2022 Super Bowl Predictions & Bets

Super Bowl 56 is the NFL’s championship game for the 2021 season. After an 18-week regular season and the playoffs, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams will battle for the chance to lift Vince Lombardi Trophy. The final will take place in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium (Inglewood, California) on Monday, February 14th (00:30 CET). Even the experts didn’t expect those two underestimated dark horses to match up. Playing-wise, the two contenders have different tactical approaches. Cincinnati is the 2022 Cinderella, one of twelve teams with no Super Bowl trophy. On the other hand, Los Angeles will play the final at its home ground and is the -4,5 line favourite to win. After a thorough analysis, we have decided on the best Super Bowl predictions for moneylines and spreads. If you are also after high-value prop bets, you’ve come to the right place.

Super Bowl Predictions & Betting Tips

The Los Angeles Rams have won two games in the postseason series by a field goal margin; they took the qualification ticket against the reigning Champions Tampa Bay and San Francisco, coming from a 7-17 score behind. On the flip side, the Cincinnati Bengals have achieved the Divisional playoffs and the AFC Championship, winning by 3 in both cases. Undoubtedly, the overtime road win versus Kansas City was the ultimate highlight one step before the final; they even managed to cover a 21-3 deficit to pull off the upset. At the beginning of the 2021 season, that matchup seemed impossible to happen; now, both teams have reasons to be concerned and hope they can win it. Although it’s a very tough match in terms of betting, here are our top Super Bowl predictions for the 56th edition of the NFL’s championship game.

Cincinnati Bengals (+3,5) vs. Los Angeles Rams (inc. OT) ✔️ 1 @ 1.91 (-110)

First Touchdown Scorer ✔️ Cooper Kupp @ 5.50 (+450)

Field Goals in Super Bowl 56 ✔️ BTTS 2+ Field Goals @ 3.50 (+250)

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams ✔️ Under 46,5 Points @ 2.12 (+112)

Where to bet on the Super Bowl 56 online

Choose among the best NFL betting sites from the underneath list and place Super Bowl bets on moneylines, spreads, and totals with the highest odds. Also, you can explore the bookies and find secondary markets such as team specials, players & game props, and futures bets.

Super Bowl Betting Tips Against the Spread

Who to bet on for the US Open 2021 The Cincinnati Bengals reached the Super Bowl for the first time since 1988, when they lost to the 49ers (20-16). After their worst season in 2019, they have managed to turn things around and build a winning mentality. On the other hand, the Rams had had three postseason appearances since 2016, when they moved from St Louis to Los Angeles. The closest they got to lift the trophy was when they lost Super Bowl LIII to the Patriots (13-3).

Our experts have taken a deep look at all the needed factors before releasing their Super Bowl betting tips. The Bengals are an inexperienced team, although they believe that they can win. The Ohio-based franchise wasn’t the best team in the regular season, but it has been sharp in the playoffs. The principal defensive adjustment in the AFC Finals after falling behind the Chiefs 21-3 shows that the opposing quarterback can face what Mahomes suffered. Burrow can follow Stafford stats, so our experts expect a close match. In that case, the underdog can go against the spread.

Additionally, there’s a possibility that both teams will find scoring chances from field goals, as it happened to all their postseason games. Both Teams To Score 2+ field goals pays decent at 3.50 odds; that outcome can boost chances for a low-scoring final without multiple touchdowns. So, Under 46,5 in total points is also one of our Super Bowl predictions. Finally, you can cover the analysis above, betting on Cooper Kupp, the Rams’ most aggressive player, to score the game's first touchdown since LA has the call for the coin toss.

Which are the top Super Bowl Bets on the Bengals

Cincinnati seeded 4th in the American Conference and 1st in the North Division at the regular season, with a 10-0-7 record. Zac Taylor’s team has no League Championships. In 2019, the Bengals only won two games (2-0-14), while last season, they made it just four times (4-0-12); as you can see, the turnaround was instant. Even though they are the underdogs, the team is based around talented athletes like Joe Burrow (quarterback), Ja’Marr Chase (wide receiver), Tee Higgins (wide receiver), and Joe Mixon (running back).

