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Population: 6.900.000el salvador icon
Active players: 950.000
Currency: US dollar and Bitcoin
Regulated gambling products: Lotteries, casinos (offering lottery games only)
Operator types: Casinos, lotteries, unlicensed online bookies & casinos
Designated authority: No designated authority
Status: Semi-regulated

The Republic of El Salvador is a Central American country bordered by Guatemala and Honduras. Its capital and largest city is San Salvador. Its economy is slowly growing. Interestingly enough, Bitcoin has just been recognized as an official currency; along with the US dollar. Sports are very popular; especially football and boxing. The national football team has qualified twice for the World Cup (i.e. 1970 and 1982). However, there have been no major achievements ever since.

As regards gambling, all its forms (apart from the lottery) were originally deemed illegal according to a 1882 law. However, some legal loopholes are still apparent and gambling is taking place throughout the country. The law framework remains vastly outdated. Some 2002 amendments and a complex 1983 Municipal Code only made things more confusing. There are still no references regarding the online sector; but it’s treated as being legal. Thus, players are betting on El Salvador online bookies in their search for better odds and more betting options.

Gambling in El Salvador - 5 things to know

  • There is no legal framework for the online sector
  • Only lotteries are typically legal in El Salvador
  • There are a few casinos offering table games too
  • Many international bookies accept local players
  • Avoid all individual ‘booking agents’ that operate in the streets

Best betting sites in El Salvador

There is a large number of online operators accepting locals. Thus, we list the best online bookies in El Salvador to save you all the fuzz of searching for yourself. These are all renowned & trustworthy operators offering markets on all major football leagues from around the world.

Online gambling in El Salvador: The law framework

It was back in 1882 when all games of chance were first declared illegal. The ban was -and still is- vastly ignored. In 2002, the local congress vetoed the legalization of gambling. Despite a proposal, all forms of gambling were once again deemed illegal; apart from lottery. So, casinos are nowadays still typically allowed to offer only lottery games to players. Nonetheless, visitors are enjoying table games and slot machines too. Meanwhile, a 1983 Municipal Code gave power and autonomy to local authorities over a few areas of concern. And while never being absolutely clear; gambling seems to fall into that area too. This means that the central government has no say over the sector. This is probably the main reason why gambling in El Salvador is after all taking place so openly throughout the nation.

All involved parties seem to ignore the law and authorities do not seem eager to even try to apply it. Meanwhile, the National Charity Lottery (LNB) has launched Dale; through which players may place online bets. However, it is ironic that it is provided by an official entity. On the other hand, it actually encourages local players to sign up with an El Salvador online bookmaker. With no laws regarding the online sector players freely pick any operator they want. Authorities simply do not seem to bother. So, there are no reports of monitoring or prosecuting online bettors. Placing a bet in El Salvador is easy. Keeping it safe is also easy; by sticking to any of the bookies we have selected for you.

Essential info for bettors

The legal gambling age is 18; mainly regarding entering casino premises or participating in lottery draws. There’s no regulatory body and gambling in El Salvador is altogether considered illegal. Thus, you won’t be able to stake a claim if a problem comes up. The local online bookies you might come across do not have the validity and trustworthiness they ought to. However, opting for the bookmakers we list in our analysis; guarantees you the safest betting experience. Those bookie hold licenses by respectable authorities from around the world. Authorities do not block access to online operators. Generally; nobody is gonna bother you when accessing online betting sites in El Salvador. The use of a VPN is nonetheless always a good idea; in order to keep your IP to yourself.

How to deposit at online bookies

Using bank wires and credit cards is very common; since banks do not block any transactions. Even better, top e-wallets like ecoPayz and Sticpay accept local players; providing fast and secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies are extremely popular in El Salvador. More specifically, since September 2021, Bitcoin is officially a national currency along with the US dollar. A rising number of El Salvador bookmakers are offering Bitcoin transactions. So, just familiarize yourself with it if you haven’t already.

What the future holds

The situation is definitely strange in the country. Online bookmakers that operate in El Salvador are accepting local bettors without any problem whatsoever. On the other hand, it is typically illegal for players to bet online. The complexity of the law framework has left much room for misconceptions and loopholes. Along with the rapid acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the country; it will be interesting to see how the El Salvador gambling scene will eventually shape up. Because it has potential. We can’t predict any upcoming changes; since everyone seems to be alright as it stands. Eventually, the state will have to make up its mind towards a full gambling sector regulation. It will be interesting to see how it actually unfolds.

The complete list of bookmakers in El Salvador

There are too many online operators welcoming local bettors. Below we list all El Salvador bookies so that you may easily find them in one place. Just make your choice and remember; they are all thoroughly checked in terms of credibility & legitimacy before we offer them to you.

Q: Is gambling legal in El Salvador?

Gambling in El Salvador is generally illegal; the only allowed form is the lottery. However, the authorities never seem to actually impose the law and casinos can be found. The online sector in specific is not even mentioned in the laws; making online gambling practically legal.

Q: Is Bet365 available in El Salvador?

One of the most popular and trustworthy bookmakers, Bet365, happily accepts local players. Its extensive coverage of all major football events, along with its live betting platform, will definitely match your needs. The Spanish language is also available for a localized interface.

Q: Is the local bookmaker Dale trustworthy?

Dale is a local betting site that is legitimate; especially when compared to the many dodgy ones that one may find online. However, its offering is still rather short. So, by sticking to our proposed online bookies, players will enjoy a wide range of betting options to choose from.

Q: Is 1xBet available in El Salvador?

With 98%+ payout on the biggest football leagues, 1xBet gladly welcomes local bettors. The Spanish language is also available. 50+ sports to choose from and various bonuses are at your disposal; plus Bitcoin transactions - now that it has become the Salvadoran co-official currency.

Q: Are online bookies in El Salvador safe?

Online betting in El Salvador is treated as being legal. Yet, there are quite a few South American bookies who are actually not to be trusted. The best thing to do in order to enjoy a safe online betting experience is to stick to the bookmakers we list in our analysis; which are all totally legitimate and safe.

Q: How should I fund my online betting account?

Apart from bank wire and credit cards, which you can use without any problem, e-wallets like ecoPayz and Sticpay also accept local players. However, an increasing number of online bookies in El Salvador also accept crypto. So, keep that in mind too, especially now that Bitcoin has officially become a local currency.

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