Lucky 15 Calculator

The Lucky 15 Bet is a Full Cover system consisting of four selections. It contains four Singles, six Doubles, four Trebles, and one 4-Fold Accumulator, for a total of 15 bets. The structure is similar to a Yankee, with the difference that this bet includes the four Singles, too. In general, you need at least two winning picks to secure some profit. The total earnings of a Lucky 15 ultimately depend on your starting selections’ odds. You can work out your 4-Fold System Bet in a wide range of sports and markets, but it’s mostly used in Horse Racing and Football. Working out our Lucky 15 Calculator, you can automatically cumulate this system’s potential winnings based on ACCAs and Singles.

Lucky 15 Calculator

The lucky 15 is a 4 selection wager consisting of 15 bets: 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator.

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

Profit per Combination

Combination Profit
(1) -
(2) -
(3) -
(4) -
(1,2) -
(1,3) -
(1,4) -
(2,3) -
(2,4) -
(3,4) -
(1,2,3) -
(1,2,4) -
(1,3,4) -
(2,3,4) -
(1,2,3,4) -

How to use our Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

The initial steps to create a Lucky 15 Bet are choosing the four selections and determining your wager's total outlay. If your starting stake per column is €1, the total combined stake will be €15 (i.e., €1 x 15 bets). It’s not so easy to realize the impact of one, two, or three losing selections on your system. However, to save time and make the process simple, use our Lucky 15 Calculator by following the underneath steps.

⏩Add the four selections’ odds.

⏩Enter the “Stake Per Bet” and place the amount of money for each sub-bet separately. Our tool will instantly show you the total value of your system. You can also the “Total Combined Stake” alternative; our tool will equally divide the total outlay into 15 bets. If you want to stake a different amount on the Doubles, Trebles, and the 4-Fold ACCA, select the “Stake per Part” option.

⏩Choose every pick’s status, either “Win,” “Loss,” “Void.”

⏩Select the “Calculate” button and automatically learn your potential earnings and the total profit if you win from one up to four picks.

How to work out a Lucky 15

Risk Management Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectBefore placing a Lucky 15, you should know that all picks affect three of the six Doubles, three of the four Trebles, the 4-Fold ACCA and all the Singles. So, every one of the four selections is essential because they impact the overall profit. Before you use our Lucky 15 Bet Calculator, you should understand how this bet breaks down. By naming your picks “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D,” you can find out all the Combos and Singles that comprise your wager.

15 Bets Selection Combinations
1 4-Fold ABCD
4 Trebles ABC - ABD - ACD - BCD
6 Doubles AB - AC - AD - BC - BD - CD
4 Singles A - B - C - D

What is a Lucky 15 in Horse Racing

This system is popular in Horse Racing and Greyhounds because the fixed odds on favorites are higher than in other sports. Let’s see an example based on four UK horse races on Catterick. We have placed a €15 bet (€1 stake per bet x 15 bets) on Evander to win Race 2 @4.00 odds, Chuvelo to win Race 3 @2.62 odds, Ask Paddy to win Race 4 @3.25 odds, and Gold Runner to win Race 5 @4.50 odds. Dividing the system’s overall parts, you can comprehend what is a Lucky 15 in Horse Racing.

Bets Evander to WIN Race 2 Chuvelo to WIN Race 3 Ask Paddy to WIN Race 4 Gold Runner to WIN Race 5 Outcome
Single 1 4.00       4.00
Single 2   2.62     2.62
Single 3     3.25   3.25
Single 4       4.50 4.50
Double 1 4.00 2.62     10.48
Double 2 4.00   3.25   13
Double 3 4.00     4.50 18
Double 4   2.62 3.25   8.515
Double 5   2.62   4.50 11.79
Double 6     3.25 4.50 14.625
Treble 1 4.00 2.62 3.25   34.06
Treble 2 4.00 2.62   4.50 47.16
Treble 3 4.00   3.25 4.50 58.50
Treble 4   2.62 3.25 4.50 38.3175
4-Fold 4.00 2.62 3.25 4.50 153.27

👉Using our Lucky 15 Calculator, you can determine that your returns will be €422.09 and the total profit €407.09 if all picks are winners. Placing a Lucky 15 on favorites is a profitable strategy, even if only two of your selections are successful. For instance, if only Evander and Gold Runner win, your total earnings would be €26.50. That’s still an €11.50 profit.

What is the All Winner Bonus on a Lucky 15

It’s crucial to understand how this system works in order to enjoy οffers, like the All Winner Bonus, that many online bookmakers provide. Here is where the Lucky 15 differs from other systems. If your bet qualifies for the All Winner Bonus, you can be paid double odds for the win part and get a 10% bonus if all four selections are successful. With the Lucky 15 Calculator, you can cumulate all the additional bonuses. It’s rare, but it’s possible to find an online betting site offering treble odds for the only winning pick, like Betfred, and a 10% of the All Winner Bonus like William Hill and Ladbrokes.

