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Yankee Bet Calculator

The Yankee Bet is a Full Cover based on four selections; six Doubles, four Trebles, and one 4-Fold Accumulator, for a total of eleven bets. If your initial stake per column is €1, the total combined stake will be €11 (i.e., €1 x 11 bets), as you can observe using our Yankee Bet Calculator.

Yankees don’t include Single Bets, and the main advantage against a 4-Fold ACCA is that it helps you minimize your potential losses by securing the starting stake. Using this system means that you can get returns even if only two selections win; the total potential profit depends on your picks’ individual odds.

All markets are available, as well as a broad range of sporting events. For example, you can place a Yankee Bet based on two WDW selections from the English Premier League and the Championship. Then you can add two Outright Bets on Roland Garros in tennis and National Hockey winner League in the same wager. Our Yankee Bet Calculator will help you to determine the probable earnings just in a few seconds.

Yankee Bet Calculator

The yankee bet is a 4 selection wager consisting of 11 bets: 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator.

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

Profit per Combination

Combination Profit
(1,2) -
(1,3) -
(1,4) -
(2,3) -
(2,4) -
(3,4) -
(1,2,3) -
(1,2,4) -
(1,3,4) -
(2,3,4) -
(1,2,3,4) -

How to Use Our Yankee Calculator

BMB_Implied_OddsIn order to calculate your potential profit, you should first do the maths and find the total outcome of eleven bets of your four selections. That’s not an easy process, and without our tool, it’s not easy to determine the immediate impact of one or two losing picks on your bet. If you want to save time, use our Yankee Bet Calculator by following these steps.

⏩ Set the odds of your Yankee Bet’s four picks.

⏩ Εnter the “Stake per Bet” option and place a Bet Amount for each stake separately. Our tool will automatically show the total how to find value bets in football and other sports. You can also use the “Total Combined Stake” as an alternative; our Yankee Bet Calculator will equally divide your total amount into eleven bets. If you want to stake different amounts on the Yankee’s pieces, select the “Stake per Part” option.

⏩ Tap the “Calculate” button, and you will instantly learn your potential returns and profit if you win at least two selections.

How to Work Out a Yankee Bet

BMB_ListΑ Yankee Bet contains eleven bets, which you should place with the same stake per column. Ιt’s crucial to understand that every one of your selections affects three of the six Doubles, three of the four Trebles, and the 4-Fold ACCA. Let’s take a closer look at how to work out a Yankee Bet. These are the eleven bets that comprise your wager, naming your selections as “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.”

⏩ 1st Double on selections “A” and “B.”
⏩ 2nd Double on selections “A” and “C.”
⏩ 3rd Double on selections “A” and “D.”
⏩ 4th Double on selections “B” and “C.”
⏩ 5th Double on selections “B” and “D.”
⏩ 6th Double on selections “C” and “D.”
⏩ 1st Treble on selections “A,” “B,” and “C.”
⏩ 2nd Treble on selections “A,” “B,” and “D.”
⏩ 3rd Treble on selections “A,” “C,” and “D.”
⏩ 4th Treble on selections “B,” “C,” and “D.”
⏩ One 4-Fold ACCA on selections “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.”

Use our Yankee Bet Calculator to figure out your potential returns. We advise you to choose markets with at least 2.00 (1/1) odds to earn back your starting stake if at least two selections win and make a profit if you have three or four winners.

Also Read: How to use a Patent Calculator.

What is a Yankee Bet

BMB_BankrollYankees are very popular in Soccer, Horse Racing, and Greyhounds, but you can also aim at high profits generally on Outrights. Let’s say you want to place an €11 bet (€1 stake per bet x 11 bets) on England to WIN Euro @6.50 odds, Novak Djokovic to WIN the Australian Open @2.10 odds, Penrith Panthers to WIN the Australian NRL @5.50 odds, and Michael Van Gerwen to WIN Premier League Darts @3.20 odds. Here is an example to understand what is a Yankee Bet on Outright Betting.

Bets England to WIN Euro Djokovic to WIN Australian Open Penrith to WIN NRL Van Gerwen to WIN PL Darts Outcome
Double 1 6.50 2.10     13.65
Double 2 6.50   5.50   35.75
Double 3 6.50     3.20 20.8
Double 4   2.10 5.50   11.55
Double 5   2.10   3.20 6.72
Double 6     5.50 3.20 17.6
Treble 1 6.50 2.10 5.50   75.075
Treble 2 6.50 2.10   3.20 43.68
Treble 3 6.50   5.50 3.20 114.4
Treble 4   2.10 5.50 3.20 36.96
4-Fold 6.50 2.10 5.50 3.20 240.24

Using our Yankee Bet Calculator, you can determine that if all of your selections are winners, your total returns will be €616.43. Creating a Yankee on Outrights and betting on favorites, like in the above example, might be a profitable strategy even if only two of your picks are winners. Let’s see what happens if two of these selections lose. If England wins the Euro, and Michael Van Gerwen wins the Premier League Darts, your total returns would be €20.80. That’s still a €9.80 profit.

What is an Each Way Yankee Bet

BMB_Enhanced_OddsAn E/W Yankee Bet contains two different Yankees; one for the selections to WIN and one for the selections to PLACE, for a total of 22 bets. Let’s turn the example above into an Each Way Yankee Bet with “1/2 first and second” terms, which means that the odds to place are halved, and the bet wins if the selected teams or athletes reach the Final seeded 2nd. Now, the starting €1 stake multiplied by 22, making the initial outlay stand at €22. Using a common Each Way Yankee Calculator, you can automatically determine the potential winnings if Djokovic loses the Australian Open’s Final and Penrith takes 2nd place on NRL.

