Lucky 63 Calculator

The Lucky 63 is an extensive system that includes six Singles, 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 4-Folds, six 5-Folds, and one 6-Fold, based on six selections. This Full Cover system contains 63 bets from different sporting events, having the same structure as the Heinz plus the Singles. It’s more expensive, with a total outlay of €63 if your initial stake per column is €1 (i.e., €1 x 63 bets). Betting on a Lucky 63, you need just one winning pick to have some returns. However, the potential earnings depend on the number of successful selections and the fixed odds price. Most leading online betting sites allow you to turn a 6-Fold Accumulator into a Lucky 63.

This system mainly refers to Horse Racing and Greyhound bettors, but you can also apply it to a wide variety of sports and markets. The Lucky 63 Calculator for working out your probable earnings in an accurate way, assessing how different stakes and odds will affect your system.

Lucky 63 Calculator

The lucky 63 bet is a 6 selection wager consisting of 63 bets: 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and a six-fold accumulator.

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

Profit per Combination

Combination Profit
(1) -
(2) -
(3) -
(4) -
(5) -
(6) -
(1,2) -
(1,3) -
(1,4) -
(1,5) -
(1,6) -
(2,3) -
(2,4) -
(2,5) -
(2,6) -
(3,4) -
(3,5) -
(3,6) -
(4,5) -
(4,6) -
(5,6) -
(1,2,3) -
(1,2,4) -
(1,2,5) -
(1,2,6) -
(1,3,4) -
(1,3,5) -
(1,3,6) -
(1,4,5) -
(1,4,6) -
(1,5,6) -
(2,3,4) -
(2,3,5) -
(2,3,6) -
(2,4,5) -
(2,4,6) -
(2,5,6) -
(3,4,5) -
(3,4,6) -
(3,5,6) -
(4,5,6) -
(1,2,3,4) -
(1,2,3,5) -
(1,2,3,6) -
(1,2,4,5) -
(1,2,4,6) -
(1,2,5,6) -
(1,3,4,5) -
(1,3,4,6) -
(1,3,5,6) -
(1,4,5,6) -
(2,3,4,5) -
(2,3,4,6) -
(2,3,5,6) -
(2,4,5,6) -
(3,4,5,6) -
(1,2,3,4,5) -
(1,2,3,4,6) -
(1,2,3,5,6) -
(1,2,4,5,6) -
(1,3,4,5,6) -
(2,3,4,5,6) -
(1,2,3,4,5,6) -

How to use our Lucky 63 Calculator

A Lucky 63 is one of the most expensive system bets, so it’s vital to understand each sub-bet impact and choose the appropriate stake to have a healthy profit. Our Lucky 63 Calculator is an essential tool to work out this enormous wager and evaluate each pick’s odds. You need only one winning selection to get returns, but it’s not enough to secure earnings. So, using this tool, you can accurately determine all possibilities if you have from one up to six winners just following these steps.

⏩Αdd the six selections and the odds of your selections and then decide the Bet Amount.

⏩Enter the “Stake per Bet” option, placing your initial stake for each pick separately, or select the “Total Combined Stake.” Our Lucky 63 Calculator will divide it into 63 sub-bets. If you want to stake a different amount on the Doubles, Trebles, 4-Folds, 5-Folds, and the 6-Folds, select the “Stake per Part” option.

⏩Choose the status of the starting picks (“Win,” “Loss,” “Void”) and tap the “Calculate” button.

What is a Lucky 63

Risk Management Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectThe Lucky 63 Bet allows you to collect a small return, even with one winning pick. Depending on the odds, you can usually profit with three winners out of the total six. To understand what is a Lucky 63, name your selections “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” “E,” and “F,” break down all the sub-bets and explore the structure of this system. In the table below, you can find all the possible combinations.

63 Bets Selection Combinations
1 6-Fold ABCDEF
20 Trebles ABC - ABD - ABE - ABF - ACD - ACE - ACF - ADE - ADF - AEF - BCD - BCE - BCF - BDE - BDF - BEF - CDE - CDF - CEF - DEF
15 Doubles AB - AC - AD - AE - AF - BC - BD - BE - BF - CD - CE - CF - DE - DF - EF
6 Singles A - B - C - D - E - F

What is a Lucky 63 Bet in Horse Racing

The popularity of the Lucky 63 System is increasing for race bettors because it creates multiple winning combinations. If most of the starting picks are winners, that type of bet boosts the chances of massive returns. However, the most critical factor is that one unsuccessful selection isn’t a loser as it happens with traditional ACCAs. Let’s take an example based on six races’ picks to comprehend Lucky 63 Bet in Horse Racing. We chose favorites at 3.00+ odds, with a €1 stake per column, which means a total cost of €63.

Races Picks Odds Status
Vaal (SA) - Race 4 Gemcutter 4.00 WIN
Exeter - Race 4 Amarillo Sky 4.50 WIN
Newcastle - Race 4 Dingo Dollar 3.00 WIN
Clonmel - Race 4 Runrized 3.00 WIN
Delta Downs - Race 5 Hallajoori 3.50 WIN
Philadelphia - Race 7 Brees Bayou 3.50 WIN

👉If all six horses win, using our Lucky 63 Bet Calculator, you can cumulate the total outcome (i.e., €8,909) and the profit (i.e., €8,846). In the worst scenario, with only one winner (e.g., Hallajoori wins @3.50 odds), the total return will be €3.50 and the overall loss €59.50.

