Artificial intelligence will help problem gambling detection

    problem gamblingProblem gambling is a plague the latest years and there are many bookmakers who try to stop this, or to make this phenomenal even smaller. Kindred Group, which is Unibet’s mother company is looking for new ways to deal with this problem and the company’s governance believes that artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to detect early signs of problem gambling. Kindred Futures which is the department which deals with future innovations, initiated discussions between leading academics, technology pioneers, addiction psychologists and Kindred’s team of responsible gambling experts.

    The aim is for this AI to be able to value modelling behaviours and changes in behaviour over time, to assess if a player is developing a problem. Will Mace, who is the Head of Kindred Futures, commented: «This was a fascinating discussion, bringing together experts from several different fields. The outcome was very encouraging – we agreed there was significant potential for an AI capability to bring together and analyse many data sources to give a much-improved ability to detect signs of a developing problem. We also agreed there was real value in doing this – both socially and commercially.».

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