Bitcoin Sports Welcome Bonuses

Since the dawn of the 2020s, Bitcoin bookies are no longer a novelty. Bitcoin does not provide only anonymity and ease of transactions. There is another major plus to note for BTC Bookies. That is Bitcoin sports welcome bonuses, promotions and bonus codes. Due to the low cost of cryptocurrency transactions, these bookmakers can provide pumped-up sign-up bonuses, as well as juicy reload bonuses and immense Vip rewards. For example, a traditional welcome bonus matches your deposit 100% up to 100$, while a Bitcoin one is usually up to 1 BTC.

However, it is not all sunshine and roses, as the constant influx of new BTC players brought forth many shady brands that utilize fraudulent practices. Scam bookies often use massive Bitcoin bonuses as bait to lure in unsuspecting bettors. That is why we suggest opening an account only in bookmakers with proven reliability. Rest assured that every Bitcoin bookmaker we list is thoroughly reviewed and tested so that you can proceed with ease of mind.

New & Exclusive Bitcoin Bonuses

It is easy to get lost in your search for the optimal Bitcoin betting bonus to kickstart your BTC action. The available number of bookies is quite high. Our detailed table below can be a good starting point. It contains all important information about bonuses like the amount, minimum odds and wagering requirements. You can get more inside info about a specific bookmaker by visiting our dedicated review.

What Bitcoin Sports Betting Bonuses can I find

BettingBTC offers are not limited to welcome bonuses and reload offers. Bitcoin Bookmakers constantly try to create original promotions that will bring in more players. Cryptocurrencies and their flexibility gave them a new arrow in their quiver. Nevertheless, the most common Bitcoin betting bonuses that bookies offer can be grouped up.

  • Bitcoin sign-up bonus: The classic offer that boosts your first deposit. It typically ranges from 100% to 200%, but many crypto bookies offer even higher percentages. For example, by depositing 10mBTC, the bookie will grant you another 20mBTC in bonus funds if the welcome offer states a 200% bonus.  

  • BTC reload bonus: Another staple in sportsbook products. These offers give you extra bonus funds after a deposit. The percentage boosts here usually range between 20% to 50%. You can claim them daily, weekly, or on specific days of the week.

  • Rebate Bonus: Many bookies give you back a part of your turnover during your first week or month of betting activity. They may also credit it as a loyalty reward to selected players. Rebate is a common feature in Asian bookmakers. With a rebate of 1% for example, your turnover (stakes) of 100mBTC will grant you 1mBTC in bonus funds.

  • Bitcoin Free Bet: In order to make you continue using BTC as a payment method, some sportsbooks may offer you a free bet if you proceed to a deposit according to the offer’s terms. Freebets are usually matched or risk-free. Matched free bets grant you the cost of your bet slip in the form of a free bet. Risk-free means that the initial stake will be returned as a free bet of the same value if you lose your bet slip.

  • No Deposit Bonus: This is usually a loyalty reward, and it's up to a bookie's sole discretion to credit it. They might use it as an incentive to attract new players or as a loyalty if you had an unlucky series of bets.

  • Refer a friend: As we have already mentioned, crypto players are valuable to bookmakers. It is common for them to hold a friend referral system, as it is easier for an already-existing member to recommend the site to a similarly knowledgeable friend. Α ideal win-win situation. The bonus might come in the form of a free bet or a one-time no deposit cash bonus.

  • Point System: While not as popular as the types above, this method awards you points after the settlement of an eligible bet slip. These points can be redeemed for cash bonuses, depending on the offer’s terms. For example, if you place a 5mBTC bet at 3.5 odds, you will gain 175 points. That translates to 0,52mBTC bonus funds according to the offer’s terms. You can say that it is a cashback in disguise.

What to look for in your Bitcoin Sports Welcome Bonus

A bookie does not credit bonuses out of the goodness of his heart. In order to protect their capital, all deposit bonuses are bound with terms & conditions. That is to prevent players from abusing the offers to get an unfair advantage. Bonus-abusing has been a thorn in the side of bookies since the first days of online sportsbooks. For this reason, many offers are simply not worthy, as their terms can be very disadvantageous for a player.

Every serious bettor should always read the terms & conditions of each offer very carefully, to prevent unpleasant surprises. Bitcoin bonuses, especially, which usually involve higher amounts, often have quite strict terms. Keep in mind that some offers are written in a way to hide the most inconvenient terms. We will analyze the most common terms that show up in an offer and the trickier ones.

What are the standard bonus terms

You can usually find these terms under the offers tab. They show up as ‘terms and conditions’, t&c’s, or an (i) as in information. Every single detail is important, so do not disregard anything. While they might be easy to understand someone can easily forget them in heat of action.