How does a Lucky 63 work each way

Cash out betting sitesTaking the example above and turning it into an E/W bet, with €1 stake per bet, the total outlay will be €126. An Each Way Lucky 63 includes 126 sub-wagers; 63 to Win and 63 to Place. To understand how it works each way, let’s say that from the total six selections, we have four winners and two placed picks with “1/2 first and second” terms (i.e., E/W odds = 1/2 x WIN odds).

Races Picks Odds Status
Vaal (SA) - Race 4 Gemcutter 2.50 2nd Place
Exeter - Race 4 Amarillo Sky 4.50 WIN
Newcastle - Race 4 Dingo Dollar 3.00 WIN
Clonmel - Race 4 Runrized 3.00 WIN
Delta Downs - Race 5 Hallajoori 3.50 WIN
Philadelphia - Race 7 Brees Bayou 2.25 2nd Place

👉With a Lucky 63 Calculator, we can instantly see the effect of two “Placed” picks if Gemcutter and Brees Bayou finish in 2nd position at 2.50 and 2.25 odds. If the rest of the selections are still winners, our “Win-to-Win and Place-to-Place” Lucky 63 returns a total of €4,898.50 and €4,772.50 in clear profit. In the case of two winners, two placed picks, and two losses, the earnings are undoubtedly lower. If Runrized and Dingo Dollar occur the 2nd, the outcome is €304.28 and the profit €178.28.

How to get the One Winner Bonus for a Lucky 63

This system wager commonly applies two types of bonuses, the “All Winner” and “One Winner Consolation Bonus,” and rarely the “One Loser %” offer. Placing a Lucky 63 Bet with six winning selections, you can enjoy a 25% bonus based on your total returns. Some of the most known bookmakers, like Betfred and William Hill, provide the “All Winner Bonus” that boosts the value of a winning 6-Fold system with Singles. According to the example above, the winning system brings back €11,136.25 compared to €8,909 if you place the bet without the “All Winner Bonus.”

If you only have one winning pick (e.g., Hallajoori wins @3.50 odds), the “One Winner Consolation” provides doubled or tripled odds. Using our Lucky 63 Bet Calculator, you can realize how to get that bonus and reduce your losses. If your wager applies to doubled odds, with €1 stake per bet, from €59.50, the overall losses are now €57.00, with Hallajoori, the only winner of the starting system. If you can secure the “One Winner Bonus” with tripled odds, you can reduce your losses to €54.50.

Why use our Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

Betting on politicsThe crucial advantage of using our Bet Calculators is to comprehend if your system bet is profitable or if you should break your selections on straight ACCAs and Singles. Lucky 63 is a coverall bet, but it’s also controversial because of the high cost. With the Lucky 63 Bet Calculator, you can explore the potential outcomes and define how many winning picks you should have to gain a healthy profit. A second essential benefit is the complete understanding of the odds effect on the overall returns. You can add and try different fixed prices with an easy calculation process.

It isn’t effortless to see all the different outcomes of 63 combinations by yourself; our tool provides this service automatically. For example, you can change each selection’s status to compensate for the odds of a Void pick. The Lucky 63 Calculator will cumulate the starting price of the remaining sub-bets for you. It can also help you work out your probable bonuses based on a Lucky 63 Bet, as can Dead Heats and Rule 4 deductions for Horse Racing and Greyhound bettors.

Best Bookmakers for Lucky 63 Bets

The list below reveals the leading online bookies that offer bonuses, value odds and a wide range of markets and sports for Lucky 63 Bets.

Q: What is an Each Way Lucky 63?

The system contains 126 bets, 63 “Win” and 67 “Place” picks. It costs double the value of a straight L63, so a €63 Lucky 63 is a €126 E/W L63.

Q: How a Non-Runner/Void selection affects a Lucky 63?

Placing a Lucky 63 System when a pick becomes Non-Runner or Void, the starting wager turns into a 5-selections L63 involving the remaining Singles, one 5-Fold ACCA, 4-Folds, Trebles, and Doubles.

Q: What is the main difference between a Lucky 63 Bet and a Heinz?

A Lucky 63 consists of 63 bets, Heinz’s 57 sub-bets, plus the six Singles. Placing this wager type, you require one winning pick to secure returns, in addition to Heinz Βets, where you should have a minimum of two. With a €1 stake per column, an L63 system costs €63, €7 more expensive than a Heinz.

Q: Which bonus types are available for Lucky 63 bets?

A Lucky 63 is applicable on three types of bonuses; the “All Winner Bonus (%)” with a 25% cashback on the total outcome in most leading bookies and the “One Winner Consolation.” This offer enhances the value of your wager with only one winner. The “One Loser Bonus (%)” it’s a rare offer for systems with just one loser.

Q: Is a Lucky 63 Bet worth its value?

This wager type is complicated and expensive but secures some small returns with just one winning pick. In that case, a straight ACCA is lost. The crucial part to place a Lucky 63 Bet is to be confident that you will have three at least successful selections with a minimum of 3.00 odds each to take your initial stake back.

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