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NHL Predictions Today

Betting on ice hockey, you can find plenty of pre-match and in-play daily markets. Our NHL predictions aren’t limited to moneylines, puck lines, and totals. Every day, we examine all the advanced stats for each game for goaltenders and skaters to find valuable props. Our tipsters measure the home-ice advantage, building and evaluating models based on all available data to help you find the best way for profits.

NHL predictions for today


  • We collect the highest prices straight from all reliable and leading bookmakers. Then, we deliver average market odds next to each released pick.
  • We don’t provide odds feed now, but we plan to add it to our services in the near future.
  • The bookmakers presenting next to the odds doesn’t mean that they offer these prices. As we have ranked them, they are our recommended online betting sites; you can find valuable promos before placing your bets just with one click.
  • We post the status for all daily betting tips (won, lost, void).

Best NHL Betting Tips

BMB_Ice Hockey PuckThe NHL regular season consists of 1,312 games after the addition of the Seattle Kraken as an expansion team from 2021/22. Each franchise plays 82 regular-season games, while the postseason includes four rounds, including the Stanley Cup Finals.

All playoff phases are based on the best-of-seven format with a 105-games upper potential limit. Ice hockey is the fastest sport worldwide, even topping football, basketball, baseball and the NFL.

Every day, we explore all the factors to be as accurate as possible in our betting predictions for today. Key parameters include the starting goaltenders and all the available statistic lines, such as the expected goals against and the save percentage on unblocked shots.

From September’s preseason to the Stanley Cup Finals, we analyze in-depth every factor that can influence the games before posting NHL predictions on all ice hockey primary markets.

When do we Publish our NHL Bet Tips

BMB_Date_Time_IconThere are numerous betting opportunities on ice hockey daily. Most NHL bookmakers release hundreds of future odds, from which team will win the Presidents’ Trophy and the Stanley Cup to who will receive the Vezina (i.e., for the best goaltender) and the Art Ross Trophy (i.e., for the most scoring points at the end of the regular season).

After being informed by our trusted sources of all the latest injury news and the consensus factor, we release our NHL bet tips by 11:00 a.m. (CET) following the schedule. You have to know that we are monitoring the odds movement 24/7; that’s why we are driving you to all the top sportsbooks with the best odds for all the available ice hockey markets.

How to Make NHL Betting Predictions Tonight

BMB_Calculate_ProfitsPreseason betting includes six to eight preparation games for each franchise. These exhibition contests allow coaches to evaluate their teams’ defensive and offensive skills. New goaltenders try to secure a roster spot in that period, so we keep that in mind for our NHL predictions on totals. Here is our main advice.

Goaltending factor: The goalie is one of the six players in each team. The ultimate target is to push back the rubber puck from the opposite side. Goaltenders and their ratings are among the most critical parameters determining an ice hockey game’s outcome.

The main stats for ice hockey, like the shots saved percentage and the number of goals against, are straightforwardly threaded together with the goalies.

Power play & kill rates: In most cases, teams that perform high percentages on the power play and kill success rate are going deep every season. So, our NHL picks are based on those parameters. We analyze each team’s scoring ratio when playing under 5 vs. 4 conditions.

Also, our tipsters keep a well-informed stats archive for franchises that aren’t conceding a high number of goals under 4 vs 5 play.

Value on underdogs: We bolster underdogs for specific reasons for moneylines and puck lines markets. Our stats archive shows that approximately 20% of North American ice hockey winners refer to underdog teams. Moreover, the two previous seasons demonstrated a near 60% success against the puck line bets.

The main +1,5 line on the underdogs it’s a good deal for us. That’s the reason even our NHL All-Star Game predictions are based on certain types of wagers.

NHL Betting Tips for the Postseason & Stanley Cup Finals

BMB_TrophyWhen it comes to ice hockey, the Stanley Cup Finals are the mother of all battles. The path is challenging for teams that secure a postseason ticket, which is directly reflected in betting. Here is the main list of factors we consider when we offer you our NHL betting tips.

