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American Football Predictions 2024

The NFL season consists of 272 games; the 32 teams play 17 games during a period of 18 weeks, with one day off. Betting on that sport, you must know that our American football predictions are not limited to moneylines and point spreads. There are several factors that we analyze to increase winning chances before posting. We combine all the useful stats such as form and injuries, tracking other more complicated parameters like coaches, tactics and location of each game (i.e., travel distance, days of rest, weather).

NFL predictions for today


  • We collect the highest prices straight from all reliable and leading bookmakers. Then, we deliver average market odds next to each released pick.
  • We don’t provide odds feed now, but we plan to add it to our services in the near future.
  • The bookmakers presenting next to the odds doesn’t mean that they offer these prices. As we have ranked them, they are our recommended online betting sites; you can find valuable promos before placing your bets just with one click.
  • We post the status for all daily betting tips (won, lost, void).

American Football Predictions for Today

BMB_American Football BallWhen posting picks for American Football, the primary target is to help you find good value and secure returns for the 2023 season. Our tipsters evaluate every week, from Thursday to Monday, all the parameters to be accurate in their American Football predictions. The NFL is a widely popular league where some of the wealthiest teams globally participate, like the $1.5 billion value Dallas Cowboys. You can wager on different types of sports bets in an extensive range of markets.

Besides the most popular ones, you can bet on the potential winners for Divisions and Conferences, the franchise with the best and worst seasonal record, the MVP and other major awards.

So, we are here to do the hard work for you, releasing our betting predictions for today. The key factors we examine are the rates of starting quarterbacks, each team’s quality and the winning probabilities based on the offered odds. From September’s kickoff day until February’s Super Bowl, we analyze every factor influencing the games before posting NFL betting tips for moneylines, point spreads, and players’ props.

When do we publish our NFL Predictions

BMB_Date_Time_IconBookmakers release a few hundred future NFL odds every year, from which team will win the Super Bowl to how many games each team will win for the regular season. From the 2021 season, the NFL includes an 18th regular-season week, while 2023 it’s the fourth year of a 14-team playoff era. American and National Conferences will give three Wild Cards each; so only the top-seeded team in AFC and NFC will receive a first playoff round without a game. Every week’s first game is on Thursday (20:20 ET, 02:20 CET on Friday); the last οne starts on Monday (20:15 ET, 02:15 CET on Tuesday).

The central part of the schedule is on Sundays, divided into three zones.

  • 1
    The majority of the games have a kickoff time at 13:00 ΕΤ (19:00 CET).
  • 2
    The afternoon games start at 16:05 or 16:25 ΕΤ (22:05 or 22:25 CET).
  • 3
    The Sunday night game with a kickoff time at 20:20 ET (02:20 CET on Monday).

Following the schedule, by 10:00 am (CET) every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday or sometimes one day before, you can get our daily NFL predictions based on the best value American Football odds for your wagering.

Preseason American Football Betting Tips

BMB_NFL BallThe NFL preseason is a different part of the game, and bettors should have an individual approach. From 2021, the preseason includes three training games per team where the favourites’ odds are higher and the underdogs’ lower than the regular season. Here are our American football betting tips for the preseason you have to keep in mind.

Bet on underdogs: Most favourites, like San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Kansas City, don’t show big motivation during preseason games. So, their coaches sometimes protect key players from injuries. The underdogs have won almost 50% of the games in the last five preseasons; so betting on dark horses seems to be a profitable decision.

Follow the news: Key starters, especially quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Joe Burrow, usually sit out in preseason games. They have low motivation, and their playing time isn’t high. You should check the latest news for each franchise before placing your bet.

Focus on the lines: The big difference between the preseason and regular season is the lower lines. A group of teams, like the Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks, have time-tested value, especially from an underdog place. They have won 15+ games over the past six seasons. So, betting against the spread can be profitable.

NFL Betting Tips for the Postseason & Super Bowl

BMB_American Football PlayerAll NFL bookmakers set odds by analyzing specific factors, like home-field advantage, injuries, current form, etc. Moreover, it’s essential to check other parameters based on statistics that reflect each team’s behaviour in the field. Before our tipsters post their American football predictions, inspect several stats to comprehend which teams can achieve more wins in the regular season and reach the postseason.