Taking the example above, if your Lucky 15 Bet refers to the full-winning scenario, you can get an extra 10% All Winner Bonus with a €464.30 total return and €449.30 profit. This outcome is €42.21 higher with the Lucky 15 bonus than the initial one. Working out our Lucky 15 Calculator gives you the flexibility to determine your potential profits if only one of your selections is successful with double odds for the winning part. Qualifying for the One Winner Consolation (i.e., bookmakers use to offer double or triple odds for the successful pick), if the only winner is Evander on Race 2 @4.00 odds, you will get a €7 return with €1 stake per column, which means an €8 loss.

Why use our Lucky 15 Calculator

Betting on politicsIt’s undoubtedly one of the most popular system types because it covers all winning possibilities and gives bettors the best chances to profit. Using the Lucky 15 Bet Calculator, you can enjoy two significant benefits. At first, you can automatically cumulate your system’s exact earnings. Secondly, you can determine the probable bonuses’ effect into your wager, even if you qualified from your bookie for the All Winners Bonus or the Οne Winner Consolation with only one winning pick. In every case, the Bet Calculators are helpful tools to add different stakes and odds to adjust your betting strategy and the amount of money you want to pay for a Lucky 15.

You can use this system type on markets for several sports. For example, you can pick four first goalscorers from the English Premier League and combine them into one wager. Having two or more winners can bring you significant returns with a small initial stake. Our Lucky 15 Calculator is an accurate and quick tool that supports you doing all the complicated work to figure out with odds, stakes and your bets’ status in order to offer you a full review of your wager and its value.

Best Bookmakers for Lucky 15 Bets

The list below reveals the leading online bookies that offer bonuses, high odds and a wide range of markets for Lucky 15 Betting.

Q: Why is it profitable to place a Lucky 15 Bet?

This system offers a balance between the safety to bet on Singles and the massive returns that an ACCA can give you. Placing a Lucky 15 Bet eliminates the most common danger for a player to lose the wager because of one unsuccessful pick.

Q: Which online betting sites offer a Lucky 15 bonus?

Some of the most popular bookies provide consolation and all-winning bonuses, like Unibet, William Hill, and Ladbrokes. Betfred (i.e., the inventor of Lucky systems) offers doubled or trebled odds for one successful part of a Lucky 15 to enhance the system’s value with only one winning pick.

Q: Is the All Winner Bonus available for all sports and markets?

The doubled or trebled odds consolation and the 10% or 15% All Winners Bonus are valid only for Horses, Greyhounds and Virtual Races in most bookmakers with bonuses for Luckys 15/31/63.

Q: Is there any limit or particular term to qualify for a Lucky 15 bonus?

Betting on online bookmakers that offer bonuses for this type of system, you will receive this cash bonus without any restriction referring to maximum or minimum stake or payout limits. So, all qualifying Lucky Bets can get these bonuses.

Q: How are the Lucky 15 returns calculated depending on the winning selections?

With one successful pick, only one Single gives a return. If any two of the selections are successful, two of the Singles and one Double cumulate an outcome. With three winning selections, you can get earnings from three Singles, three Doubles, and one Treble. Finally, placing a full-winner Lucky 15, you collect earnings from all sub-bets.

Q: In which sports can you place a 4-Fold System with 15 sub-bets?

You can build your strategy in all sports, but in Horse Racing and Greyhounds, you will undoubtedly find higher odds on favorites. For example, an underdog at 4.00 odds in Football might have the same value as a horse or greyhound with the most winning possibilities in UK/Ireland races in the same fixed odds.

Q: How does an Each Way Lucky 15 work?

This type of wager includes two different Lucky 15 Bets; one of a straight bet based on the selections to win and one for the selections to place. It costs a double stake of a straight Lucky 15; that means a €15 Lucky 15 (i.e., with €1 stake per bet) costs €20 if you turn it into an E/W Lucky.

Q: How a Non-Runner affects a Lucky 15?

If one of your picks in a Lucky 15 Bet is a Non-Runner, your wager remains in action with the other three selections. That means the Single on Non-Runner is void, the Doubles will become Singles, the Trebles become Doubles, and the ACCA will be a Treble.

Q: What are the differences between a Lucky 15 and a Yankee Bet?

The systems’ structure is the same (i.e., six Doubles, four Trebles, one 4-Fold), but a Lucky 15 additionally includes four Singles based on the starting selections (i.e., 15 bets). On the flip side, a Yankee consists of eleven bets.

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