Ηome-Ice Advantage

BMB_FavouriteSeveral ice hockey analysts insist that betting on home teams it’s not a promising pattern. They justify it by counting the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons, where the home-ice advantage had vanished due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Until March 2021, the home teams’ winning percentage was approximately 53% which is too low. After the virus restrictions, the NHL returned to normality in the following seasons, so the home-ice advantage is a factor we always examine for our Stanley Cup betting predictions.

Injury & Suspensions News

BMB_Ice Hockey PlayerInjuries and probable suspensions are undoubtedly crucial criteria that our tipsters check when posting NHL betting picks. They take advice from a complete stats profiling system for all-star and secondary skaters. For instance, it’s a great absence if Tampa Bay’s starting goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy can’t play.

Having a career percentage of 91,9% save on unblocked shots, he’s an influencing player for the Lightning. Εqually, a probable Jack Eichel’s absence can cause massive damage to the reigning Champions Vegas. The Golden Knights’ centre played 67 regular season games for the 2022/23 season with 66 points total (i.e., 27 goals, 39 assists).

Key Statistics

BMB_Profits_GraphWe evaluate every player by examining personalizing stats data for skaters, such as ice time in minutes, expected goals and assists, and face-off win percentage. Also, regulation, overtime, and shootout wins for teams, and their power play and kill stats are essential for ice hockey betting.

Our tipsters bolster their NHL betting tips on introductory and advanced statistics, seeking value odds on teams’ and players’ totals and props.

What do we Explore before Posting Hockey Betting Tips

BMB_Betting TipsOne of our main principles is to make a difference in the industry, releasing picks with higher value. Our tipsters only post high-valued NHL predictions without backing favourites at 1.50 (-200) odds or lower. We constantly check, among others, the H2H history and the current form, but understandably, we have to go one step further.

Models for Teams

BMB_Handicap_LineComparing the NHL with other elite leagues in American sports, it’s easy to comprehend that ice hockey hasn’t received much attention from sports and betting analysts. It’s somewhat surprising, given that the sport is popular in the USA and Canada.

That’s why we have developed models for teams and players based on the available data, from stats to live match commentaries for ice hockey specialists. That wealth of information is a major driver for our NHL predictions.

Our model for teams has been built to variable stats referring to ice hockey teams. We examine the total number of goals scored in the previous season and the respective number against goals. Moreover, we evaluate the power play and kill success rate, the goal scored/shots taken, and the goals conceded/shots saved relation.

After the shots’ and saves’ percentage analysis, we look deeper into three critical stats; the conference standings, the possession ratio on ice, and the 5 vs 5 goals for/against without counting the power play scoring stats.

Players Attribute

BMB_Ice Hockey SkaterSeveral players’ awards in the NHL give extra motivation to star and secondary players to upgrade their status in the league. That affects their personal stats and their teams’ winning ratio. When the regular season starts, we pay immense attention to all the top contenders for the prominent NHL awards, such as Conn Smyth, James Norris, and Vezina trophies.

Respectively, we try to predict the Stanley Cup Finals MVP, the best goaltender, and the top defender of an ice hockey season. The Art Ross and Maurice Richard trophies drive us to monitor the skaters who have the skills to achieve the most scoring points (i.e., goals & assists) at the end of the regular season and the most goals. Following that pattern, we release a number of daily props amid the other NHL predictions.

How to Make NHL Picks for Overtime & Shootout Winners

BMB_Power IconGenerally, the statistical cover of ice hockey games is helpful for our analysis to find winning picks for the regular season and the playoffs. The most experienced bettors can comprehend that even minor details can determine the outcome in the NHL.

A power-play goal or a goalie’s save is enough, especially for matches that go to overtime or penalty shootouts. Here is a list of the main parameters we explore when making NHL picks for overtime and shootout winners.

Win Probabilities

BMB_Percentage_GenericIce hockey permits ties, so it’s a sport that needs a unique approach for predicting winners in the regulation, overtime, or shoutouts. Reading numbers can’t give you the absolute truth in all cases. It would be best if you understood over a season’s course that a franchise with a positive goal difference only tends to win more than it loses.