  1. Rollover requirements: This is the number of times bettors must wager their funds in eligible bets so that the bonus can be cashed out. Be careful, as there are usually two cases here. Some bookies mention that the amount to be wagered is the sum of the deposit plus the bonus, while others mention the bonus amount. That makes a massive difference in terms of value.

  2. Minimum bet slip odds: In order for a bet slip to contribute to the wagering requirements, the Bitcoin sportsbook bonuses always come with minimum odds. Mind odds are usually 1.80 and above for single bets and 1.5 or higher per selection for multiples.

  3. Wagering time restrictions: Most offers have a 15 to 30 day time period to use your bonus funds. Also, most welcome bonuses mention that they are available to claim up to 30 days after the account’s activation, so keep that in mind.

  4. Welcome Package: Many Bitcoin bonuses advertise immense BTC amounts that match up your deposit. Yet most of them are packages, not one-time bonuses. That means that the amount that you see can be claimed in a total of 3 or 4 deposits. For example, an offer may claim that it grants a 5 BTC welcome bonus. However, if you click on the terms, you will see that it is a 100% bonus up to 1 BTC for the first deposit, 200% up to 2 BTC for the second deposit and a 50% boost up to 3 BTC for the third deposit. A totally different story.

  5. Single or Multiples: Bookies do not appreciate very much high-stakes single bets, as it usually shows a competent bettor that can hamper their profits. Many offers exclude singles, and only triples or above count for the rollover requirements.

  6. Maximum bonus winnings: One of the most annoying terms. To control their risk factor, sportsbooks have a ceiling for maximum winnings from bonus funds. Anything below 10 times the bonus funds shows low value. Let’s make an example for the 10x maximum winnings. If the bonus amount you received is 1mBTC and the winnings achieved with your bonus funds come up to 12mBTC, you can say goodbye to the 2 extra mBTC. Quite unpleasant to say the least.

  7. Eligible market types: As in all traditional bonuses, Bitcoin deposit bonuses exclude many market types from the wagering requirements. This is another way to reduce the bookie’s risk. Typically excluded markets are second-tier sports, entertainment markets and Asian handicap bets.

  8. Maximum stake percentage: Sadly there is usually a cost cap for bet slips placed with the bonus funds. Be sure not to go over it, as it would be a pity to get your winnings canceled. Let’s say you deposited 10mBTC. If a bookie has 10% of your bonus amount as the max stake percentage, a betslip’s stake can not be over 1mBTC.

What are the tricky terms to be aware of

The tricky stuff is usually hidden in the generic terms & conditions of the sportsbook. That means that they apply for all offers unless specified otherwise. It sure is a hassle to go over all of them, but you should absolutely do it if you mean serious business.

  • KYC requirements: A bookie may state in its terms that they are allowed to proceed to a KYC verification as per their discretion. A shady operator can use this to delay or deny paying you winnings. It is also important to note it, especially if you are using BTC mainly for anonymity reasons.

  • Eligibility for the bonus: A bonus might state in its terms that it can not be claimed if you already used another account. This is valid mainly for Bitcoin deposit bonuses, as a bookmaker might have two or more similar offers.

  • One or more active bonuses: Most sportsbooks do not allow having multiple bonuses active simultaneously, so be sure not to have an active one before claiming a new promotion.

  • One bonus per house/IP allowed: Bookmakers set restrictions to prevent bonus abusers who set up multiple accounts in order to claim as many bonus funds as possible. We suggest using your own internet connection or mobile data to avoid an unfair ban or limitation.

  • Sticky & Non-sticky bonuses: Most bookies offer sticky bonuses, meaning they make you use your own funds first, but that is not always the case. Clear that out, in the beginning, to manage your bankroll effectively.

What makes a good Bitcoin Sign Up Bonus

We understand that a high amount of bonus funds sounds really good, but one should look beyond that. The main points to focus on are rollover requirements and the maximum winnings that a player can claim from his bonus funds. Imagine guessing correctly a high odds bet slip, only to get your winnings cut in half. Check the terms of the Bitcoin deposit bonus carefully, and see if it suits your playstyle.

A reasonable and realistic Bitcoin betting bonus doubles your deposit up to 10mbtc (0,01 x 1BTC) and has wagering requirements of 8 times your deposit and bonus amount. An over-the-top and not valuable for most players welcome bonus package consists of a 200% bonus up to 7btc with wagering requirements of 40 times deposit and bonus. Acceptable minimum odds for single bets should be from 2.00 and below, and the maximum winnings should be at least 10 times that of the bonus funds.

