Best NFL Betting Sites for 2019

When it comes to betting online on the NFL, where you choose to bet is just as important as who you choose to bet on. To give you the best chance of winning, you must choose sites that offer the best odds and the most current NFL lines. If you aren’t doing this, you’re simply leaving money on the table. Fortunately, there is a plethora of reputable NFL betting sites that will give you the highest odds and lines. In this article, we aim to provide you with everything you need to bet safely and optimally on the NFL in 2019. We outline the top betting sites, the most common types of bets you can make, the advantages of online betting as well as answering some frequently asked questions.

Top NFL Sportsbooks

Bookmakers Why to Bet Why to Bet Bookmakers Rating    
  • 100% up to €122 welcome bonus
  • Extremely high odds
  • Countless markets
  • 1. 100% up to €122 welcome bonus
  • 2. Extremely high odds
  • 3. Countless markets
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  • 1.000 live matches daily
  • Asian Handicap
  • 50+ sports
  • 1. 1.000 live matches daily
  • 2. Asian Handicap
  • 3. 50+ sports
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  • Experienced bookmaker
  • Abundance of markets
  • Cash out available
  • 1. Experienced bookmaker
  • 2. Abundance of markets
  • 3. Cash out available
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  • Recognizable brand across the globe
  • Huge variety of markets and sports events
  • Many alternative betting selections
  • 1. Recognizable brand across the globe
  • 2. Huge variety of markets and sports events
  • 3. Many alternative betting selections
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  • 100% up to €100 welcome bonus
  • Extremely high odds
  • Mobile app
  • 1. 100% up to €100 welcome bonus
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  • 3. Mobile app
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  • High odds on football
  • Huge variety of betting markets
  • Intriguing welcome bonus
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  • High odds
  • Great for football punters
  • Huge variety of betting selections
  • 1. High odds
  • 2. Great for football punters
  • 3. Huge variety of betting selections
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  • 25+ sports
  • High odds on football
  • Loyalty Bonus for permanent customers
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Mr Play Sports
  • 10.000 pre-match events per month
  • 35+ sports
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  • 150+ betting options
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Award-winning SBTech platform
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How to Pick the Best NFL Betting Sites

Best Value Odds: Pinnacle Sports

When searching for the best NFL betting lines, it’s hard to overlook Pinnacle Sports. Pinnacle have openly claimed that they welcome ‘sharp’ bettors as they allow them to optimise their lines. At Pinnacle, you will typically only pay a 5% vig, meaning that all lines are -105 as opposed to the -110 that you can find at most sportsbooks. This is great from a bettor’s perspective as this 5% difference can turn a losing punter into a profitable punter over time.

In Play Betting: Intertops

NFL bettors typically enjoy some of their strongest edges with in-play betting. As such, it’s vital to ensure that your sportsbook of choice has a strong selection of live odds. Intertops Sports offers exactly this, providing a wide array of NFL spreads and picks markets until the final whistle. If your bet has gotten off to a good start, this represents a fantastic opportunity to double down.

Sign Up Bonus: BetOnline

Taking advantage of sign up bonuses is one of the best ways to get your feet wet with online betting. BetOnline provide one of the best bonuses on the market. They offer a 50% match up to deposits of $1,000, giving you a free $500 to play with. This bonus combined with their NFL lines, makes signing up on BetOnline truly worth it.

Live Streaming: Bet365

Bet365 are notorious for their advanced live streaming options. By having as little as $10 in your account, you’ll be able to watch hundreds of thousands of sporting events across the world every year. Often times, you’ll be able to find a high-quality stream for an event that you won’t be able to find on tv. This is a particularly valuable feature when trying to find the best NFL live betting lines.

What are the common National Football League Bet Types?

Moneyline: Moneyline is one of the most well-known NFL bet lines. This essentially involves betting on a team to win the game straight up. No margin or point spread is necessary and you get paid out as long as the team wins. The best odds for this are typically found on Pinnacle Sports.

Spreads: Betting on the latest NFL spreads is probably the most common football bet type. This involves betting on a team to win by at least a certain number of points. For example, you bet on the 49ers -3.5 This means that you win the bet if they win by 4 or more points but lose the bet if they win by less than 4 or lose the game outright.

Totals: This refers to betting on the total points scored in a game and follows the same format as spread betting. If you bet on over 46 total points, you’ll win the bet if 47 or more points are scored, lose it if 45 points are scored and have your money returned if exactly 46 points are scored.

Futures: This refers to the result of events that will be known at the end of the season. Examples of futures bets include NFL preseason super bowl odds, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Division title, etc. If your chosen players wins the MVP award, you’ll win your bet and so forth. The best odds for these are typically found on BetOnline.

Parlays: This is often referred to as an accumulator, multi or combo bet. Parlays involve betting on multiple events to occur to get a higher payout. This is a commonly seen bet on the Intertops sportsbook. For example, if you bet on the 49ers and Patriots to both win in the same bet, you’ll receive better odds than making both bets individually.

