Alphabet Calculator

The structure of the wager makes Alphabet Bet one of the most complicated betting systems. It consists of smaller systems, like Patents and Yankees, and is based on six selections for a total of 26 bets (i.e., the English alphabet letters’ number). This bet contains two Patents (14 bets), one Yankee (11 bets), and a 6-Fold Accumulator. The first three selections construct the first Patent (seven bets), and the last three the second one (seven bets). The Yankee system (11 bets) is based on selections from the 2nd to 5th position, while the 6-Fold ACCA contains all six picks. An Alphabet Bet is quite expensive, with a total cost of €26 if the initial stake is €1 (i.e., €1 x 26 bets).

It generates interest among bettors because, with only one winning pick, they have the opportunity to get some returns, at least near the break-even point. Although, betting on Alphabet bets isn’t a standard option among leading online bookmakers yet. Because of the complexity, it’s vital to use our Alphabet Calculator to work out the odds, stakes and potential returns.

Alphabet Calculator

The alphabet bet is a wager on six selections consisting of 26 bets: 2 patents (14 bets), 1 yankee (11 bets) and a six-fold accumulator (1 bet)

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

Profit per Combination

Combination Profit
(1) -
(2) -
(3) -
(1,2) -
(1,3) -
(2,3) -
(1,2,3) -
(4) -
(5) -
(6) -
(4,5) -
(4,6) -
(5,6) -
(4,5,6) -
(2,3) -
(2,4) -
(2,5) -
(3,4) -
(3,5) -
(4,5) -
(2,3,4) -
(2,3,5) -
(2,4,5) -
(3,4,5) -
(2,3,4,5) -
(1,2,3,4,5,6) -

How to use our Alphabet Calculator

In most Bet Calculators, the primary function is to help you with complicated maths and instantly work out your probable outcomes from each sub-bet. Our Alphabet Bet Calculator offers a distinct benefit, providing the flexibility to change the place of a possible starting pick. The most critical positions are from 2nd to 5th because these picks create the only Yankee system and are parts of both Patents. Changing one or more selections’ places and adding them on the 1st or 6th could be a crucial move for your overall payout. Read on the necessary steps on how to use the Alphabet Calculator.

⏩Add your selections’ odds and place them separately from 1st to 6th.

⏩Enter the “Stake per Bet,” placing the same amount of money for each sub-bet individually. Alternatively, you can use the “Stake per Part” option and set individual amounts for the 1st and 2nd Patent, the Yankee, and the 6-Fold. The other option is to complete the box with the “Total Stake Combined.” Our tool will equally divide it into 26 bets.

⏩Choose the status of your initial picks (“Win,” “Loss,” “Void,” etc.) and tap the “Calculate” button.

How does an Alphabet Bet work

Risk Management Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectThe Alphabet Bet mostly suits experienced bettors who want to create a system based on Patents and Yankees. Our Alphabet Bet Calculator facilitates experimentation with different odds, stakes, and bet types included. All players need to understand how every sub-bet affects the total profit or loss. Name your six selections “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” “E,” and “F,” and explore all this system’s parts. The table below breaks down the main legs of this system type.

Alphabet Bet Parts Selections Number of Bets
Patent (1) A - B - C 7
Patent (2) D - E -F 7
Yankee B - C - D - E 11

👉The Alphabet Bet includes all the sub-parts of two Patents, one Yankee and one ACCA. That means three Singles, three Doubles, and one Treble from picks “A,” “B,” “C,” and a second Patent with the same name number of sub-bets from selections “D,” “E,” “F.” The Yankee contains six Doubles, four Trebles, and one 4-Fold ACCA based on picks “B,” “C,” “D,” and “E.” Underneath, you can discover all the possible combinations that comprise this wager type.

26 Bets Selection Combinations
6 Singles Patent (1): A - B - C / Patent (2): D - E - F
12 Doubles Patent (1): ΑΒ - ΑC - BC / Patent (2): DE - DF - EF / Yankee: BC - BD - BE - CD - CE - DE
6 Trebles Patent (1): ΑΒC / Patent (2): DEF / Yankee: BCD - BCE - BDE - CDE
1 4-Fold Yankee: BCDE
1 6-Fold ABCDEF

What is an Alphabet Bet in Football

The Alphabet Bet is ideal for bettors who want some cover betting on ACCAs and make more flourishing combos based on their most probable picks. You should place your favorite picks at the Yankee positions (i.e., 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) for enhanced earnings. If you have two less probable, higher-priced selections, place them as 1st or 6th. These two predictions don’t affect your Yankee but only your Patents. Let’s see a practical example based on six selections from the Europa League knock-out football matches. We picked four favorites at 1.60 plus odds for 2nd to 5th place and two underdogs at 4.00 plus odds for 1st and 6th with a €1 stake per column (i.e., a €26 total cost).

