Betting on high odds

    betting on high odds high-odds bettingPlacing bets on high odds is one of the most misunderstood ways of betting. Not only due to the strange betting mentality, but also by their effectiveness. The vast majority of punters believe that high odds betting should be done occasionally and not followed in the long-term. That’s mainly because in these bets luck plays a bigger role than other bets. Professional betting has little to do with luck, in fact punters try to avoid relying on lucky bets, so they rarely choose high odds. In addition, many believe that winning a high-odd bet is a matter of instinct more than analysis or vast knowledge.

    The first difficulty you will face is defining the term “high odds”. There’s no accurate figure, above which specific odds are considered high. It depends on every punter’s style of betting. Some of them, believe that odds like 3.50 seem extremely high, but others tend to bet on 10.00 or higher. Betting on draws (usually odds over 3.00) is not considered high-risk by the majority of punters, but when you’re used to betting on low odds, even this risk becomes a bit too much.

    A reasonable compromise: It’s more common to lose than win

    Being a winner when betting on high odds is not easy. The key word here is durability: keeping a positive attitude is as important, as maintaining the same bankroll management strategy and having a decent winning percentage.

    If you decide to go on high odds, you have to make a big compromise with yourself: The majority of your betting days, will be losing ones. That’s just the way it is. You cannot win every day on 10.00 or even 5.00 odds, but you could still augment your profit in the long term once your winning bets overtake your losing ones.

    Are higher odds better?

    You’ve got a great advantage on this: It’s much easier to detect value on big odds, as the difference between “fair” and “value” odds can sometimes be huge. Disagreeing with the bookie on whether a home win should be offered at 1.90 or 1.95 has obviously less value than expecting an outsider odds at 4.00 and finding them at 5.50. Why does this happen? Because the majority of punters don’t bet this way and usually back the favorite’s odds instead. Even if they disagree, bookies are obliged to lower the favorite’s odds because of the big money on them, so the outsider’s odds are usually higher than a normal estimation.

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    Two starting points

    Picking high odds should see you undergo the same procedure as picking low odds: Analyzing the actual chances compared to the odds offered. The basic incentive to place a high odds bet has to have two starting points: The outsider’s capability to control play, create chances and win and the favorite’s expected bad performance for a couple of reasons.

    5 Tips to win big with football high odds

    • betting on high oddsSome geography is needed. Pick local derbies or “traditional” ties from the past, especially in cup matches. There are many underlying hate stories between teams from the same city or area, which give an extra motivation to the underdog. If they’re playing at home, the crowd will also get into the match atmosphere. Bookies usually don’t pay much attention to cup matches where the quality difference plays a smaller part.
    • Go against “compulsory motivation”. If you have a last week’s match between two similar-level teams and one of them desperately needs to win, the odds would be adapted to those from the beginning. It’s better to give the outsider a chance for a big odds soccer prediction, especially in leagues like England or Scotland, where the team’s prestige is above anything else.
    • If an underdog is fluent at scoring goals, they have increased chances of getting a good result. Check their last away matches against high-level opposition. Did they lose, win or secured a draw? How many goals did they score? Their defeats were heavy or narrow? Check also the favorite’s latest news. If a regular starter striker is absent, that’s a big plus for you.
    • Check out all the managerial changes, even in underdog teams. The mentality change could be a key factor, but also there could be some changes in player’s role or general tactics, which could be very difficult to be detected from the favorite’s coach in such a short period of time.
    • You should also go against series of consecutive wins. A team which is considered absolute favorites and they’ve built a winning series is easily surprised by a determined underdog, especially after a European match that is considered more important by the players.

    In any case, you should insist on the same style of play for a long time, regardless of the results. For this reason, all your bets should be in such a figure that they make maintaining your bankroll comfortable enough. Don’t even try to place bets at stakes more than 2% of your total bankroll, or else you’re in danger of losing your entire capital.

    Be patient, disciplined and sharp-eyed. If you’re betting live, the cash out service could be an important tool for you, as you can secure your profits without having to wait for the final whistle.

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