Goliath Bet Calculator

A Goliath Bet is an extensive system that consists of eight selections from different sports or non-sport events. These picks produce 247 bets involving 28 Doubles, 56 Trebles, 70 4-Folds, 56 5-Folds, 28 6-Folds, eight 7-Folds, and one 8-Fold. At first glance, it looks like an excellent opportunity to receive a massive payout. However, to create this system, you need significant investment. If the starting stake is €1 per column, the total outlay will be €247 (i.e., €1 x 247 bets). You need at least two successful picks to collect some returns and commonly five to make a profit. Our Goliath Bet Calculator is an exceptional tool that saves time and helps you avoid errors trying manually to work out 247 different bets.

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How to use our Goliath Bet Calculator

Ιf you have none or only one winning pick, then your Goliath Bet will be unsuccessful. Otherwise, the two factors that determine the potential payout are winning selections and the odds. Our tool helps you work out all the probable returns instantly. Follow the steps underneath and discover how to use our Goliath Bet Calculator, with two up to eight winning selections.

⏩Add the “Stake per Bet” with the amount of money per column, or set an individual Bet Amount for each Double (28), Treble (56), 4-Fold (70), 5-Fold (56), 6-Fold (28), 7-Fold (8), 8-Fold (1) choosing the “Stake per Part”. In both cases, our Goliath Calculator will automatically cumulate the total outlay.

⏩Choose every prediction’s status, either “Win,” “Loss,” and “Void.”

⏩Tap the “Calculate” button to discover the potential returns and your total profit or loss depending on the outcomes.

What is a Goliath Bet in Ηorse Racing

The wager’s framework allows you to combine picks from different sports. However, it better suits players who focus on one sport and want to take advantage of it in a big tournament. For example, for football fans, the eight matches played each night at the UEFA Champions League group stages correspond to the number of picks required for a Goliath Bet. For Horse Racing fans, there is great flexibility when major events are happening, like the Cheltenham Festival. You can easily choose among the 28 high-level jump races. Here is an example based on eight Cheltenham Festival’s favorites with a €1 stake per bet.

Cheltenham Races Picks Odds Status
Arkle Chase Shishkin 1.90 WIN
Champion Hurdle Honeysuckle 3.75 WIN
Mares’ Hurdle Concertista 2.10 WIN
National Hunt Chase Galvin 5.00 WIN
Ballymore Novices’ Hurdle Gaillard Du Mesnil 4.00 WIN
Coral Cup Grand Roi 10.00 WIN
Grand Annual Sky Pirate 9.00 WIN
Triumph Hurdle Zanahiyr 3.50 WIN

👉Using the Goliath Bet Calculator, you can realize that if all predictions are successful, you will receive €634,091.88 with a massive total profit of €633,844.88, betting €1 per column. On the other hand, if only the first five selections are winners, the returns will be €1,263.33 and the earnings €1,016.33. That means you manage to multiply your starting investment by almost four times.

How does a Dead Heat affect a Goliath Bet

Risk Management Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectIt’s evident that a full-winning Goliath Bet can produce an enormous profit. However, there is an annoying situation called a Dead Heat in races that reduces the potential earnings. It happens when two horses are joint winners in one race. In this case, bettors get paid half the stake at the starting odds.

For example, in the Coral Cup race, if Grand Roi (@10.00 odds) finishes at first place with another horse, there is a two-way Dead Heat condition. A standard Goliath Bet Calculator instantly divides the total stake by the number of places in the Dead Heat (i.e., two) and multiplies the result by the starting odds of the pick to get your overall return. In this case, your wager collects €345,855, which makes the total profit €345,608.

If a second Dead Heat situation occurs, you have to follow the same process. For example, let’s also say Sky Pirate (@9.00 odds) finishes at the same time as another horse. The Goliath Calculator informs you that your payout is €190,208.89 and the profit €189,961.89. That means an 8-Fold system with two Deaded Heated picks and six winners can reduce the potential profit four times. Finally, using our Bet Calculators also helps you understand how your wager is affected by a Void part.

Why use our Goliath Calculator

Betting on politicsConstructing a Goliath Bet isn’t so different from other systems with many selections, such as a Canadian or a Super Heinz. You can do your research and choose the markets to bet on, deciding to place this wager type. Using the Goliath Calculator, you can instantly and accurately work out all the probable outcomes. Betting on these systems, you intend to have some returns with two up to eight winning picks. With our tool, you can explore all the possibilities and evaluate the selections you have made and their odds.

It’s not comfortable and sufficient to figure out these actions manually. There is always the possibility to have a Void situation, for example. This condition increases the level of difficulty of the calculations. So, our Goliath Bet Calculator provides all these possibilities as defaults, offering you the option to choose each part of your bet status and determine how successful your placed wager is.

Best Bookmakers for Goliath Bets

The list underneath shows the best online bookmakers that offer a wide range of markets in all sports and the highest odds to create a Goliath Bet.

Q: Why does a bettor need at least two winning selections?

This system wager consists of 247 bets, but not one Single. A bettor needs a minimum of two winning picks to have returns on the starting stake, creating a Double.

Q: How does a Non-Runner/Void Bet selection affect the Bet?

If you place this 8-Fold system with a Non-Runner/Void pick, your wager becomes a 7-Fold Goliath that includes one 7-Fold ACCA, 5-Folds, 4-Folds, Trebles, Doubles, and Singles. It’s obvious that all the possible combos, the returns, and the total profit are affected.

Q: Can I place an Each Way Goliath Bet?

An E/W Goliath consists of 494 bets; 247 for the “Win” selections and 247 bets for the “Place” picks. A €247 Goliath Bet with €1 stake per column is a €494 E/W Goliath. It’s simple to place this type of wager, tapping the “E/W” box on your betslip.

Q: What is the difference between a Goliath and a Super Goliath Bet?

The two complicated systems are based on eight selections, but the Super Goliath also includes the placed selections as Singles. So, a 247 sub-bets Goliath becomes a 255 sub-bets Super Goliath. With this type of bet, you can have small returns even if you have only one winning selection.

Q: Is Goliath Bet a worthy betting system?

Goliath is an expensive System Bet which is a significant drawback. For example, you are risking €12.35 even with a small stake per bet of €0.05. If a bettor is confident of predicting five or more from a total of eight selections, it can be profitable with no short odds.

Q: What is a Goliath Bet?

This system type involves eight selections from different sports events. When you place the picks, the Goliath Bet cumulates every possible outcome except Singles creating 247 individual bets.

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