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Premier League Predictions 2024

Betting in the Premier League is a standard for players from all over the world. World-class footballers make up for great clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United. At first, it might seem easy to bet on such clubs since there are under close monitoring from pundits. But the EPL is also famous for the regular upsets every matchday. And this is precisely where top Premier League Predictions for the 2023/24 season come into play.

Premier League predictions for today


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Premier League Betting Predictions Today

ΒΜΒ_England circle flagOur expert team analyzes each matchday and every factor that might influence the outcome of the matches. The latest form, club strength, history, incentive, and injuries are all considered when we offer you our EPL Betting Tips. We also look into special bets like the final table predictions, derbies, and correct scores. Stay tuned as you are about to increase your winning chances in the Premier League rapidly.

After a thorough evaluation process, we come up with our weekly Premier League betting tips. We post our predictions on Saturdays and Sundays a while before kick-off and cover a wide range of markets like 1X2, Over/Under, BTTS, and Card & Corner bets.

English Premier League predictions for Saturday

BMB_Date_Time_IconTraditionally the Premier League is related to Saturdays. The bulk of the matchday is held on that day, with six to eight matches taking place on that particular day. Most derbies, like the Manchester, Merseyside and North London ones, are also held on Saturdays at 17:30 local time. For early birds, there will be a match at 12:30 available for betting. We release our Saturday Premier League predictions on Saturday morning or late Friday, and we update them if necessary before the game starts.

Sunday EPL predictions

BMB_Date_Time_IconEvery week two to four matches are held on Sunday. We will post our Sunday Premier League predictions early on the same day or on Saturday around 22:00 CET. Again, if there is an update before the kick-off, we will let you know asap. Starting hours for Sunday matches are 14:00 and 16:30 (UK time).

Best Premier League Betting Tips

BMB_New BookmakersWe aim to review every factor that plays a part in our Premier League betting tips based on our years of experience. Starting from the table position, we move on to the latest displays and forms, finishing with historical facts about the opponents. Moreover, we look into absences due to injuries or accumulated cards and any case that might upset the atmosphere in the dressing room. 

EPL Betting Tips from our experts

BMB_Money_ProfitWe pride ourselves in walking the walk as our EPL team has been on both sides of the fence, i.e., players and tipsters. Hence we know how to separate the wheat from the chaff to provide the most cutting-edge betting predictions. Only high-valued selections will be up for grabs, so no favorites at 1.20 prices. Furthermore, you will find a variety of markets from the best UK bookmakers beyond the traditional 1X2. Asian Handicaps, Cards & Corners and Player Specials can hide real gems and boost your bankroll significantly.

Criteria for our EPL tips

BMB_ListThe starting point for all Premier League predictions is the club’s strength. Manchester City and Liverpool will always be favorites against Bournemouth and Fulham, but these are prominent examples. When you want to bet on a match between clubs that appear on equal terms, at least on paper, you have to look more deeply. So, we go to the second point, which is the latest form.

A good run in the last few games is likely to continue as the morale is high. On the other hand, a lousy streak could mean trouble for the upcoming match, even if there is a small gap in the strength of the opponents. That factor could also affect an individual player, especially the star of the team. If Erling Haaland or Marcus Rashford have been scoring many goals lately, they could keep up this form and help the team win some more matches.

Before releasing our Premier League predictions today, we also look for footballers missing due to an injury or a red card in the previous game. Such issues can hamper a club’s progress because key players are difficult to replace, and such absences can turn the betting odds upside down. Another issue that many punters pay attention to is the history between the two rivals.

If, in the last decade, for example, one team has been dominating the other, that also has a psychological impact and should be considered in all Premier League betting tips. Lastly, we always notice the incentive of a club before a game. That applies mainly to the late stages of the season, where some teams fight for a European spot, and Premier League relegation betting increases its popularity among bettors. If the other club is waiting for the season to end with no goal in sight, it could be a good idea to bet against it.

Winning with our EPL Betting Tips

BMB_BankrollClassic markets like match-winner and over/under are still staples in every bettor’s sleeve; however, there is so much more in knowledgeable EPL betting tips. Therefore, we include Premier League final table predictions, tips for derbies and correct scores. Moreover, we analyze what to notice at the beginning of each season betting-wise. The same principles apply to the whole EPL tour.

Premier League predictions week 1

BMB_Number_OneOne of the most anticipated sports events of the year is the kick-off of the Premier League. Scheduled for early August, it is the first chance to place your wager in this massive competition. But first, you should be aware of a couple of things. Transfers are the No. 1 issue here, as the previous seasons showed.

High-calibre players like Declan Rice, Kai Havertz, Alexis Mac Allister and Mason Mount changed shirts and will be part of title-challenging clubs. Still, a caveat for Premier League predictions here is that the transfer window closes on the 31st of August, a few weeks after the kick-off. So, in the summer games, the roster of a team might not be complete.

