Biggest bookmakers in the world

When it comes to picking a reliable bookie, it is prudent to choose among the biggest bookmakers in the world. There are many important factors to take into account when determining which are the biggest bookmakers; such as, the year of establishment, the market value, the number of registered players and the annual revenue. Nonetheless, website traffic is the most significant one; since the more players visit a bookie, the bigger it becomes. Below you can find the world’s most visited sportsbooks based on their current global rank, before making your final selection.

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How to check the biggest bookmakers

Our table above contains two specific columns that easily allow you to check which are the biggest online bookmakers. Below we present you how each of these columns works and what each figure represents.

Current Rank

The current rank is related to the monthly traffic rate of each bookmaker. If a bookie has a very low global rank, it means that it is among the largest bookmakers in the world. More specifically, the closer the figure of the current rank is to no.1, the more visited a bookie is. On the other hand, if a sportsbook has a high global rank, it means that it has low traffic. Plus bear in mind that, the newer a betting site is, the higher its rank will be.

3 Mo Change

Here we show how each bookie’s global rank changes within a 3-month period. By placing your cursor over the percentage you get to see the figure of the global rank three months ago, as well as the current one. You will notice that the smaller a bookie is, the more the figures change. On the contrary, the largest bookmakers’ global rank barely changes during the same period of time.

The criteria for selecting the biggest online bookmakers

criteria checklistThere are several important factors that we take into account when deciding which is the biggest sportsbook. So, below we present you the most significant criteria for selecting the biggest betting site.

Global rank

You simply can’t determine which is the biggest online sportsbook without checking first the global traffic rate of its website through tools, such as Remember that, the bigger the number of daily visitors a betting site has, the lower its monthly global rank figure gets. This simply means that the more bettors visit/opt for a bookie, the bigger it becomes.

Year of establishment

This is yet another criterion that indicates that a brand is a big one. It is no wonder that the oldest bookmakers in the world still operate the biggest betting sites. Thus, the oldest and most recognizable ones to date are: Ladbrokes established in 1886, Coral founded in 1926 and William Hill that was established in 1934.


The biggest sportsbooks in the world are publicly traded on the largest stock exchanges; such as the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. More specifically, their parent companies are listed on a given stock exchange. Therefore, major bookmakers like Bwin, William Hill, Betfair and Ladbrokes are all listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Number of players

The number of registered players a sportsbook has, is another important criterion when creating a list with the biggest ones. The most famous bookies have millions of active players. The more active players a bookie has, the biggest its global brand name is. The following are the top 3 bookies that have the most players in the world: Bet365 with more than 20 million active ones, Unibet with up to 17 million registered ones and Bwin with over 12 million ones.


When determining which is the largest betting site, revenue is a very important factor. More specifically, the biggest sportsbooks globally generate billions of Pounds of annual revenue. The top 3 bookies by revenue are: Bet365 with approximately £3b per year, William Hill with more than £1,5b annually and Betfair with up to £1b every year.

Why bet on the best bookmakers in the world

How to ask for a withdrawal Those who want to have a smooth betting experience make sure to place their wagers only on the largest bookies. By opting for one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, such as Bet365, 888sport and Bwin; automatically means that you choose to bet on a trustworthy betting site. Always remember that the bigger a sportsbook is, the more reliable it is considered. Therefore, it is guaranteed that your money is safe and that you’re going to receive your winnings.

Q: Who is the biggest bookmaker?

There are several international sportsbooks that accept bettors from various countries; however, Bet365 is considered the biggest bookmaker in the world. It comes with 45+ sports to bet on, 150+ markets per event on the top football leagues and 95%+ overall payout.

Q: How to measure the biggest bookies in the world?

There are many ways to measure the world’s biggest bookies. Nevertheless, the most accurate ones are through their current global rank and through the 3-month change rate of their global rank. The year they were established and if they are listed or not, should be also taken into account.

Q: Who is the biggest bookmaker in the world by revenue?

Lots of globally-known sportsbooks are among the biggest around the globe when it comes to revenue. Nonetheless, the largest bookmaker in the world in terms of annual revenue is Bet365, with approximately £3b.

Q: Which are the world’s most famous bookmakers?

The world is full of famous bookmakers and casino operators, yet not all of them are 100% trustworthy. However, Bet365, 1xBet, 888sport, Bwin, Betfair and William Hill are the popular bookmakers that are trusted by millions of active players around the globe.

Q: How to check if a bookmaker has traffic?

The easiest way to find if the sportsbook you consider opting for is among the most visited bookies around the world, is through our table above. By simply checking the ‘Current Rank’ column you can see the current global rank figure of every decent bookmaker. Remember that the closer this figure is to 1, the more visited a betting site is.

Q: Which are the world’s largest bookmakers?

One can determine which are the world’s largest sportsbooks by taking into account 5 significant factors. Namely, their global rank, the year in which they were established, their market value, the number of their players and their annual revenue. So, overall, the greatest bookies in the world are Bet365 and William Hill.

Q: Who are the biggest bookmakers by traffic?

According to the global rank, which indicates if a betting site is highly visited or not; the biggest bookies overall in terms of traffic are the following: 1) Bet365, 2) Betfair and 3) Unibet. All three of them are among the most visited sportsbooks all around the world.

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