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What is Set Betting in Tennis

Betting on the winner of tennis matches often doesn’t come with the most appealing odds. So, if you are looking for an alternative that delivers greater prices, set betting is the one for you. What is set betting in tennis? We will outline exactly how this market works, including all the alternatives, such as First Set Winner and Total Sets. What elements should you consider to have a successful tennis set betting strategy? Let’s find out.

Most Common Markets for Set Betting in Τennis

Tennis ball iconWhether singles or doubles, tennis betting events will generally be played in best-of-3 or 5 formats. This means that the first player/duo to win two or three sets respectively will be declared the winner. At Grand Slams, including the Wimbledon and the US Open, men’s matches are played over the best of 5 sets, while women battle in best of 3 set encounters.

When it comes to tennis set betting, a variety of options are available. The first set winner is the most commonly found. However, the first sets and correct scores are among the other markets to consider. For example:

⏩ Felix Auger Aliassime to win the first set against Casper Ruud @1.44 (4/9).

Εach option in the sport comes with different odds based on the players involved. Heavy favorites tend to offer meager prices compared to an evenly balanced match. Below, we list the most common tennis betting markets surrounding sets, which include both pre-match and live alternatives.

Sets Handicap

Most commonly found with men’s Grand Slam matches, it is possible to place set bets and necessary to follow our tennis handicap betting section. For example, backing Novak Djokovic to beat Vasek Pospisil in the first round of the French Open will not come with particularly appealing odds. However, betting on the Serb to win with a -1.5 set deficit will yield greater potential returns. This means that Djokovic must win by 2 clear sets, either 3-0 or 3-1.

Set Winner

Perhaps the simplest method of set betting is to back the player you think will win a specific set. First set winner of the most common market. However, in-play bets can also be placed on the current set's winner.

Correct Score

Depending on whether it is a best of 3 or best of 5 matches, at least three possible outcomes are available. For example, you could back Emma Raducanu to beat Caroline Garcia 2-1. If the game ends with any other result, your bet will lose.

Correct Number of Sets

Do you want to enhance your knowledge by learning on how to bet on tennis over under? You can bet on total sets by predicting the correct number of sets. Again, the number of options will be determined by whether it is a best of 3 or 5 match. With a best of 5 sets tennis match, you can be on there being 3, 4 or 5 sets played.

Correct Score Of Each Set

If you are looking for a greater return on your investment, you can bet on the correct score of a set during a tennis match. Seven different options are available for each player, 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 7-5 and 7-6.

Player to Break Serve

Betting on which player will break serve first is a market that is taken advantage of by many punters. Meanwhile, with some bookies, you can select in which set the first break of serve will take place.

Set Lead After X Games

It is also possible to bet which player will be winning the set after a specific number of games. For example, Rafa Nadal to be leading the first set against Marin Cilic after 4 games.

Where should I bet on sets

BMB_Research IconWhen developing a tennis set betting strategy, deciding which bookie is best for you is vital. Some are better based on their odds, number of events and markets, promotions and additional features. Meanwhile, an increasing number of sites also offer live streaming. Below are our best bookmakers for tennis.

How to Build a Winning Tennis Set Betting Strategy

BMB_BankrollThere are several factors to consider before placing any wagers. You have many daily markets to choose from, both pre-match and in-play. In particular, with live options, tennis is extremely fast-paced. Therefore, you must strike at the right time. However, placing too much emphasis on locating value rather than winners can be easy. Any tennis set betting strategy must take the following points into account.

Head to Head

BMB_Versus IconLooking at past results between upcoming opponents is one of the most important statistics when placing set bets. For example, a player may consistently lose the opening set against a rival before coming back to win.

Alternative markets

BMB_Markets GenericRemember that not all markets offer the same value. So, understanding the playing styles of those involved will benefit your strategy. For example, if a big server is against a player known for their poor returns, the first-to-break serve market may be worth taking advantage of.

Current Form

BMB_FavouriteForm and confidence can play a significant role in tennis. Players can often go on long winning streaks, as well as losing in the first round of tournaments weeks in a row. As a result, players low in confidence will often start matches slowly. A player may enter a contest with an injury, meaning they are not in the best physical condition to compete in closely fought sets.

Warm-up events

BMB_Location_IconAhead of Grand Slams and other leading tournaments, players will play in other competitions, hoping to be in the best possible position to win. However, players often use warm-up events to test new strategies and techniques. As a result, it is usually best to focus on Grand Slams, where players will be 100% focused on winning. Read, for example, our article about Wimbledon bookmakers and understand their greater motivation for victory based on the prize money and status at stake. At less high-profile events, upsets are more common.

Knowing the rules

BMB_ListThere is nothing worse than losing a bet because you were unaware of particular tennis betting rules. This is the case with both set betting rules and bookmaker rules. Rules differ between bookies, so ensure that you read the small print before confirming any bet.

Dropping a set

BMB_StatsDropping a set can occur due to several factors. If the no.5 seed at the US Open has gone two sets up and appears to be cruising, a loss of concentration could lead to them dropping the third set. Meanwhile, if the world number 150 is drawn against the no.1 seed at Wimbledon, they may win the first set by being more aggressive than usual, especially if the favourite is nervous.

Don’t Follow Emotions

BMB_DangerIf you are a keen tennis fan, it is crucial not to let emotion get involved when betting on tennis sets. Use your head rather than your heart. Look at available sets markets and their odds before deciding on up-to-date statistics, including form, H2H, and tournament wins.

Which Bookmakers Offer Set Betting Options

BMB_Best IconIf you are looking for alternatives for how to bet on tennis and win from around the world, set markets are well worth considering. While riskier than simple match-winner markets, set-betting often brings greater returns. However, before you start, choosing a bookmaker that scores well in this area is essential. The best bookies will enhance your chances of winning through their odds, promotions and features. Below are our recommended bookies for set betting in tennis.

Q: How many sets are in tennis matches?

The number of sets in a tennis match will depend on the tournament. For example, men’s Grand Slam matches are played in a best-of-5-set format. Meanwhile, most games from the women’s tour are the best of 3 sets.

Q: Is set betting in tennis available live?

Yes. The majority of set betting markets are available both pre-match and in-play. Bets can be placed on the winner of the current set as well as the next οone. Correct score is another market open on live betting pages.

Q: What are total sets in tennis?

Total sets involve betting on the exact number played during a tennis match. For example, if you think Nick Kyrgios will win in straight sets against Taylor Fritz at the Australian Open, 3 will be the number to bet on.

Q: Is set spread tennis betting the same as handicap betting?

No. Spread betting involves wagering on whether a specific outcome will occur. However, handicap bets use a surplus or deficit surrounding the players involved.

Q: How does tennis betting work sets vs. games?

Tennis bets can be placed on each set, game and point. While games can take less than two minutes to complete, sets take significantly longer if a player fires down four aces.

Q: What is straight-sets winner in tennis betting?

In tennis betting, a straight-sets win occurs when one player wins each set during a match. For example, 2-0 or 3-0. Straight sets wins are expected, especially when there is a significant difference in ranking between the players involved.

Q: What is +1.5 sets in tennis betting?

When placing a +1.5 set bet, you effectively bet on the player to win using a surplus. A surplus is given to the underdog at the beginning of the match.

Q: What does to win a set mean?

Professional tennis matches are made up of more than one set. The winner of a set is the first player to reach six games while being two clear of their opponent. In the event of going 6-6, a tie-break takes place.

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