Best Nobel Peace Prize Odds 2023

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most distinguished and honourable awards a person or organization can receive. Winners of the past have contributed to the friendly relationships between nations or assisted in defusing a dangerous situation. Historic personalities like Martin Luther King, Willy Brandt, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela have all been laureates. The Norwegian Nobel Committee will announce the winner on October 8, 2023, while the award ceremony is in December in Oslo. And in such a prestigious award, Nobel Peace Prize Odds can hide huge opportunities for the astute player.

So, what is important to notice at a bookmaker in a non-sports event? The Nobel Peace Prize betting tips and promotions are essential factors for your decision as they will dictate your winnings. The candidates amount to 329, and the prices among them fluctuate from favorites to underdogs. The benefits can be enormous if you have a good hunch, especially if you combine it with a good bonus. We aim to provide you with the latest and most insightful tips to help boost your bankroll and beat the bookie.

Nobel Peace Prize Top Betting Tips

BMB_New BookmakersBetting on the Nobel Peace Prize might look challenging initially, especially considering that the list of candidates is not disclosed. If you are used to sports betting, putting your money on someone that might not even run looks risky. But the principles are not that different. First, let’s look at the subjects that dominated world affairs last year.

The coronavirus pandemic was the primary concern for every country in the world. Hence, the World Health Organization, which managed the battle against it, can only emerge as the favorite. Then, it’s climate change. Greta Thunberg has become the trademark figure of protesting against it. Our Nobel Peace Prize betting tips rank her highly because of that. Overall, the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 will likely follow the era’s trend, so it would be wise to bet accordingly.

Bookmakers to Bet on the Nobel Peace Prize

BMB_ListAs an event that falls under the entertainment category, the Nobel Peace Prize does not have a universal representation in bookmakers. We have shortlisted the best sportsbooks that accept wagers for the Nobel laureate and excel in Nobel Peace Prize odds and reliability.

Nobel Peace Prize 2023 Key Info

Winner announcement: October 8 

Award Ceremony: December 10

Venue: Atrium of the University of Oslo Faculty of Law, Oslo, Norway

Number of candidates: 329

Reward: 9 million SEK

Since the first Nobel Peace Prize was awarded back in 1901, the pool and the status of the candidates have grown significantly. In 2023, 234 individuals and 95 organizations were shortlisted by the Committee. As per tradition, the complete list is not disclosed until 50 years have passed, so we can only make an educated guess about the most likely winners. 

The World Health Organization has the shortest Nobel Peace Prize odds due to the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Greta Thunberg comes second for the awareness she raised about climate change. Alex Navalny, a dissident of the Russian government, and Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, are also among the favorites. In the underdogs, we can see the 45th President of the USA, Donald Trump, Pope Francis and Julian Assange from WikiLeaks.

Top Nobel Peace Prize Odds & Markets

BMB_TrophyThe outright winner is the market you will come across in our Nobel Peace Prize Betting Sites. The nature of the event does not allow for live betting or special bets, so our options are somewhat limited. However, due to the vast number of candidates, we can make various estimations based on the Nobel Peace Prize odds and, using a little mix and match, we can come up with some seriously profitable tips, as you can also find for Tony Awards betting.

Nobel Peace Prize betting odds for the Favorites

BMB_FavouriteThe fact that the list of the candidates is not revealed until 50 years have passed can make it quite challenging to predict the winner. Individual candidates may disclose nominations, which can happen by the Norwegian media, so the first opening is there. Moreover, there are several leaks from the Internet by members of the parliament or academics, which helps us shortlist the Nobel Peace Prize betting odds for the winner in 2023.

World Health Organization

The WHO managed the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and despite some shortcomings, it helped deliver more than 5 billion vaccine doses by September 2021. The agency aims to distribute vaccines equally to every country globally, regardless of economic status and hopes to end the pandemic by 2023. Bookies rank the WHO as the heavy favorite for winning the prize.

✔️ WHO ⏩ To win the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 @2.75.

Greta Thunberg 

The 18-year-old climate activist from Sweden rose to prominence in 2018, protesting against man-made climate change. Over time, she spread awareness for the issue by giving speeches and touring the world. She has already received numerous awards, like Time Person of the Year and has been a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize since 2019. According to the Nobel Peace Prize betting odds, Thunberg ranks second.

