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An Arbitrage Bet (or Sure Bet) is a simple and effective way to secure a profit by covering all possible outcomes of a sporting event, either on a bookmaker or a betting exchange. This strategy’s most vital part is finding the odds discrepancies among bookies, locking the highest price for each selection. Many sportsbooks online are slow to react to market change, which you can take advantage of. It’s crucial to choose the highest available odds for each pick and find the best betting opportunities. Our Arbitrage Calculator is a handy tool that will help you determine how much you need to bet on each outcome to ensure a profit. You can use the tοοl to work out the odds from different betting sites for every available market in a broad range of events and determine your guaranteed returns from your placed bets.

Arbitrage Calculator

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How to use our Arbitrage Calculator

Before placing a Sure Bet, the main idea is to compare the odds for the same event from different bookmakers and detect a potential error in the odds. Even a minor differentiation in the prices can secure earnings. If you locate an arbitrage opportunity, it’s easy to use our Arbitrage Betting Calculator; then, discover the individual stakes you need to add at each bookie.

Let’s see an example based on a basketball match between Team A and Team B. You should handle two possible moneyline outcomes at the highest offered 1.60 (3/5) and 3.00 (2/1) odds at Bookmaker A and Bookmaker B, respectively. If you want to learn more about your wager instantly, use the Arbitrage Calculator following the underneath steps.

Set the two possible outcomes’ odds (i.e., 1.60 & 3.00) of your Arbitrage.

Add a total fixed stake (i.e., €100) in the “Total Stake” field.

Tap the “Calculate” button, and you will automatically see with accuracy: 1) the stakes you should place to make a profit, 2) the total payout percentage (%) of your bet in the “Return” field, 3) your sure returns in the “Sure Win” box.

To use the Arbitrage Calculator again, tap the “Reset” button.

How does Arbitrage Betting work

Arbitrage Betting is suitable for players who want to cover all potential outcomes without waiting for the final result. There are two main ways you can achieve your target. Firstly, you can back a selection from a 2-way market; then, lay it on a betting exchange like Betfair or Matchbook. The other option is to place the two possible selections on different bookmakers, choosing the highest odds for each pick. Let’s dive in a little deeper.

How to place an Arbitrage Bet

👉 Following the basketball example above, between Team A and Team B, you may discover a discrepancy between two bookmakers’ offered odds. That’s a common occurrence because some betting sites are slow to react to the market change. The table below will help you comprehend Arbitrage Betting.

Selections Bookmaker A Odds Bookmaker B Odds
Team A to Win 1.60 1.50
Team B to Win 2.65 3.00

Analyzing the whole process, with a €100 starting stake, if you back Team A at 1.60 odds on Bookmaker A, you should stake €65.22. On the flip side, backing Team B at 3.00 odds on Bookmaker B, your stake must be €34.78. In any case, our Arbitrage Calculator will cumulate that the returns will approximately be €4.34 (i.e., €4.352 & €4.34 respectively).

Back & Lay Arbing

👉 Ιn this case, you bet against your starting wager on betting exchanges. You can lock a profit regardless of the result if you back a selection on a bookmaker and then lay it on an exchange. Suppose that Horse A pays 5.00 to win a race on your favorite bookie; the lay odds for the same horse are 3.00 on the exchange. Using the Sure Bet Calculator, you can determine the exact stakes to ensure your profit, whether Horse A wins or not.

Hedging vs. Arbitrage Betting

👉 Hedging is different from Arbing because you don’t need to create multiple accounts at different bookmakers. When placing a Sure Bet, you should check the odds differentiations among bookies and betting exchanges to exploit the discrepancies. Before you place a Hedge Bet, the most crucial part is just to monitor the odds movement.

Let’s see a practical example. The starting odds of a basketball match are 1.43 for Team A to win and 3.40 for Team B. Then, just before the jump ball, you realize that Team A’s odds have dropped to 1.30 while Team B’s have increased to 3.70. If you had bet €200 on Team A at 1.43 (i.e., €286 your possible outcome), you could bet €75 on Team B at 3.70 (i.e., €277.50 the returns) and receive a guaranteed €2.50 profit.

Bonus Sports Arbing

👉 Arbitrage Betting can also be combined with a Free Bet. Bonus sports arbing, also known as matched betting, mainly refers to horse racing. You can back a horse or greyhound using your Free Bet while also laying your starting pick on a betting exchange. The Arbitrage Calculator could be a key performance indicator to determine the stakes you should place to receive a guaranteed profit.

