Treble Bet Calculator

The Treble Bet is a type of multiple where three separate selections build one wager. If all three legs win, the bet makes a profit; otherwise, you lose your stake. The risks are higher than betting on Singles or Doubles, but the returns are more significant. You can easily combine markets from different sports, competitions, or non-sport events. This versatility gives you the option to select markets such as Match Result, Correct Score, Over/Under, Anytime Goalscorer, and Asian Handicaps. You can also back a horse to win a race, a tennis player to conquer a Grand Slam, and a football player to score his team’s first goal in the same betslip.

The Treble Bet Calculator is an essential tool that enables you to work out your combined odds and calculate your potential returns. All you have to do is add the stake amount and the starting odds of the three selections to determine the profit if your bet is successful.

Treble Bet Calculator

The treble bet is a multiple bet consisting of three selections, all of which must win to gain a return

Decimal odds, decimal indicator is dot (paradigm: 4.35).

Bet Amount

# Odds Outcome

How to use our Treble Bet Calculator

Using our Treble Calculator is a simple process consisting of two main steps; adding the odds and inserting your stake. Then you will automatically have the potential winnings of your wager.

⏩Insert the odds of your selections, entering your starting stake to the “Bet Amount” box.

⏩Tap the “Calculate” button, and you will instantly learn your Profit and the Return.

Keep on reading to learn how our Treble Bet Calculator works and how you can turn a 3-Fold into an Each Way Treble Bet.

Best Bookmakers with Odds Boost on Trebles

All leading betting sites offer promotions for bigger returns based on smaller Accumulators like Trebles. Underneath, you can discover the best bookmakers with Odds Boost, offering Enhanced Odds on winning Trebles.

What is a Treble Bet

Treble Betting is a prevalent option among bettors as it offers big payouts. Three selections are combined in one bet, creating a higher-value multiple. The exciting part of placing a Treble is to explore different markets and events. You can choose from Outrights, Moneylines, Asian Handicaps, and Totals to chase a high profit with a small stake.

👉Here is an example of three different events and markets in football; Manchester City to win the English FA Cup @3.50 odds, Werder Bremen to beat Augsburg @2.15 odds, and Celtic vs. Livingston Over 2,5 Goals @1.72. The potential winnings with a 5€ stake are:

Return = Βet Amount x (Manchester City odds x Werder Bremen odds x Celtic vs. Livingston Over 2,5 Goals odds) = €5 x (3.50 x 2.15 x 1.72) = €5 x 12.94 = €64.70.

Profit = Return - Bet Amount = €64.70€ - €5 = €59.70.

Why is Treble Betting on Horse Racing more profitable

In Horse Racing, each race’s favorites can secure a big payout, even as singles. Of course, favorites do not always win. In any case, it’s preferable to bet on a market leader at 4.60 odds in Horse Racing than Bayern Munich or Manchester City at 1.40 in Football.

👉Let’s see a practical example from three different races in Australia and New Zealand using our Bet Calculators. Swift Witness has 3.80 odds to win Race 6 Gold Coast, Stan The Caddy offers a 2.80 payout to win Race 2 Murray Bridge, and Havana Storm provides 4.60 odds to win Race 5 Tuncurry. Before placing a Treble to the betslip, you can insert these selections to the Treble Bet Calculator and learn your potential winnings with a 2€ stake. If you multiply all the odds with the stake, the Return is 97.88€ and the Profit is 95.88€.

Tennis Treble Betting explained

In Tennis, Treble Betting revolves around head-to-head matches and Outright Bets based on Grand Slams and other tournaments. You can place a Treble Bet on Dominic Thiem to win the 2022 Australian Open at 6.00 odds, Iga Swiatek to take the 1st place on the Women’s 2022 French Open at 6.00, and Novak Djokovic to Outright Win the 2022 Wimbledon at 2.50 odds. In a losing example, even if Thiem and Swiatek confirm your predictions, but Djokovic doesn’t win, your returns are €0, and your losses are equal to the starting stake.

How to use the Each Way Treble Bet Calculator

An Each Way Treble Bet refers to betting on three selections to win and/or place. Following the steps below, you can use a common Each Way Treble Bet Calculator and learn your probable winnings just in a few seconds.

Bet Type: Choose the Treble.

Each Way Box: Select the option Yes.

Number of Selections: Set the number 3.

Odds Format: Your starting odds are on decimals, so choose that option.

