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Bet365 is one of the leading online bookmakers, offering thousands of in-play events every year. It provides multiple features, one of which is the ability to watch matches on the platform. Bet365 Live Stream hosts a vast range of sports, from football and horse racing to snooker and table tennis. 

Of course, depending on the bookmaker, this service demands specific requirements. Is Bet365 Live Streaming free, or do you have to place a wager to access it? How much is the delay between the stream and the real-time? Stay on this article to find out, and follow our Bet365 sportsbook review for more info.

Is Bet365 Live Streaming Free

Free iconSome bookmakers only allow you to watch matches on which you placed bets. This is not the case with Bet365, as you can follow any event you want. However, the service is not exactly free, as you need to have a positive balance or at least must have placed a wager in the last 24 hours. With this in mind, remember that Bet365 online streaming is still cheaper than a subscription with a sports channel.

System Requirments:

Assuming you registered and deposited the minimum amount, you are now ready to enjoy a Bet365 Live Stream. To view the in-play covered games, you need to.

  • 1
    Download Flash Player if you don't have it installed.
  • 2
    Make sure you have an audio device connected for horses and greyhounds' commentary.
  • 3
    Have an excellent unlimited connection to view the match as smoothly as possible. 

Sports and Competitions

BMB_Sports_GenericBet365 covers most top-league matches and global events, as you can check in our bookmaker platform section. There are several sports to choose from and many games available in each one; we compiled each in a category with all the relevant information. Remember 


BMB_Football_BallRegarding Bet365 live streaming, football has the most significant share of events. You can find leagues such as Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie, and MLS. The bookmaker covers most of the top matches around the globe and some minor league events as well. Remember that you can use the popular Bet365 Bet Builder on these events.

On the other hand, some tournaments like the English Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, and international competitions are not covered. This is because bookmakers cannot buy the rights to stream them. 

Horse Racing

BMB_Horse_HeadYou can watch and enjoy in-play betting from all the UK, Irish, and French horse racing events. Other events from Australia, South Africa and the US are sometimes covered by At The Races and available to watch on Bet365 for free.

Additionally, the bookie provides coverage for races in Brazil, Dubai, Singapore and India. But to watch events from these countries, there is a minimum qualifying bet of £0.50 win or £0.25 each way. 


BMB_Tennis_BallGrand Slam tennis events receive extensive live coverage on Bet365. The website has the right to stream all major competitions and offers some of the best markets and features in the industry for tennis wagering. Many of these matches do not find sufficient live coverage on TV and require subscriptions. So for the registered users that want to watch tennis matches, the bookmaker became a top destination alongside the use of the Bet365 bonus code.


BMB_Basketball_BallIn basketball, the Live Streaming on Bet365 contains matches from the NBA, the Euroleague, and several international and local competitions. You can catch all the action while betting In-Play on Team, Player, Half and Quarter props.

Basketball matches are also available for free, and they receive one of the best live coverage by the bookmaker. 

Other Sports

BMB_NFL_BallHere is a list of other sports that the bookmaker streams: table tennis, greyhounds racing, golf, cycling, futsal, darts, snooker, cricket, baseball, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, floorball, Gaelic sports, trotting, badminton.

On top of all these, the bookmaker also offers e-sports betting on football and basketball, among others. To find these matches, you will have to scroll down to the page of the chosen sports and find these competitions at the bottom. 

Delays and Bet Acceptance

BMB_Date_Time_IconWhen watching an event from a bookmaker's website, you should always expect a delay in the broadcasting. Bet365 Live Stream is no exception, with a delay of up to 10-15 seconds, depending on the sport and league.

This can be crucial for fast markets and some sports like basketball and volleyball, where seconds can change the outcome of the match and, therefore, your choices. On the other hand, bet acceptance is among the fastest in the industry, with wagers taking between 2-3 seconds to be accepted on average.

So in football, you can be fast enough to place a wager because you are watching how teams are performing. But in basketball, you can only use fast markets effectively during a timeout.

How to Access Live Streaming on Bet365

BMB_Live BettingIf you have an account and all the requirements apply to you, it should now be easy to watch your favorite competitions. Here are the simple steps to do so.

  • 1
    To use this feature, Click on the In-Play section, and tabs with different sports will appear on your screen. 
  • 2
    Choose the sport you want to watch or bet on and scroll down to see the matches.
  • 3
    Events that will be covered will have a grey video icon which will turn yellow when the match starts.

Bet365 Live Streaming Schedule

BMB_ListIf you go to 'Site Features' and choose Bet365 Live Streaming football, a timetable will appear for the following days' events. For other sports, you must enter the in-play section and select one from the options.

You will see the upcoming events under the chosen sport. Look for the video icon, meaning the website will cover this match. When this icon turns yellow, this means the game has started.

Bet365 LS Streaming Schedule

How to Watch Bet365 Live Streaming in Full Screen

BMB_StatsOn the desktop version, open the match in live coverage and click the enlarge button to see it as large as possible. In order for it to be full-screen, you will have to zoom the picture, which might result in its pixelization. In any case, the live coverage would open a window that is detached, and you can move it anywhere you want. 

It is possible to view fullscreen with the Bet365 mobile app. Bet365 Live Streaming service offers an optimized version of the website, adapted for smartphones at 720 x 410 analysis and tablets at 430 x 245, with high resolution. The bookmaker's app is suitable for all Android devices (Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, etc.), Windows phones, Blackberry devices, and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Why use the Bet365 Live Stream service?

BMB_Book_SpyBet365 offers a superb in-play section integrated with the streaming console, so it is fairly one of the best live streaming betting sites. You can watch and stream various sports events with high quality and on full-screen. The minimum deposit of only €5 is a guarantee, but you can also use it to bet. Furthermore, you can now access streams via the in-play section to watch the game and see the on-screen odds simultaneously.

Bet365 live streams games from all popular sports they have permission to broadcast, so it is 100% legal. We recommend registering with the leading global bookmaker because it provides a vast range of sports events streamed to all devices.

Q: Is Bet365 Live Streaming free?

No, the service is exclusive to registered users who either have a positive balance or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. However, this means you can keep a few cents on your credit and enjoy top matches in high quality cheaply.

Q: Where do I find Live Streaming matches?

Access the In-Play section, look for the fixtures with a video icon, and click it to watch the Bet365 Live Streaming events. The matches are divided by sports, which you must choose from the tabs on top.

Q: Why is Bet365 Live Streaming not working?

Make sure the match is covered for streaming by looking at the video icon’s color. Only if the icon is yellow would the game have started. If you still can’t watch it, you should contact support.

Q: Where can I find the Bet365 Live Streaming Schedule?

You can find the schedule for the following days’ covered football matches by going to Site Features and clicking the article “Soccer Live Streaming.” For all other sports, choose them from the In-Play section and look for the video icon.

Q: How to watch Bet365 Live Streaming in full screen?

When viewing the stream, there is a small button with a screen enlargement image on the top right. Click it to see the video in full screen and with high quality. This applies to both desktop and mobile versions.

Q: Does the Bet365 live stream play the match in real-time?

The live streaming is not 100% synchronized and you must expect about 10 seconds delay. Therefore, it is unsuitable for Fast Markets, especially in fast-paced matches like basketball. It is recommended to watch the game in real time if you want to bet on these markets.

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