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Argentina World Cup Odds 2022

When you think about Argentina and the World Cup, Maradona’s past triumphs immediately come to mind. The 2022 edition seems like Messi’s last chance to claim the esteemed trophy. In terms of betting, the Argentina world cup odds place them as a second favorite behind Brazil. The national team prevailed in the 2021 Copa America and held a 35-game unbeaten run.

Here, we will look if the Argentina odds to win the world cup are worth it, alongside all the notable alternatives such as group winner or the round of elimination. Can past performances and current form help you make informed decisions? Of course, looking at the best world cup bookies is the best place to start.

Argentina Odds to Win the World Cup

BMB_Money_ProfitIt is no surprise that they are one of the biggest favorites of the tournament so far. Currently, the odds on Argentina to win the World Cup stand at 6.50 (11/2). This means that if you back them with a €/£10 wager and they win, you will receive €/£65. At first sight, the price on them appears just. The team looks like a well-oiled machine with an excellent collective spirit. Lionel Scaloni, who took over after the unimpressive run in the 2018 WC, has managed to reform the team.

They perform well on the pitch, which was quite obvious at the ‘Finalissima’ in June, where they thrashed Italy 3-0. However, when making our World Cup betting predictions, we look way past the current form. We believe that the Argentina odds in the World Cup are a bit short. Not because of the roster or the coaching staff but mainly due to their potential path to the final.

Who will Argentina need to overcome

BMB_Football_BallThe complexity and uniqueness of the 2022 tournament make World Cup betting difficult in its own regard. If you are looking to back Argentina to win the trophy, it’s better to evaluate all the potential matchups until the final. These can be broken down into two ways; Argentina winning the group and qualifying as second.

Win Group C:

If Argentina wins Group C, they will face the team that placed second in Group D (France, Denmark, Australia, Tunisia) in the round of 16. Assuming the French prevail, they are most likely set with a clash against Denmark, one of the dark horses of the tournament. Once this obstacle is cleared, a battle vs. the Netherlands will await them in the Quarter Finals.

If they overcome the Oranje, it will be interesting to see what the odds on Argentina to win the World Cup will look like in the Semi-Finals. That is because, if all go according to plan, the Argentinians will come across arch-rivals Brazil. Then, a final against France, Portugal, Germany, or England could be on the cards.

Qualify as Second:

If Argentina comes second in Group C, a very challenging first match against France is the one with the highest probability. However, if they win, the path seems, on paper, a little bit easier compared to the one they will face if they win the Group. Instead of the Netherlands and Brazil, they will probably battle against England and Portugal in the Quarter and Semi-Finals, respectively.

Of course, there are no easy matches in the World Cup, so it’s best for Argentina to focus on winning all matches without trying to ‘pick’ opponents. What’s interesting about this path is that we could see one of the most anticipated finals in history. Is an encounter between Argentina and Brazil possible? Follow our World Cup Final predictions for more information.

Alternative Argentina Odds for the World Cup

Our tips are not limited to the World Cup winner predictions. Most online bookmakers will offer a wide range of options you can choose from instead of backing the team to win the trophy. Among the most valuable Argentina World Cup odds, you can find markets around the group, alongside players' specials such as the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball.

Number 1Group Winner: This is one of the first outright bets to be settled throughout the tournament. If you are unsure about backing Argentina to win the WC altogether, you can bet on them to straight-up win Group C. At this moment, this market pays at 1.40 (2/5).

Number 2Qualify from the Group: An even safer wager than Argentina to win the Group is for them to qualify, either first or second. However, the odds are 1.08 (1/13), which is way too low to be worth your while. Even if you bet €/£1,000, you will only have a profit of €/£80.

Number 3Golden Boot Odds: Argentina has some of the best strikers in the world. If you think they will make it far, it is reasonable to assume they will score quite a few goals. You can bet on one of their players to win the Golden Boot award. Lionel Messi pays at 13.00 (12/1) odds, while Lautaro Martinez, the main striker, at 26.00 (25/1). In addition, you can always bet on the top scorer for each team. Naturally, the Argentina World Cup odds will be considerably lower for each.

Number 4Golden Ball Odds: Let’s not kid ourselves. If Argentina wins the tournament, Messi will win the best player award. This is not even up for debate. He might also win it if they only reach the final, as in the 2014 World Cup. In any case, the odds of Messi winning the Golden Ball are 9.00 (8/1). He is the number 1 favorite in that category.

Number 5 iconRound of Elimination: If you feel Argentina has way too hard of a path to reach the final and win, you can always bet on the round that they will be eliminated. The first option is the group stage which pays at 8.00 (7/1) odds. Not only is that highly unlikely, but also the price is laughable. On the other hand, being eliminated at the Quarter or Semi-Finals pays at 3.40 (12/5) and 4.33 (10/3), respectively.

Previous World Cup places

Score iconFor some players, previous performances at the World Cup indicate how far a team can go. Even though we do not share this mindset, before betting on the Argentina odds to win the World Cup, you can always check how well they did in past tournaments. Below, you can find all the relevant information.

Year Host Elimination Round
2018 Russia Round of 16
2014 Brazil Finalists
2010 South Africa Quarter-finals
2006 Germany Quarter-finals
2002 Japan/South Korea Group Stage
1998 France Quarter-finals
1994 USA Round of 16
1990 Italy 2nd Place
1986 Mexico Champions
1982 Spain 2nd Group Stage
1978 Argentina Champions
1974 West Germany 2nd Group Stage
1970 Mexico Did Not Qualify

Are the Argentina World Cup Odds worth the trouble 

BMB_TrophyAs you can see, bookmakers have evolved. Once, you could only bet on a team to win the competition. Now, you can find various Argentina odds on the World Cup. The team is currently the second favorite to lift the trophy. However, we believe that the price is way too short to back. You will need very high stakes to make some decent profit. Nonetheless, there a quite a few worthy alternatives to choose from. Below, you can find a complete list of our top-rated online bookmakers with high odds, hundreds of markets, as well as the best World Cup betting offers.

Q: What are the odds of Argentina winning the World Cup?

When it comes to the latest Argentina World Cup odds, the team is currently the second favorite at 6.50, behind Brazil. Other top competitors include England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Q: What are the most popular markets?

Antepost markets such as Argentina to reach the semi-finals and final are among the most popular. Regarding players' specials, you can bet on the player to win the Golden Ball, Golden Boot, or Golden Glove, among others.

Q: Will Argentina win the group?

The Argentinian national team is currently in Group C alongside Mexico, Poland and Saudi Arabia. They are the hard favorite to top the group at 1.40 odds. Alternatively, you can bet on the team to be qualified at 1.083 odds or to get eliminated @8.00.

Q: Which is the potential path to the final?

Argentina will most likely finish first in group C and play the runner-up of Group D, most likely Denmark. After that, the Netherlands will be waiting in the Quarter Finals, while arch-nemesis Brazil will be the last obstacle before the final.

Q: Are the Argentina World Cup Odds worth it?

The latest Argentina World Cup odds feature the team in the second most likely position for winning the World Cup, with odds at 6.50. Although the odds are not that high, since it is a favorite, you can find alternative wagers, such as reaching the finals and semi-finals. Those markets come at lower odds but higher probability.

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