Canadian Bet Calculator

The Canadian Bet, also known as a Super Yankee Bet, is a complicated system based on five selections. It includes ten Doubles, ten Trebles, five 4-Folds, and one 5-Fold ACCA for 26 bets. This wager type requires at least two winning selections to trigger a payout. If your initial stake per column is €2, the total combined stake will be €52 (i.e., 2€ x 26 bets). It’s quite an expensive bet with the potential returns ultimately depending on the winning picks’ odds. This system is primarily used in Horse Racing, but you can also apply it to a range of other sports. All leading bookmakers give you the option to turn your 5-Fold ACCA into a Super Yankee. With our Canadian Bet Calculator, you can work out the potential earnings with a quick and accurate process without spending too much time on complicated maths.

Canadian Bet Calculator

The Canadian bet is a wager on 5 selections consisting of 26 bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold's and a five-fold accumulator

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

Profit per Combination

Combination Profit
(1,2) -
(1,3) -
(1,4) -
(1,5) -
(2,3) -
(2,4) -
(2,5) -
(3,4) -
(3,5) -
(4,5) -
(1,2,3) -
(1,2,4) -
(1,2,5) -
(1,3,4) -
(1,3,5) -
(1,4,5) -
(2,3,4) -
(2,3,5) -
(2,4,5) -
(3,4,5) -
(1,2,3,4) -
(1,2,3,5) -
(1,2,4,5) -
(1,3,4,5) -
(2,3,4,5) -
(1,2,3,4,5) -

How to use our Canadian Bet Calculator

The crucial part of placing a profitable Super Yankee Bet is to realize the immediate impact of one, two, or three losing selections. The two winning picks usually mean that you will receive less of your initial stake back. The outcome massively depends on the odds of the selections. To be accurate and save valuable time, you should use our Canadian Bet Calculator. Follow these steps to determine the potential returns with two up to five winning picks.

⏩Enter the odds of your five selections.

⏩Select the “Stake per Bet” option and set the amount per column separately. Our tool will automatically cumulate the total outlay (i.e., Stake per Bet x 26) of your system. If you want to stake a different amount on the Doubles, Trebles, 4-Folds, and the 5-Fold, select the “Stake per Part” option.

⏩Enter one of the default options for each selection, either “Win,” “Loss,” and “Void.”

What is a Canadian Bet

bet with TransferWiseA Canadian Bet includes five selections for a total of 26 bets. This system comprises ten Doubles, ten Trebles, five 5-Folds, and one 5-Fold accumulator. The table below demonstrates all the different combinations in a Super Yankee.

26 Bets Selection Combinations
10 Doubles AB - AC - AD - AE - BC - BD - BE - CD - CE - DE
10 Trebles ABC - ABD - ABE - ACD - ACE - ADE - BCD - BCE - BDE - CDE
5 4-Folds ABCD - ABCE - ABDE - ACDE - BCDE
1 5-Fold ABCDE

How does a Super Yankee Bet work on Horse Racing

This type of system can win money for you even if one, two, or three of your selections are wrong. That’s the reason which explains the popularity of the Super Yankee Bet among horse bettors. In a standard wager, you will bet five horses to win or place (i.e., Straight or Each Way) in five different races. Let’s say you set a €52 Canadian Bet (€2 stake per bet x 26 bets) on five favorites; Calv D’Auge to WIN Race 9 at Kempton @2.87 odds, Bobby Joe Leg to WIN Race 7 at Newcastle @2.50 odds, Aziza to WIN Race 2 at Moonee Valley @4.40, Lady Yendor to WIN Race 3 at Townsville @3.40 odds, and Mega Millions to WIN Race 4 at Charles Town @2.25 odds. Here is an example to comprehend how does a Super Yankee Bet work.