Win-Yankee Bet

This part of our E/W Yankee pays only one double, which means a €20.8 profit. You should add the half-odds for Djokovic (1.55) and Penrith (3.25) to a Yankee Calculator to determine the total returns on the Place-Yankee part.

Bets England to WIN Euro Djokovic to WIN Australian Open Penrith to WIN NRL Van Gerwen to WIN PL Darts Outcome
Double 1 6.50 0     0
Double 2 6.50   0   0
Double 3 6.50     3.20 20.8
Double 4   0 0   0
Double 5   0   3.20 0
Double 6     0 3.20 0
Treble 1 6.50 0 0   0
Treble 2 6.50 0   3.20 0
Treble 3 6.50   0 3.20 0
Treble 4   0 0 3.20 0
4-Fold 6.50 0 0 3.20 0

Place-Yankee Bet

If you add both the WIN and PLACE selections’ returns, your total profit would be €346.68. In this case, your payout is prosperous because Djokovic and Penrith finish their tournaments in a “place” position.

Bets England to WIN Euro Djokovic to PLACE Australian Open Penrith to PLACE NRL Van Gerwen to WIN PL Darts Outcome
Double 1 6.50 1.55     13.65
Double 2 6.50   3.25   35.75
Double 3 6.50     3.20 20.8
Double 4   1.55 3.25   11.55
Double 5   1.55   3.20 6.72
Double 6     3.25 3.20 17.6
Treble 1 6.50 1.55 3.25   75.075
Treble 2 6.50 1.55   3.20 43.68
Treble 3 6.50   3.25 3.20 114.4
Treble 4   1.55 3.25 3.20 36.96
4-Fold 6.50 1.55 3.25 3.20 240.24

What is a Permed Yankee Bet

BMB_Calculate_ProfitsA Permutation Yankee is a type of bet where you can pick five selections and place a system based on them. In order to understand what a Permed Yankee Bet is, name your picks “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” and “E,” and create five Yankees (A-B-C-D, A-B-C-E, A-B-D-E, A-C-D-E, B-C-D-E). A 5-Fold Permed Yankee Bet includes 55 individual bets (i.e., 5 Yankees x 11 bets each) and costs five times what a typical Yankee does. An €11 Yankee (€1 for each bet) is a €55 Permed Yankee Bet. This wager type can involve five or six selections in different sports events and is a relatively rare option among bettors.

Other Calculators To Use

BMB_Research iconOur primary target is to protect your betting activity by calculating your sports betting returns without false maths. The tools may help you to evaluate odds, stakes, and winnings. Here you can find our best calculators and make betting more accurate.

Canadian Bet Calculator

Lucky 63 Calculator

Why Use Our Yankee Bet Calculator

BMB_Book SpyYankees are expensive wagers because the starting stake is multiplied by the number of bets included. If you hit two selections on a Yankee Bet, you may not break even on the overall outcome. Using a system bet calculator is essential because it helps you understand when you should select it and when not. By exploring different outcomes and odds, you will be able to determine the potential earnings. You can add or subtract a selection in just a few seconds by merely changing the selections on our Yankee Calculator.

You need to choose a minimum of two winners to collect returns. Analyzing every selection’s odds is vital because it affects the overall payout of Doubles and Trebles included in the system. Using this tool is an easy and quick process to realize when it’s profitable to place a Yankee and all related wagers like Lucky 15, Permed Yankees, and Super Yankees.

Doing the maths without our Yankee Calculator is complicated because of the many possible outcomes. Especially in an E/W Yankee with 22 bets, to calculate and figure out your potential returns is extremely difficult to divide your total stake into units and add it as a stake per bet. The most critical factor is all the different available options that our Yankee Calculator provides; for example, you can see how a Void Bet affects your wager.

Best Bookmakers for Yankee Bets

In the list below, you can discover the top online bookies that offer high odds and a wide range of markets for betting on Yankees. All of them accept players from your country.

Q: How to calculate a Yankee Bet with a Non-Runner?

Non-Runners affect the payout because they reduce the 4-Fold ACCA’s value and all the combinations of Doubles and Trebles. With one winner and one Non-Runner, you will have the Single winner’s value in a Double, the Double winner’s value in a Treble, etc.

Q: How to place a Yankee Bet in the betslip?

All leading bookmakers allow placing a Yankee quickly, offering an option-box when you can create a 4-Fold ACCA. The only decision that bettors must take is to set the stake per bet and tap the “place” button in their betslip.

Q: What are the differences between a Yankee and a Lucky 15 Bet?

The structure among those types of bets is the same, consisting of four selections and six Doubles, four Trebles, and one 4-Fold. The main difference is that a Lucky 15 includes four Single Bets and a total of 15 bets.

Q: How can you comprehend the differences between a Permed Yankee Bet and a Super Yankee Bet?

A Super Yankee Bet consists of 56 bets and is strictly based on five selections, including 26 parts (10 Doubles, 10 Trebles, five 4-Fold Accumulators, and one 5-Fold ACCA). On the other hand, a Permed Yankee Bet can be placed on five or six selections. The case of five selections includes five Yankees (i.e., 55 combination bets).

Q: Why is this type of wager named a Yankee Bet?

According to an urban legend, the Yankee Bet was named after an American’s soldier huge betting win in the United Kingdom. He introduced this system, extending his payout with a four-selection combination.

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