2023 Pro Bowl Betting Tips

The current NFL Pro Bowl is scheduled for Sunday, February 5th, 2023. Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the Raiders’ domed home ground, will host the NFL's All-Star Game for the second consecutive time, an appetizer for Super Bowl 57. This year’s contest includes skills competitions and three non-contact flag football games between the American and National Conferences.

Betting on the NFL Pro Bowl is growing in popularity yearly; still, you should consider specific parameters before placing your bets. First, this is just an exhibition game, which makes the athletes' motivation unpredictable. Our experts have carefully studied the match history, advanced stats and the latest news before deciding on the top Pro Bowl betting tips. Reading Bookmakers.bet guides, you will be ready for the kickoff and predict the 2023 winner.

Pro Bowl Betting for American Football Markets

BMB_American Football QuarterbackBefore you start your Pro Bowl betting activity, you should check the new format for the 2023 event in our betting guides. There will be three flag football games and three skills competitions between AFC and NFC. The winning Conference of each contest earns three points in eight skills competitions.

The team that wins the first two non-contact flag football games will earn six points. So, the points from the eight events plus the first two 7-on-7 games will be added together. The cumulation will create the score at the beginning of the third flag game. The final contest of these events will declare the final winner of the Pro Bowl between American and National Conferences.

Bookies to Bet on the NFL Pro Bowl

BMB_Best IconIn the list below, you can find the biggest online bookmakers to place bets on the highest odds in the most popular American football markets. We have also checked which sites offer the most secondary options for your Pro Bowl betting.

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2023 Pro Bowl Bets for the AFC

BMB_American Football BallEx-quarterback Peyton Manning will lead the American Conference team as head coach. Theoretically, Manning could have three phenomenal QBs for selection, but all three main options will not be in the Pro Bowl; a fact that makes a huge impact in our American football betting predictions.

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes will compete for the Super Bowl, Bills’ Josh Allen is injured, and Bengals’ Joe Burrow is an excused absence. So, replacements Tyler Huntley (Ravens), Trevor Lawrence (Jaguars), and Derek Carr (Raiders) will be in charge. Travis Kelce (TE, Chiefs) is also a Super Bowl contender.

Still, AFC provides exceptional power in the place of the wide receiver, having Tyreek Hill (Dolphins), Davante Adams (Raiders), and Ja’Marr Chase (Bengals) available. Our experts believe in their Pro Bowl predictions that the mix of speed and strength skills can bring points in the flag football games and the previous contests.

Best Pro Bowl Betting Tips for the NFC

BMB_American Football QBElli Manning, the younger brother of Payton Manning, is the National Conference head coach for the NFL All-Star Game you can find in our sports betting events calendar. Undoubtedly, if you include in your Pro Bowl picks bets backing the NFC, you must consider that they have only one replacement in the quarterback position.

Jalen Hurts (Eagles) will compete for the Super Bowl LVII, with Jared Goff (Lions) replacing him. On the flip side, the main selections Geno Smith (Seahawks) and Kirk Cousins (Vikings), will be available. A.J. Brown (Eagles) is a Super Bowl contender also, and here’s one key point against the NFC.

The wide receivers line consists of Justin Jefferson (Vikings), CeeDee Lamp (Cowboys), Terry McLaurin (Commanders), and Amon-Ra St. Brown (Lions) seem a one-step down selection compared to the AFC.

Pro Bowl Predictions for the Skills Competitions

BMB_American Football PlayerOne of the main events of the Pro Bowl is the skills competitions, held on Thursday and Sunday, February 2nd and 5th. The contest includes eight events and features quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, and defensive backs. The new format for the Pro Bowl has a cumulative scoring system going to the flag football games.

The winning Conference of each contest earns three points, with 24 total points available across the eight skill races. Also, there are 12 available points from the first two FFGs. So, to make Pro Bowl predictions and place bets for the showdown, you should first explore the event’s main NFL betting markets.

Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: Dodgeball is a team sport played between AFC and NFC in the Pro Bowl edition. Four teams consist of five players with the goal of throwing balls and hitting opponents. There’s a best-of-three series where the team with the last person on the field wins.

Lightning Round: Each Conference will select 16 players to compete in a three-part challenge. That will have only one player left at the end to earn three points for his team.

