enough to place a few small bets. On top of that, you will be able to claim the available Betting Bonuses.

Q: Are low deposit betting sites legit?

Yes, all UK and Central European (such as German or Nordics) low deposit betting sites are well known for reliability, and they have been in the industry for many years. However, if you bet on Eastern European bookmakers, make sure that you double-check any credibility issues.

Q: Can I find betting sites with no minimum deposit?

Recently, regulations have been stricter for betting sites with no minimum deposit. Therefore, an initial deposit is always required to start placing bets.

Q: Can I get a bonus from €5 deposit betting sites?

Yes, it is possible to claim a sign-up bonus from €5 deposit betting sites. The most prominent example is BetVictor, should you deposit with a credit/debit card.

Q: What is the most trusted €10 minimum deposit sportsbook?

Every major bookmaker accepts minimum deposits of €10. Those that make the difference are William Hill, 888sport and Bwin, which also allow you to claim a sign-up bonus with a deposit of €10.

Q: Which are the top €5 deposit betting sites?

bet365, Vbet and BetVictor stand out from the competition in that area, with top odds, reliability and quick withdrawals. However, keep in mind that you should deposit with a credit/debit card, wallet or a Paysafecard.

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