Double Bet Calculator

Double Bets are the simplest type of accumulators and refer to two selections whose combination creates one bet. Both selections should come from different matches or events. It’s not the same as placing Forecasts, like a greyhound to finish first and another second in the same race, or Combos / Bet Builders, like a football team to win and score Over 1,5 Goals. A Double’s total returns are calculated by multiplying each selection’s odds with the total stake. For instance, if you believe that Leeds will beat Brighton at 2.00 odds and Leicester will win against Southampton at 1.80, these picks can build a Double at 3.60 (2.00 x 1.80) odds if both selections win.

The Double Bet Calculator is a handy tool that will help you work out your total returns and profit from a 2-Fold. The calculator is valuable, offers speed, accuracy and basic knowledge to bettors who want to try out more complicated systems based on Doubles.

Double Bet Calculator

The double bet is a multiple bet consisting of two selections, both of which must win to gain a return.

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

How to use the Double Bet Calculator

Using our Double Calculator, you have a great chance to extend your betting options and experiment in a broader range of bets, like Accumulators, ACCAs on Asian Bets, and System Bets (Yankees, Lucky 15s, Goliaths, etc.). If you seek a bigger payout, you can select two different markets and place them in one bet. It’s easy to use the Double Bet Calculator, following the steps below:

⏩Add the odds for both selections (for example, 2.00 & 1.80).

⏩Set your starting stake amount (for example, €10, €25, or €50) at the “Bet Amount” box.

⏩You have three options to select on the “Outcome” section, among “Win,” “Loss,” and “Void.”

⏩Our Double Bet Calculator will automatically calculate the Return & the Profit when you tap the “Calculate” button.

⏩To use the Double Bet Calculator for another bet, tap the “Reset” button.

What is a Double Bet

Double Betting is a versatile type of wager that players can use on sport and non-sport markets, including Soccer, Tennis, Horse Racing, e-Sports, and political and entertainment events.

Here is a winning example based on the English Premier League’s matches Liverpool vs. Manchester United (Score 2-1) & Arsenal vs. Newcastle (Score 2-0).

With a €20 stake on Liverpool @1.95 odds & Arsenal @1.40 odds both to win, the winnings are:

Return = Bet Amount x (Liverpool Odds x Arsenal Odds) = €20 x (1.95 x 1.40) = €20 x 2.73 = €54.6.
Profit = Return - Bet Amount = €54.6 - €20 = €34.6.

Here is a losing example based on the same matches.

With a €5 stake on Liverpool @1.95 odds to win & Arsenal @4.50 to draw, the bet is lost and returns €0.

Loss = Return - Bet Amount = €0 - €5 = -€5.

How to work out an Asian Double Bet

Asian Handicaps eliminate the probability of a draw in a football match, creating two possible outcomes. To place a Double with one selection based on an Asian Handicap, choose two individual markets from different matches and determine your stake. In order to profit, both selections must be winners. Let’s see what happens when you place a Double Bet and two Singles on the same winning results in Asian Betting.

You choose to bet on the EPL match West Ham vs. Burnley (Score 1-0) and the German Bundesliga match Borussia M’Gladbach vs. Borussia Dortmund (Score 2-1), both on West Ham and Borussia M’Gladbach (-0,5 A.H.) to win at 1.75 and 3.100 odds. Your Bet Amount is €10.

👉If you bet a Double on West Ham and Borussia M’Gladbach, your Return is €10 x 1.75 x 3.100 = €54.25. That means your Profit is €54.25 - €10 = €44.25.

👉If you bet two Singles, with the €10 Bet Amount, on West Ham to win (€5) and Borussia M’Gladbach (-0,5 A.H.) to win (€5), your Return is (€5 x 1.75) + (€5 x 3.100) = €8.75 + €15.5 = €24.25. That means your Profit is €24.25 - €10 = €14.25.