For instance, let’s say that Montreal wins half of the games with a 5-0 score and loses the other half 3-2. The Canadiens will have a positive goal difference, but finally, they will be a team with a 50% winning record.

The win probabilities aren’t determined only by the offered implied odds or teams’ stats. It’s a more complex process that includes all the factors we have mentioned above. Moreover, our tipsters use their empirical perspective to release successful NHL predictions for winners.

Corsi Metric

BMB_LegalCorsi, it’s one of the most advanced possession-based metrics we use to evaluate if a favourite has a real chance to win as the odds say. That metric gives a picture of possession in an ice hockey game, showing if the team you back can control the game or not, at even strength play (5 vs 5).

Making their NHL betting picks, our experts choose the teams with a Corsi For Percentage (CF) above 50% in addition to expected goals and scoring chances statistics. Moreover, they examine the Fenwick metric (i.e., it’s the same with Corsi, but it doesn’t count the blocked shots) and the high-danger scoring chances.

Goaltending on 5 vs 5

BMB_GoaltenderAs we have mentioned above, the goaltending factor it’s critical for predicting ice hockey games. Most bettors admit that’s a key fact of moneyline and puck line wagers. The most straightforward way to compare goalies is to find how many games they played, the goals against statistics and the save percentage on shots on goal.

We focus on analyzing goaltenders, taking a piece of information from our sources in order to know each team’s goalie rotation. Thus, we go one step further by following the 5 vs 5 SV% stat.

It’s the save percentage a goalie has when teams play at even strength. Power play conditions have a beforehand difficult approach for goalies, so measuring their SV% on 5 vs 5 seems more fair and reliable before posting NHL bet tips.

ΝHL Betting Picks for Totals & Puck Lines

BMB_Markets GenericBetting on total goals and puck lines is an introductory session of our ice hockey strategy. Checking what public opinion says (i.e., the consensus factor) and the top rivalries, as the most close-scoring games, are two of the main criteria we track before posting NHL predictions.

The goaltending element, home-ice advantage, and post-game analysis of the previous contests are included in our process also. Furthermore, you should know that our picks are based on the latest odds and lines because we monitor the closing line value as a critical factor.

If the starting +1,5 puck line and the Over/Under 5,5 goals line show differentiations in the odds before a game starts, it’s something that always needs further scanning.

Where to bet on the NHL season

BMB_Best IconIn the list below, you can check and track the top ice hockey bookmakers with the most extensive range of ice hockey markets and the best odds for the regular season and the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Q: When can you find our NHL predictions?

From preseason exhibition games to Stanley Cup Finals, our tipsters post NHL predictions on a daily basis for all the important matchups and rivalries, hunting the highest odds in all ice hockey available markets.

Q: How do we release our ice hockey picks?

Before posting NHL betting tips on moneylines, totals, and puck lines, we examine all the parameters that influence ice hockey games. Some of them are the goaltenders’ stats, the home-ice advantage, the consensus factor, and the injury reports.

Q: Which are the main NHL markets?

Betting on total goals and puck lines are the most popular options among bettors besides the moneyline. You can also find various picks on props for teams, goaltenders, and skaters.

Q: Should you follow specific prediction models to find NHL betting picks?

We avoid trusting model picks based on computer systems because they are influenced by stats and numbers alone. The human factor counts other crucial elements, such as consensus, odds movements, and injury news, valuable when making NHL picks.

Q: Are the betting trends a reliable source to follow?

NHL betting trends and some interesting statistics for each matchup can be helpful for predictions. These trends give us some ideas, but they don’t determine our tips. For instance, when teams are 0/10 or 1/10 (0% or 10%) in moneyline bets, there’s no reason to back them before finding sharp form.

Q: Which team will win the NHL Presidents’ Trophy for the 2023/24 season?

Betting on the Presidents’ Trophy winners means finding the franchise with the best record during the NHL regular season. For 2023/24, there’s no heavyweight favourite on the futures market; Carolina Hurricanes and Colorado Avalanche pay +600 (7.00) odds to collect the most points before the postseason.

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