✔️ Greta Thunberg ⏩ To win the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 @4.00.

Alexei Navalny 

The Russian politician, an opponent of Vladimir Putin, known for protesting against the government, was poisoned in August 2020. After treatment in Berlin, he returned to Russia, where he was arrested and is currently in prison. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 might help his release; hence there is a strong movement towards this nomination. The bookies rank him third in prices.

✔️ Alexei Navalny ⏩ To win the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 @4.50.

Jacinda Ardern

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has become a trend in world politics after becoming the youngest female head of government in 2017. The handling of the coronavirus outbreak was praised by leaders worldwide as New Zealand had one of the lowest infection and death rates in the world. The modern model of governance Ardern supports has gained popularity in other countries, too. As a result of those factors, she is the fifth favorite of our Nobel Peace Prize bookmakers.

✔️ Jacinda Ardern ⏩ To win the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 @7.50.

Nobel Peace Prize Betting on Underdogs

BMB_Underdog IconThe mystery that surrounds the nominations adds to the element of surprise. Since the information coming out is minimal, an upset could be very well on the menu. And if you combine that with the high Nobel Peace Prize odds bookies offer, you could be on the road to some hefty winnings.

Donald Trump

The former President of the United States might seem like an outsider, but still has loyal followers and influences decision-making. Since he negotiated the withdrawal of the US forces in Afghanistan, he might want to take credit for that since it happened (albeit with a different administration and in a somewhat chaotic way). Trump still possesses significant clout, and he might upset the pundits once more.

✔️ Donald Trump ⏩ To win the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 @21.00.

Pope Francis

The head of the Catholic church is a regular nominee due to his position and involvement in global affairs. With initiatives to fight poverty and tensions in conflict zones, Pope Francis has become a figure of unity. The Nobel Peace Prize betting odds in his name might seem high, but there is a good chance that they return some excellent profits.

✔️ Pope Francis ⏩ To win the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 @34.00.

Julian Assange 

The Australian activist and founder of WikiLeaks became famous for leaking official documents regarding war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2012 he was granted asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, UK, until April 2019, when the British police raided the embassy and arrested him. Assange is imprisoned in Belmarsh, and a possible Nobel Peace Prize 2023 win could secure his release.

✔️ Julian Assange ⏩ To win the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 @34.00.

Bookmakers Nobel Peace Prize Promotions 

BMB_Money_ProfitIn a one-off event, like the Nobel Peace Prize, bookmakers tend to offer Enhanced Nobel Peace Prize Odds for particular candidates. In other words, sportsbooks can boost the price for a nominee so you can win more without risking more of your bankroll. While our Nobel Peace Prize betting tips point to favorites like the WHO or Thunberg are unlikely to get a boost, that can happen for underdogs.

So, keep an eye out for the prices of Trump or Assange, as they could climb even higher. You can qualify for respective value offers when you start sports personality of the year betting.

Which sites offer the highest Nobel Peace Prize Betting Odds

BMB_Best IconHigh odds are probably the main factor in joining a bookie, as they can boost your winnings instantly. Hence, we list the sportsbooks with the best Nobel Peace Prize Odds, which also score high overall and are backed by players' ratings.

Q: Which bookmakers have the best Nobel Peace Prize betting odds?

Our shortlisted bookies excel in odds, offering the top prices of the competition. However, if you want just a few quick recommendations, you can’t go wrong with Betfair, Unibet and Bwin.

Q: Who is the favorite to win the Nobel Peace Prize 2022?

The World Health Organization emerges as the frontrunner in all bookmakers. Due to managing Covid-19, it has gained a lot of attention, and it appears as the most likely winner. Greta Thunberg is the second favorite, as she raised awareness on climate change.

Q: Can I bet on Donald Trump to win the Nobel Peace Prize 2022?

You most certainly can, as he is among the candidates in sportsbooks. Despite losing the election, Trump still makes it to the headlines, and he might pull another surprise in the Nobel prizes.

Q: Is Jacinda Ardern a frontrunner for winning the Nobel Peace Prize 2022?

The PM of New Zealand has become popular worldwide for the fresh ideas she brought on politics. Many other politicians have tried to follow her example and that is one of the reasons she is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. While she is not among the top-3 favorites, she has a good chance and if you believe in her, she can return big profits.

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