What is the winning margin in basketball betting

Do you want to find alternatives for moneylines and handicaps? Let’s answer the question, “What is the winning margin in basketball?” and then jump to a reliable conclusion if it’s worth it or not. In this market, you must predict by how many points a team will win. It can be a specific number, like 3+ points in a 3-way market, or a broader range, such as 10-13 points in a 14-way. Just pick a team and the point difference by which you think it will win, then choose your range among 3-way, 7-way, 12-way and 14-way markets.

Our article aims to help you find the most and best options to place a winning margin bet, giving you top tips to make money. Our specialists will help you build a profitable strategy, suggesting the best basketball bookmakers who offer different margins at the highest odds.

How to bet on a winning margin in basketball

Basketball CourtBefore making your predictions, you should first check all the available options, since it’s one of the basketball betting markets that offer high odds. In order to win your bet, you must predict both the winning team and the points margin. Let’s examine all the alternatives for placing a wager on the winning margin in basketball.

Full game betting: You must predict the winning team and by precisely how many points it will reach victory, by choosing from the main given options, including overtime-if there’s one. In full game betting, you can find all the available margin options; 3-way, 7-way, 12-way and 14-way winning, for both contenders.

Quarter betting: Instead of 40-minute or 48-minute games, margins in 10-minute or 12-minute quarters are narrower options. Simply regarding duration, they are low-scoring periods, compared to the final score. It’s rare to find alternatives for 7-way, 12-way and 14-way margins; most bookies offer 3-ways, both pre-match and in-play. You can predict the margin of victory for any team for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter (including a possible overtime), betting on Team A, Team B, or Neither Team to win by a given number of points (e.g., 3+).

Which is the best winning margin bet in basketball

basketball iconBasketball games are decided by several different margins compared to other team sports; soccer games are often decided by one goal and baseball ones by one run, for instance. That’s why basketball betting offers more options, especially on the full game result. Our experts have analysed how you can wager a winning margin bet in basketball, using clear examples for the 3-way, 7-way, 12-way and 14-way options.


basketball ballWhen placing a winning margin 3-way basketball bet, you have to deal with a pre-arranged handicap. Τhere are three possible outcomes, as you can see following the South Korea vs. New Zealand game for the Asia Cup; South Korea To Win by 6 or more points - New Zealand To Win by 6 or more points - Neither Team Wins by 6 or more points.

  1. South Korea To Win by 6+ @ 2.40 odds (e.g., 100-93).
  2. New Zealand To Win by 6+ @ 3.20 odds (e.g., 93-100).
  3. Neither Team Win by 6+ @ 2.60 odds (e.g., 96-93 or 93-96).

It’s the simplest and easier to predict version among all options in this market, as you only have to face different scenarios. That means that the implied probability percentage, which is the expected probability of an outcome happening, is higher than the 7-way, 12-way and 14-way options.


basketball ballA winning margin 7-way basketball bet is the most straightforward type because you must pick among seven possible outcomes, without picking a winner. Generally, some games have a heavyweight favourite, while others are more balanced. In that case, you don’t care who wins. Following the South Korea vs. New Zealand example, we introduce you to the seven bets you can place alongside their odds.

winning margin 7-way


basketball ballA winning margin 12-way basketball bet offers more options at higher odds, but it’s less predictable than a 3-way because margins are smaller. In this type, bookies divide all possible outcomes into six smaller winning margins for each team; thus having a total of twelve different bets to choose from. Let’s break down our example in a 12-way mode.

  1. South Korea Wins by 1-5 @ 4.60 odds (e.g., 100-96).
  2. South Korea Wins by 6-10 @ 5.30 odds (e.g., 103-96).
  3. South Korea Wins by 11-15 @ 7.10 odds (e.g., 108-96).
  4. South Korea Wins by 16-20 @ 10.50 odds (e.g., 115-96).
  5. South Korea Wins by 21-25 @ 17.00 odds (e.g., 118-96).
  6. South Korea Wins by 26+ @ 23.00 odds (126-96).
  7. New Zealand Wins by 1-5 @ 4.90 odds (96-100).
  8. New Zealand Wins by 6-10 @ 6.30 odds (96-103).
  9. New Zealand Wins by 11-15 @ 9.25 odds (96-108).
  10. New Zealand Wins by 16-20 @ 15.00 odds (96-115).
  11. New Zealand Wins by 21-25 @ 24.00 odds (96-118).
  12. New Zealand Wins by 26+ @ 32.00 odds (96-126).


basketball ballΑ winning margin 14-way basketball bet is the most challenging one for bettors, who must predict the victory’s points difference for each team among 14 possible outcomes. Margins are even smaller than the 12-way market, while odds are higher. Following our example above, you can realise how tight these margins are.

winning margin 14-way

How to make money with winning margin betting

The main objective of building basketball betting strategies for winning margins is to examine the extent to which contenders’ statistical coverage can predict a victory’s points difference. Our experts suggest that it’s critical, yet not enough. You must have an entirely different approach when betting on an NCAA regular season game compared to a March Madness one. So, pay attention to all the main factors affecting your winning margin betting activity and follow the tips below.


basketballResearching statistics before placing a bet is strongly recommended, especially for stats-based wagers. Regarding winning margin in basketball betting, we suggest examining functional stats categories to be more accurate in your predictions.

