Best NFL Bookmakers 2023

American football is the most popular US sport to bet on, while it has become increasingly famous globally. If you want to chase the highest chance of winning, you should choose the appropriate among the best NFL bookmakers. It would be best to have bookies with competitive odds, markets and extra seasonal bets from the preseason to the Super Bowl. American football is a fascinating sport with many tactics and player roles on the field. So, you must research and find the best players’ bets on quarterbacks and kickers, for example.

When betting on the NFL, you should know that several parameters can affect the outcome; that’s why in-play markets and services like cash out can secure short-term profit and early returns. So, read on to examine how we rate the top American football bookmakers, which ones include special promotions, as well as all the steps you can take to make sure you get the best out of your wagers.

Top 5 NFL Bookmakers

Analyzing the specific factors to help you choose among the best online sportsbooks and locating the appropriate one for your needs, we have outlined the top 5 NFL Bookmakers. Now, you can check them in the underneath list.

Best NFL Bookmakers for seasonal betting

Following our American football guide, you can learn about all the different NFL betting markets. It seems an excellent start if you manage to get good value for your money and enjoy decent odds. When wagering online, the list of the NFL bookmakers you choose to place your bets on is as important as your picks. So, you have plenty of factors to consider where you should place your preseason or Super Bowl bets and your money.

American football bookmakers with high odds

The odds can differ from bookie to bookie, so in order to be sure, you should check two, three, or even four NFL bookmakers before placing a bet. When wagering on American football, you have to deal mainly with 2-way markets; it’s essential to secure the lowest VIG in your NFL odds chasing the highest payouts. For instance, if you bet on the Dallas Cowboys to beat a +7,5 point spread against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you will find a slight difference between the two top online sportsbooks. Placing a €100 bet on 1.86 (-116) odds, you will receive a €186 payout. Meanwhile, you can find the +7,5 handicap on the underdog at 1.93 odds, so with the same €100 stake, your returns could be €193.

All the best NFL betting sites offer decimal, fractional and American odds, presenting you with the favourites’ and underdogs’ lines. It’s helpful to know how all types of NFL odds are displayed, so you can instantly comprehend their meaning by working out your bets with Odds Converter. Notice in the list below the basic prices listing of an American football game and an explanatory summary.

NFL Game Spreads (Odds) Totals (Odds) Moneyline Odds
Dallas Cowboys* +7,5 (-111)** O 51,5 (-111)*** +275****
Tampa Bay Buccaneers* -7,5 (-111)** U 51,5 (-111)*** -357****

*The road team is listed first and the home team second.

**The favourite’s point spread is a negative number, and the underdog’s is positive.

***The game total is always listed as a positive number.

****The negative moneyline refers to the favourite team and the positive odds to the underdog.

NFL betting sites vs. Las Vegas bookies

American football is one of the most popular sports among Las Vegas bettors, and one of the reasons is the competitive lines. There are a few lower-vig NFL bookmakers, amid the land-based ones in Nevada, but the most common value in the industry is the 10% VIG; although, you can find picks with 8% VIG.

In any case, you can typically take advantage of better NFL lines paying a higher juice. In the underneath table, you can check the differences between the spreads and totals in Las Vegas compared with the prices above. Moreover, a detailed analysis of the Las Vegas NFL odds follows.

NFL Game Lines / VIG
Dallas Cowboys 53u / -10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -6 / -10

Using our Odds Payout Calculator, you can check that the -111 odds at -7,5 and 51,5 lines have a 5,21% VIG lower than the Las Vegas markets (i.e., -10% VIG). On the flip side, by betting on Las Vegas odds, you can secure more competitive lines (e.g., as you can see in our example, the respective lines are -6 and 53).

Τop markets on the NFL Bookmakers

High-profile American football betting sites should cover a broad range of markets without compromising on full betting coverage when you compare their variety with major sports like football, basketball, and horse racing. Here are the main markets that the best NFL bookmakers should provide.