Betting on the clash between the AFC and the NFC title winners is one of the most popular wagering options globally. Every year, presents a complete section with Super Bowl betting tips, which is released one week before the Grand Final. Here you can find high-value picks for all the popular markets; moneylines, totals, and prop bets such as the Coin Toss call, the longest and shortest field goal or touchdown, and if safety will be scored on the match.

How to Make the Best NFL Predictions

BMB_American Football QuarterbackIt seems easy for anyone to analyze the NFL 2023 season, considering what happened last season when the Chiefs and Eagles reached the Super Bowl LVII, overcoming all the obstacles. A repeat final between those two teams remains a scenario with decent possibilities. Still, we prefer to evaluate the situation week-by-week, considering specific criteria before posting our NFL predictions.

Quarterbacks rating: It’s not a rule, but it happens often. NFL teams with the sharpest quarterbacks always go deeper in the competition. For example, Tampa Bay’s Tom Brady took a franchise with no playoff win in 18 years, changing the Buccaneers’ entire status before his retirement. Moreover, Patrick Mahomes seems to be the new benchmark after the Manning and Brady era, already having big throws and titles in his career. We look deeply into the QBs’ stats and ratings before posting our NFL betting tips.

Injuries & suspensions: It’s a parameter we use in all popular sports, like football, basketball, and baseball, to comprehend how a team can be influenced if a star player can’t play. We take information from trusted sources and the local media before the matchups. So, we know all the latest injury/ban news for each franchise.

You should know that even if one player, quarterback or running back, for instance, is absent, the whole game can be influenced against the team that has important issues to face. That’s a steady point also for those who avoid futures based on elite players, like quarterbacks, because a long-term injury can blow up these types of bets.

Home-field advantage: We have noticed the meaning of the home advantage in the NFL when teams couldn’t host a crowd due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. In the mid-80s, the home win percentage in American Football reached 65%, remaining up to 60% before the virus era. The winning rate of home teams was below 50% in the 2020 season (127-128-1). After the international health crisis, the home-field advantage will be a crucial factor for our American Football predictions, as we have checked for the previous 2022/23 season.

What do we check before posting NFL Predictions

BMB_ListYou will quickly understand that we only post high-valued picks without backing favourites at 1.50 (-200) odds or lower. We analyze a wide range of NFL betting markets, but our experts focus on spreads, totals, and props. We constantly check important statistical info, like H2Η results, forms, and probable rivalries, and make American Football predictions for the postseason spots and the Super Bowl winner.

NFL stats: Finding strength in numbers can be a profitable way to boost your NFL betting strategy. Besides the standings, the current form, and the H2H results of a clash, our tipsters look seriously at the advanced stats. Following, for instance, the expected number of rushing yards, you can predict value props like how many yards a player will run with the ball. Supplementally, we analyze models like completion probability, which express how many chances a pass has to be completed.

NFL betting trends: You should evaluate specific American Football betting tips before placing wagers besides key players’ injury news or what the crowd believes. We analyze these parameters to discover how a franchise performs ATS (i.e., Against The Spread) at home or how NFL teams react when playing against a division or conference rival. These NFL betting trends are exciting pieces of information that will help you comprehend how your selected team can perform in the upcoming game.

Top NFL rivalries: It’s a crucial part of the regular season as the divisional rivals face each other at least twice a year. There are several rivalries and games you should deeply think about before placing your wager. Here are the six most important ones: 1) Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears, 2) Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 3) Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 4) Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders, 5) Washington Football Team vs. New York Giants, and 6) Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals.

NFL Predictions for Win Totals

BMB_Money_ProfitGenerally, advanced stats are a valuable tool for our NFL analysis to find winning teams and those who can reach the postseason. Experienced bettors understand that a critical turnover or one field goal can decide several games in the regular or postseason. Let’s go deeper, examining three advanced stats before we make our American Football betting tips.

Win percentage in one-possession matches: An NFL contest is said to be a one-possession or one-score game when the leading team has an eight-point advantage or less. In the last five years in the National Football League, 18 teams have had a 30% win percentage or worse in one-score games. Let’s take, for example, the 2020 season: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans had fewer than 30%, and none took a playoff ticket.

