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Q: What are the types of an ACCA Bet?

The smaller ACCAs that have less than four selections are called Trebles or Doubles. On an Accumulator Bet, there is no limit to the number of selections in the bet slip. Depending on how many picks you choose to place, there are 4-Fold ACCAs, 5-Folds, 6-Folds, etc.

Q: On which sports can you place a combo bet?

ACCA Bets can be placed on all sports, but you can’t choose multiple markets from the same event. That’s the Bet Builder feature and it has a different betting structure. Moreover, Football and Horse Racing are the most popular sports for ACCA Betting.

Q: What is an Each Way Accumulator?

An E/W ACCA Bet consists of two legs; an ACCA where all selections are winners, and a second part where one or more selections are “To-Place.” These picks have accordingly updated odds depending on each bookmaker’s terms.

Q: What happens if a bet is void?

In the case of a void bet or a Non-Runner in a race, the returns are calculated, assuming the rest of the picks are winners as if you never included this selection in your betslip (i.e., a 5-Fold ACCA will become a 4-Fold).

Q: How does a Draw No Bet affect a multiple?

DNB (Draw No Bet) is a type of wager based on the selections of clear winners. If your preferred match is a draw, then the bet is canceled, and the stake is returned. So, in an ACCA Bet, that means the DNB leg is void, and the rest goes into action.

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