With a winning Double Bet, you have a €44.25 - €14.25 = €30 bigger payout. Dortmund has the advantage of half goal (-0,5 A.H. on Borussia M’Gladbach) before kick-off, so if wins or the match ends in a draw, you lose your bet.

How to place a Double with a quarter line -0,25 A.H.

You can also place a Double Βet with one, or both legs include a quarter line -0,25 Asian Handicap or an Over/Under bet. The Asian goal lines offer quarter and half goal options and the chance to refund your starting stake. Using our Double Calculator, it’s easy to determine the potential earnings in Asian Betting on Doubles instantly. Let’s see a specific example:

If you bet on Borussia M’Gladbach (-0,25 A.H.) at 2.85 odds and win with 2-1, your Double’s payout is calculated like the example above, replacing the -0,5 A.H. with the -0,25 A.H. odds. That means that your Return is €49.875 and your Profit €39.875.

If West Ham wins with 1-0 and the Borussia M'Gladbach match ends in a draw (e.g., 1-1), you lose half (5€) of your starting stake. So, the Return is €54.25 / 2 = €27.125. In case that Borussia Dortmund wins, the bet is a loser. If the match is suspended, void, or postponed, your Double turns into a Single, and your payout is the starting stake multiplied with West Ham winning odds.

What is a Double with Enhanced Odds

Of course, betting on Singles might reduce your losses if you win one individual bet and lose the other, but for higher returns, Double Betting is more profitable, without a doubt. Besides, many bookmakers, like LVbet and Energybet, offer daily Enhanced Odds on Doubles.

For example, West Ham and Borussia M’ Gladbach’s combined odds to win their matches are 1.75 x 3.30 = 5.775. If a bookie offers you this duo with an Odds Boost, you can secure higher odds (e.g., 6.50 odds), which means more significant total returns and profit.

Why use our Double Calculator

Betting on politicsSuppose you decide to advance to building strategies on System Bets. In that case, Double Bets have a structural relation with more complicated types of wagers like Yankees, Patents, Lucky 15s, and Goliaths. All the systems are built from Doubles and simple Accumulators, so the Double Bet Calculator is the first step to learn how to use, make, and multiply ACCAs.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced bettor, using Bet Calculators ensures that you will never make an error in your computations, avoiding mistakes that may cost you money. There is an increasing number of ways to bet on your favorite sports, which means more chances to make a profit. A Double offers better value and more returns than Singles due to the combination of odds. It’s vital to understand how Double Betting works and how you can calculate the odds. In conclusion, it’s critical to use the Double Calculator when you want to compare your selected picks’ payouts and understand what happens to the bet when one of your selections is void.

Best Bookmakers with Enhanced Odds on Doubles

All leading bookmakers offer promotions for higher winning based on Doubles. Underneath, you can discover the best online betting sites’ promos with Odds Boost or Enhanced Odds on Doubles.

Q: Are Doubles a form of Multiple Bets?

A Double is the simplest type of Multiples, which includes two Single Bets. Multiples like Accumulators and Systems (Trixies, Yankees, etc.) have more than one bet included and are based on Doubles. The Trixie System, for example, is made up of three Doubles and a Treble.

Q: Are Bet Builders and Combos the same as Double Bets?

Bettors can place Double Bets only on separate events, and that’s the structural difference between them and Bet Builders or Combos. Both these types refer to a multiple based on the same sporting event. However, Bet Builders and Combos could be a part of a Double Bet.

Q: How does the Each Way Calculator work on 2-Fold bets?

If your Double Bet is placed as an Each Way, it’s more complicated to calculate it than a Single. In both cases, you will need to know the place terms, if they are “1/2 first and second”, or “1/4 first and second,” for example, a parameter that makes a difference to your returns.

Q: Is a Double Stake About Bet a type of a Double?

DSAB (Double Stake About Bet) is a betting type between a Single and a Double Bet. It consists of two Singles; if the first Single wins, then the double stake is wagered on the second selection, and if the second selection also wins, you double the starting stake back on the Single that was your first pick.

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