Positions Matches Picks Odds Status
1st Olympiakos vs. Arsenal 1 4.33 WIN
2nd Ajax vs. Young Boys 1 1.66 WIN
3rd Dynamo Kyiv vs. Villareal 2 2.00 WIN
4th Manchester United vs. Milan 1 1.60 WIN
5th Granada vs. Molde 1 1.72 WIN
6th Roma vs. Shakhtar Donetsk 2 5.50 WIN

👉Using the Alphabet Bet Calculator, we can determine that if all six predictions are winners, we will collect a total of €352.55, with a pure profit of €326.55. If only Olympiakos (@4.33 odds and placed 1st) wins, the total return will be €4.33, which means a €21.67 overall loss. In another scenario, if only Dynamo Kyiv (@2.00 odds and placed 3rd) wins, we are far away from our break-even because the total returns will be €2.

How picks’ positions affect an Alphabet Bet

paypal bookmakerAs you can see, you can’t build a winning strategy based on an Alphabet Bet with one successful pick even if the selection is placed 1st or 3d. The only case you can profit is to have a winner at 26.00 odds or bigger if your stake is €1 per column. The crucial part is to understand how the picks from 2nd to 5th place affect the overall wager. Taking the example above, let’s examine what happens if all selections, besides Shakhtar Donetsk, are successful. The total returns will be €96.06, and the pure profit €70.06. In order to understand the importance of middle places, use our Alphabet Calculator and add the pick on Shakhtar Donetsk 4th as in the table below.

Positions Matches Picks Odds Status
1st Olympiakos vs. Arsenal 1 4.33 WIN
2nd Ajax vs. Young Boys 1 1.66 WIN
3rd Dynamo Kyiv vs. Villareal 2 2.00 WIN
4th Roma vs. Shakhtar Donetsk 2 5.50 LOSE
5th Granada vs. Molde 1 1.72 WIN
6th Manchester United vs. Milan 1 1.60 WIN

👉The system still has five winning picks, but the loser is moved from 2nd to 5th position. Using the Alphabet Bet Calculator, you can work out your bet and see that the earnings are €62.93 and the exact profit €36.93. The wrong decision to place an underdog with fewer winning chances at 4th position and a great favorite at 6th costs you €33.13.

Why use our Alphabet Bet Calculator

Betting on politicsThis type of bet is an intermediate cover system that can offer attractive earnings without being as expensive as others (e.g., a 57-bets Heinz). Using our Alphabet Bet Calculator, you can build a winning strategy and understand how the positions from 2nd to 5th affect the total payout. The tool enables you to comprehend all the possibilities of different combinations and the importance of creating a strong Yankee inside your Alphabet Bet. You should place your higher-priced picks 1st or 6th. Οn the other hand, you should group the lower-risk predictions in the middle of the wager to enhance the chances of a good return.

The other option is to place the selections that you are more confident of winning on one Patent’s positions (e.g., from 1st to 3rd place) and group your underdogs in the other Patent (e.g., from 4th to 6th place). In this case, you may be sacrificing your Yankee, but with a winning Patent, at least you have good chances to collect returns above your break-even point. Our Alphabet Calculator can help you optimize your middle picks’ order and build high or low-risk strategies based on these selections. Sometimes, an All Winner Bonus (e.g., 10% cashback percentage) applies to this system, so you can cumulate it and work out the bonus’ impact on your Alphabet Bet.

Best Bookmakers for Alphabet Bets

You can discover in the list below all the leading online betting sites that offer bonuses, high odds, and a wide range of markets for betting on Patents and Yankees to build an Alphabet Bet strategy.

Q: How can you place an Alphabet Bet?

Betting on Alphabet bets isn’t a standard option among online bookmakers. Although, if you find this strategy profitable, you can spread your six predictions among two Patents, one Yankee Bet and an ACCA. It’s easy to place a 6-Fold with an Alphabet Bet structure on your chosen online bookmaker.

Q: In which sports can you build an Alphabet Bet?

This system type is available for every sporting event but is more prevalent among Horse Racing, Greyhounds and Football bettors.

Q: How an All Winner Bonus affects this system wager?

The bonus percentage that applies to Alphabet Bets is fixed at 10% when all six picks are winners. Sometimes, this bonus is occasionally offered and enhances a €100 total earnings, for example, to €110.

Q: Which is the secret of constructing a winning Alphabet Bet?

You should be careful when creating your Patents, and the Yankee included, placing the picks with more winning chances in the most important positions (i.e., 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th).

Q: Why is it less expensive than other 6-Fold systems?

The Alphabet Bet is based on six picks, as it happens with Heinz and Lucky 63 bets. Although, it consists of 26 bets only, so the overall outlay is smaller. A €1 stake per column Alphabet costs €26, a Heinz €57, and a Lucky 63 costs €63.

Q: Why is this type of system named Alphabet Bet?

An Alphabet wager involves 26 permutation bets from six different selections. It got the name from the number of the included sub-bets, which is the same as the number of the English alphabet (i.e., 26).

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