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How to Bet on Football and Win

When you decide to start betting on football, you probably wonder which is the easiest bet to win. On, you can find all the needed guides about main and secondary football markets. The next step to upgrading your expertise and making money is to use betting strategies for football that work.

It seems easy because most people have a basic knowledge of the rules. The nature of the sport attracts large audiences, so it’s pretty simple to get started and make a profit. We have released detailed betting guides on how to bet on football and win, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player.

Football Betting Markets

Football Betting Markets Go To Football Betting Markets Guide

If you want to be successful in football betting, you should have a very good understanding of the markets. What can allow you to find value and easy bets in football? How can you find the optimal football markets? Before you start betting online, you should understand how to bet on football. Our football betting guides below show you the way to make money. Read and discover how to analyze matches, teams, and players. Then, bet on the most likely outcomes to make a profit.

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Football Betting Strategies

Football Betting Strategies Go To Football Betting Strategies Guide

If you bet randomly on football, check this out. We don’t aim to affect your style or influence another pattern. Football betting strategies can essentially impact those who have adopted football betting to make money. The goal is to lead you to have long-term success, building a profitable plan. We have created an overview of the most popular pieces of advice. On our guides, you can learn more about how to bet on each football market, from 1X2, totals, and handicaps to corners, cards, and special betting.

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Best Way to Bet on Football

BMB_TrophyBetting on soccer might be a risky decision, and you may sometimes face losses. However, it’s up to you to increase your winning chances by constantly researching before you place a bet and controlling your emotions at the same time. Making easy and simple bets is a strategy that can minimize the risk.

You can keep a record of your bets, evaluating the football markets you have the best winning ratio. Additionally, you can try to exploit the options at your disposal, searching for the highest odds among the best bookmakers for football and observing the price movements. The first step of learning how to bet on football and win is profoundly understanding the most straightforward bets you can place.

1X2 bets: The match result market always appears at the top of the betting options as the most popular choice. Our guides help you find an advantage on WDW bets, analyzing all the main parameters you should evaluate to predict winners; current form, individual players and teams stats, and injury/ban reports are only some of them.

Totals: To have alternatives in soccer betting is vital for your win ratio, so totals give a profitable option. Betting on Over/Under is a 2-way market with, theoretically, 50:50 winning chances. The guides we have released for totals on goals, corners, cards, offsides and more are based on the stats’ impact on the totals’ market. Reading the related articles, you will learn to choose the best lines and find value in over/under options.

Handicapping: European and Asian handicaps help make more versatile predictions about what will happen in a football game. Our guides aim to teach you how to bet on football and win with handicaps, indicating specific factors you should always analyze:

  • 1
    Get informed about the teams, players, and coaches as much as you can
  • 2
    Watch football games and read their reports
  • 3
    Keep stats based on how often favourites cover the handicap or not

How to Make a Football Bet

Whenever you decide to bet on football online, you must check where you will place your money. First, you should create an online betting account with bookies that provide secure and standard payment methods. Then, check the odds and the variety of markets to maximize your chances of winning. Our guides have been built on main principles that every player should follow.

Use your Football Knowledge

BMB_Number_One A well-informed bettor has more chances to win. Before you bet on soccer, follow the teams’ and players’ news. Choose your domestic league to find reliable info from the local media. Stats and betting trends, news reports, and the motivation of each team can lead you to the right decision. Then, try to reduce the risk. Undoubtedly, you can bet on underdogs to go after big wins, but it’s not wise to regularly back teams that frequently lose. Before you wager on football, it’s helpful to check our betting predictions for today.

Understand Football Odds

BMB_Number_TwoThe odds in football determine how much you will receive if your bet wins. Let’s say, for instance, that you back Southampton to beat Newcastle at 2.00 (1/1) odds. Southampton odds represent the number you can multiply by the stake to calculate your earnings. If you place a €10 bet and win, your total returns will be €20. Check different bookmakers before adding the selection into the betslip and find the best prices before you bet on football.

Learn the Main Markets

BMB_Number_ThreeFootball differs from other sports like basketball or baseball because the match result market also contains the draw option. In general, 3-way bets are more challenging since they have three potential outcomes. If you want to integrate how to bet on football and win, you must thoroughly search the WDW or Over/Under markets. Several players can find excellent value in secondary and special options such as Corners, Cards, Player Props, etc.

