Odds Payout Calculator

The payout percentage is the expected return to players multiplying by a hundred that an online bookmaker will pay back from a specific sports event. Thoroughly, it demonstrates how much a bookie pays back from all possible outcomes of a match. For example, there are two options to choose from in a 2-way market like a tennis game, betting on the “Winner” market. If the starting odds are 1.66 for Player A and 2.20 for Player B, the payout percentage is 94,6% and the VIG 5,4%, which is a standard ratio among reputable bookies. Online betting sites don’t offer fair odds with a 100% payout because they wouldn’t turn a profit. Instead, they pay back a lower amount and keep the rest (i.e., the VIG).

The payout percentage as a statistic value expresses how profitable the odds are in a football match or a horse race; it doesn’t indicate how often a bettor is likely to receive earnings. It’s vital to grasp the meaning of that percentage to ensure you bet on the best odds and achieve the highest profit; these prices ultimately determine your potential payout. Our Odds Payout Calculator will instantly work out the payout for you once you input the odds of all possible outcomes betting on a specific event. Read on to find out how you can receive higher returns, how to get a 100% payout, and learn each bookie’s charges to let you place a bet.

Payout Calculator

Odds Implied Probability

How to use our Odds Payout Calculator

Every bettor should look for the highest odds to win the maximum; in any case, the potential payout depends on several factors. Searching for the best prices, you should know that bookmakers’ odds are lower than the fair ones. That helps them to secure profit, regardless of any result. Each bookie has a different way to express the probabilities that an outcome will happen, so the offered odds and payout reflect what they will intend to pay you for a successful bet. A 95% payout is the most common ratio among leading bookmakers, betting on 2-way and 3-way markets (e.g., “Winner” and “Full-Time Result” markets on tennis and football), which is fair enough.

Furthermore, the primary factor determining the returns in betting is the odds you choose to back. Online bookmakers give higher payouts in popular sports, like football and basketball, instead of secondary events (e.g., handball or skiing). Also, in sports with multiple possible outcomes, such as horse and greyhound races, they will try to lower the payout percentage, securing profit. Using the Odds Payout Calculator, you could receive all the valuable information before placing your wager. Generally, the Bet Calculators lets you work out bets and instantly learn the potential payout in any odds type (decimal, fractional, etc.). So, follow the steps below.

⏩Set the number of all possible outcomes of the sporting event you chose to bet on.

⏩Choose the type of odds you want to work out.

⏩Add the odds for each selection.

⏩Tap the “Calculate” button, receiving the payout percentage (%) of your selected odds.

⏩If you want to repeat the process trying different prices, tap the “Reset” button.

How to calculate betting odds payout

Bookmakers use specific parameters to determine the players’ payout and their VIG. Firstly, they consider the possible outcome of a sporting event and how popular that selection is among players. Then, they shape the offered odds accordingly and change them if necessary. To learn how to calculate betting odds payout, you can save time by using our tool. If you want to comprehend the way that it’s calculated, follow the mathematical formula underneath.

Payout Percentage (%) = {1/(1/Odds Outcome 1 + 1/Odds Outcome 2 + 1/Odds Outcome 3)} x 100

Let’s take a practical example for the Premier League’s match between Brentford and Arsenal. We will use the odds of two leading bookmakers (A & B) to see who offers the highest payout percentage.

Outcomes Brentford to Win Draw Arsenal to Win
Bookmaker A 4.25 3.75 1.80
Bookmaker B 4.15 3.70 1.85

👉 Using the mathematical type above, we can calculate the payout for Bookmakers A & B:

PP Bookmaker A = {1/(1/4.25 + 1/3.75 + 1/1.80)} x 100 = {1/(0.235 + 0.266 + 0.555)} x 100 = (1/1.056) x 100 = 0.946 x 100 = 94,6%.

PP Bookmaker B = {1/(1/4.15 + 1/3.70 + 1/1.85)} x 100 = {1/(0.24 + 0.27 + 0.54)} x 100 = (1/1.05) x 100 = 0.952 x 100 = 95,2%.

