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Trixie Calculator

The Trixie Bet consists of four bets, a Treble and three Doubles based on three selections from different sporting events. The significant advantage of a Trixie is that you can earn some returns even if only two of the three selections are winners. That’s the minimum requirement, but there’s a significant challenge; the total payout can be potentially high if all selections are winners. This wager type is available for all sports, with Football, Horse Racing, and Greyhounds being the most popular among bettors.

A Trixie Calculator allows you to learn the potential returns before you place your wager. It’s a quick and accurate tool to determine the three Doubles and Treble’s probable winnings. It would help if you were carefully adding the stake amount and the three selections’ starting odds. Remember that your total stake is four times what you enter (e.g., a €10 Trixie costs €40).

Trixie Calculator

The trixie bet is a 3 selection wager consisting of 4 bets: 3 doubles and a treble.

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

Profit per Combination

Combination Profit
(1,2) -
(1,3) -
(2,3) -
(1,2,3) -

How to Use Our Trixie Bet Calculator

BMB_Implied_OddsA Trixie Bet is classified as a Full Cover Bet because it offers you a full-safe combination of the possible multiples included. Using our Trixie Calculator, you should automatically follow two main steps to determine your wager’s potential winnings; either you have two or three successful selections.

⏩ Enter the three picks, add the odds of your selections and then choose the Bet Amount. If you want to stake a different amount on the Doubles and the Treble, select the “Stake per Part” option.

⏩ Tapping the “Calculate” button, you will instantly learn your Profit and Return if your winning picks are two or three.

How does a Trixie Bet work

BMB_Question MarkIt’s vital to understand the structure to take advantage of all the benefits of this type of System Bet. Read on to examine all the basic principles in regards to creating a winning Trixie Bet, before you start using our system bet calculator.

⏩ Trixies consist of four bets; three Doubles and one Treble. That means that your total stake is four times what you place (e.g., a €5 Treble costs €5 but a €5 Trixie costs €20).

⏩ You can’t select two bets from the same sports event as a part of a Trixie, although you can bet on different sports within a Trixie Bet.

⏩ Use our Trixie Calculator and work out your potential winnings with small-sized or higher odds to find value.

⏩ Separate the parts of this Cover Bet’s type. Name your selections as “A,” “B,” and “C.” These are the four bets that comprise your Trixie.

  • 1
    One Treble on “A,” “B,” and “C” selections.
  • 2
    1st Double on “A” and “B” selections.
  • 3
    2nd Double on “A” and “C” selections.
  • 4
    3rd Double on “B” and “C” selections.

⏩ The main advantage against straight Treble Betting is the safety that it offers. Losing out one selection on a Treble means that your wager is a loser. On the other hand, a Trixie Bet provides the flexibility to collect some returns if you miss out on one bet.

What is a Trixie Bet

BMB_Power IconLearning how the odds can affect your potential winnings is the first step to creating this wager type. Our Trixie Calculator simplifies the betting process, doing all maths and calculations for you. Nonetheless, it’s useful to understand how this tool works using an example based on what is a Trixie Bet in football.

Bets Matches Selections Odds
A Inter vs. Milan 1 1.90
B Crystal Palace vs. West Ham 2 2.37
C Girona vs. Villareal 2 1.75

This is the mathematical formula that Trixie Calculator uses to determine your potential winnings for a €5 Trixie that costs €20 (4 bets of €5) if all three selections win:

Trixie Bet Return = {(Bet A Odds +1) x (Bet B Odds +1) x (Bet C Odds +1) - (Bet A Odds + Bet B Odds + Bet C Odds +1)} x Bet Amount = {(1.90 + 1) x (2.37 +1) x (1.75+1) - (1.90 + 2.37 + 1.75 +1)} x €5 = {(2.90 x 3.37 x 2.75) - 7.02} x €5 = (26.875 -7.02) x €5 = 19.855 x €5 = €99.275.

So, your Profit is Return - Bet Amount = €99.275 - €20 = €79.275.

This winning Trixie example consists of the four bets that are broken down in the table below.

Bet 1 Treble Inter, West Ham, and Villareal ALL WIN
Bet 2 Double Inter and West Ham BOTH WIN
Bet 3 Double Inter and Villareal BOTH WIN
Bet 4 Double West Ham and Villareal BOTH WIN

If you place the same picks as a Treble, the potential winnings with a €20 total stake are €157.60. Comparing the Total Returns of the Trixie based on these three selections with the winner Treble on Inter, West Ham, and Villareal, you can realize that they are half. Trixies offer some safety, but they aren’t as profitable as straight bets.

How to place a Trixie Bet on Horse Racing

BMB_Horse_HeadHere is an example of a Trixie Bet on Ηorse Racing, where two of your three picks win. You should know that you lose your entire stake if no horses win or one horse wins. If all three horses win, the profit is calculated as in the football example above. The ideal scenario is to place three winning selections, but there is always the risk of at least one unsuccessful pick.

