Best Dash Gambling Sites

Dash is a digital currency powered by a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Its initial design was based on Bitcoin’s protocol, but the successful development led to improvements in transaction speed, anonymity and scalability. As its name may suggest, Dash enables lightning-fast payments. Its network also allows for optional enhanced transaction privacy. It is pretty clear that all the benefits above make Dash ideal for online gambling purposes. Subsequently, Dash Gambling Sites are now a fact. Sadly, while many popular sportsbooks and casinos offer now Dash as a payment method, its adoption is still in the initial phase. The available selection of bookies is currently limited.

Trusted Dash Sports Betting Sites for 2023

Your search for an adequate Dash gambling site will not be an easy one. Apart from the low number of bookies, scammers are also actively preying on unsuspecting players. In order to help you find the best site to satisfy your betting needs, we have filtered the majority of Dash sportsbooks. Below you can find a list of the most trustworthy ones. They also offer fast withdrawals, apply low fees and provide the best welcome bonuses. If you wish to do diligent research, you may also check their dedicated reviews.

Why Choose to Bet Dash

BettingDash manages to differentiate itself from most other cryptocurrencies. The official vision of the project is to become the most user-friendly and scalable payments-focused crypto in the world. The network’s development is constant and the core team behind it is fully transparent. A key advantage of Dash is the innovative technology called masternodes that enables instant and private transactions. That makes Dash gambling a very lucrative choice. Dash also holds a native application available for desktop, android and ios, which facilitates its usage.

This is very helpful for users reluctant to start using cryptos, as it makes the process seem like any other e-wallet payment service. All the benefits above come with the additional perk of crypto bonuses which are usually better than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, Dash sportsbooks come in two kinds. The majority of Dash bookies convert your deposit to a traditional currency (Dollar, Euro, GBP). However, there are also bookies that let you keep your funds in a Dash wallet. That means that if you want to bet Dash, you will have flexible options available.

Advantages of Dash Gambling

You can trade Dash in all mainstream crypto exchanges. There are plenty of alternatives to buy it and you will face no liquidity issues. Its blockchain-based network is reliable and secure, and there are no mentions of any severe technical issues whatsoever. With the help of its native wallet, it is also one of the most convenient cryptocurrencies to use. It is probable that more bookmakers will add it as a payment method in the future.

✔️ High Privacy in Transactions

Transactions made in the Dash network are pseudonymous, like in most cryptocurrencies. Your name does not appear anywhere, but your address is publicly accessible and everybody can see your transaction history. While very difficult to achieve, your privacy might get compromised. To counter this, Dash offers an option called PrivateSend. In simple terms, the network mixes your transaction funds with other participants that use Dash, obscuring the true origin of the payment.

While not as effective as the two other privacy-focused coins, Monero and Zcash, it still helps maintain a low profile. If you add in the fact that many brands do not require KYC documents, the result is a good level of privacy. You will have to pay a higher fee as this process requires additional resources from the network, but the cost is still low. As of June 2021, the fee is around 0,20$. Keep in mind that this form of payment may take some time to settle, so do not select it if you are in a hurry.

✔️ Fast Transaction Speed

A normal dash transaction usually takes from 2 to 10 minutes to settle, depending on the network’s congestion. That is good, but not optimal since there are traditional methods such as debit cards and e-wallets with which you can make a deposit in just a few seconds. Dash’s feature InstantSend comes into play here, an option that settles fund transfers in a single second. This makes Dash betting especially useful for in-play action. Like in PrivateSend, the function requires a higher fee. The cost is the same, around 0,20$ as of June 2021.

✔️ Low Fees

Apart from the two methods mentioned above, normal Dash transactions have negligible costs, around 0,01$. If you do not require enhanced privacy or speed, you may consider a Dash payment free of charge. This benefit makes Dash one of the most convenient cryptocurrencies for transaction purposes.

✔️ 100% Deposit Acceptance Rate

Dash gambling has the benefit of a guaranteed success in all deposits. All methods, normal, PrivateSend and InstantSend can not be declined or blocked. Keep your ease of mind and have no fear, as there will never be the need to contact support to help you fix a failed payment.

✔️ No Third-Party Between Payments

Dash’s network is based on a peer-to-peer decentralized blockchain. That means you deal directly with the merchant in funds transfers. There will be no instances of blocked funds or frozen accounts due to third-party security checks.

✔️ Possible Alternative Use Cases

Dash tries to establish itself as a mainstream payments platform. Its features make it a good alternative to traditional transaction methods. Many merchants other than sportsbooks and casinos accept now Dash. You may find Dash convenient for other goods and services in addition to gambling.