Moneyline: That winning market essentially involves betting on a team to win the game straight up. No margin or point spread is necessary, and you get paid out if your team wins.

Spreads: Betting on the NFL spreads involves backing a team to win by at least a certain number of points.

Totals: That refers to betting on the total points scored in a game and follows the same format as spread betting.

Props: This is a bet on something to occur in the game that’s not directly tied to the result. For instance, the coin toss in the Super Bowl or a player’s totals on passing/rushing yards.

Futures: If you place a wager and the outcome will be known at the end of the season, like Super Bowl Winner, MVP of the Year, etc., that’s a future bet in the NFL.

Parlays: Generally, accumulators involve betting on multiple, usually three or more, events to occur to get a higher payout.

Teasers: A teaser is another form of parlay where you get extra points in your lines in exchange for lower individual odds.

American football bookmakers with the best seasonal lines

Most reliable NFL betting sites allow bettors to place wagers from preseason games to Super Bowl. The regular season, the playoffs, and the Grand Final are the central part of a season’s betting action where you build on your NFL betting strategy. Although, bookies who allow preseason and draft betting should be evaluated higher for specific reasons.

Preseason betting: Bookie allows you to bet on each NFL team’s four preseason games. From 2021, preseason includes three training games per franchise due to the expansion of the regular season to 18 weeks. Preseason NFL odds tend to provide higher value, as there isn’t too much early information for the linemakers to go off.

Draft betting: Involves props and bets from main markets on the NFL draft that occurs every April. For example, it’s a trend to bet on how many quarterbacks will be taken in the first round. Of course, the fans and bettors of American college football can find immense value at draft NFL odds because they have a deep knowledge of the participants.

Pro Bowl betting: Pro Bowl is the NFL’s All-Star Game, scheduled every season before the Super Bowl. It’s not a competitive game in nature, often the total score is high, so it’s an exciting opportunity for bettors to find profitable Pro Bowl markets.

Where to get the best NFL betting offers & bonuses

Signing up for one of the several NFL bookmakers is simple, and it will take only a few minutes. However, you should check the welcome bonuses from each online betting site, the terms and conditions, and how you can qualify for some special promotions. There is a broad range of NFL betting offers underneath, as we have outlined them among the best bookies globally. So, you can take advantage of getting these promos from the NFL kickoff game to Super Bowl.

There aren't any available promotions. Check here all Bookmaker Promotions

With several different offers and promotions available, we explain the differentiations below to claim bonuses that suit your needs.

First Deposit Bonus: Most top online NFL betting sites usually give a welcome bonus as a percentage when you make the first deposit. So, you can get a 100% first deposit match up to €200.

Free Bet: Τhat type of bonus refers to the given money from your bookie to wager with. You can’t withdraw it, but you can keep the earnings from a free bet. When you qualify for a risk-free bet bonus, you can receive back the starting stake if your bet becomes a loser.

Βet & Get: This is a reward bonus from your bookie where you place your first bet and get back free bets. For instance, you can place a first £20 bet and get up to £50 in free bets.

No VIG NFL Lines: Τhat special promo for NFL means that lines would be offered at 1.90 (-111) odds, for example, in spreads or totals, were available at 2.00 (+100) odds. So, it’s an excellent chance for bettors to not pay an approximate 10% VIG in that type of bet.

Οdds Boost: A daily promo that enhances the odds of a double bet based on favourites, especially in American football bookmakers. So, if a pair of powerhouses initially pays 1.67 (-150) odds, you can receive a 2.00 (+100) payout with a daily odds booster.

Parlay Insurance: All bookies give bettors the ability to make parlays every week; that’s the reason Parlay Insurance is one of the most common offers. When you place a 4-selection or a 5-selection parlay, having only one loser, you will be credited the starting stake up to a specific limit (e.g., €25) by your chosen NFL betting sites.