Which are the Easiest Football Bets to Win

There are no secrets to daily wins when wondering about how to bet on sports. Firstly, you should check what bets have the most successful possibilities. That’s why our experts have done deep research for all available markets with the main goal to find the easiest football bets to win. Here is the list of three types of bets that every player should learn to use.

Draw No Bet

BMB_Football BallThe DNB market means higher winning chances because, in case of a draw, your money is safe, and you can refund the stake of your bet. You can also choose the Asian handicap line 0.0, which means the same. The target is to remove the draw option from your bet even if you wager on lower odds or hunt underdogs.

It’s an excellent alternative for elite leagues, like the English Premier League, where a high percentage of games end in a draw. Betting on football DNBs, you have to face two probable outcomes and bolster your bankroll if you keep a winning ratio.

Double Chance

BMB_Football BallThe question “How to bet on football with low risk?” has a clear answer. DC bets cover two of the possible three outcomes (i.e., 1X - X2 - 12) with only one remaining. The guides we have released for Double Chances analyze what happens when a home or visitor team wins or draws and how DCs secure returns when a football match has a winner.

Riskier bets always get higher odds from bookies, so you will have lower earnings from a Double Chance win. However, that type can be a part of your strategy when you don’t want to take high risks.

Both Teams To Score

BMB_Football BallFootball is a low-scoring sport compared to basketball, so you can find decent odds to bet on markets related to the total score. BTTS option requires each team to score at least once during the 90 minutes; it’s a profitable 2-way alternative to betting on totals that has no connection to the final result.

Our guides present the main parameters determining the winning ratio you can have when betting on BTTS, like teams’ or players’ goal record and their ability to score. It’s critical to choose teams that score early and look at their form and H2H results against each opponent.

By learning how to bet on football with the BTTS, you will realize that several games with even odds are offered, attracting bettors to bet on the specific market.

Tips to Win Football Bets

Even if you are an experienced football bettor, you may face a lousy run due to bad luck or unsuccessful decisions. The most important in betting is to win regularly, follow a well-built plan, avoiding random wagering, which is harmful to your investment. We have gathered our best tips to win football bets, and we present the relative list in order to create a quick path to success.

  • 1
    Do your research: Make a shortlist based on what you should check before placing your bet on football. Besides stats, current form, and injury reports, some crucial factors can determine the outcome, like home-field advantage, weather conditions, and motivation.
  • 2
    Control your emotions: It’s an unbreakable law in betting to avoid wagering athletes or teams we like and support. Being a Cristiano Ronaldo fan is not a reason to back Manchester United the whole season. Control your emotions and don’t bet on your favourite team; bettors jeopardize their investment when breaking that fundamental rule.
  • 3
    Match your bet: Choose the bookie with the best odds on the football game you want to bet on and check the free bet offer. You can place a wager using a free bet and lay it off to a betting exchange in order to guarantee a profit. More experienced bettors follow that tip permanently, covering their bets. No matter how low it is, recognizing a profit is crucial in the long term.
  • 4
    Keep an archive: The log of your bets must include a detailed analysis of what and how much you bet in a specific period of time (e.g., a week or a month). It will help you to evaluate which football market offers you more wins or, on the contrary, push you to lose money constantly.

Which is the Best Football League to bet on

Bettors prefer to invest their money in the world’s most competitive football leagues, like the Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, etc. However, that’s not enough because it doesn’t secure success. This is why our Sports Betting Calendar contains a more diverse range of competitions. 

The main requirement for seasonal soccer betting is the available options for the elite European leagues during the off-season. We divide the sport’s activity into four individual categories, presenting you with how to bet on football every day of the year.

⏩ Elite leagues: Top tiers of England, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany are widespread across the globe, so their betting volume is exceptionally high. We have released unique guides for these leagues while also producing Champions League betting predictions daily. 

⏩ World Cup/Continental tournaments: Betting on national football teams are quite different from league betting. The major tournaments and their qualification processes are on specific periods, four or five times each year, not weekly. World Cup and the Continental tournaments, like Euro, Africa Nations Cup, and Copa America, offer popular options and plenty of outrights for bettors who prefer future bets.