✔️ Volatility (+)

Keeping a part of your capital in Dash means that it is susceptible to the coin’s market value. A positive price swing may boost your winnings. Of course, price swings are not always positive, and your Dash capital may prove a risky liability, which we will mention below.

Drawbacks of Dash Gambling

Dash carries over the negatives that most cryptocurrencies hold. Technical complexity, unstable value in their coin’s price and a grey regulatory framework. While Dash keeps a more user-friendly approach, it still is not as simple as conventional methods. There is also some criticism around its decentralization. When Dash launched, a huge amount of coins was created (mined) by error, as its creator claims. Many coins got concentrated on a small group of people. That, in combination with the Masternode function which we will analyze later, gives them leverage in decisions over the coin’s development.

❌ Not many Bookmakers Accept it

Despite Dash’s convenience, it is not as popular as other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are only a handful of Dash gambling sites. The selection of sports markets, offers and bonuses will be a bit tight.

❌ Non-Reversible Transactions

Dash transactions can not be disputed or refunded. You will have to be very careful when you type in the address you wish to send funds to. Support will be non-existent in these situations, so keep that in mind.

❌ Offshore Licencing

The reality is that the majority of bookies that accept crypto payments are less reliable, as they hold offshore licenses. You have less protection against shady practices, so tread carefully. We recommend using our reviewed Dash sportsbooks.

❌ Volatility (-)

Positive price swings may as well boost your winnings, but negative ones can take away all the joy of it. If you decide to keep a part of your bankroll in Dash, you should be aware of the price fluctuation and market trends. Otherwise, it would be better to opt for bookies that convert your Dash deposit to a stable FIAT currency.

Key Points in Dash Gambling

It would be beneficial to learn a bit more about Dash if you wish to use it effectively for payments. Let’s start with the name. Dash derives from the words Digital and Cash. The project was initially created with a focus on privacy, but it now has a different target. It aspires to become the first mainstream crypto payment platform. However, privacy is still on the menu, with the feature of PrivateSend. Dash has seen heavy adoption in countries with weak state currencies, with Venezuela as a prime example. Its characteristics make it an excellent choice for the gambling industry, and Dash betting may be the future.

Creation & Development of Dash

The digital currency first launched as Xcoin in January 2014. The founder, Evan Duffield based it on Litecoin’s protocol, which itself was created with Bitcoin as a model. The project changed its name to Darkcoin, possibly focusing on its privacy characteristics. Its common usage in the darknet for illegal transactions made it receive bad press, so another rebrand was in order. Hence, the current name, Dash. Its launch was marked by a controversy that holds until now.

In just a few days, a surplus of Dash coins was created (mined) in contrast to the initial projections. The technical issue was resolved, but many miners gathered a notable amount. The founder claims that it was an unwanted error, but many insist that it was done on purpose for speculation. The issue is up for debate, but the fact is that despite the launch issue, the network remains robust and safe.

Masternodes and DAO

The feature that distinguishes Dash, is the usage of masternodes. They form a second layer on the blockchain in order to facilitate transactions and prevent congestion. The functions of InstantSend and PrivateSend are powered by them. Other than performing a variety of technical functions, masternode owners and operators are able to partake in governance decisions in regards to the network.

This characterizes Dash as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). In order to operate a masternode one has to own 1.000 Dash, which acts as collateral to prevent malicious actions. Most of the criticism stands on the fact that the initial miners who gathered a huge amount of Dash, have a big advantage over the decision-making process, reducing the effectiveness of decentralization.

Dash vs Bitcoin

New Betting Sites vs Established Sportsbooks Both Dash and Bitcoin use proof-of-work algorithms in order to verify transactions on their blockchain. However, Dash uses masternodes as a second layer, which function on a proof-of-stake basis. This solves the scalability issues that Bitcoin faces. In this way, the Dash network is faster and charges lower fees in comparison to BTC. This comes at the cost of lesser decentralization, due to the way masternodes operate. In any case, Bitcoin maintains its status as the king of cryptocurrencies, while Dash is just another (albeit useful) altcoin.

Start your Dash Betting

In order to start, you will have to get a Dash personal wallet. We recommend the official app, which you can download from Dash’s website. Of course, there are other legitimate options, but not all wallets offer PrivateSend & InstantSend. There are no optimal solutions, so the choice is up to you. Be sure to do your research. To top up your Dash wallet you will have to buy the currency from a crypto exchange.

The most reliable ones are Kraken, Binance and Coinbase. If you do not have an account already, open a new one in the exchange you prefer. It is imperative to make the transactions with Dash betting sites from your personal wallet. Keep in mind that, as we have stumbled upon cases where exchanges banned accounts that made direct transactions with crypto-friendly sportsbooks and casinos. We will explain the detailed process below.

red arrowHow to deposit to a Dash Gambling Site

  • Buy Dash from the exchange: The most common methods are bank transfer, debit card and e-wallets. Most exchanges trade Dash directly with dollars, euros, or pounds. Otherwise, you will have to buy another cryptocurrency first and then trade it with Dash.