How to use Shop Arbitrage

👉 The Sharbing (i.e., Shop Arbing) is an exciting alternative. For it to work, you should visit a betting shop to place your starting wager, exploiting its disadvantage to change the prices quickly on the printed betslips. For instance, you can visit your local betting shop. Then, put a €100 bet on Brighton to beat Burnley at 3.00 odds. Then, if your Betfair’s check shows that the lay odds on Brighton are 2.64, you should use the Sure Bet Calculator and realize that if you place a €115.83 bet against Brighton, the guaranteed profit is €10.04. It seems like a low return, but you should consider the potential returns if you follow that strategy in the long run.

What are the risks of placing a Sure Bet

Cash out betting sitesThere are specific axes and certain conditions you should exploit to ensure returns on a long-term basis. Finding the ideal circumstances is challenging. You also have to avoid common mistakes to stay under the bookies’ radar. Read on our list with practical tips for placing a prolific Sure Bet while keeping your profile hidden.

✔️ Correct stakes: One of the main risks is adding the appropriate stake. That’s why the Arbitrage Calculator is so helpful. It can give you the right direction and all the correct data to place your wager. Placing incorrect stakes can cost you money, and that’s something you should undoubtedly avoid.

✔️ Popular markets: Football, basketball, tennis, boxing, horse and greyhound racing, are the most popular sports among bettors for Arbitrage. You should follow that type of wagering and high-profile events and tournaments to not raise suspicion keeping your account safe.

✔️ Multiple accounts: Holding several accounts is undoubtedly beneficial. It’s a safe enough way to take advantage of the fact that some minor bookies use the odds from leading ones, creating exceptional chances for arbing. Also, if one of your accounts is restricted, it will not have a massive effect on your betting activity.

❌ Scam bookmakers: It’s one of the most critical parts of betting, not only arbing, of course, to avoid scam bookies before creating your accounts. The fake odds they offer to attract bettors it’s the slightest problem they could cause you. More precisely, becoming a fraud victim betting on a scam bookie, your money is in great danger; meanwhile, these circumstances will definitely blow out your strategy. You should face their refusal to pay winning bets, and you will see withdrawals be rejected. Finally, the most probable scenario is to endure the termination of your account.

❌ Different settlement terms: In certain circumstances, for tennis bettors, for example, you should be careful when placing a Sure Bet. A critical possibility exists to face different settlement terms in your wager, a condition that can cause you profit damage. The differentiation in retirement rules on tennis creates an informative case in point. There are four alternative rules on the market, so you should check before arbing the specific terms your bookies apply for. It’s entirely different for a bet to stand when one serve is required if a player retires, instead of one or two sets completed or the entire match has to be completed to settle a bet.

Why use our Arbitrage Betting Calculator

Betting on politicsThe crucial advantage of our Arbitrage Betting Calculator is that it simplifies the whole process helping you avoid common mathematical errors. For instance, if you are arbing at no value odds with the wrong stakes, you will lose money. Using our Bet Calculators, you will understand the odds’ impact on your bet and how you should share your initial stake among two or more outcomes. When you build the ideal opportunity, you can go to your bookmaker or betting exchange and place your wagers without wasting time. The tool applies to any 2-way or 3-way markets, providing the ideal arbitrage positions with speed and accuracy. Moreover, you have to add the odds correctly; just in a few seconds, you will have the fitting stakes to place a Sure Bet with safety.

Q: When can you use the Arbitrage Calculator?

You have the ability to work out an Arbitrage Bet with the tool for 2-way bets (Handicaps, Over/Under, etc.), but also for 3-way ones like WDW. In both cases, you can find the correct stakes, building the ideal arbitrage positions.

Q: Can you place an in-play Arbitrage Bet?

Live arbing is a type of betting that suits more advanced and experienced bettors. In in-play betting, the frequent change of odds creates many new arbing chances with high yield. Furthermore, the initial investment can grow up rapidly, while the possibility of getting a gubbed account is undoubtedly less.

Q: How many returns can you receive via arbing?

The meaning of arbing is to secure consistent profit, even if the returns are low. Generally, the three most important factors that determine your clear profit are the size of your total investment, the number of your daily bets and the stake you choose for each of them.

Q: When are you in danger of getting a restricted stake or account?

It’s vital to preserve all your betting accounts, placing bets on high-profile sports and events, avoiding large wagers and scam bookies. You should follow a specific route in Arbitrage Betting, keeping a gradual rate without staking a big-size amount of money.

Q: Which is the most significant advantage of an Arbitrage Calculator?

Besides the speed and accuracy that undoubtedly offers, using a Sure Bet Calculator, you acquire the safety that the stakes you will add to your bets are the correct ones to secure returns.

Q: What are the alternative names of an Arbitrage Bet?

You may find in the betting industry other names for the exact meaning of an Arbitrage Bet. The most common one is the Sure Bet, while alternatives like Miracle Bet, Sure Win, and Sports Arbitrage are popular.

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