Bookmaker B gives a closer ratio to 100%, which means you can have a slightly better deal and smaller margin to face (i.e., 4,8% vs. 5,4%) than Bookmaker A if you decide to place a bet on the Brentford vs. Arsenal match.

How to calculate a bet payout on fractional odds

Using our Odds Converter, you can work out the three basic odds types, decimal, fractional, and American, that all reputable betting sites mainly use. The Odds Payout Calculator displays all the odds formats, so you can find the payout instantly whether you are betting on decimals, fractionals, or Malay and Indo odds. Following the mathematical formula above, let’s take the Brentford vs. Arsenal example to work out the bet payout on British odds.

Outcomes Brentford to Win Draw Arsenal to Win
Bookmaker A 63/20 27/10 17/20

*Decimal Odds = Fractional Odds + 1 (e.g., 63/20 + 1 = 3.15 + 1 = 4.15)

👉 PP Bookmaker B = {1/[(1/(63/20+1) + 1/(27/10+1) + 1/(17/20+1)]} x 100 = {1/(1/4.15 + 1/3.70 + 1/1.85)} x 100 = {1/(0.24 + 0.27 + 0.54)} x 100 = (1/1.05) x 100 = 0.952 x 100 = 95,2%.

How to calculate the bet payout on a 2-way market

Betting on 2-way markets, you have two different outcomes to choose from; theoretically, the implied probability is 50:50. Reading the implied odds is a valuable tactic because you recognize what these prices represent, turning them into percentages. In any case, the odds payout on 2-way markets is slightly higher than those with 3+ potential outcomes. Let’s see a baseball example in the St Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates MLB match.

Outcomes St Louis Cardinals to Win Pittsburgh to Win
Moneyline Odds 1.74 2.15

👉 Using the Odds Payout Calculator, you can learn the payout automatically. Alternatively, you can follow the mathematical formula Payout Percentage (%) = {1/(1/Odds Outcome 1 + 1/Odds Outcome 2)} x 100.

PP odds = {1/(1/1.74 + 1/2.15)} x 100 = {1/(0.574 + 0.465)} x 100 = 1/1.039 x 100 = 0.962 x 100 = 96,2%.

Why is the odds payout in horse racing lower

You should surely have noticed that when you are betting on races, each favorite’s odds are higher than other sports, like football, in most cases; that’s because of the number of potential outcomes. It’s different competing against one team rather than 5+ other horses. Bookmakers react in a very different way when forming odds for sports and markets with several potential outcomes. Following the underneath example, you can realize that they can secure a high, almost 10% profit before a race starts. That’s the main reason the odds payout in horse racing and greyhounds also is lower enough. Let’s see, for instance, the payout percentage that will receive bettors who place a bet on Ffos Las Race 4, where six horses participate.

Outcomes Handytalk to Win Gosnay Gold to Win Atty’s Edge to Win Flip Mode to Win Greek Harbour to Win Wild Flower to Win
Odds 9.00 2.75 8.50 6.00 5.00 7.00

👉 Using our calculator or the formula, you can determine that the payout percentage is 90,2%. You might think this is low, but this is what happens at markets with many possible outcomes. Bookmakers need to protect themselves, so they end up lowering the overall payout.

How to get a higher bet payout

Before you start betting, you should develop a strategy that will assist you in fulfilling your goal. As you can see, 2-way markets are preferable. The payout in most sports, as well as the implied probability, is higher. We also advise you to bet on singles rather than big accumulators. Small and steady profits are more easily achievable. Supplementally, you should acquire the experience to search and find the highest offered odds; so, follow the tips below and secure a higher bet payout.

✔️ 2-way markets: As proved with our examples, it’s easier to secure a higher payout percentage betting on sports and markets with the least possible outcomes. So, the ideal scenario is to prefer betting on a tennis match, for example, that has one winner and one loser. Ice hockey, basketball, and baseball also create equal chances. If you are a football bettor, the Total markets (e.g., Goals Over / Under) hold more value and are, theoretically, easier to win. Finally, the head-to-head bets in horse racing, for instance, can give you two options to success, wagering which one of two participants will pass the finish line first.

