Premier League Betting Partners 2022/23

With a new football season underway, the sight of Premier League betting partners on shirts will once again be prevalent. In the past few years, the partnership between clubs and companies of this kind has become a phenomenon. With the likes of West Ham and Everton being shown around the world weekly, so will the Betway and Stake logos that adorn their shirts.

The partnerships that have been established in the past couple of years are something of a win-win situation for both parties. The clubs receive plenty of revenue, allowing them to buy new players and the companies get a huge amount of exposure. With this in mind, we will now look at the betting sites sponsoring football teams. Before all of this, though, here is our list of recommended EPL bookmakers.

How many Premier League clubs are sponsored by betting companies?

Which daily bets can I place  2Although the sight of betting companies sponsoring football clubs is rather prevalent these days, it is not the only industry in the Premier League. With industries such as financial services and motoring also part of the Premier League’s commercial power, some clubs have decided not to have a betting company adorn the front of their shirts. To get a full overview of the current Premier League clubs and their sponsors, here is a full table below.

EPL Team Shirt Sponsor (Chest) Years
Bornemouth Dafabet 2022-2024
Everton 2022-Not Reported
Fulham W88 2022-2023
Leeds United SBOTOP 2022-Not Reported
Newcastle United FUN88 2020-Not Reported
Southampton 2021-2024
West Ham United Betway 2019-2025

Premier League betting sponsors: Key points

Should I stop betting For those who watch the best of English football each week, Premier League betting sponsors are quite a regular sight, as it allows brands to receive huge amounts of exposure. The exposure can be found on sponsorship logos on either club shirts or sleeves and in the shape of advertising banners around the stadium perimeter. In addition to this, adverts can be placed on television before and during the game itself.

Besides that, Premier League clubs sponsored by betting companies also allow the partners plenty of content for their social media channels. It usually comes in the shape of authorised footage (photo or video), which can then be used as promotional material. In addition, the fact that the Premier League has such a huge worldwide audience means that any main sponsor will be given a massive platform to show their brand. Therefore, bookies can command a huge return on their investment.

While such is the power of the Premier League, it is not just a shirt image that is up for grabs. Now clubs such as Manchester United offer a whole range of collaboration opportunities. For example, they may have an official partner for their training kit alongside their current main sponsor. While other clubs will go even further and have an official betting partner, one which will also be on-site to take any bets in person.

What is the future of the Premier League sponsorships

EuroCup Basketball Final tips Although there has been something of a gold rush, this ongoing funnel of revenue may eventually dry up because the UK government is currently discussing their legality. Should Premier League clubs sponsored by betting companies be a thing of the past, those with these partnerships will need to look to other industries for a major source of revenue.

Since the deals can be rather complex – as these betting companies certainly do not hand over large amounts of money for nothing - those teams may look to work with sponsors from the motoring or financial industries instead.

Then again, if the UK government does change its current regulation, a new wave of betting companies sponsoring football clubs could emerge. With Crypto and NFT technologies coming further into the foreground, companies in this field could build much stronger links with Premier League clubs.

Betting companies sponsoring football clubs worldwide

oddsOf course, the connection between companies and football clubs is not unique to English football. Although betting sponsors in the Premier League are regularly on show, the same can be said for major European competitions.

For example, the Betway logo is not only found on the West Ham shirts in the Premier League, but they are also a secondary sponsor for Toulouse in Ligue 1. While in addition to this, Sporting of Portugal has recently announced a deal with sportsbook brand Betano.

Which are the bookmakers with the best EPL Odds

Payoneer spyEven though there are plenty of betting sites sponsoring football teams, not every Premier League club is currently in the middle of such a partnership. If your team has looked elsewhere for sponsorship revenue, it should not affect you from a gambling perspective. For example, if you are a fan of Tottenham (who are sponsored by AIA) and are looking to place a bet this weekend, there are still plenty of options.

Because although a number of clubs currently take money from betting companies as the main sponsor, you do not have to support these particular teams in order to get good Premier League odds. With this in mind, here is our recommended list of bookmakers.

Q: How many premier league teams are sponsored by betting companies?

When looking at the 20 teams that are competing in this season’s Premier League, eight of them are currently carrying a betting company as their main shirt sponsor. Of all the different industries that sponsor a Premier League team, betting has the largest overall representation.

Q: First premier league club to be sponsored by a bookmaker?

Even though betting sites sponsoring football teams are a rather popular sight these days, the first sight of this in England did not occur until the start of the 2002/03 season. With Betfair being announced as Fulham’s new sponsors, this would begin the relationship worth millions of pounds today.

Q: What percent of English clubs are sponsored by betting sites?

Although betting logos are widely seen in the Premier League, it is also on show in the second level of English football (the EFL Championship). Of the 44 teams, 14 have a betting company as a major sponsor. With eight in the Premier League added to six more in the EFL Championship, 31.8% of teams in the top two divisions are currently backed by betting sites. Not to mention several companies take up the sleeve or secondary sponsorship.

Q: What do premier league betting sponsors provide to the clubs?

In a sponsorship deal of any kind, the benefits must be received by the club and the company handing over their money. Regarding Premier League betting sponsors, they provide considerable revenue per year. Revenue that can help balance the wage books and even help sign a new player or two. While in return, the clubs allow the companies considerable exposure to a worldwide audience.

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