Best N26 Betting Sites

Digital banking grows in popularity every day. N26 is an example of this, offering most of the same features as a traditional bank in a more user-friendly manner.

N26 was founded in 2013 and has five million customers in 26 countries. The bank possesses a full European banking license and offers a deposit guarantee scheme up to €100,000. Due to Brexit regulations, the bank exited the UK market on 15th April 2020.

Away from the UK, N26 betting sites have increased significantly. Many bettors use the service for payments to favorite bookmakers. We’ll cover betting with N26 in this guide.

Best N26 Bookmakers

N26 sign up bonus is a significant privilege that bookies offer. Plus, regardless of the N26-accepting bookmaker you choose to bet with, this payment option is a wise choice due to its fast withdrawals and reliability.

How can I bet with N26?

To bet with N26, you’ll need to start by opening an account. This process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. You can do this by choosing your country of residence on the N26 website, then adding your name and email address. After you’ve verified this, you can download the app and verify your identity there.

Now’s the time to deposit and start having some fun. Once you have chosen a betting site, you’ll be asked in most cases to create an account. You should sign up and verify your account with a valid ID, such as your passport or driving license.

Once you have created an N26 account, you are set to start your betting activity. You only need to follow the steps below in your favorite bookmaker:

  1. Login to your betting account
  2. Select 'Deposit'
  3. Choose 'MasterCard'
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  5. The funds will instantly appear in your account

You can also use N26 as a digital wallet if you only want to withdraw your winnings. To take money out of your betting account, simply select either N26 or Mastercard as your payment option. After this, you’ll need to enter your bank account number and sort code. After confirming everything, you should receive your funds without much of a delay.

Is N26 gambling allowed in the UK?

Although the company had originally entered the UK market in late 2018, it no longer operates in the country. Therefore, N26 betting is also not possible.

N26 closed all of its existing customer accounts on 15th April 2020. At the same time new UK customers were not allowed to open anew one. The reason for the digital banking pulling out of the market was due to Brexit; since the UK officially left the European Union at the end of January 2020. Therefore, N26 was no longer allowed to operate in the UK with just its European banking license.

There is no indication that N26 will re-enter the UK market any time soon by applying for a banking license. Therefore, players in the country will need to find alternative payment options to bet with for the foreseeable future.

N26 alternative payment methods

N26 bookmakersUK gamblers who wish to use a fintech alternative to N26 can use Monzo, another digital bank which isn’t too dissimilar. Similarly to N26, Monzo bookmakers offer swift deposits and withdrawals. And unlike N26, there is no fee for gambling-related transactions.

Revolut is another fintech gambling alternative to using N26 on bookmakers’ websites. However, this is not available in the UK for gambling purposes. European customers can benefit from multi-currency processing, as well as sturdy security.

Another alternative to N26 are TransferWise bookies. This electronic money transfer service allows you to move money around online in over 40 currencies, with minimal delays. It can also be used as a digital wallet to store your winnings.

Pros of betting with N26

Betting with N26 has a number of advantages for those who wish to use this service. These include swift transactions, excellent security features and no fees for card payments.

✔ Instant payments: We live in a world of convenience and the days where you would have to wait a few days to either receive your winnings are long gone, thanks to digital banks such as N26. Once you withdraw money from your betting account, you’ll see your money in your N26 account instantly.

✔ No fees for deposits or withdrawals: While there is a fee for gambling transactions, depositing money to or withdrawing money from your actual N26 account costs nothing.

✔ Security: N26 is equipped with 3D Secure (3DS) security, which helps to prevent fraud whenever you use your account online. On top of this, you can also choose to sign into your account with fingerprint identification.

✔ Free card delivery: N26 customers will have a MasterCard shipped to them once they have verified their account and identity, with standard delivery being free.

✔ Convenience: N26 is available on both mobile and desktop, depending on your preference. You can also use the service to set daily spending limits. Moreover, deposits and withdrawals can be carried out 24/7.

✔ Banking details remain private: As the bank itself says: “N26 Bank only transmits data to third parties, when this is required by law, you consented to the transmission or N26 Bank is authorized to issue a bank reference”.

✔ Transfer money in 19 currencies: N26 supports money transfers in EUR, USD, CAD and dozens of other major global currencies.

✔ Easy-to-use mobile app: Deposits and withdrawals are as simple as typing in the desired amount and confirming, while you can also choose whether or not you want to accept certain payment types.

✔ Available in 5 languages: N26 is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Cons of  N26 gambling sites

As with every payment option out there, there are cons to betting with N26 too – such as the exit from the UK market, fees on gambling transactions and a fixed number of free ATM withdrawals monthly.

❌ Not working in the UK since April 2020: Using N26 to bet in the UK has not been possible since 15th April 2020, due to the company withdrawing from and closing all customer accounts in the country.

❌ A 3% fee on all gambling transactions: In a bid to both boost social responsibility and fight fraud risks, N26 applied a 3% fee on all gambling transactions earlier in 2020.

❌ Limited free ATM withdrawals each month: N26 customers who wish to withdraw money from their account at an ATM can only do so three times each month with a standard bank account. Metal customers have that number upped to five.

❌ Customer support is slow: If you have a problem with your account and can't find the answer to your question on their website, it can take a while before N26’s customer support team solves your problem. Customer support is available between 07:00 and 23:00 each day, meaning that you’ll have to wait until the morning if a problem arises during the night.

❌ No physical branches: Because it’s an online-only bank, N26 has no physical branches. This means that everything must be done via your mobile or desktop device, while there is also no first-hand customer support.