Bets Calv D'Auge to WIN Bobby Joe Leg to WIN Aziza to WIN Lady Yendor to WIN Mega Millions to WIN Outcome
Double 1 2.87 2.50       7.175
Double 2 2.87   4.40     12.628
Double 3 2.87     3.40   9.758
Double 4 2.87       2.25 6.4575
Double 5   2.50 4.40     11
Double 6   2.50   3.40   8.5
Double 7   2.50     2.25 5.625
Double 8     4.40 3.40   14.96
Double 9     4.40   2.25 9.9
Double 10       3.40 2.25 7.65
Treble 1 2.87 2.50 4.40     31.57
Treble 2 2.87 2.50   3.40   24.395
Treble 3 2.87 2.50     2.25 16.1438
Treble 4 2.87   4.40 3.40   42.9352
Treble 5 2.87   4.40   2.25 28.413
Treble 6 2.87     3.40 2.25 21.9555
Treble 7   2.50 4.40 3.40   37.4
Treble 8   2.50 4.40   2.25 24.75
Treble 9   2.50   3.40 2.25 19.125
Treble 10     4.40 3.40 2.25 33.66
4-Fold 1 2.87 2.50 4.40 3.40   107.338
4-Fold 2 2.87 2.50 4.40   2.25 71.0325
4-Fold 3 2.87 2.50   3.40 2.25 54.8889
4-Fold 4 2.87   4.40 3.40 2.25 96.6042
4-Fold 5   2.50 4.40 3.40 2.25 84.15
5-Fold 2.87 2.50 4.40 3.40 2.25 241.5105

👉If all of your selections are winners, our Super Yankee Calculator tells us that your total earnings will be €2,059.05. But let’s see what happens if only two of your picks are winners. For example, if only the lowest favorite Mega Millions @2.25 odds and the highest favorite Aziza @4.40 win, your total returns would be €19.80. Τhat means you lost €32.20 from your €52 initial investment.

How does Rule 4 apply to a Canadian Bet

In the case of Rule 4 deductions, you will undoubtedly understand the value of using our Canadian Bet Calculator. It’s a very annoying condition that affects the total payout even if all the selected horses win. Taking the example above, let’s say that three horses (i.e., Gimmie Par, Smart Ace, and Tycoon Humma) are withdrawn from Moonee Valley’s Race 2, where Aziza is the favorite @4.40 odds.

The 13-horses race becomes a 10-horse race, so a 20p Rule 4 will apply. That means a 20% percentage is taken from each €1 of winnings. The Canadian Bet you placed is still a winner, but you will take less profit from Aziza’s win. Using a Super Yankee Calculator, you can understand how the Rule 4 deductions affect your wager. Now, your Total Returns are €1,796.99, which means €262.06 less than a full-winning Canadian.

Why use our Super Yankee Calculator

Betting on politicsThe Canadian Bet is made for bettors who build their strategy on systems with many selections. The main target is to cover their winning chances while spreading the risk simultaneously. Super Yankees are a controversial type of bet, which costs a considerable amount of money. Even experienced players need to use our Canadian Bet Calculator for quick and accurate results. The simplified theory “I choose five, I want two to win” is a slight draft conclusion. There are different probabilities based on the odds you will add. It would help if you were extremely careful in every pick to receive a break-even with two winning selections and a profit with at least three.

You can work out the odds with our Super Yankee Calculator and create possible outcomes with different selections. In this way, you secure that you will profit even with two winners, which is quite demanding. However, you need 26 successful ACCAs to collect a full payout; undoubtedly, it’s not the most probable scenario in the world. Especially if you decide to make a significant investment with a high stake per column, it’s essential to use Bet Calculators and explore your bet’s possible options. For example, how will your returns be affected if one of your selected races is covered by Rule 4 deduction?

Best Bookmakers for Super Yankees Bets

The list below shows the leading online betting sites that offer a broad range of markets and the highest odds for Canadian Bets or Super Yankees. All of them accept players from your country.

Q: How many bets are in an Each Way Canadian Bet?

An Each Way Canadian Bet (or an E/W Super Yankee Bet) consists of 52 bets; 26 bets for the “Win” selections and 26 bets for the “Place” selections. Also, it’s twice as expensive as Straight Canadian. For example, a €52 Canadian is a €104 E/W Canadian Bet.

Q: What are the differences between a Super Yankee and a Lucky 31 Bet?

The structure of those types of wagers is the same, but there is one fundamental difference. Lucky 31 contains five more bets, the single selections that create the system. So, a Lucky 31 has a total of 31 bets, in contrast with a Canadian, which has 26.

Q: Do online bookmakers that accept Canadian Bets offer bonuses?

Most leading bookmakers with Canadians/Super Yankees options offer bonuses if all selections are winners. The “All Winner Bonus” is rarely shown on sportsbooks, and it refers to horse races and major events mostly.

Q: What is a Canadian Bet on the Irish Lottery?

You can build your strategy on the Irish Lotto System by choosing different bet types, so the Canadian is one of them. If you select five potential winning numbers, you can cumulate your earnings as a typical Canadian, depending on how many of your numbers are correct.

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