How to Bet Without Money

Sports betting is an everyday activity that millions of people worldwide spend their time on. Some play exclusively for pleasure, some are looking to profit, and some others aim to win money with as little risk as possible.

Thankfully, the industry’s advancement has given players the opportunity to choose among hundreds of online bookmakers, some of whom enable them to place bets even without requiring any deposits. We will explain how to bet without money using all the available sportsbook offers such as no deposit bonuses and free bets.

Can You Bet Without Money?

BMB_Question MarkDue to the nature of online sports betting, bookmakers face more and more competition to attract players. Thus, giving incentives to them seems all but natural. A very popular way to motivate them is to include promos without having to deposit or maintain a positive balance.

These come in the shape of no-deposit bonuses, loyalty offers and free bets you can take advantage of to bet online.

How to Bet Without Losing Money?

BMB_StopNow that we have covered how to bet without money, learning how to maximise your profits is essential. To do so, you must be careful where you place your free bets. It is optimal that you wager on sports and markets you are familiar with.

For instance, if you are a passionate football fan and you know how to read the game, football betting without money can lead you to a massive profit. Whatever you choose, make sure to acknowledge the terms attached to your free bets.

After you start making some profit, you must focus on raising your balance. You can wager on singles to minimise the risks and, most essentially, avoid chasing losses. For more info, follow our guide on how to bet without losing

Is Betting Without Money Possible?

BMB_Money_ProfitActually, there are ways to create an account and play without spending any money at all. All you need is to opt for the right betting site and claim their offers without having to make a deposit or try and meet the requirements to become a part of their VIP or Loyalty Program.

What is a No-deposit Bonus?

BMB_Number_One A share of bookmakers is constantly trying to lure new players by offering them a free welcome offer with no deposit required right after they register. These betting bonuses may come in the shape of free bets or, more rarely, extra money on your account. For example, the moment you sign up, you may be offered a $5 Free Bet.

The sole obligation on your behalf will be to look out for whatever is attached to the terms and conditions of the bonus (wagering requirement, minimum odds, expiry date and excluded markets). Likewise, some bookmakers offer no deposit bonuses when you verify your account.

Many sites also provide Free Spins upon registration, whether you want to play in the sports or the casino section. Last but not least, there is a chance to get a free bet on your birthday, on your registration anniversary, on the site’s opening anniversary or even after a significant victory of your favourite sports team.

What is a VIP - Loyalty Program?

BMB_Number_TwoIt is safe enough to say that the most reputable bookmakers know exactly how to motivate users. The more you play, the bigger the prospect of becoming a part of the VIP or Loyalty Program. This signifies another way to get free betting money without a deposit.

The difference between the two schemes is that in a VIP Program, there is an agent who will examine everything you ask for and is required to be a part of it. In other respects, the logic behind these bookmaker promotions is pretty much the same.

If you are a dedicated player, there is a probability of claiming free bets or, even better, getting some money back as a reward. Now, if the website does not have a VIP Program but you think you are a committed bettor, you can still be reimbursed. Just contact the customer service team and ask for a reward.

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How to Bet Without Money Using a Demo Account

BMB_Number_ThreeThere is a somewhat different alternative to betting on sports for free, which comes in the form of demo accounts. A demo is a testing account where you can try a website’s features using virtual money. If you want to try betting for free in such a manner, you must contact CS and ask to open a trial online betting account. Some bookmakers already include it in the welcome package.

Pros Cons
➕ Gain betting experience ➖ No ability to withdraw winnings
➕ Test a bookmaker ➖ Overconfidence
➕ No risk of money loss ➖ Limited virtual money

Is Football Betting Without Money Profitable?

BMB_Book SpyAll in all, how to bet without money is a really intriguing question for many players, and so is how to profit from it. We have laid out exactly what is needed to wager for free. To learn how to maximise the possibilities of winning, make sure to visit online betting guides. Bookmakers have also played a vital role in that with the multiple offers and bonuses they provide.

Q: What should I be cautious about when betting without money?

You should definitely be careful about the terms and conditions attached to your free betting money. You should look out for the ability to withdraw your earnings, the number of times you have to wager it, the time limit to claim it and on which markets and odds you will use it.

Q: What is a no deposit bonus?

Bookmakers can credit a no deposit bonus to their users’ accounts. They are usually in the form of free bets, and players are not required to deposit at all to be able to claim them, as long as they are eligible to do so.

Q: Is there any reason bookmakers would give away free money?

Some offers, such as no deposit bonuses or free bets are used either to attract new players or keep the existing ones happy. That way, bookmakers distinguish themselves from competitors in the i-Gaming industry.

Q: Can I withdraw free bet winnings?

It relies upon the Terms and Conditions of the free bet. Usually, the answer is yes, but only after you have completed the required rollover. In other words, to withdraw your winnings, you must simply wager your free bet a specified amount of times.

Q: Can I place sports bets for free on a mobile?

You can bet on sports without spending money on every platform you want. You can choose between a desktop/laptop or a mobile phone to do so. Furthermore, some bookmakers give away free bets just for downloading their app or signing up through your mobile.

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