Stake Type / Stake: If you choose a €5 Total Combined Stake, select this option for a Stake Type and add the number 5 on the Stake Box.

Tap the Calculate button: Your summary consists of the Total Outlay (2 bets of €2.5), the Total Returns (€), and the Total Profit (€).

What is an Each Way Treble in betting

This type of Treble applies mostly to Tennis and Horse Racing. So, we can use our starting tennis example and turn it into two winning E/W examples with “1/2 first and second” terms (E/W odds = 1/2 x WIN odds).

If Thiem wins the 2022 Australian Open at 6.00 odds (E/W odds at 3.50), Swiatek takes 1st place on the 2022 French Open Women at 6.00 (E/W odds at 3.50), and Djokovic wins the 2022 Wimbledon at 2.50 odds (E/W odds at 1.75 odds) the Total Returns of an Each Way Bet with a total €5 stake will be €278.59 and the Total Profit €273.59.

👉Here is the mathematical formula that an Each Way Treble Bet Calculator uses to work out the total returns and profit based on the example above.

E/W Treble Total Returns = {Total Returns On The Win Odds} + {Total Returns on the E/W odds} = {(Starting Stake / 2) x (Thiem Win Odds x Swiatek Win Odds x Djokovic Win Odds)} + {(Starting Stake / 2) x (Thiem E/W Odds x Swiatek E/W Odds x Djokovic E/W Odds)} = (€2.5 x 6.00 x 6.00 x 2.50) + (€2.50 x 3.50 x 3.50 x 1.75) = €225 + €53.59 = €278.59.

If none of the selections wins, but Thiem, Swiatek, and Djokovic are all placed 2nd, the Total Returns of an Each Way Bet with a total €5 stake will be €53.59, and the Total Profit €48.59.

So, EW Treble Total Returns = Total Returns on the E/W odds = (Starting Stake / 2) x (Thiem E/W Odds x Swiatek E/W Odds x Djokovic E/W Odds) = €2.50 x 3.50 x 3.50 x 1.75 = €53.59.

Why use our Treble Calculator

Betting on politicsTreble Betting offers more balance of risk and returns. Using Singles and Doubles, you need to stake a bigger amount of money to gain a significant profit. Nevertheless, an Accumulator with more events, 4-Fold or 5-Fold, might decrease your possibilities to achieve a return. So, a bet with three selections is in the middle, promising a higher profit with smaller stakes. In every case, Trebles are not suitable for bigger-priced selections and underdogs.

The next questions seeking answers are when and why to use a Treble Calculator. Firstly, it’s a quick and easy process for beginners to learn their bet’s potential winnings before adding the selections into the betslip. For the advanced bettors, this tool also provides the capability to measure and compare odds from different bookies. Moreover, they can comprehend how different matches affect the total returns and the profits in just a few seconds. The Treble Calculator is a vital betting tool for building your strategy on multiples.

Best Bookmakers with Treble Bonus Offers

Treble Bets can be placed on multiple sporting events like Football, Tennis, and Horse Racing. All leading bookmakers offer a wide range of markets, so you can choose among the Bonus Offers on Trebles based on the highest Free Bets credited in the list below.

Q: Is a Treble a loser if one of the legs fails to win?

You can gain profit from Treble Bets when all three parts are winners. Even if one of the matches fails to end as you predicted, you will lose the entire bet and your stake.

Q: What is an Each Way Treble Bet?

That type of bet combines three Each Way Single Bets selections in one, placed on different sports or non-sport events. An Each Way Treble Bet has less risk than a common 3-leg multiple because securing returns even if one or none of the selections win but placed 2nd or 3rd.

Q: What’s the difference between a Treble and a Tricast?

A Treble Bet is placed on three different sports events. That means you can’t bet on Novak Djokovic to win the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal to finish 2nd, and Dominic Thiem at the 3rd spot. This a Tricast Bet, not a Treble.

Q: Is it possible to include a DNB (Draw No Bet) selection on a Treble?

DNB Bets are available for selection on Trebles. If your preferred match ends in a draw, the selection is removed from the Treble Bet, and it becomes a Double with the other two selections remaining.

Q: Can the Bet Calculator work with all different odds formats?

The tool can calculate on all odds formats, involving fractional, decimal, and American. Entering the starting odds in all formats on the Treble Bet Calculator, you will learn your bet’s potential returns and profit.

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