  • Transfer Dash to your wallet: Exchanges allow you to send all cryptocurrencies to a wallet of your choice or another exchange. Find the appropriate transfer option, and type in your Dash wallet address. The transfer should take a few seconds. The thing to note here is that exchanges may apply additional fees over the normal Dash ones. However, due to their lower cost, it should not make a difference, but be aware of it. That is valid for most cryptocurrencies in all exchanges.

  • Make a Dash payment to the bookie: Choose a Dash bookie and start an account. Select the Dash deposit method in the cashier section. A complex combination of characters and numbers will appear. It is the address to which you will have to send your Dash to fund your account. Open your wallet and find the transfer option. It would be better to copy-paste the address that shows up in the bookie to avoid typing mistakes. Here you will have the choice to make a normal payment, a PrivateSend one or an InstantSend if your wallet supports them. We will remind you here that the privacy payment option may take more time to settle.

red arrowHow to withdraw from a Dash Sportsbook

  • Transfer the winnings to your wallet: Sooner or later, you will get your big win. In order to get your hands on the newly acquired Dash, select it as the withdrawal option. A tab will appear, in which you will have to type in your personal Dash wallet address. Be sure to do it correctly. Remember not to type the exchange address to avoid unpleasant surprises. That will be the second step.

  • Cash-out your winnings: To fully cash out your Dash, you will have to transfer the desired amount to the crypto exchange. Go to your wallet’s transfer option and type in the address of your exchange account. There you can trade your Dash with other cryptocurrencies or a traditional currency. Keep in mind that some exchanges offer debit cards. That way you can avoid banks or other regulated payment services altogether.

Dash Gambling - Is it safe

Dash is a well-known cryptocurrency, established in the payments sector. It may not be a top 20 crypto anymore, but it is backed by a development team that continues to upgrade the network. The technology behind it is solid and the masternode function works wonders. You will face no issues if you use trusted wallets and exchanges. Even if the claims of the on-purpose launch error are true, it makes no difference if you wish to use Dash for transactions. The fund transfers will be safe and sound. As for the legality of Dash transactions, there are no issues either. Cryptocurrency transactions are legal in most countries.

If you are able to gamble online with a normal currency, Dash gambling will be no different. The gripping fact is that your Dash winnings are not taxed automatically, as authorities have no way to check them directly. With that being said, we advise against tax frauds. If you manage to bring attention to yourself and raise doubts, an attentive review by the relevant institutions can reveal your transactions. Yes, even with PrivateSend. It is difficult, but not impossible. Furthermore, you will also have to keep yourself informed about the latest regulations in regards to cryptocurrencies, as there are developments due.

Should I bet with Dash?

Payoneer spyThe gambling industry has found a perfect ally in the form of cryptocurrencies. Their significantly lower operational cost, coupled with speed and relaxed regulations, is a true blessing. The benefits are not only there for the brands, as players enjoy fast withdrawal speeds, better payout, bonuses, and enhanced anonymity. Specifically, Dash betting is an ideal option as this cryptocurrency holds competitive performance in speed, fees and privacy. It suits well bettors that seek a comfortable way to bet under the radar. The only disadvantage at this moment is the low number of Dash sportsbooks. Other than that, I recommend Dash gambling as it is way too convenient to ignore. As always in the crypto-space, do your research and keep yourself informed about the latest developments.

Q: What is Dash crypto?

Dash is a cryptocurrency, based on a peer-to-peer decentralized blockchain. It is targeted mainly for fast & private payments, and it aims to become a popular platform for transactions.

Q: Is Dash safe?

You may consider Dash as an upgraded version of Bitcoin. The network has proven to be secure, and it is backed by a dedicated development team.

Q: Is Dash better than Bitcoin?

It would be a bold statement. Dash offers faster & more private transactions at the cost of less decentralization. Their use-cases are different and they are not direct competitors.

Q: How to buy Dash crypto?

The majority of existing crypto exchanges offer Dash for trading. You will have to open an account in one of them in order to buy it.

Q: Is dash casino legit?

There are many reputable online casinos that offer Dash as a payment method. Be sure to do your research beforehand, as there are many shady brands. Consider Dash gambling the same as any other cryptocurrency.

Q: Is dash a good investment?

If you wish to invest capital in Dash you should consult a financial advisor, which we are not. The fact is that while dash offers a good product, its price predictions for the future are not optimal.

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