The level of fitness also comes into question for the EPL betting tips before the first match. Many managers deliberately choose to hold back a little bit to push more after a few games. On the same note, the team chemistry might suffer initially, especially if a new manager is in charge or many new players are in. Until they get used to each other, results may not be satisfactory. Finally, note that the opening game could be highly susceptible to upsets due to the above reasons. That translates to an underdog beating a favorite, which can also hide a betting opportunity.

Latest Premier League final table predictions

BMB_StatsThe structure of the EPL allows for a variety of final table predictions. Next Champion, Premier League Top 4 betting and Top Goalscorer are some of the most popular markets. Firstly, let’s take an overview of the competition. There are 20 teams pitted against each other in 38 matchdays. The first four qualify for the Champions League of the next season, while the fifth one and the winner of the FA Cup qualify for the Europa League. For the Europa Conference League, the EFL Cup winner qualifies for the playoff phase. In terms of relegation, the bottom three teams will go down to the Championship.

Looking into the process of coming up with English Premier League predictions for the final standings, last season’s performance is the chief principle. In the last few years, the Big-6 dominate the EPL. Aside from the top positions, the current roster plays a massive role in the club’s chances of finishing high. Any changes in the ownership or the managerial position can also positively or negatively affect the club, and we also assess them in our Premier League tips and predictions.

Premier League Top Derbies

BMB_Versus_IconOne of the highlights of the 2023/24 season will be the derbies among the Top-6 teams of the EPL. Clubs that dominate English and European football will clash against each other, and some hefty profits can occur for the insightful bettor. The Manchester derby between City and United has become the most heated rivalry since City became a title challenger. The Red Devils enjoyed total dominance over the Citizens, but Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure changed that tide. According to Premier League betting sites, Manchester City will once more start this campaign as a favorite over United, but it has to prove it on the pitch.

The Merseyside derby is another classic rivalry in English football. Liverpool and Everton have been facing each other since 1962 in the longest-running top-flight derby. The Reds have won most matches throughout history, and the trend is likely to continue. Jurgen Klopp’s team is expected to challenge for the title again and to do so, it has to beat the local rivals.

Last but not least, there is the North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham which attracts several Premier League betting sponsors. While the Gunners have the lion’s share in wins, they are in a relative decline in the last few years, allowing the Spurs to bounce back. Hence, our Premier League predictions today will give a head-on advantage to the latter.

Trends on Premier League correct score predictions

BMB_Correct Score IconPlacing a bet on the number of goals scored goes back to the beginning of online betting. With world-class forwards like Erling Haaland, Mohamed Salah, and Darwin Nunez leading quality lineups, the Premier League correct score predictions in the EPL have become increasingly profitable. Clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United are known for their attacking mentality and dominant style of play. That can result in many goals being scored, especially if the opponent’s defence is not on the solid side. The English Premier League saw 2.75 goals per game scored last two seasons, with teams scoring less on the lower side of the table.

In the last five years, the most frequent scoreline has been 1-0, followed by 2-1. In the third place, we have 1-1 and 2-0 on equal frequency. Because the EPL is known that a weak team can challenge a title favorite, we have seen powerhouses opting to play more reserved just to be sure. Another good Premier League betting tip is to watch in which minute most goals are scored. In the last two seasons, that was after the 75th minute in 25% of the matches. The less frequent timeline was the first 15 minutes, where a club scored only a goal in a 15% of the games.

Where to bet on the EPL

BMB_Best IconOur recommended bookies for the Premier League offer the best odds and a freebet bonus to wager on our tips and predictions with unparalleled reliability. Check them out, as they will give you the most bang for your back return in your betting activity.

Q: What kind of predictions can I get at

We offer many predictions and tips from 1X2 and Over/Under to Player Specials and Asian handicaps. We are firm believers in diversity, so we look for opportunities beyond traditional choices.

Q: When do you upload your tips?

Usually, that happens on Saturday and Sunday morning when we have accumulated all the needed info for the matchday. Because some bettors want to combine matches from Saturday and Sunday, we ensure to include selections from both days. However, if there is a significant update like an injury, we will review our tips if necessary.

Q: Can I bet on outright markets in the Premier League 2023/24?

Sure, as they are some of the most popular bets available. Our tips give critical advice on markets like Next Champion, Top 4 teams and Top Goalscorer. Make sure that you place them as early as possible because once the Premier League begins, the odds will go up or down, based on the club’s or footballer’s performance.

Q: What is your process for finding the best betting tips?

For starters, we evaluate the club’s current roster. A team with high-calibre players like Manchester City or Chelsea will be a frontrunner. Then, we look into the latest form, particularly in the last five games, a good benchmark. Finally, we notice any missing players from injuries or cards. Once we compile all of these factors, we come up with our tips and predictions.

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