Patent Calculator

The Patent Bet is a Full Cover Bet that includes three Singles, three Doubles, and a Treble for a total of seven bets. If your starting stake per bet is €2, the total combined stake will be €14 (i.e., €2 x 7 bets). The main advantage of Patents is that even one winning selection can give you some money back. On the other hand, just one losing pick heavily impacts the potential returns, which is a critical drawback. You can easily combine a team to win the Premier League, a tennis player to win the French Open, and a team to conquer the NBA title in the same bet. Using our Patent Calculator helps you avoid all complicated maths and relieves bettors from working out odds and returns.

Patent Calculator

The patent bet is a 3 selection wager consisting of 7 bets: 3 singles, 3 doubles and a treble

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

Profit per Combination

Combination Profit
(1) -
(2) -
(3) -
(1,2) -
(1,3) -
(2,3) -
(1,2,3) -

How to use our Patent Calculator

Imagine a triangle that is your bet; the triangle’s three sides are your Singles. When the three vertices and edges of the triangle are connected, you have a successful Patent Bet. This wager type applies to all sporting events and an unlimited range of markets. In order to use our Patent Calculator, follow these three steps to work out your earnings whether you have one, two, or three winning selections.

⏩Enter the odds of your three selections and then set the Bet Amount.

⏩Select the “Total Combined Stake” option; the Patent Calculator will divide your stake into seven bets. Alternatively, you can use the “Stake per Bet” option and separately place the same amount for each wager. You can also stake a different amount on the three Singles, the three Doubles and the Treble. Our tool will instantly show you the total value of your Patent.

⏩Tap the “Calculate” button, and you will automatically learn the Return and Profit if you win one, two, or all three picks.

How to work out a Patent Bet

It’s vital to understand how this system works to take full advantage of its benefits. Patents consist of seven bets; three Singles, three Doubles, and a Treble. Your initial stake per bet is multiplied by seven to cumulate the total stake of your wager. You can use this system by choosing markets from different sporting events. To separate the parts of this Full Cover Bet, name your selections as “A,” “B,” and “C.” These are the seven bets that comprise your wager.

⏩1st Single on selection ‘’A.’’
⏩2nd Single on selection ‘‘B.’’
⏩3rd Single on selection ‘‘C’.’
⏩1st Double on selections “A” and “B.”
⏩2nd Double on selections “A” and “C.”
⏩3rd Double on selections “B” and “C.”
⏩One Treble on selections “A,” “B,” and “C.”

Use our Patent Calculator to learn your potential winnings. We advise you to select markets with high odds, so even one winning pick gives you a profit. The main benefit against Treble and Trixie Betting is the full-combination safety that it offers. On a Treble or a Trixie, a wrong selection means that your entire bet loses. If you decide to place a Patent Bet, you can collect returns, even with one winning pick.

What is a Patent Bet in Football

With our Patent Calculator, you can determine the exact earnings in a matter of seconds, whether you have one, two, or three successful picks. It’s essential to demonstrate how this tool works using an example based on what is a Patent Bet in Football:

Bet Match Selection Odds
A Torino vs. Fiorentina 2 2.62
B Arsenal vs. Manchester United 2 2.45
C Nantes vs. Monaco 2 1.80

Let’s say you placed a total stake of €21 (€3 stake per bet x 7 bets). There is no profit if all selections lose, obviously. If only Manchester United wins, your returns are Stake per Bet x Manchester United Odds = €3 x 2.45 = €7.35. As you can see, your losses are substantial.

👉If Manchester United and Monaco win, your payout is calculated with one Double and two Singles.

Single Β: Stake per Bet x Manchester United Odds = €7.35.
Single C: Stake per Bet x Monaco Odds = 3€ x 1.80 = €5.40.
Double BC: Stake per Bet x (Manchester United Odds x Monaco Odds) = 3€ x (2.45 x 1.80) = 3€ x 4.41 = €13.23.

So, your Return is Single B + Single C + Double BC = €7.35 + €5.40 + €13.23 = €25.98 and the Profit is €25.98 - €21 = €4.98.

In the case of three winners, you collect earnings for the three Singles, three Doubles, plus the Treble. Using our Patent Calculator, you can instantly determine the exact payout (€101.91) of your successful System Bet.

What is a Permed Patent Bet

This type of System refers to bettors that want to pick more than three selections. For example, a 4-Fold Permed Patent Bet includes four Patents and 28 individual bets. With five selections, you have ten Patents and 70 bets. You can choose up to six markets to add to a permed bet. Of course, the more selections you add, the higher the total stake will be. For example, a 4-selection Permed Patent Bet costs four times what a standard Patent does; a €7 Patent (€1 for each bet) is a €28 Permed Patent.

Why use our Patent Bet Calculator

Betting on politicsThere are exceptional advantages of using our Bet Calculators for a type of bet like a Patent. You can quickly and easily determine your total returns and profit, calculating your wager’s different combinations. A Patent Bet might consist of two underdogs and one favorite. The payout depends on the outcomes, and the returns are entirely different if an underdog wins. The value correlates with which selection(s) you will manage to predict correctly. If you bet on low odds and have only one successful pick, the returns will be less than the total combined stake.

That’s a reason why Patents are very popular among Horse Racing bettors. The market leaders on races provide higher odds than favorites on other sports. You can break even with just one winning selection. Patents are expensive because they offer full-combination safety. If you choose to work out your wager with our Patent Bet Calculator, you can instantly alter the bet’s type. You can also compare the cumulative odds, the potential winnings and decide which system you should wage for a higher profit.

Best Bookmakers for Patent Bets

In the list below, discover the top online betting sites that offer the highest odds and the broader range of markets for Patent Betting. All of them accept players from your country.

Q: What is the difference between a Patent and a Trixie Bet?

Both Patents and Trixies consist of three selections, but the Trixie doesn’t include Single Bets. That’s the reason why with a Patent System, you can generate some profit even if you have only one winning selection.

Q: What is a Union Jack Patent Bet?

This massive System Bet is a 9-selection wager that contains 54 bets overall; eight Trebles, 24 Doubles, and 24 Singles. A Union Jack Patent incorporates eight different Patent Bets and costs as much as eight Patents.

Q: What is an Each Way Patent Bet?

That type of wager contains two different Patents; one of a straight bet based on the selections to win and one for the selections to place. It costs double of a straight Patent; that means a €10 Patent value of €20 if you turn it into an E/W Patent.

Q: How to calculate Permed Patent Bets?

A Permed Patent Bet is a much bigger system bet, which means larger stakes with more Doubles’ and Trebles’ combinations involved. Using a Calculator is essential when placing this wager; you can avoid all complicated maths and learn your potential winnings before you place the bet.

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