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Do you want to grasp all about betting? Our target is to enhance your knowledge by sharing wagering secrets and explaining odds for sports and non-sports events. If you want to become a well-informed recreational player, our experts have transmuted their experience into our betting guides to help you achieve it. Newbies can improve their skills by reading them, thus avoiding pitfalls. As for those who want to be sharper and increase their profitability, we provide tested winning strategies; lastly, you will be able to place better bets by following our opinion articles. So, let’s get to it.

How to Bet Online

How to Bet Online Go To How to Bet Online Guide

Are you a newbie to sports betting? Do you have a goal to enhance your skills? You have the financial realm, and the overpower to become a pro bettor, and you need to learn all the critical info to invest your resources? can guide you through the amateurs’ steps to become a real mover-and-shaker in sports betting. Our betting guides have been released for all tiers of bettors, from beginners to advanced and professional ones condensing all the knowledge needed to make money from online betting.

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21 articles
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How to Beat the Bookies

How to Beat the Bookies Go To How to Beat the Bookies Guide

The main question you should ask yourself if you want to jump from οccasional betting to a higher level is, “how much money can I make?” There are numerous strategies to follow for decent profit in the long term. Our experts classify all the needed knowledge to transform you into a winner bettor. All you need to know to beat the bookies is included in our guides; staking plans, handy tools like the advanced calculators, and the best tips to bet on exchanges. Now, you can shop around the best odds and lines, focus on the research before placing bets, having your armoury loaded. Read our guides and discover the best way to become a winner in betting.

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How to Bet on Sports

How to Bet on Sports Go To How to Bet on Sports Guide

There’s no doubt that you have placed a bad bet in your life. Several bettors think that sports betting is a trick or a conspiracy to lose money. For us,, there are many ways of profit in a lucrative industry. We insist that a wealth of information, a complete understanding of odds, and the knowledge of all markets are the bedrock to becoming a sharp bettor. That’s why we have released over a hundred betting guides on how to bet on sports and make money. Our goal is to offer the best tips to win bets in all sports and indicate the easiest betting markets on elite and secondary leagues on football, basketball, tennis, races, golf, etc. So, follow us and get access to all secrets, increasing your winning chances.

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How to Bet on Specials

How to Bet on Specials Go To How to Bet on Specials Guide

Most bettors stick to the sports they know, aiming to make money betting online on their favourite leagues, teams, and players. However, besides sports, an incredibly vast betting market offers a wealth of alternatives. Non-sports betting has countless events taking place worldwide. You can find unlimited betting opportunities on reality shows and entertainment. Furthermore, you can back favourites and underdogs on Awards, Politics, and Esports events. Bookmakers cover all markets, even for celebrities’ props and weather predictions. Widen your options by reading our guides about how to bet on specials and win with every event taking place globally.

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How to Bet with Crypto

How to Bet with Crypto Go To How to Bet with Crypto Guide

Cryptocurrencies are becoming the most favourable payment option for online betting sites. Instantaneous deposits and withdrawals, close to zero fees and anonymous gambling are too important characteristics to ignore. Are you intrigued by it and want to learn more? Here at you can learn everything there is to know about crypto betting. The best coins for crypto transactions, crypto wallets & exchanges, as well as guides on anonymous betting and laws on crypto transactions. The future of online betting is in crypto, so get ahead of the game.

What types of Online Betting Guides do we release?

magnifying glassIf you seek an answer to the query “How does betting work?” wade through our published articles. You shall be able to gain a deeper understanding of the betting terms glossary, learn how to read and calculate odds and familiarise yourself with the key parameters you will encounter at your preferred bookmaker. Our online betting guides apply to all bettors, from novice to mid-level, up to advanced and professional ones. Learn more about bet types, strategies’ basics on various sports and how to use maths to build the perfect staking plan. The required knowledge to bet professionally and make money is heavy and, realistically, difficult to cover at this point. However, our articles about odds’ value meaning and our previews of daily betting events can indeed help you win. Now take a close look at what our online betting guides include:

  • Introduction to Online Betting
  • Sports Betting Basics
  • Betting Terminology
  • Βetting Strategies & Winning Tips
  • Systems & Staking Plans
  • Betting Guides by Sport & Non-Sports Events
  • Daily Betting Calendar
  • Opinion Betting Articles
  • Guides on Crypto Gambling
  • Betting Guides on Exchanges
  • Betting Features & Calculators

Remember that you are free to sign up with more than one bookmaker to enjoy the best odds and the broadest range of sports and markets, as well as qualify for top betting offers. You can find the most reputable and convenient bookies in the list below.

Do our Betting Guides appeal to All Bettors?

Differences between a Promo and a Free bet Code Simplify your thoughts before betting and realise that bookies are your direct rivals. There are two possibilities; either you will make money and they will lose, or the opposite. It’s now time to call upon all bettors by level.

grey arrow iconNewbies should learn basic terminology and the most simple wagers, doing some proper homework before betting. Casual bettors who are just looking for a bet on a high-profile event, like the Champions League Final, can find out how to sign up with a bookie and place a bet within minutes.

grey arrow iconAdvanced players should follow more strict criteria before choosing a bookie, besides reliability and odds’ value. Checking bookmakers by sports is one, while the overall quality of betting services (e.g., cash out, live streaming, bet builder, etc.) is of paramount importance to them. They make wagers that require in-depth knowledge of their favourite sport.

grey arrow iconAt last, has released several high-level betting guides to help sharp players make a step up front. Our primary axis is to consistently help you find options and bets that will always win. Undoubtedly, sportsbooks have odds and lines for everything. Can you secure value for all of them? Do you want to learn to move under their radar? Here’s your chance.