Longest Drive: Four players from AFC and NFC will compete in a race to drive a golf ball the longest distance off a tee. Each athlete will get three swings to win three points for his team.

Precision Passing: A one-minute accuracy competition between AFC and NFC three quarterbacks; both teams try to hit a higher number of targets. The QB with the highest individual score is the 3-point winner for his Conference.

Βest Catch: Online fan voters and a panel of celebrity judges evaluate that best-catch competition. Two wide receivers from each Conference compete against each other to make the best score of catches; this skill content lasts two days.

Gridiron Gauntlet: The competition highlights the NFL’s fastest player among wide receivers, running backs, and defensive backs. AFC and NFC must field a six-man skilled team from each Conference to participate in the 40-yard sprint to see who finishes first and earns three points.

Kick Tac Toe: A contest for kicks and punters with a goal for each team to complete a connecting line of three squares or hit five squares to win.

Move The Chains: Two five-person teams from each Conference are responsible for fast pulling a wall with heavy weights, using first-down chains. The best-of-three playoff winner will take the three points.

Non-contact Flag Football Games: 7-man teams from AFC and NFC face off in three games on a 50-yard field with 10-yard end zones in two 10-minute quarters and a 25-second play clock. The touchdowns give six points, and the one-point and two-point conversions exist after TDs. Returned conversion attempts and safeties are worth two points.

Is Pro Bowl betting profitable?

BMB_Book SpyPro Bowl between AFC and NFC is a controversial contest among American football fans about the game’s meaning and utility. The NFL tries to improve the events' structure and consensus yearly. Indeed, there are several reasons the NFL Pro Bowl is the most meaningless All-Star contest in all US sports. Remember, it’s the only All-Star Game scheduled after the regular season and before the final game of each season.

Moreover, the Super Bowl athletes are not eligible to compete since they are preparing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy race. The only motivation for bettors is to find high odds on some, maybe, wrong lines on totals and spreads. An advanced NFL bettor aims to make money throughout the regular season, the postseason, and Super Bowl betting tips.

In conclusion, Pro Bowl betting isn’t so attractive because of the controversial format and limited markets; our advice is to keep your bankroll healthy for the Super Bowl. Be thrifty and patient if you follow our Pro Bowl betting tips. That’s why we only suggest small, fun bets.

Full List of the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl Bookmakers

You can explore the underneath list and choose the top NFL betting sites with the broadest range of markets and the most valuable odds. Now, you can qualify for risk-free bets, welcome bonuses, and other Pro Bowl betting offers to place your wagers on the top bookies for the NFL.

Q: What are the most popular props for Pro Bowl betting?

The offered markets for prop bets are similar to those involved with the Super Bowl. So, every bettor can wager on the Pro Bowl MVP, individual athlete stat totals, the duration of the US National Anthem, the coin toss, and plenty of others.

Q: Which are the main Pro Bowl betting tips for the 2023 edition?

The 2023 Pro Bowl will run under a new formation, so it’s pretty unpredictable. You can bet on some American and National Conferences props, examining their characteristics to predict how many points can earn.

Q: Is Pro Bowl available for draw betting?

Unlike preseason, regular season, and playoff games, the NFL All-Star Game isn’t allowed to end in a tie. Despite the different point system for the 2023 edition, AFC or NFC will win the contest between them in the regular time or possibly overtime (where whoever scores first wins) of the third flag game.

Q: Did the Pro Bowl ever mean anything?

With the biggest season game, the Super Bowl, right around the corner, Pro Bowl gets a lower rating among American football fans and bettors. The best athletes are competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, so they aren’t available. Furthermore, the rules are subject to change yearly, making the game worse.

Q: Why is the Pro Bowl not tackling?

NFL decides on a gentler approach for the Pro Bowl event, substituting the All-Star with a series of skills events and flag football games. Professional athletes don’t want to risk injuries after a heavy season, so Pro Bowl is transforming into more of an exhibition game without tackles, hits, and blocks.

Q: Why was Pro Bowl moved from the last weekend of January?

In the 2021 season, the NFL expanded the regular season from 16 weeks to 17. That’s why the Pro Bowl event was moved from the last January to February’s first weekend.

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