❌ App required to work: If you don’t have the N26 app, you can’t check your account or deposit money into it.

Essential information on N26

One of the most significant benefits of N26 is that every user can choose between 4 different types of accounts. Standard N26 account comes without any monthly fee. N26 smart costs €4.90/month, N26 You costs €9.90/month and N26 Metal costs €16.90/month. The last three have many benefits: shared sub-accounts availability, private sub-accounts with individual IBANs, and phone support. Also, users can take advantage of many offers and discounts through the cooperation that N26 has with multiple companies. N26 Metal also includes more features that you will find in the next section.

Regarding N26 cards most of them are Mastercard debit cards that come with contactless NFC technology. However, account holders in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria can also order a Maestro card to accompany their primary debit Mastercard. Users also can choose the card’s color between the five that are available.

Is N26 trustworthy, you may wonder. Beginning with, the company uses the 3D Secure technology that adds an extra authentication step. A three-tier security system protects each account and any transfer needs to be verified using a PIN. Moreover, accounts can be only connected to one smartphone device. A password or a fingerprint identification combined with face recognition could be set by the user. 

Another important fact is that users can connect their account or their N26 card with other payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay and Wise and make their betting through them. Also, they can proceed with any additional payment to any merchant that accepts these methods.

What are the N26 fees?

N26 fees

There are a few N26 fees you should be aware of. Standard shipping for replacement cards will cost you €10. For express delivery, which isn’t available with Metal cards, this rises to €30.

Once you exceed the ATM withdrawal limit, you will be charged €2 every time you perform this action for the rest of that month. Withdrawals that take place out of the Eurozone come with a fee of 1.7%. If a SWIFT payment is in USD you will be charged £3, which rises to £5 in other currencies.

A significant drawback is the N26 gambling fee of 3% of the transaction’s value, regardless of how much or little you spend.

Perks of the N26 Metal card

N26 Metal accounts are available for €16.99 per month, with a 12-month commitment necessary. Should you choose this option, you will receive a number of additional benefits.

When you go abroad, you won’t incur fees for using your card. You can also enjoy peace-of-mind thanks to a comprehensive insurance package, which includes flight insurance if you’re delayed, trip insurance, medical insurance and other amenities.

If you would like to divide your money into separate accounts, this is possible through the option of creating sub-accounts. Other benefits include priority customer support and numerous discounts with a variety of N26 partners.

Betting with the N26 app

N26 app The N26 mobile app has all of the features you’ll need to manage your account, while still remaining simple-to-use at its core.

Regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you will be able to use the N26 app. You can control your money completely from your phone, while also receiving transparency thanks to a breakdown of your spending into different categories.

You can also control how you do and don’t want to spend. If you don’t want to allow ATM withdrawals, spending abroad or online payments, you can toggle these off and on.

Is it worth betting with N26?

betting with N26

Since the beginning of operations in 2013, N26 has attracted the interest of players. The restrictions of traditional banking, such as payment limits and the disclosing of financial activity to tax authorities, can be very well forgotten when you use N26. Therefore, high-stake bettors have opted to use N26 for these important attributes.

However, the 3% fee on gambling transactions – plus the fact that the company has exited the UK market altogether – seem like an insurmountable task to overlook. It is simply too expensive to use N26 any longer, especially if your turnover is on the high end.

To conclude, I would still use N26 for testing a new bookmaker with a small deposit. But for my serious wagers, I choose Skrill and Neteller for their zero payment fees and their broad availability.

Complete list of bookmakers with N26

Fast payments and eligibility to claim any offer are some of the main perks when betting on N26 gambling sites. Check the full list and choose the one that better suits your needs.

Q: Does N26 have a banking licence?

N26 has a European banking licence, which enables it to operate in the European Economic Area (EEA). Last year, it also announced that it would be expanding its services into the US market.

Q: Where is N26 available?

N26 is available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland, as well as the US.

Q: How do I order a N26 card?

Your first N26 card will be shipped to you as soon as you have verified your identity. You will have the choice of ordering express delivery at the checkout, should you wish to get your card faster. If you need a replacement card, you can order this through the N26 app.

Q: Is N26 available in the UK?

N26 had been available in the UK up until April 2020, but this is no longer the case since the bank withdrew. The reason for this was Brexit; all UK customer accounts were closed after operations ceased in this market.

Q: Does N26 offer a deposit guarantee scheme?

Yes. Since N26 is compliant with European Union laws, the bank has a deposit guarantee scheme up to the value of €100,000.

Q: Are there any N26 fees?

Although basic accounts don’t incur a monthly fee, you will need to pay for other services. In addition to the 3% fee for all gambling transactions, ATM withdrawals beyond the monthly limit will also have an additional €2 cost. SWIFT payment costs will vary depending on which currency you use, while there is also a 1.7% foreign exchange fee.

Q: How do I top up my N26 account?

In the N26 mobile app, go to the Actions tab and select ‘Add Money’. After you have done this, choose ‘Card Transfer’. Enter the amount you wish to add to your account, as well as the card you want to use and its security code. After doing these, you should see the money in your account instantly.

Q: What is the best N26 alternative?

That depends on where you live. If you’re based in the UK, then Monzo is a viable alternative. However, customers elsewhere in Europe might turn to Revolut or Transferwise instead.

Q: Am I able to use the N26 Bet365 payment option?

Since users have an N26 Mastercard, it is possible to bet on any betting site that accepts Mastercard. N26 provides only debit cards but still, most bookies accept them.

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