Burrow leads his team with 280,7 yards per game in the postseason. The average number seems high, but in two of the three playoff games, the 25-years-old quarterback didn’t manage to exceed 250 yards. Now, his passing yards betting line for the Super Bowl 56 is 273,5. If the Bengals want to upset the championship game, the Over 273,5 pick at 1.87 (-115) odds seem decent for Burrow. Cincinnati is the underdog once again, with 2.70 (+170) odds on the moneyline market; the opening Super Bowl odds to win the NFL were 67.00 (+6600). Now, Joe Burrow can carry his team once again. If you believe that he will continue to be dominant, you have one of the most valuable Super Bowl bets.

✔️ Cincinnati Bengals to Win Super Bowl 562.70 (+170)
✔️ Joe Burrow Over 273,5 Passing Yards1.87 (-115)

Are there valuable Super Bowl Betting Tips for the Rams

The Rams were one of the regular season’s top teams with a 12-0-5 record in the National. Los Angeles took the 1st spot in the West Division, with coach Sean McVay shaping a team based on proven veterans. Matthew Stafford (quarterback), Von Miller (linebacker), Odell Beckham Junior (wide receiver), and Jalen Ramsey (defensive back) have used their experience to reach the Super Bowl, but there’s the primary obstacle ahead. The familiar Bengals’ coach Zac Taylor was the assistant wide receivers and quarterbacks coach between 2017 and 2018. Now, he’s the most prominent opponent.

Los Angeles is the second consecutive NFL team to host the Super Bowl, after the 55th edition last season when Tampa Bay beat Kansas City 31-9 at the Raymond James Stadium. The Californian side has a 4,5 point spread to overcome at 1.90 (-110) odds. It’s the ultimate favourite on all Super Bowl predictions to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The moneyline 1.50 (-200) odds shows their theoretical advantage over the Bengals.

Undoubtedly, the critical factor for their potential success is Matthew Stafford. The 34-years-old quarterback has thrown 301,7 yards on average during the postseason. In our Over/Under Super Bowl betting tips, his passing yards betting line is 278,5 points at 1.87 (-115). Stafford has surpassed that line in two of the three playoff games, with 366 and 337 passing yards. If you think that he can be productive again, the Over 278,5 pick can be profitable.

✔️ Los Angeles Rams (-4,5) to Win Super Bowl 561.90 (-110)
✔️ Matthew Stafford Over 278,5 Passing Yards1.87 (-115)

How to bet on the Super Bowl 56 online

The Super Bowl bets and props are based on the standard betting types available for the event. Choose a bookmaker with an in-play option and take a chance to watch the 1st quarter and understand each finalist’s tactics and form. All NFL bookies offer updated odds for moneylines, points spreads, and game totals, so various options are available. Now, you can learn the main markets and secure decent odds for pre-match and in-play betting.

Point Spread: Place a bet against the point spread is the most popular way for NFL and Super Bowl betting. If your pick is a favourite, you give points (-4,5 if you bet on Rams for Super Bowl 56 spread winners). On the other hand, if your prediction refers to the underdog, you receive the points (+4,5 if you bet on Bengals).

Moneyline: In that type of bet, there are no points involved, and you bet only winners on the offered fixed odds.

Totals (Over/Under): Game totals is an alternative option if you don’t want to pick one winner among finalists. In Super Bowl 56, the total line for the final is 48,5 points, and over wins, if the Bengals and Rams score 49+ points.

The 2022 Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events globally. All leading bookmakers have promotions for the game, so you can receive a risk-free bet and try to collect some returns based on a welcome bonus. Check out your bookie’s mobile services to ensure that they provide a mobile app to help you bet online and enjoy a live streaming option.

