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Lucky 31 Calculator

The Lucky 31 Bet is a Full Cover system based on five selections. It contains five Singles, ten Doubles, ten Trebles, five 4-Folds, and one 5-Fold, for a total of 31 bets. This wager has the same structure as the Canadian Bet (i.e., Super Yankee) and includes the Singles. It requires one winning selection to trigger a payout and is more expensive than a Super Yankee.

If your initial stake per bet is €1, the total outlay will be €31 (i.e., €1 x 31 bets). As it happens with all betting systems that work, the potential returns massively depend on the number of winning picks and the fixed odds.

All leading online betting sites offer the flexibility to turn a 5-Fold ACCA into a Lucky 31 System, applying it to a broader range of sports and markets. Using our Lucky 31 Calculator, you can figure out your wager’s profit with an accurate process avoiding all the manual, complicated maths.

Lucky 31 Calculator

The lucky 31 bet is a 5 selection wager consisting of 31 bets: 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and a five-fold accumulator.

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

Profit per Combination

Combination Profit
(1) -
(2) -
(3) -
(4) -
(5) -
(1,2) -
(1,3) -
(1,4) -
(1,5) -
(2,3) -
(2,4) -
(2,5) -
(3,4) -
(3,5) -
(4,5) -
(1,2,3) -
(1,2,4) -
(1,2,5) -
(1,3,4) -
(1,3,5) -
(1,4,5) -
(2,3,4) -
(2,3,5) -
(2,4,5) -
(3,4,5) -
(1,2,3,4) -
(1,2,3,5) -
(1,2,4,5) -
(1,3,4,5) -
(2,3,4,5) -
(1,2,3,4,5) -

How to Use Our Lucky 31 Calculator

BMB_Implied_OddsIt’s normal to face difficulties realizing the impact of one or more unsuccessful picks in a system that includes 31 sub-bets. If you have from one to five winners, the total outcome is totally different in each case. Here is the main benefit of our Lucky 31 Calculator. The tool provides everything you need to change your starting selections and the odds.

You can also try different stakes to decide how much you can invest, seeking a higher profit if all selections are winners or secure returns close to break-even if you have one or more losses. Read on these steps to determine your system’s potential earnings using our Lucky 31 Bet Calculator.

⏩ Add the odds of your five selections and choose the Bet Amount.

⏩ Enter the “Stake per Bet” if you want to place the amount of money for each sub-bet separately. The second option is to enter the “Total Combined Stake,” and our tool will equally divide it into 31 bets. In both cases, the Lucky 31 Calculator will automatically show the overall value of your system. If you want to stake a different amount on the Doubles, Trebles, 4-Folds, and the 5-Fold, select the “Stake per Part” option.

⏩ Choose the status of the starting selections (“Win,” “Loss,” “Void”) and tap the “Calculate” button.

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How to Work Out a Lucky 31 Bet

BMB_LegalA crucial factor in realizing the overall Lucky 31 benefits is understanding how each sub-bet affects the total profit or loss. Before you use our tool, you should know how to work out a Lucky 31 Bet. Name your picks “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” and “E,” and explore every part of this system. The table below demonstrates all the different combinations.

31 Bets Selection Combinations
1 5-Fold ABCDE
5 4-Folds ABCD - ABCE - ABDE - ACDE - BCDE
10 Trebles ABC - ABD - ABE - ACD - ACE - ADE - BCD - BCE - BDE - CDE
10 Doubles AB - AC - AD - AE - BC - BD - BE - CD - CE - DE
5 Singles A - B - C - D - E

What is a Lucky 31 Bet in Football

BMB_Question MarkThis system can secure returns even if you have only one winning selection. That’s the main reason why the Lucky 31 Bet is very popular among bettors. In a typical wager, you will bet five favorites in Football in five different matches.

Let’s take an example based on a €31 Lucky 31 Bet (€1 stake per bet x 31 bets); Chelsea to WIN Liverpool @2.20 odds, Tottenham to WIN at Fulham @1.83 odds, Everton to WIN at West Brom @1.85 odds, Athletic Bilbao to WIN at Levante @2.00 odds, and Pachuca to WIN at Necaxa @2.40 odds.

The table underneath shows how this bet breaks down and demonstrates what a Lucky 31 in Football is.

Bets Liverpool to WIN Tottenham to WIN Everton to WIN  Athletic Bilbao to WIN Pachuca to WIN Outcome
Single 1 2.20         2.20
Single 2   1.83       1.83
Single 3     1.85     1.85
Single 4       2.00   2.00
Single 5         2.40 2.40
Double 1 2.20 1.83       4.026
Double 2 2.20   1.85     4.07
Double 3 2.20     2.00   4.40
Double 4 2.20       2.40 5.28
Double 5   1.83 1.85     3.3855
Double 6   1.83   2.00   3.66
Double 7   1.83     2.40 4.392
Double 8     1.85 2.00   3.70
Double 9     1.85   2.40 4.44
Double 10       2.00 2.40 4.80
Treble 1 2.20 1.83 1.85     7.4481
Treble 2 2.20 1.83   2.00   8.052
Treble 3 2.20 1.83     2.40 9.6624
Treble 4 2.20   1.85 2.00   8.14
Treble 5 2.20   1.85   2.40 9.768
Treble 6 2.20     2.00 2.40 10.56
Treble 7   1.83 1.85 2.00   6.771
Treble 8   1.83 1.85   2.40 8.1252
Treble 9   1.83   2.00 2.40 8.784
Treble 10     1.85 2.00 2.40 8.88
4-Fold 1 2.20 1.83 1.85 2.00   14.8962
4-Fold 2 2.20 1.83 1.85   2.40 17.8754
4-Fold 3 2.20 1.83   2.00 2.40 19.3248
4-Fold 4 2.20   1.85 2.00 2.40 19.536
4-Fold 5   1.83 1.85 2.00 2.40 16.2504
5-Fold 2.20 1.83 1.85 2.00 2.40 35.7508