Teasers: A teaser is another form of parlay where you get extra points in exchange for lower individual odds. For example, a 6-point teaser would take the Patriots and 49ers from 7.5-point favourites to only 1.5-point favourites. Pinnacle Sports offer a wide range of NFL teasers each week.

Live Betting: This involves betting on the match after play has already commenced. Instead of only betting before the game, this allows you to watch a bit before making your bets. The Bovada sportsbook offers a very comprehensive selection of live betting markets.

Props: This is a bet on something to occur in the game that is not directly tied to the result. For example, you decide to bet on Aaron Rodgers Over 274.5 yards passing. As long as he goes over this total you will be paid out, regardless if he wins the game or not. This type of bet is very much a strong point of the Bwin sportsbook.

Which are the Pre-Season and Seasonal Lines?

Pre-Season Betting

This is placing a bet on one of the 4 pre-season games that each NFL team plays every year. Preseason odds tend to provide good value for those in the know as there isn’t too much information for the linemakers to go off.

Draft Betting

This involves prop and regular bets on the big NFL draft that occurs every April. For example, betting on how many Quarterbacks will be taken in the first round. NFL Draft odds typically represent immense value for fans of the college game.

Regular Season Betting

This typically involves betting on the regular season wins odds. For example, you bet on the Patriots over 11.5 wins and get paid out if they reach 12 or more. The best odds for this are regularly found on Pinnacle Sports.

Play-Offs Betting

This involves bets on Playoff spreads, over under totals and exotic bets. These bets follow the exact same principles as those on regular season games. Given the focus on each individual playoff game, the odds for these are typically very good.

Superbowl Betting

The Superbowl is the final game of the NFL season. Super bowl odds typically receive some of the most action of the entire year. In addition to the standard point spread and total bets, there will be a wide variety of player props, parlays and live betting markets available.


Las Vegas NFL Betting Lines vs Online NFL Betting Sites

Online betting offers a plethora of advantages over in-person betting. Sportsbooks online tend to offer a much wider range of American Football betting markets than you will find in-person. Similarly, you’ll typically be able to take advantage of better NFL lines when betting online due to the lower costs associated with running an online sportsbook. A lot of online sportsbooks also tend to offer great NFL promotional offers to entice bettors, such as enhanced odds and rewards points. This only strengthens your edge and increases your chances of being profitable.

Betting in Las Vegas also offers its own advantages. As long as you keep your receipt, you won’t run into any issues of receiving your winnings. Similarly, you remain anonymous and don’t have to fill out any personal information. Lastly, most Vegas sportsbooks offer a great environment to bet and enjoy the game with good company.

Best NFL promo offers

Choosing between USA and International sportsbooks

Regardless if you are based in the United States there are hundreds of different sportsbooks that will cater to your NFL betting needs, some of the perfectly optimised for the US market while some others are more football focused. In any case, what truly matter is to pick the cream of the crop of online sports betting.

Betting Sites in the USA

USA flag iconThe best 3 NFL betting sites in the USA would have to be Intertops, Bovada and BetOnline. Intertops is one of the most reputable options on the market, having offered excellent services to customers across the globe since 1998. Bovada offers an unparalleled range of exotic markets, as well as strong in-play betting options that cover all possible outcomes. BetOnline centre their offerings around the NFL and NBA, effectively enticing new users with a 50% deposit match up to $1000.

International American Football Betting Sites

Pinnacle Sports, Bet365 and Bwin are all great options for those looking for the best International NFL betting sites. Pinnacle are renowned for providing the best odds and spreads on the market, also opting to never limit winning players. Bet365 offer an outstanding live streaming service that is free for all active bettors. Moreover, Bwin is an excellent UK sportsbook that offer a comprehensive choice of betting markets and some excellent promotional offers.

Top 3 sportsbooks for American Football


Players Rating: (9 Rates) 6.9


Players Rating: (11 Rates) 6.4


Players Rating: (5 Rates) 8.9

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I bet on the American Football League online?

Yes! Betting on the NFL online is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to do so. This article has outlined several great online bookmakers to get started with.

Q: How do I start placing National Football League bets online?

Simply make an account with an online bookmaker line Pinnacle Sports, Bet 365 or Bovada. Deposit using your credit card or e-wallet and you’ll be able to start betting right away.

Q: How does online sports betting work?

Online sports betting works the same way that it does in person. However, instead of having to cash in your winning ticket, you’ll notice your account balance increase automatically.

Q: What kinds of bets can I place on the National Football League?

You can place all kinds of bets on the NFL. Moneylines, spreads, totals, parlays, teasers, futures and live bets represent just a few of the betting sections available.

Q: Can sports betting be profitable?

Sports betting can definitely be profitable. To maximize your chances of success, you’re best of choosing sportsbooks like Pinnacle and Bwin that offer the best odds.

Q: Will my real cash bets be safe in an online gambling site?

Whilst some online sites are a bit dodgy, your money will be safe with each of the sportsbooks we’ve listed here. They are all reputable companies that have satisfied sports bettors for years.

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