How to use the Betfair Same Game Multi

betfair 600*375Betfair has introduced the Same Game Multi tool on Sportsbook, allowing players to bet on markets within the same sporting event. Early on, bettors could only request it via the #OddsOnThat hashtag on Twitter. It is a betting service that can be found elsewhere under a different name, most commonly as Bet Builder. Betfair is widely known as the first betting exchange in the industry, adding a sportsbook with a wide variety of markets and fast-growing initiatives. Discover in which sports the Betfair Same Game Multi is available, the range of markets, and how to calculate the odds.

Betfair Same Game Multi: Α step-by-step guide

Τhe Betfair Same Game Multi serves bettors like the regular accumulator. The only variation is that players have to choose separate markets within a single event instead of different ones. There are specific steps to combine multiple selections with building a bet. Here’s what players who have an account with Betfair have to do:

  • Log into the Betfair account.
  • Select the chosen match.
  • Click the Betfair Same Game Multi button.
  • Choose the markets and up to 25 selections.
  • Summarize the picks for review on Betfair accumulator.
  • Place and confirm your bet.

Betfair Same Game Multi

How to use the Betfair Request a Bet with #OddsOnThat

Τhe Request a Bet tool was the forerunner of Betfair Same Game Multi. However, it still exists as an alternative to create a personal bet and gives some different options. Bettors can use the #OddsOnThat hashtag on Twitter and build an accumulator bet from one single sporting event. Then they have to ask for a price from the bookmaker.

The feature's introduction has exceeded the expectations of most bettors who used the Betfair Request a Bet tool, but not all of them. Those who prefer to customize individual bets still use the #ΟddsOnThat on Twitter. For example, to receive odds for a long-term bet on Celtic to be at the top of the Scottish Premier League after every full round of matches all season.

Due to the number of requests, the process can take a while and more time than using a Betfair Same Game Multi. Bettors can tweet @Βetfair to personalize the bet and ask the highest odds. The bookmaker will reply once the bet has been added to the website with a link to place it.

What sports are available to Request a Bet on Betfair

There is a comprehensive and expanding variety of pre-match and in-play markets in football, NBA, NFL, and MLB. Players can build a Same Game Multi among sporting events that are not offered by other competitors. Here is a list of the main markets available in each sport on Betfair:

️⚽️Soccer Match/Half-Time Odds, To Qualify/Lift the Trophy/Method of Victory, Correct Score (Full/Extra-Time), Over/Under Goals market (Half/Full-Time), Both Teams To Score markets, Goalscorer Markets (First, Anytime, Last, To Score 2+, To Score a Hattrick), Handicaps, Double Chance, Players/Teams/Match Shots On Target, Card Index, Penalty Awarded, Corner Totals/Handicaps
🏀NBA Money Line, Total/Home-Away/Alternate Total Points, Double Result, Handicaps, Winning Margin, Team To Score First Basket, 1st Half Match Betting (3-Way), 1st Quarter Match Betting (3-Way), 2nd Quarter Match Betting, 3rd Quarter Match Betting, 4th Quarter Match Betting, Players 1st Quarter Points, Players Total Points, Players Specials (Assists, Rebounds, 3-Pointer Made)
🏈NFL Money Line, Point Spread - Match, Handicap Betting, Total Points, Winning Margin (4-Way), Highest Scoring Quarter, Players to Score a Touchdown, Players Passing Yards Totals
⚾MLB Money Line, Handicap Betting, Total Runs, Tri-Bet (Margin Bet), Money Line/Total Runs Double, Run Line/Total Runs Double, 1st Inning Result, 1st Inning Total Runs, Double Result

Betfair Bet Builder odds calculation

The same Game Multi feature's odds are not an accumulation of the regular odds because some markets may be connected. For example, a player might want to combine a team to win at full-time, win at half-time, and score the 1st goal. There is a correlation between these three picks. If a team scores the 1st goal, it is much more likely to be winning at half-time. Betfair Bet Builder modifies the odds consistently when bettors use it like this. In such a case, the odds are reduced, compared with the odds on each leg separately.

Betfair Same Game Multi upgrades the sportsbook


It is a betting tactic that gives online bookmakers an advantage, like all Bet Builders. However, a top sportsbook should have this feature. There are specific points that make it look like a better feature than others. When one leg is voided, it may continue with the combined price of the remaining legs. Meanwhile, other online bookmakers void the entire bet. Furthermore, pre-match and in-play Cash Out options are available.

Betfair also has a wide range of different markets and sports accessible. Bettors use it to place up to 25 selections in one bet, while in most bookies, the limit is six. Finally, the #OddsOnThat hashtag on Twitter creates the chance to request plenty of personalized bets. The odds reduction when two or more legs are related is not a key drawback because it applies almost everywhere.

Nevertheless, Betfair has yet to allow the combination of two Bet Builders in the same wager, which would suggest an even higher profit with smaller stakes. The absence of tennis from the process can also be considered a weakness. Betfair Same Game Multi upgrades the sportsbook's status as the leading online bookmaker from my perspective.

Want to read more about Betfair? Check our Betfair review and Betfair bonus pages.

Q: Can players Cash Out a Same Game Multi bet on Betfair?

Betfair Same Game Multi is available for Cash Out if all selections are eligible. Players are guaranteed a profit if the odds move in their favor of the bet and cut their losses if the odds move against it. Pre-match and in-play Cash Out are available for bets on the four sporting events that the feature works (soccer, basketball, NFL, baseball).

Q: How many selections can I add to the Same Game Multi and what is the maximum stake?

The maximum number of selections is 25. This is the highest between all the competitors that offer a Bet Builder feature. In addition, the maximum stake you can wager is £/€5,000.

Q: What happens if a bet leg within the Same Game Multi is voided?

If one bet’s leg doesn’t win, the whole multiple is wasted. According to the sportsbook rules, if any selection in the Same Game Multi’s leg is void, the bet shall be adjusted without it. For example, a 4-fold Betfair Bet Builder, including one void leg, will become a treble and will be settled at the price of the remaining legs.

Q: Can bettors place a Same Game Multi on Betfair exchange?

Betfair exchange offers all multiple bet types like doubles, trebles, fourfolds, and Trixies, but bettors can only place it on the bookmaker’s sportsbook.

Q: Is combining two Same Game Multis an option?

Betfair Same Game Multi is a betting tool with no multiple functions. Players cannot combine two or more bets. This type of bet cannot be combined with picks from other events. To relate bets from multiple events, you would have to build a standard accumulator. The feature only allows you to add one bet per event to your multiple.

Q: Can you place the Same Game Multi bet via the Betfair mobile app?

Betfair Same Game Multi feature is available 24/7 via the mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Bettors can find the same markets that can be on-site, which means there is the same flexibility without restrictions or minimizations when players are betting on the go.

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