If all selections win, our Lucky 31 Calculator shows that the total earnings will be €262.26 and the exact profit €231.26. If only one pick is a winner (e.g., if the highest favorite Pachuca wins @2.40 odds), the overall returns would be €2.40 from just one Single. That means you lost €28.60 from your initial investment.

How to get the Best Bonus for a Lucky 31

BMB_Betting OddsIn addition to the Lucky 15 system, which applies only two types of bonuses, the Lucky 31 provides a rare but existent bonus type, the “One Loser %.” Let’s work out the three bookmakers’ bonuses you can find among the leading online betting sites.

All Winner Bonus (%): If you place a Lucky 31 Bet with all five winning picks, you can apply for this type of bonus which is 20% of the total outcome in most leading bookmakers. The All Winner Bonus can boost your returns. Taking the example above, the total winner Lucky 31 in Football returns €314.712, which means €54.452 more profit. The offer applies to “Win” parts of Each Way Lucky 31 Bets and refers mainly to Horse and Greyhound races.

One Winner Consolation: Besides the all-winning bonuses, which refer to successful Lucky 31 Bets, the “One Winner” bonus enhances the total value of your bet if you have only one winning pick. For the Lucky 31 System, the most common offer is the doubled odds for the correct predictions, but in some bookmakers like Betfred, you can enjoy quadruple odds.

Working out our Lucky 31 Calculator, you can find the total returns based on the example above in the case of one winner pick. Let’s say that only the favorite with the higher odds wins (i.e., Pachuca @2.40 odds). The bet is qualified for the “One Winner Consolation” Bonus with quadruple odds, returning €6.60 from €2.40 without a bonus payout. So, you can reduce losses from the €31 initial investment.

Οne Loser Bonus (%): This offer applies to Lucky 31 Bets with only one unsuccessful pick. It’s an uncommon bonus among the leading betting sites covering a substantial amount of the probable returns in the case of one loser. Like the other bonuses, you will receive 10% to 20% cashback without any restrictions about maximum or minimum stakes or payout limits.

Our Handy Calculators

BMB_Research iconWe aim to make your betting activity easy by calculating sports returns from wagering without losing time. Our tools are free, helping bettors to operate odds, stakes, and profit. Here you can check advanced calcs that can help make betting quicker and more accurate.

Super Heinz Calculator

Lucky 15 Calculator

Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

Why Use Our Lucky 31 Bet Calculator

BMB_Book SpyIt’s complicated enough to work out a wager with 31 sub-bets and probable outcomes. Our tool allows you to comprehend your bet’s possible parameters depending on what you want to achieve. You can determine the total cost and what profit you can secure or the lower potential earnings if you place a Lucky 31 Bet with one winning selection. If you decide to place an Each Way part, the whole procedure becomes more complicated to make the calculations manually.

Even experienced bettors need to use our Lucky 31 Calculator for accurate results. Primarily, they can avoid any miscalculating mistakes if the starting system applies to the All Winner Bonus or One Winner Consolation. A system bet calculator instantly doubles or trebles the odds and shows how the system is positively affected by the overall returns. You should complete the box referring to the bonus calculation and see your total outcome.

The Lucky 31 is a complicated system with many probable outcomes, depending on the status of all 31 parts. Having a Non-Runner sub-bet or a pick on a horse that applies to Rule 4, the Lucky 31 Bet Calculator is an exceptional tool to understand how your bet is affected by these conditions quickly.

Best Bookmakers for Lucky 31 Bets

The list below reveals the best odds betting sites that offer bonuses, high prices, and a broader range of sports and markets for Lucky 31 Bets.

Q: How many bets are included in an Each Way Lucky 31?

An E/W Lucky 31 Bet consists of 62 bets; 31 wagers for the winning picks and 31 for the “Place” selections. It’s twice as expensive as the straight version, which means a €31 Lucky 31 is a €62 E/W Lucky 31.

Q: Can an Each Way Lucky 31 qualifiy for the straight system’s bonuses?

The All Winner Bonus applies only for the winning parts of an E/W Lucky 31 Bet. If you qualify for the One Winner Consolation Bonus, you just get extra odds on the one successful pick for the wager’s win part. There aren’t doubled or trebled odds for the selection being placed.

Q: What is the main difference between a Lucky 31 and a Super Yankee?

The fundamental difference between these system types is the five Singles that Lucky 31 includes. A Super Yankee consists of 26 bets with the same selections’ combination without Singles in the overall outcome.

Q: What happens in a Lucky 31 bet with a Non-Runner sub-bet?

A Non-Runner leg or more in a Lucky 31 doesn't reduce the overall number of sub-bets. The system will become a 4-Fold system with one Non-Runner with all Doubles, and Trebles become Singles and Doubles alongside a 4-Fold ACCA.

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