  • Η2Η comparison: Analyse the winning margins in previous games between the two teams.
  • Season/Current form: Check both contenders’ performance during the current season and what they’ve achieved in the past five games played.
  • Teams winning/losing margins: Examine all the attacking and defending stats about the team you want to back. Then analyse each contender’s winning and losing margins in the current season.
  • Leagues’ average winning margin: There are advanced stats that can help you with each league’s profiling process. For instance, from 2010 onwards, the average NBA games’ victory margin is 11 points, which means many games are decided close to that figure.


basketballWhen betting on the FIBA Eurocup, a low-tier European basketball competition, you can find some opportunities for winning margin betting during the playoffs. Teams play first and second legs in their courts, where the total points margin counts towards qualification. Suppose you know the first game’s result of the semi-final stage between Team A and B; you can bet on the second game basing your strategy on their motivation. In the most elite tournaments, winning margins don’t count for qualification. For instance, when betting on the Euroleague Final Four, finalists simply try to win by just one point, to reach the final and lift the trophy.

Home-court advantage

basketballBesides injuries and suspensions, factors included in every research before betting on a basketball game, home-court advantage is another crucial parameter when you risk making money from a winning margin bet. Many teams are strong in their courts and win big in front of their fans, so you can pick higher margins for these heavyweight favourites, securing bigger odds.

Quality bookies

basketballAll leading bookmakers offer winning margin betting markets, so you have plenty of available options. The most crucial factor is to secure as many pre-match and in-play as possible, with clear basketball betting rules; especially for overtime periods which immensely affect the market. It’s preferable to trust quality bookies who offer elite and lower leagues, giving the same options from 3-way to 14-way margins.

Should I bet on a winning margin in basketball?

spyYour aim is to bolster your bankroll, thinking winning margins is a good choice in that direction. Undoubtedly, a sharp bettor who keeps a rich statistical teams’ and leagues’ archive for this market, has a fair chance to make money. At the same time, our goal is to highlight some common features for all bettors and whether wagering on a winning margin in basketball has its fair share of risks.


✔️ Odds in this market are higher than betting on moneylines and handicaps.
✔️ 3-way and 7-way winning margin markets are optimal for competitive games.
✔️ It’s a stats-based market where you can correctly predict with high percentages if you do a comprehensive stats analysis.
✔️ You can exploit smaller winning margin in basketball by betting on quarters, going after a quick profit.


❌ Predicting a winning margin in a high-scoring game like basketball, is difficult.
❌ 12-way and 14-way markets include high VIG due to multiple outcomes being offered.
❌ Your bet can become a loser due to a free throw or a buzzer-beater shot which means you can’t have ultimate control of your wager.
❌ It’s not a flexible betting type to bet on ACCAs or systems; if you risk it, you will see your winning chances get merely reduced.

Which are the best bookies to place bets

Follow our table, which only displays the best bookies for basketball betting. They offer the most options for winning margin in basketball betting and competitive odds to help you bolster your bankroll by wagering on this specific market.

Q: How does the winning margin work in basketball?

With winning margin betting, you place a wager predicting by how many points the team you back will win a basketball game. Your bet has two goals; first, you must predict the winner and then the winning margin. In basketball, you have several options to choose from, finding victory margins that teams must reach for your bet to be a winner, ranging from 1-2 points, 3-6, 7-9, 10-13, 14-16, 17-20 and 21+, as happens in the 12-way option.

Q: What is a 1-10 winning margin in basketball?

A 1-10 is a broad margin where bookmakers break the number of possible outcomes into four. The market is an option for each Team, A and B, so you can bet Team A or Team B to win from 1 to 10 points or 11+. There’s no draw possibility because the winning margin market also includes overtime.

Q: How to place a winning margin 1-5 basketball bet?

To win such a bet, you must choose the exact margin for Team A or B. If you back Team A or B to win by 1-5 points, they must beat their opponent by 1 to 5 points. If they win by 6 points or more, your bet will become a loser.

Q: What is a winning margin 6+ in basketball betting?

Let’s say Team A hosts Team B, and you intend to bet on Team A to win by 6+. You will need the home team to win by 6 or more points; any other result will mean your bet will become a loser. The winning margin 6+ in basketball is a 3-way market; the other two possible outcomes are: Team B wins by 6+ or Neither Team wins by 6+.

Q: Can I place a winning margin bet on other sports?

You can bet on winning margins on various team sports, from basketball and soccer to the NFL and rugby. Although basketball has higher rates of scoring than others, since you have the opportunity to find more options betting on 3-ways, 7-ways and 12-ways.

Q: Where can I find daily winning margin betting predictions for basketball games?

After doing your homework and analysing odds, stats and any updated news for a basketball game, you can take advice by reading predictions about that challenging basketball betting market. Our experts release daily betting predictions for elite leagues worldwide, including winning margin wagers, so you can check their success percentages.

Q: What is the ACCA winning margin in basketball?

A combo of winning margin bets can be named an accumulator, producing much higher payouts than individual picks. When-for example- you are placing three, four, or five bets, you should know that each one of them must be a winner to secure your earnings.

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