✔️ Betting on singles: Το choose the appropriate betting type and build your strategy might be a powerful weapon to secure returns. To receive a high payout betting on singles is crucial to find the highest odds on your preferred market. On the flip side, you must realize that when you multiply your earnings by betting on ACCAs, you minimize your winning chances and payout percentage, increasing the VIG.

✔️ Multiple accounts: Having more than one or two accounts will surely help you secure higher payouts if you have built your strategy to bet on various sports. For instance, if you are a tennis bettor, you should find a bookie with higher odds on the Grand Slam and ATP Tournaments. Furthermore, you will have the ability to select among head-to-head markets like Match Winner, Handicaps, Next Point Winner, Next Player to Break in live-betting, etc.

How to receive a 100% payout

In advance of using the Payout Calculator, you should follow a specific procedure to build your strategy and secure high betting returns. It’s crucial to process the sports and markets you are wagering on and determine your bankroll. Supplementally, you should acquire the experience to search and find the highest offered odds, searching for the most valuable promotions and bonuses. Some of them are extremely popular, like Enhanced Odds, because they boost your selections’ odds, enlarging your overall payout percentage. Bookmakers make these generous offers to get new sign-ups quickly, so they decrease their profit for marketing reasons.

✔️ Bonuses & Promotions: Α common and consistent way to increase your payout is to take advantage of the bookmaker Offers available online. Besides the Sign Up Bonuses, many betting sites, like 888sport, Bwin, and Bet365, provide the best events every day with Enhanced Odds. That’s an excellent way to increase your profits. In addition, there are a handful of sportsbooks, such as Betano or Favbet, where you can bet on selected markets with a 100% payout.

✔️ 100% payout offers: You should certainly search for that type of promotion if you want to receive a 100% maximum payout. Follow the underneath paradigm to comprehend how you can get a higher odds payout, wagering on football. The example is based on the 3-way Full-Time Result market for the UEFA Europa Conference League Partizan Belgrade vs. Sochi match.

Outcomes Partizan to Win Draw Sochi to Win
Bookmaker A 2.02 3.48 4.58
Bookmaker B 1.85 3.30 4.00

👉 Working out the mathematical type we have mentioned or using the Odds Payout Calculator, you can check the vast difference between Bookmaker A and Bookmaker B payouts (100% vs. 91,4%).

Why use our Odds Payout Calculator

Betting on politicsThe tool provides speed and accuracy with all the needed data to make the right decisions for a higher payout before placing your bet. Adding all the information about the wager, you instantly learn your odds value. The Odds Payout Calculator can display all types of odds for every market you wish to bet on. It’s a handy tool that ultimately gives you a complete overview before filling out the betslip. You can compare odds from different bookmakers and comprehend how much each one charges you to let you place a wager. It helps you understand how to calculate betting odds payout and avoid all the complicated maths.

Bookmakers that offer high payouts

In the underneath list, you can discover all the leading online bookmakers that offer the best latest odds for higher payouts in a wide range of 2-way markets.

Q: What is the difference between the payout and implied probability?

Reading the implied odds, you can identify one outcome’s winning chances, turning the possibilities into percentages. The payout percentage shows the amount the players get back on all possible outcomes of a sports event.

Q: How can you work out bet returns?

The total returns of a winning bet include the starting stake, so the payout is the pure profit the bettor received or the total amount of money that a bookmaker had to pay back.

Q: Do the betting returns include the starting stake?

All the total betting returns include the player’s starting stake. To calculate your earnings, you should multiply the bet amount you have invested in placing a bet by your selections’ odds.

Q: Can a bettor use Odds Payout Calculator for odds comparison?

If you want to become a better player, the odds’ research and the practice to find the highest prices and payouts are necessary. Using the tool, you can compare your possible winnings and payout percentages from different bookies.

Q: Is it better to place bets on favorites or underdogs?

The winning chances when betting on favorites are undoubtedly higher, but your payouts will also be smaller; unless you are willing to stake more money. On the flip side, placing wagers on underdogs weakens your chances, but you can potentially reach a massive payout if your picks are successful.

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