⏩ Domestic leagues: The main advantage of the domestic leagues, besides the elite ones like the Italian Serie A, and the German Bundesliga, is that their games are more predictable for resident bettors. They can quickly learn and evaluate the team news, even if the league doesn’t belong to the best of the world. Resident bettors can also have some inside information about their motivation, financial situation and other background factors, which are valuable in football betting.

⏩ Lower divisions: Betting on lower leagues requires more deliberate steps. News research is demanding, especially in getting updates on injuries and lineups. The media and TV coverage don’t help if you want, for example, to bet on the Second Division of Greece or Turkey, so placing bets as close to the matchday seems good advice.

How to bet on Football and Win using Free Bets

Free iconWhen you start betting on football, you need good research among bookies to enjoy the best free bet bonuses, ACCAs Insurance, and money-back offers. After all, the question of 'how to bet without money' is popular among punters who want to keep their bankroll healthy. 

All you need to do is click the claim button and redeem your free bets before placing a football bet. Most football bettors search for that type of promotion when they open a new account and before elite tournaments like World Cup. So, read our guidelines and secure the best bonuses for soccer betting.

grey arrow icon Matched free bets: Bookie offers you a free bet equal to your initial deposit. Check the minimum odds and the rollover before placing your football wager.

grey arrow icon No deposit-free bets: You can get free bets frequently without depositing any money if you have an existing betting account. The free bet amount can be €/£5 or €/£10, available for your domestic league, for instance, or an elite tournament like the UEFA Champions League.

grey arrow icon Reload bonuses: If you fulfil specific criteria, such as placing a certain number of bets, you can qualify for a free bet, especially before or after a major football event.

grey arrow icon Risk-free bets: If you face a lousy run, the risk-free bets can keep your bankroll. In that case, bookies credit the stake of your bet back if it becomes a loser.

Is Football Betting Profitable?

BMB_Book SpyBettors who follow all the layout steps can make cash from football betting. One of the more complicated things is to make correct predictions. Do your research, taking into account any absences, past results, head coach changes or any tiny bit of info you can get your hands on, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

A guaranteed way of losing your money is betting based on instinct and leaving everything to chance. Choose the most competitive odds and evaluate public betting when betting on soccer. The majority may not always be right, but it can offer important insights. If you witness any rapid odds movements, try to identify what may have caused them.

If you follow these steps and keep an archive with every pick and your stake, odds and profits or losses, you will build a steady background as a bettor. Last but not least, learn all the leading and secondary markets by advising our guides; have patience, and you will see a higher winning ratio in the forthcoming bets.

Q: Which are the most popular markets for football betting?

Plenty of others besides the main markets can be profitable, such as moneylines and totals. The DNB is one of them, removing the draw from the probable outcomes. Football bettors can also place Asian or European handicap bets and players’ specials like first or anytime goalscorer.

Q: How to bet on soccer leagues and major tournaments?

Τhe elite tournaments, like the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, tend to show comfortable predictability, especially for full-time results and totals betting. Try to find the favourite-friendly leagues, like the Scottish Premier League, where top teams provide a high confirmation win rate. Also, there are domestic leagues, such as Balkan and African championships, where the home-field advantage is crucial.

Q: How to become a successful football bettor?

The best advice on how to bet on football and win is that detailed research boosts your winning chances. Besides the odds value, you should check advanced stats for the events you bet, like the Over/Under’s frequency, the matches’ history, and where you can find leagues or tournaments with a high-draw percentage to secure better prices on draws.

Q: Where can I find the best football odds?

Several bookmakers offer high odds and low commissions on their platforms for soccer bettors. So, multi-accounting is a safe way to secure the perfect mix by placing football bets on the broadest range of markets. Moreover, if you research the leading bookmakers, you can qualify for valuable promos.

Q: How to predict football matches correctly?

You can increase the winning chances by following specific rules, even with small stakes. Don't mix up winners with first goalscorer bets, in-play matches with pre-match results or extremely high odds, and relatively easier picks. It would help if you focused on finding valuable odds without getting greedy, placing big accumulators.

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