How to bet on Super Bowl Props

Super Bowl betting is a prevalent option among players, especially for those who don’t want to choose a winner or make a pick for totals. Super Bowl props don’t revolve around the game’s final result. Among the best options, you can find the following: coin toss outcome or winning team, the first/last team to score, will the game go to overtime, winning margin, longest/shortest field goal or touchdown, first scoring play, team to score first/last touchdown, will there be a safety, touchdown scorer, jersey numbers, total field goals/sacks, MVP award.

Is betting on the Super Bowl 56 Coin Toss profitable

coin tossThe coin toss is controversial in betting, but one of the most famous Super Bowl props instantly connected on some occasions with the final winner of the game. The finalist who wins the Super Bowl 56 coin toss can choose to receive the ball or select which side will start. The most popular choice is to receive the ball because it’s advantageous to chase an early confidence scoring boost. Although, there are different opinions and theories about that because it’s a common thought that starting with the ball at the second half might be more helpful.

Last year, Kansas City won the coin toss and deferred the ball possession to the second half, and the final result was against the Chiefs’ decision. In 55 Super Bowl coin flips, the Vince Lombardi Trophy had gone 24 times (44%) to the winner and 31 times (56%) to the loser of that starting and controversial process. So, making coin toss Super Bowl predictions is like betting on black or red in roulette, picking one option with half winning chances; heads or tails. For bettors who intend to bet on the coin, the last winner to cover the spread as the process winner was the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, eight years ago. They were a 2,5-point underdog, beating the Denver Broncos 43-8.

Full List of Super Bowl 56 Betting Sites

In the list below, you can find the best Super Bowl odds on the Cincinnati Bengals to go Against The Spread or the Los Angeles Rams to Win the trophy, choosing among the top and most reliable NFL Bookmakers.

Q: How did the Los Angeles Rams reach Super Bowl 56?

The Rams was the 4th seeded team at AFC entering the postseason from the Wild Card round, winning Arizona 34-11. At the AFC Divisional playoffs, they eliminate the 2021 Champions Tampa Bay with 30-27 on the road. Then, they beat the San Francisco 49ers by 20-17 at SoFi Stadium, making two consecutive wins by a field-goal difference.

Q: How did the Cincinnati Bengals qualify for Super Bowl LVI?

As a 4th-seeded team, the Bengals entered the postseason at the Wild Card round, eliminating the Las Vegas Raiders with a 26-19 home victory. At the NFC Divisional playoffs, Cincinnati beat the Tennessee Titans 19-16 on the road. Then, Zac Taylor’s men took the NFC Championship Game with a 27-24 overtime road win at Kansas City (24-24 regular time), reaching the Super Bowl LVI.

Q: How to bet on the Super Bowl props coin toss market?

Despite the Los Angeles Rams hosting the Super Bowl LVI, the Cincinnati Bengals are the official home team for the contest. That means they will choose the uniforms, so the Rams will get to call the coin three minutes before kick-off; that will not affect the coin toss odds (i.e., heads and tails are both at even 2.00).

Q: Who are the main favourites to score an anytime Super Bowl touchdown?

In most Super Bowl predictions, three are the favourite athletes to score an anytime TD. Cooper Kupp (Rams’ wide receiver) pays the lowest price (1.50 or -200), with Joe Mixon (Bengals’ running back) and Cam Akers (Rams’ running back) following the odds at -1.91 (-111) respectively.

Q: What are the Super Bowl odds for Stafford and Burrow to throw 375+ Pass Yds & 3+ Pass TDs each?

If you believe in a high-scoring match at California, the odds of two QBs achieving big numbers for passing yards and touchdowns are chosen among the top Super Bowl betting tips. Stafford pays 11.00 (+1000) to throw 375+ passing yards and 3+ passing touchdowns, while Burrow has 12.00 (+1100) at the same market.

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