2023 Super Bowl Betting Tips

Super Bowl 57 is the NFL’s championship game for the 2022 season. After an 18-week regular season and the playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will battle for the chance to lift Vince Lombardi Trophy. The final will take place at State Farm Stadium (Glendale, Arizona), the Arizona Cardinals’ home, on Monday, February 13th (00:30 CET). Undoubtedly, the Eagles have a talented array of offensive and defensive players.

On the other hand, the Chiefs, the +1,5 line underdog to win, succeed in a massive return to the Super Bowl for the third time in four seasons. After a thorough analysis, we have decided on the best Super Bowl betting tips for moneylines, totals, and spreads.

If you also seek high-value prop bets in the top bookmakers, you have come to the right place.

Best Super Bowl Bets for 2023

BMB_NFL BallNational Conference Champions made a 14-0-3 record during the regular season, hunting the second Super Bowl title after the epic 41-33 win against New England Patriots in 2017. Philadelphia lost five of their first seven games under Nick Sirianni last season but won six of their last eight in the current run to make the playoffs.

For the NFC Divisional Round, the Eagles took a 38-7 home win against New York Giants producing a running game of 268 yards in 44 carries. Then, they lifted the Conference trophy after a 31-7 win versus San Fransisco, limiting the 49ers’ exceptional offence.

On the flip side, AFC Champions were the best team in American for the regular season, with a 14-0-3 record. Now, they have four straight AFC championship game appearances and a title, chasing their third Super Bowl honour. The road to Arizona was more challenging for Kansas City after the marginal home wins against Jacksonville Jaguars (27-20) and last season’s finalists Cincinnati Bengals (23-20).

Indeed, it’s a tough showdown in terms of American football betting markets, so you should be well-prepared to make money from the event. Here are our top Super Bowl betting tips for the 57th edition of the NFL’s championship game.

✔️ Philadelphia Eagles (-1,5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (inc. OT) 2 @ 1.91 (-110).
✔️ Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City ChiefsOver 50,5 Total Points @ 1.90 (-111).

Bookies To Bet on the Super Bowl 57 Online

BMB_Best IconChoose among the best NFL bookmakers from the underneath list and place Super Bowl bets on moneylines, spreads, and totals with the highest odds. Also, you can explore the bookies and find secondary markets such as team specials, players’ props, and futures bets.

Which are the Top Super Bowl Predictions on the Eagles

Philadelphia’s quarterback, Jalen Hurts, is in the final turn of a phenomenal 2022 season. He’s the unquestionable leader in the field and the player who can dominate the opponent. Hurts increased his yards per attempt average the current season, passing or rushing more than eight. The Eagles don’t count on his deep passing game but on accurate intermediate throws.

When Hurts feel the pressure, he makes mistakes; his shoulder injury may be more responsible for that as he wants to protect his throwing hand even in late plays. That’s why the passing yards betting line is low at 242,5 points. Philadelphia seems the ultimate favourite to win the championship game at 1.78 odds; in that case, Hurts should carry the team again this season.

If you believe in the Eagles and their quarterback’s precision, our American football betting predictions for the Οver pick and the moneyline win seem profitable Super Bowl bets.

✔️ Philadelphia Eagles To Win Super Bowl 571.78 (-128).
✔️ Jalen Hurts Over 242,5 Passing Yards1.90 (-111).

Are there valuable Super Bowl Predictions for the Chiefs

BMB_Quarterback PassAndy Reid has in his hands one of the most prolific quarterbacks of the new era in American football. Patrick Mahomes leads Kansas City as far as the AFC title as a starter, making the Chiefs a Super Bowl contender almost every season. He’s exceptional in passing yardage and touchdown passes, helping his running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers to score. On the flip side, their middling defence faced problems that forced Mahomes to keep his foot on the gas without a stop.

So, can the Chiefs’ quarterback win another Super Bowl, or may the fatigue affect him? His passing yards line is high at 290,5; the Over pick is the option included in our Super Bowl predictions if Kansas City wants to increase chances for a potential upset. They are the underdogs to lift the trophy at 2.07, so Mahomes’ effectiveness is necessary for success.

✔️ Kansas City Chiefs To Win Super Bowl 572.07 (+107).
✔️ Patrick Mahomes Over 290,5 Passing Yards1.91 (-110).