Best NFL bookmakers for live betting

In-play betting is a crucial part of the services of NFL betting sites. You can find a full slate of markets where you can place wagers and secure a short-term profit. That involves betting on the game after each drive or play, so you have the time to decide what it’s worth before you go to the betslip. Here is a list of the primary services of the best NFL bookmakers for live betting.

✔️ Fast NFL markets: All the betting sites offer 1st quarter and half-time markets, both pre-match and in-play. Furthermore, you can find props to bet on individual athletes (i.e., total carries, catches, yards, sacks). Although, a top sportsbook for live bettors should provide fast NFL markets where you can secure profit after one drive or play. So, if your bookie offers options like “the next drive will end in a touchdown, field goal, turnover, or punt,” and “the upcoming play will be a pass or a run,” its sportsbook is deemed to be top-rated.

✔️ Statistic cover: Several reputable bookies provide databases for pre-match and in-play bets. For instance, it’s helpful to have on one page the H2H record, the recent teams’ form, the highest season wins, total points, and the average points per game. Moreover, NFL bookmakers need to provide live game stats to help bettors make decisions. That type of stats refers to total rushing and running yards, the number of touchdowns, field goals, sacks, successful drives, and, finally, the possession time.

✔️ Live Streaming: Even prominent bookmakers haven’t NFL on the live streaming menu. It’s rare to access American football live streams on betting sites. Still, some reputable sportsbooks offer a stream for regular-season matches and the Super Bowl final.

Is it worth betting on the NFL?

Sticpay bookspyFor an experienced bettor with deep knowledge of the NFL, the top American football bookmakers can offer many options for profit, both pre-match and in-play. There are several markets to select from, like moneylines, totals and special bets. What’s more, some US bookies provide odds and markets with low VIG, creating chances for a decent profit. On the other hand, international sites offer more promotions, Parlay Insurance, ACCA Boosts, and free bets. In conclusion, even with slightly higher odds, you can secure bigger returns, so you should check at least three online betting sites and their lines before you decide to place an NFL bet.

Q: Do NFL bookmakers offer betting apps for mobile devices?

The most known online betting sites provide betting apps for all popular sports, including American football. So, you can bet from your mobile phone or tablet, both pre-match or in-play.

Q: How do I start placing NFL bets online?

You can make a betting account with an online bookmaker; then, you should deposit, receive a wealthy welcome bonus, and you will be able to start betting right away.

Q: What makes top an NFL betting site?

Every reliable online NFL betting site should provide safety, apps for mobile devices, fast payouts, deposit and withdrawal options, providing a sportsbook with a variety of markets and high odds.

Q: What types of bets can I place on the NFL?

You can place all types of bets on American football, like moneylines, spreads, totals, parlays, teasers, and futures. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a wide variety of in-play markets, like the next team to score and the result of a drive.

Q: What NFL consensus offers to bettors?

Many times what common sense says might be useful in betting. Knowing which teams most bettors back or avoid it’s a measurement that can help you to understand where the majority puts their money.

Q: Why place NFL bets with bookies?

Betting online with NFL bookmakers is legal and protects you, offering you high odds in a broad range of markets, reliable payments, and several withdrawal options.

Q: Which are the main criteria to rate high NFL betting sites?

The offered betting options are a critical parameter, as well as the highest odds, the in-play markets, and the provided bonuses in order to choose one of the best American football betting sites.

Q: What offers and bonuses are available to qualify for NFL bets?

There are plenty of options, for offers and bonuses, in most NFL bookmakers. You can receive a sign-up bonus and a 100% first deposit reward, qualifying for free bets and risk-free first bets. Odds boosters and Parlays Insurances are also standard for NFL bettors.

Q: Which are the most reliable resources for news, injuries, etc., before placing NFL bets?

The quality of information that bettors should receive before wagering on the NFL is crucial because absences (e.g., injuries or bans) can influence the games. is an official resource where you can find all you need to know about each week’s fixtures.

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