Bets Races Horses Selections Odds Place
A R2 Southwell Jazz Legend TO WIN 4.50 1st
B R4 Gosford Major Artie TO WIN 3.30 2nd
C R5 Mackay Carlin Trend TO WIN 2.15 1st

So, use the mathematical formula Trixie Calculator works out to determine your winnings for a €2 Trixie that costs €8 (4 bets of 2€). These are your Total Returns, with only Jazz Legend and Carlin Trend winning their races.

Trixie Bet (2/3) Return = {(Bet A Odds +1) x (Bet B Odds +1) x (Bet C Odds +1) - (Bet A Odds + Bet B Odds + Bet C Odds +1)} x Bet Amount = {(4.50 + 1) x (0 +1) x (2.15+1) - (4.50 + 0 + 2.15 +1)} x €2 = {(5.50 x 1 x 3.15) - 7.65} x €2 = (17.325 -7.65) x €2 = 9.675 x €2 = €19.35.

Moreover, your Profit is Return - Bet Amount = €19.35 - €8 = €11.35.

How to use the Each Way Trixie Calculator

BMB_LegalThat’s a turning point for bettors that prefer Trixies but are not satisfied with the total returns that a 2/3 system pays back. For the horse racing example, the total returns are €19.35. Is there a way to increase the winnings if Major Artie places 2nd? In this case, you will not have an entirely successful Trixie, but you can collect more earnings risking with an Each Way Trixie Bet.

You can turn the bet above into an E/W, betting on the three horses to win and place and keeping the total stake at €8. Putting a €2 Trixie, you pay €8 (4 bets of €2). You will now place a €1 Trixie, and your total stake will be €8 (8 bets of €1) again. Let’s see your total returns if Jazz Legend (4.50) and Carlin Trend (2.15) win and Major Artie place 2nd with “1/2 first and second” terms (i.e., the odds to place are halved).

Using an Each Way Trixie Calculator, you can automatically update your new E/W Trixie by choosing the option “Yes” at the “Each Way” Box. If you place an €8 total stake, your Total Returns will be €32.62, and the Total Profit €24.62. Undoubtedly, higher than the €11.35 of your starting Trixie Bet.

Other Calculators To Use

BMB_Research IconWe aim to make easier your betting activity by calculating your sports winning online. Our tools are handy for players, helping you to work out prices, stakes, and potential betting returns. Here you can operate advanced calculators for systems that can help make wagering quicker.

Yankee Bet Calculator

Permed Patent Bet Calculator

Goliath Bet Calculator

Heinz Bet Calculator

Why Use our Trixie Bet Calculator

BMB_Book SpyThe Trixie Bet Calculator is a handy tool that mainly applies to advanced bettors. It refers to simple System Bets, but it might be tricky to work out the best staking plan for low odds or higher without help. A Trixie Bet doesn’t consist of complicated or conditional bets. It’s rapid, practical, and accurate to have a tool that calculates your Doubles and your potential winning Treble instantly, the small ACCAs where are based on. Using our Trixie Calculator before placing a bet, you can access high and low-risk strategies depending on the odds you want to work out.

On Doubles and Trebles, bettors know in advance that if there is a loser among selections, the whole bet will not make a profit. A Trixie Bet provides coverage even if one bet is a loser. So, you can also understand the impact on the bets’ results and how to learn the payout with two winning selections. Also, suppose you decide to change the odds level, create a more risky Trixie or make a different selection before placing your wager. In that case, you can learn your updated potential returns and profit with our Trixie Bet Calculator.

Best Bookmakers for Trixies

Find out which best odds betting sites are suitable for Trixie Betting among an expanding list of sports events and markets.

Q: How many selections are included in a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie consists of three selections from different sporting events, and the potential earnings are calculated on three winning Doubles and one Treble. To place this type of System Bet, you need to pay four times the starting stake value.

Q: What is the difference between a Trixie and a Patent?

The main difference between Patents and Trixies is the number of bets. The patent has seven overall, while the Trixie system has four. Three of seven Patent’s bets are Singles, so if you have a winner on your three selections, you can collect some earnings.

Q: Is a Trixie a part of a Round Robin Bet?

A Round Robin Bet is a more complicated alternative version of Patents and Trixies, with a higher chance of collecting winnings. This type of wager contains ten individual bets; three Doubles, a Treble like Trixie, and 3 Single Stake About Bets (two bets within each).

Q: What is a Trixie Bet on the Irish Lottery?

Irish Lottery is popular among UK bettors because you can secure bigger odds for matching fewer balls. A Trixie Bet on the Irish Lottery means that you need to select three numbers placing four separate bets. That’s a way to increase your winning chances by betting on more combinations.

Q: What is a Union Jack Trixie Bet?

Union Jack Trixie Bet is a System Bet based on a nine-selections combined into eight Trixies, which means 24 Doubles and 8 Trebles. The easiest way to understand its structure is to think that this System contains 32 bets in total.

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