How To Bet on the Super Bowl 57

BMB_American Football BallOur Super Bowl betting tips are based on the standard types available for the event. So, choose a bookmaker with an in-play option, watch the 1st quarter, and understand each finalist’s tactics and form. Several NFL bookies offer the highest odds for moneylines, points spread, and game totals, so various options are available. Now, you can learn the main markets and secure decent odds for pre-match and in-play betting.

Point Spread: Placing a bet against the point spread is the most popular way for NFL and Super Bowl betting. If your pick is a favourite, you give points (-1,5 if you bet on Eagles for Super Bowl 57 spread winners). On the other hand, if your prediction refers to the underdog, you receive the points (+1,5 if you bet on the Chiefs).

Moneyline: In that type of bet, there are no points involved, and you bet only on winners on the offered fixed odds.

Totals (Over/Under): Game totals are an alternative option if you don’t want to pick one winner among finalists. In Super Bowl 57, the total line is 50,5 points, so the Over pick wins if Philadelphia and Kansas City will score 51 points or more.

The 2023 Super Bowl is one of the elite events in our sports betting calendar. A leading bookmaker has promotions for the game, so you can receive a risk-free bet and try to collect some returns based on a welcome bonus. Check out your bookie’s mobile services to ensure that they provide a mobile app to help you bet online and enjoy a live-streaming option.

Best 2023 Super Bowl Special Bets

BMB_American Football QuarterbackNFL betting in the championship game is a prevalent option among players, especially for those who don’t want to choose a winner or make a pick for totals. Proposition wagers don’t revolve around the game’s final result.

Among the best Super Bowl props, you can find the following: coin toss outcome or winning team, the first/last team to score, will the game go to overtime, winning margin, longest/shortest field goal or touchdown, first scoring play, team to score first/last touchdown, will there be a safety, touchdown scorer, jersey numbers, total field goals/sacks, MVP award.

Coin Toss Super Bowl Betting

BMB_Markets GenericMaking coin toss Super Bowl predictions is like betting on black or red in roulette, picking one option with half-winning chances; heads or tails. This process is controversial in NFL wagering, alongside Pro Bowl betting, but one of the most famous props instantly connected on some occasions with the final winner of the game.

The finalist who will win the Super Bowl LVII coin toss can choose to receive the ball or select which side will start. The most popular choice is to receive the ball because it’s advantageous to chase an early confidence scoring boost.

Although, there are different opinions and theories about that because it’s a common thought that starting with the ball in the second half might be more helpful. In 56 Super Bowl coin flips, the Vince Lombardi Trophy had gone 24 times (42,86%) to the winner and 32 times (57,14%) to the loser of that starting and controversial action.

Last season, reigning Champions Los Angeles Rams called heads, but the coin turned up tails. As a result, the Cincinnati Bengals became the seventh team in a row who won the Super Bowl coin toss but went on to lose the NFL’s final.

Full List of Super Bowl Bookmakers

In the list below, you can find the best odds for moneyline, totals, and spread Super Bowl betting for the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs contest, choosing among the top and most reliable NFL Bookmakers.

Q: Who is favoured in the Super Bowl this year?

Philadelphia Eagles are the marginal favourite to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy at 1.78 odds, including probable overtime. Kansas City Chiefs is the Super Bowl’s slight underdog at 2.07.

Q: What is the spread in the Super Bowl this year?

The Eagles’ prices opened as moneyline betting favourites against the Chiefs. Odds may vary based on the online bookmakers you use and as more latest news comes out ahead of the final game. As it stands, the Super Bowl spread is 1,5 points line that Philadelphia should cover to pay bettors that will back this wager.

Q: How to bet on the Super Bowl props coin toss market?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the official home team for the contest in Arizona’s neutral venue. That means they will choose the uniforms, so the Kansas City Chiefs will get to call the coin three minutes before kick-off; the coin toss odds, heads or tails, are at even 2.00.

Q: Who are the main favourites to score an anytime Super Bowl touchdown?

In most Super Bowl predictions, two are the favourite athletes to score an anytime touchdown. Travis Kelce (Chiefs’ tight end) pays the lowest price (1.90 or -111), with Jalen Hurts (Eagles’ quarterback) following the odds at 2.25 (+125).

Q: What are the Super Bowl odds for Hurts and Mahomes to throw 300+ passing yards each?

If you believe in a high-scoring match at Glendale, the odds of two quarterbacks achieving big numbers for passing yards are chosen among the top Super Bowl betting tips. Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes pay 7.00 (+600) to throw 300+ passing yards each in Super Bowl 57.

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