Turnover & fumble rate: Turnovers and fumbles (i.e., the possession loss before a tackle) play a critical role in determining NFL games. Checking the turnover and the fumble recovery rate helps make accurate American football predictions. Taking 2014 as a starting point, the teams that ranked low in turnover margin and high in fumble recoveries improved their spot in the following season. The 2020 NFL season is a decent example again; Carolina, Philadelphia, Chicago, New England, and Arizona were the best teams in the fumble recovery rate, and only Chicago took a postseason spot.

Team points difference: In the 2019 season, Houston made a 10-win regular season. Texans took 1st place in the American South with a total minus 7-point difference (TPF 378 vs. TPA 385). They finished the 2020 season with a 4-12-0 record, with a high points difference at minus 77 (387 for vs. 464 against). The six fewer wins drove Houston to the 3rd-worst record in the NFL; the fact proves that each team’s total wins are regularly based on its points difference.

NFL Betting Tips for ATS Bets

BMB_Enhanced_OddsWagering Against The Spread means that you back an underdog. Let’s see a practical example. For the NFL 2023/24 season, Week 1, the New York Jets host the Buffalo Bills, getting 2,5 points at 1.90 (-111) odds. So, they had a positive number of points (i.e., +2,5) as underdogs; meanwhile, the favourite has a negative one (i.e., -2,5). If the Bills win by more points than the handicap, they will cover the spread, giving a 1.91 (-110) odds payout.

Otherwise, if bettors back the Jets, they will go against the spread. In order to win, New York shouldn’t lose the game by two or more points. There are final score examples (e.g., a 30-28 win for Buffalo) where the underdog Jets can lose the matchup but win ATS. Following our NFL betting tips, you can find a wide range of daily cover and against-the-spread bets.

American Football Predictions for Consensus Bets

BMB_BasicsIf you think that the public approach can make money for you, there’s a tactic that can help you in betting; even if you know little about American Football. Our experts check every matchup’s consensus, but they don’t post their NFL betting tips based only on that factor. Undoubtedly, if 85% of picks (i.e., 338 from 400) are on the Bills to beat the Jets, the consensus of that game is exceptionally high for the favourite.

If you think New York will exploit the home advantage, you can bet against the 85%, which means against the public. The moneyline odds set for the Jets vs. Bills matchup is 2.17 (+117) vs. 1.85 (-118); so it’s normal to observe a high consensus betting on a clear favourite. Our experts check what the public says and several other parameters like betting trends, odds, past scores, and line movement to release their NFL predictions.

Where to bet on the NFL season

BMB_Best IconIn the list, you can check the leading NFL Bookmakers and the best US sportsbooks with the broadest range of markets. These betting sites offer the highest odds for the regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl in American Football.

Q: Where can you find American Football predictions for this week? posts free NFL betting tips for moneylines, spreads, total points, and props every week for the American Football league from the regular season to the postseason until the Super Bowl game.

Q: Are NFL predictions on prop bets profitable?

Prop bets can be a part of your long-term strategy when you can’t pick moneylines, spreads, or totals for several reasons. releases American Football betting tips every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday for team-based and individual players’ prop bets.

Q: Which team will win Super Bowl LVIII?

Super Bowl 58 is scheduled to be played in Paradise, Nevada, on February 11 2024. According to the future prices, the reigning Champions, Kansas City Chiefs, at 8.00 (+700) odds are the favourites to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Q: Which team will win the AFC Conference?

Chiefs won the AFC Conference in the 2022/23 season with an 14-3-0 record and 82,4% winning percentage. The Buffalo Bills took 2nd place with 13-3-0 and 81,3%, respectively. For 2023/24, the Kansas City is the clear favourite to win the Conference at 5.00 odds (+400) against Buffalo Bills (6.00, +500), and Cincinnati Bengals (8.00, +700).

Q: Is the Cleveland Browns’ franchise a title contender for the NFL 2023/24 season?

Browns are the 11th favourite to win the Super Bowl LVIII at 25.00 (+2400) odds. Cleveland has improved the offensive and defensive lines the previous years, building a talented team. Although, it’s difficult to upset the upcoming NFL season. Following the outright odds, the possibility of reaching the playoffs pays 1.50 (-200) while the failure probability is at 2.50 prices (+150).

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