How to Claim a Bitcoin Betting Bonus

What odds & bets bookies offer for Finland Time to get into action. Do not worry, as claiming a Bitcoin bonus is as easy as a traditional one. We will guide you through the process step by step. Also, we will not limit ourselves to BTC welcome bonuses, as we have gathered below a plethora of other promotions and bonus codes.

red arrowRegister to a Bitcoin Bookmaker: Do your research and check the different features and bonuses. Our reviews can come in handy to help you decide.

red arrowCheck the Welcome Bonus T&C’s: Read the terms carefully. Then reread them. Be sure you understand them. In addition to any specific offer terms, check the bookie’s generic bonus terms and conditions. You can usually find them at the bottom of the website. Some information might be conflicting.

red arrowContact Customer Support for any question: If you found any conflicting terms, or if some of them are not fully clear to you, contact an available support agent. Each operator will have different communication channels, but the live chat will usually be the faster method. If you are not in a hurry, we recommend sending an email as the answer will be more formal and you can use it as proof if any dispute occurs later on.

red arrowProceed to a Deposit: Time to make the big step and claim your Bitcoin sportsbook bonus. The vital thing to check here is if you need to digit a promo code beforehand, as many bookies require.

red arrowDon’t forget the promo code: If an offer is available, a special tab may appear in which you can type in the promo code. In the next section, we will explain how to add codes and how they work. If you forget to digit a code, contact support immediately.

How do Bitcoin Bonus Codes Work

We have mostly mentioned welcome bonuses, but do not think that they only get all the love. Crypto-friendly bookies offer the best promo codes too. They can be quite the incentive to try out the advantages of BTC sports betting. As for how they work, it depends on the bonus type and the sportsbook. You can usually find them in a tab named ‘promotions’ or ‘bonus’ on the website. Otherwise, head to the cashier section, and there will be an appropriate section to type in a code before the deposit.

An additional method is that the bookie will email you a promotional code, and you will have to contact support to redeem it. Each bookmaker holds different Bitcoin bonus code types, but we can sum up the main ones. Bitcoin free bet codes give you a free bet after a successful BTC deposit. The main difference between free bets and no deposit codes is that the latter does not require the funding of your betting account. VIP sports betting Bitcoin bonus codes are reserved for loyal high-rollers. They can either be substantial funds in cash or a generous cashback based on the turnover.

Last but not least, there are exclusive Bitcoin bonus codes. These are juicy bonuses exclusive only on, offered by the best crypto-friendly bookies in town. You will be hard-pressed to find better alternatives. Feel free to try them all out. Just head to the appropriate section of each bookmaker and type them. You can always contact support for ulterior questions. Nonetheless, If bitcoin bonuses did not intrigue you enough, visit our list of conventional bookmakers bonuses. In case you already hold an account with a bookie, feel free to check the list of BTC betting offers below.

Latest Bitcoin Betting Sites Promotions

New football betting sites The fun does not end with bonus codes. We meticulously scan all trusted Bitcoin Bookmakers to bring you the best new Bitcoin promotions. BTC bookies update their offers frequently to attract new players or keep the current members active, so be sure to check the list below regularly. Keep also in mind that many of these offers are exclusive to us.

Should I opt for Bitcoin bonuses

How to find the best value in Euro 2020 betting offersMany people say that cryptocurrencies are a fad. My opinion is that they are here to stay, especially in the gambling industry. Their advantages are simply too many to ignore, and they can benefit bookies and players alike. That is why lucrative Bitcoin betting bonuses are appearing at an increasing rate. That also applies to other cryptocurrencies, but BTC takes the cake due to its status as the first and most popular crypto coin.

However, do not let the high amounts in Bitcoin sportsbook bonuses fool you, as most of them carry over strict terms and conditions, lowering their value. I believe that these offers favor mostly high rollers that will benefit from the high match-up ceiling. Bettors that like to retain their privacy should also give them a chance, as BTC transactions help keep your activity under the radar. BTC really shines in these two cases. The lists above will help you find a crypto-friendly bookie.

Q: Can I claim a conventional Bonus with BTC?

Many crypto-friendly bookies offer traditional banking methods, apart from cryptocurrencies. Check the terms & conditions of each promotion, as they will specify the eligible payment methods.

Q: What is an mBTC?

Due to the high value of a single Bitcoin, some bookies display your BTC wallet balance as mBTC. An mBTC is a millibitcoin (0.001 BTC).

Q: Can a bookmaker deny me a Bonus?

Most bookies write in the terms of their offers that bonuses can be declined or canceled any time if the operator’s management deems it necessary. This usually happens if they believe that you are abusing an offer, so tread carefully, as any dispute will not probably end in your favor.

Q: Why do Bitcoin Bonuses have higher limits?

Cryptocurrency transactions do not have third-party fees as traditional banking methods do, and the handling is faster, leading to reduced manpower costs. This makes a bookie able to provide better bonuses. The high limits also act as an incentive for players to use Bitcoin for transactions.

Q: Can I get Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses with other cryptocurrencies?

Many bookies have the same offers valid for all cryptocurrencies that are accepted as payment methods. Read the terms & conditions of each offer carefully.

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