Best Cuba bookmakers

Population: 11.200.000cuba-round-flag-icon
Active players: 1.500.000
Currency: Cuban peso (CUP)
Regulated gambling products: All forms of gambling are illegal
Operator types: Illegal land-based casinos and bookmakers, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: None
Status: Regulated

Officially named the Republic of Cuba, this is an island country, off the south of Florida and the Bahamas. It declared its independence from the United States -while forming into a republic-in 1902. Later on came the Cuban Revolution, which lasted from 1953 to 1959. Fidel Castro ended up taking control of the country, and the communist party has been ruling ever since.

Gambling in Cuba has a great heritage; it was the main tourist attraction about 70 years ago. That was when the American mafia was allegedly laundering money through casinos in Havana and other major cities; and millions of dollars were being lost and won back again. However, all forms of gambling are illegal; and it has been alike since 1959.

Yet the country also has a long history in sports too, mainly boxing and baseball. Most popular athletes include Pedro Luis Lazo, one of the most complete Cuban pitchers of all times; also, Ivan Pedroso and Javier Sotomayor from long and high jumping, respectively. Sports betting in Cuba is naturally very popular. Players tend to go online, where surveillance is lax; maybe because it is not explicitly illegal, since the online sector is not mentioned anywhere in the old law.

Cuba gambling - 5 things to know

  • All forms of gambling in Cuba are principally illegal
  • Many online bookies accept local players
  • Cuba used to be the Mecca of gambling back in the 50s
  • Players should avoid illegal gambling dens and bookmaker ‘shops’
  • State surveillance focuses on blocking access to online operators

Best betting sites in Cuba

Local players are offered many options when it comes to online betting in Cuba; so, at this point we list the best bookmakers one may access. They stand out for the numerous special bets they provide, as well as the depth of sporting events and markets they cover from around the world.

Gambling in Cuba: The law framework

While Cuba gambling history is rich, things have changed dramatically; and after being the epicenter of gambling in the Americas back in the 1950s, Castro came to power. And he pronounced all forms of gambling to be illegal in 1959; it was seen as the path to society’s moral and economical decay. Even the national lottery was banned. Up to date nothing has changed; no sports betting or casinos or any other forms are available to Cubans or tourists.

However, gambling runs through the locals’ veins and several illegal places offer gambling in one way or another; however, the police raids them often, so stay away from them at all costs. There are of course no local bookmakers in Cuba either.

1959’s ‘Ley 86’ is the only relevant law, which simply bans the operation of all brick and mortar facilities. There hasn’t been any development towards legalizing the sector; while the online one is rather more of a grey area. There is obviously no licensing system for operators; the ones who do operate are only online and hold other jurisdictions’ licenses.

Players should keep in mind that online gambling in Cuba with a renowned operator is their safest option. The authorities mainly try to just block access to such sites; instead of actually tracking down players and imposing fines.

Essential info for bettors

All forms of land-based gambling are illegal. The online sector is not particularly mentioned in the law, yet it is considered illegal too. If you do want to place a bet, Cuba does offer some reliable and trustworthy online choices.

Authorities mainly try to block access to operators; players themselves are not under fire as much. Only a handful of reports actually refer to players receiving fines or any other sanctions. In the absence of Cuba bookmakers, the choice is solely online. Where the offering is quite rich and will satisfy even demanding experienced bettors.

Using a VPN when betting in Cuba though, is definitely recommended. The fact that authorities are lenient, should not lower your guard. Always keep a low profile and definitely keep your betting as private as possible.

How to deposit at online bookies

The online Cuba betting sector is attracting many players despite being technically illegal. The use of credit cards and bank wires should be avoided since they offer no privacy at all. Depositing at Cuba online bookies should be done with caution and through a layer of security.

Thankfully, alternate options do exist and are at your disposal; e-wallets are already very popular, and many operators offer payments through them; however, most of them are not available to Cubans. Neither PayPal, nor Skrill or Neteller accept local bettors. Local e-platform Etecsa is a good choice, however, no international bookmakers provide it as an option quite yet.

Which leaves us-and you-with the only option that just keeps expanding worldwide; cryptocurrencies. More and more bookies are offering crypto betting; however, try to keep it as controlled as you can until you really get to know it. It’s still an upcoming and rapidly developing money exchange platform; so, be cautious, at least in the beginning.

The future of betting in Cuba

The Cuba betting scene has much room for development. However, as it stands, things shall not change easily. There have been talks around reopening some US casinos in Havana; still though, it’s far from actually happening in a country where gambling has been illegal since 1959.

Therefore, we can not risk predictions about Cuba betting sites acquiring local licenses. There are still a lot steps to take towards this direction. If anything comes up though, we will be keeping you up to date with the developments.

The complete list of bookmakers in Cuba

Online betting in Cuba comes with more options than someone might initially think of. We list every bookmaker that accepts local bettors, all being 100% trustworthy and legitimate ones. Always remember to keep your betting private; and then enjoy all the special bets and the wide sports coverage these bookies offer.

Q: Is online betting legal in Cuba?

Gambling is altogether banned in Cuba; and it has been like this since the 60s. Online betting is not particularly mentioned in the old law, however, its is still typically illegal. However, and since hundreds of thousands of players pick online bookies, if you do so, just play it safe. Keep your betting private, use a VPN, and stick to our listed operators to avoid any scam sites.

Q: Is 22Bet available in Cuba?

22Bet, with its 1000+ daily live events, numerous promotions and extra features like cashout and quickbet, is among the best choices one can make when betting online in Cuba. Do not miss out on its wide coverage of all major sports and events from around the world.

Q: Are there any safe Cuban bookmakers?

Scam sites are always apparent in every online gambling market, worldwide; the thing is to avoid them and play at safe, legitimate ones. The easiest way to do that is by just sticking to the ones we list in our analysis. These are all totally legitimate trustworthy operators, awaiting to provide you the safest online betting experience.

Q: Does 1xBet welcome local players?

A widely renowned international bookie, 1xBet also allows local currency (CUP) betting. With a 98%+ payout on the world’s major football leagues and numerous special bets and offers on an exhaustive list of sporting events, it will cover all your needs.

Q: Is opening an online betting account easy?

Basically it’s much less complicated than many players believe. If you pick any of our listed Cuba bookmakers, then you just gotta follow the step by step instructions. These most commonly shall include providing an email address, then filling up your personal data; lastly, uploading some proof of ID. A deposit method is then picked, your account gets funded and that’s all there is to it.

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