How to choose the top Bet Guide & Win with Us

Free bet terms and conditions Every single bettor thinks and acts differently, so we aim to introduce you to all the bedrocks and latest trends of betting before deciding on what, where and how much you will invest. Before choosing the best bet guide for you, answer the following questions and find out what better suits your betting needs.

In which betting event do you have a higher level of expertise to bet on?

To become successful, knowing what to bet on is essential. So, brush up on your background of sports and teams over which you are wagering. Suppose you are a basketball fan; it can be a good idea to do comprehensive research around the contenders for the NBA Finals before you bet. On the other hand, if you decide to back a thoroughbred at races, you will see your chances of success decreasing without at least some knowledge.

What is your goal, and how much can you afford?

Building a low percentage bankroll strategy doesn’t mean your plan is poor and with low success potential. Even pro bettors tend to follow effectively low staking plans after suffering bad runs. For instance, the disciplinary rule of staking only 2% of your total investment, is clearly suggested. So, set a reachable target and only bet money you can afford. Our betting explained section for staking plans can help you generate ideas.

What is your ultimate goal in betting?

When randomly betting, you can fulfil specific criteria just to have fun and avoid losing money. If you focus on sizable sports and markets, while learning basic betting terminology and being patient, seem enough to accomplish some wins. On the other hand, more advanced players evaluate other significant parameters before placing bets; such as probability calculations, research on full cover bets and betting systems and preferring 2-way markets. Don’t forget that choosing the appropriate bet guide can drive you to success.

How to Win a Bet every time: Is it possible?

winnersNo one, even pro and sharp bettors can win all the time. Our articles aim to increase your profitability and enhance your knowledge by frequently releasing guides; remember, our target is to offer you all the necessary data to succeed and earn big. Do you want to find the recipe on how to win a bet every time? Follow our tips and choose a guide based on your favourite event.

  1. Understand the odds. Learn how bookies set prices and lines, choosing the highest odds with the most value.
  2. Keep a track record of your win ratio. Tracking your bets and extensively analysing your stats per sport, odds and markets is a basic tip towards success.
  3. Set a specific bankroll and don’t let your emotions or a lousy run keep you from following it.
  4. Find profitable secondary markets (e.g., Inning 1 Result in baseball where you can receive an early profit by predicting the opener pitchers’ performance).
  5. Our guides help you avoid pitfalls and find bookies’ possible mistakes over odds. Betting on those types of errors might be profitable.
  6. Learn how to take advantage of bookies’ offers, such as deposit bonuses, free bets, etc.

How can online betting guides help me?

spyIt’s now time to answer the question much expected from your side: "What should I bet on?” Our experts are not native speakers unlike with most known UK sites; however, they have delved deep into betting terminology, proven strategies and every secret of sports and non-sports wagering. If you read our trending opinion articles, you will definitely find the answer on what types of bets you must place, at bookmakers that meet all your betting needs.

The point is to make a sustained analysis of the event you are interested in before placing a bet; check on the latest news, stats, etc. Then you can take the edge over bookies with our expert betting strategies, learning how to bet on ACCAs, win handicaps and make money through in-play betting on football, basketball and American sports. Finally, check all the requirements you have to fulfil before choosing a bookie, making easy deposits and withdrawals and betting on cryptocurrency. Our online betting guides provide all the necessary information to get ahead of the game.

Q: When do we release betting guides for sports and novelties?

Here at, we aim to cover all the terms, strategies and winning parameters to drive you to a safe money winning path. That’s why we publish new betting guides for sporting and non-sporting daily events to dovetail all theories into practice.

Q: Why should you trust the online betting guides?

Our experts have decades of experience in online betting. They watch games and examine all types of events, each day learning more about the process and how to pick the appropriate matches. They have reached crest experience levels, searching for the smartest bets available, so they are ready to welcome you with open arms if you have a thirst for learning.

Q: How does betting work?

You start your activity when you bet on an event's potential outcome. You must accept the odds that bookies offer and invest money to participate. Suppose you have placed a bet; you must wait for your favourite team, athlete, or participant to win in your chosen contest/event to receive your winnings.

Q: Which are the best betting guides by sport?

Football, basketball, American sports and racing are the most popular fields to engage in. We have released betting guides for all the elite sports worldwide, aiming to teach you the rules and how to find bets with value. Our main goal is to help you get a quick idea of the wagers with the most winning chances and when you should bet on favourites and underdogs.

Q: Which are the best bookies to bet on?

We have considered evaluating the best sites globally and suggest where you can invest your money. The best bookies worldwide fulfil specific criteria: 1) hundreds of available markets, 2) high odds, 3) valuable pre-match and in-play betting offers, 4) competitive bonuses and promotions and, 5) trusted transactions.

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