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Accumulator Calculator

An Accumulator Bet is a multiple that combines several selections into one wager and wins only if all are successful. Even if only one leg fails, then the ACCA Bet is a loser. Parlays are available for all sports, and the most popular types are Doubles, Trebles, 4-Folds, and 5-Folds. For example, a football Accumulator can combine a broad range of markets, including Moneyline, Totals on Goals and Corners, and Both Teams To Score selections.

An Accumulator Calculator comes in handy because it helps players avoid all the complicated calculations, offering instant and accurate results for potential profit. Many promotions are based on multiples at online bookmakers, like ACCA Insurance, Parlay Boosts, and Enhanced Odds. Bettors who are chasing these offers are better off using the calculator to ensure their value. On the other hand, ACCA Betting increases the risk and reduces winning chances. Read our analysis to understand the value of a big combo and learn how to calculate your payout on multiples.

Accumulator Calculator

An accumulator is a bet that combines multiple selections into a single wager that gains a return only when all parts win.

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

How to Use the ACCA Calculator

BMB_Question MarkAn Accumulator Calculator allows you to work out your returns on the bet you plan to place by adding all the correct information. All you need to do is select the odds, the number of selections, and insert the stake to calculate your potential profit. Try out our Online Bet Calculators to automatically see the returns, profit and alter the bookmakers’ odds by comparing cumulative totals based on multiples.

  • 1
    Add the numbers “2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.” to the “Selections” box and your picks’ odds.
  • 2
    Enter the stake at the “Bet Amount” option (e.g., €10).
  • 3
    Select the “Outcome” section among “Win,” “Loss,” and “Void.”
  • 4
    Our Accumulator Calculator will automatically calculate the Return & Profit when you tap the “Calculate” button.

How to Calculate Accumulator Odds

BMB_Implied_OddsThis type of wager has extremely high-profit margins for bookies, and that’s why most bookmakers offer bonuses for this type of wager, including ACCA Bonuses and ACCA Insurance Offers. It’s advisable to check the available markets for these bonuses and seek bigger odds to reduce a bookmaker’s margin. Every selection you add to your parlay, it’s a move against you. Let’s see why:

Matches Home Odds Draw Odds Away Odds
Aston Villa vs. Newcastle 1.61 4.00 5.00
Southampton vs. Arsenal 3.10 3.30 2.30
Chelsea vs. Wolves 1.55 4.00 6.00
Brighton vs. Fulham 2.00 3.40 3.75
Tottenham vs. Liverpool 3.20 3.60 2.10

This is the mathematical formula for calculating your 5-Fold’s payout and finding the bookmaker’s margin for the example above. If you don't want to do the maths by yourself, try our VIG Calculator instead. 

5-Fold ACCA Payout x 100 = Aston Villa vs. Newcastle Payout x Southampton vs. Arsenal Payout x Chelsea vs. Wolves Payout x Brighton vs. Fulham Payout x Tottenham vs. Liverpool Payout x 100.

We will calculate the Aston Villa vs. Newcastle Payout with the exact mathematical formula [{1 / (1/Aston Villa Odds + 1/Draw Odds + 1/Newcastle Odds)} x 100]. Then we will repeat the procedure for the other four selections.

Aston Villa vs. Newcastle Odds 1/Odds
Aston Villa 1.61 1/1.61 = 0.62
Draw 4.00 1/4.00 = 0.25
Newcastle 5.00 1/5.00 = 0.2
Total - 1.0711
1/Total - 1/1.0711 = 0.9336
Payout = 1/Total x 100 - 0.9336 x 100 = 93.36
Payout (%) - 93,36%
Bookmakers Margin (%) - 6,64%

So, Aston Villa vs. Newcastle Payout is 93,36%, Southampton vs. Arsenal Payout is 94,32%, Chelsea vs. Wolves Payout is 94,18%, Brighton vs. Fulham Payout is 94,27%, and Tottenham vs. Liverpool Payout is 93,78%, and the 5-Fold ACCA Payout x 100 = 93.36/100 x 94.32/100 x 94.18/100 x 94.27/100 x 93.78/100 x 100 = 0.9336 x 0.9432 x 0.9418 x 0.9427 x 0.9378 x 100 = 0.7331 x 100 = 73.31.

If you place a Single Bet on Aston Villa to win, your payout is 93,36%, which means that the bookmaker margin is 6,64%. However, if you insist on taking a risk with ACCA Betting, your payout is 73,31%, and the bookmaker’s margin is 26,69%.

Why use our ACCA Bet Calculator

BMB_Book SpyOur Accumulator Calculator has one main advantage; you can determine how much profit you will make from any multiple or a more complicated version of an Each Way Multi Bet before placing it. It’s also an essential tool to estimate winnings if one leg of your wager is a Non-Runner or Void. You can also work out complicated calculations if you bet on bigger combos like 9-Folds or 10-Folds. For advanced bettors is a significant point of access, being an alternative to compare prices instantly from different bookmakers.

Learning how to calculate parlays is a first but major step to extending your betting skills on system bets, like Lucky 15s and Goliaths. This handy tool allows you to quickly and easily calculate how much you will win, saving valuable time in the whole betting process. In conclusion, we clearly notice ACCA Bets as we approve it in the example above. A bettor shouldn’t increase the total number of selections, creating big bets like 6-Folds or more. However, the bookmakers’ margin is multiplying for every pick you add, which is against your winning chances.

Bookmakers with the Best Accumulated Odds

Many leading bookmakers offer daily promos with Enhanced Odds for Accumulator Bets based on major sports competitions. In the list below, you can discover the top 100 bookmakers with the highest odds on multiples. We chose them by evaluating the prices on both main and secondary markets. 

Q: What are the types of an ACCA Bet?

The smaller ACCAs that have less than four selections are called Trebles or Doubles. On an Accumulator Bet, there is no limit to the number of selections in the bet slip. Depending on how many picks you choose to place, there are 4-Fold ACCAs, 5-Folds, 6-Folds, etc.

Q: On which sports can you place a combo bet?

ACCA Bets can be placed on all sports, but you can’t choose multiple markets from the same event. That’s the Bet Builder feature and it has a different betting structure. Moreover, Football and Horse Racing are the most popular sports for ACCA Betting.

Q: What is an Each Way Accumulator?

An E/W ACCA Bet consists of two legs; an ACCA where all selections are winners, and a second part where one or more selections are “To-Place.” These picks have accordingly updated odds depending on each bookmaker’s terms.

Q: What happens if a bet is void?

In the case of a void bet or a Non-Runner in a race, the returns are calculated, assuming the rest of the picks are winners as if you never included this selection in your betslip (i.e., a 5-Fold ACCA will become a 4-Fold).

Q: How does a Draw No Bet affect a multiple?

DNB (Draw No Bet) is a type of wager based on the selections of clear winners. If your preferred match is a draw, then the bet is canceled, and the stake is returned. So, in an ACCA Bet, that means the DNB leg is void, and the rest goes into action.

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