Best Bookmakers for the Euroleague

    The Euroleague is, without a doubt, the most important basketball competition in Europe and expectedly bettors are always itching to place their bets on it. Of course, there are many things you should check out before you start your betting activity, such as where to find the best Euroleague 2019 odds. Check our guide, and the best sportsbooks will be revealed to you, to help you decide your next bookie.

    Right below you are about to find a helpful table showing you the most important info on the best bookmakers for Euroleague betting, like the welcome bonus they offer and if the bookie offers the most common and important betting types. Find out which are the sportsbooks offering alternative handicaps, Point Totals (Over/Under), Player special bets and Ante Post (Future bets).

    Which are the Best Euroleague Bookmakers?

    If you want to make the most out of betting on the Euroleague then, besides tips and advice on what are the best bets to place, you should start with finding a good bookmaker. In the following paragraphs, we are going to go through a series of features that you should look for when deciding on where to place your bets.

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    Euroleague Sportsbooks – How to Choose the Best

    Quick Withdrawals
    Any punter that bets on basketball or any other sport is in it to win it. Far from being wishful thinking, you should focus on finding the bookmakers that are quick about paying your winnings and do not complicate the process with pending time or any other supplementary checks. One good example in that direction comes from 1xBet that offers instant withdrawal processing on a wide range of different payment options. The fastest way to get your money is via e-wallets, 1xBet will process e-wallet withdrawals in around 15 minutes.

    Once you are certain that you will get your money fast and safe, the next step in choosing the perfect bookmaker is taking a good look at the betting markets it offers on the Euroleague. Obviously, you want to have as many options as possible when it for both pre-match or in-play markets so that you can create the perfect betting slip and boost your winning chances. If markets diversity is what you are looking for, Βet365 has everything covered for you with over 100 different markets for every match in the Euroleague.

    In-play Markets
    In your journey to answer the question of “Where to bet on Euroleague?”, you need to make sure that the sportsbook you are going to deposit provides a good offer when it comes to in-play markets as well. Many punters prefer the fast-paced action of in-play or live betting, so it is very important that you have plenty of options to choose from. A leader in the in-play betting markets when it comes to basketball, Bwin, will offer you tons of different choices for every minute of the game. Another reason why this bookmaker is perfect for fast-paced live betting is their very fast platform, accepting your bets within 2 seconds. Besides that, Bwin offers you the option to bet with very high limits so that you can back your team with as much playing money as you wish to.

    Tightly connected to the live betting activity live streaming is also a big part of the entire excitement in basketball betting and especially on top competitions like the Euroleague. When your local cable company does not air the big match you want to watch or for when you are on the road and only have your mobile phone with you, streaming is of huge importance. That is why you need to make sure that the bookmaker you are going to place the bets on Euroleague covers all the matches so that you don’t miss a thing. 22Bet is a good example of a sportsbook that covers livestreams for all the matches in the Euroleague.

    Euroleague Betting Options

    Your next step in finding the best bookmaker to offer you the best experience is focusing on the Euroleague odds offered by the main sportsbooks in the industry. Betting at a bookmaker with attractive odds and profitable lines means more profit for you.

    Alternative Handicaps
    Again, it is all about diversity and having plenty to choose from. Betting on a site that offers multiple alternative handicap options for you, will increase the winning chances and bring more excitement to the entire process.

    If you are looking for Euroleague winner betting odds, you should take a close look to the totals option. Bookmakers are also very fond of this type of bet, and you will find several options in their offer.

    Player Specials
    Another option punters have when they bet on their favorite team in the Euroleague is the player specials. Choosing to bet on a bookmaker that offers multiple player special bets is a good way to increase your chances for a winning ticket. 1xBet has a very solid offer when it comes to player specials

    Team Specials
    Similar to the Player Specials, the Team Specials bets offer you a vast number of betting options when it comes to team achievements. If you know your favorite team very well, you can choose a bookmaker that offers numerous Team Specials. Then, put your money on whether your team will manage to go over a certain number of points the entire match, a specific quarter or halftime. Other popular team special bets can be placed on the margin or score difference between the two teams at a certain point of the game.

    Ante Post
    This betting option is all about the moment when the bet is placed. So, make sure that the bookmaker you choose offers ante post markets during the entire Euroleague season.

    Promotions and Offers

    Besides all the aspects to be taken into consideration when deciding on the bookmaker you are going to play at, the bonuses and promotions they offer also plays an important role. Bet365, for example, has a great welcome bonus and promotions for ongoing players; however, you also need to make sure you understand all the Terms and Conditions, such as the wagering requirements or turnover.

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    Euroleague Betting Types and Events

    Now that you know what to look for when choosing between one sportsbook or another, it is a great moment to go into the different betting types and events that sportsbooks offer for the Euroleague basketball competition.

    The moneyline bet, also known as the win bet, 2way, Home/Away or by many other names, is the simplest bet of them all. Players simply place their bets on the team they think is going to win the basketball match, one of the quarters, halftime or even overtime. Bookmakers have different odds for moneyline bets, however. 1xBet is known to offer very attractive odds, especially on Euroleague match winners lines. One good example to back that up is the 2way lines they offer at odds of around 1.95 – 1.95 while most of the competition only does 1.86 – 1.86. Also, the difference in payout percentage on these types of bets is considerable in 1xBet’s advantage – 97.5% compared to an average of 93% for other bookmakers.

    The spread bet or points handicap on the Euroleague and basketball, in general, refers to the number of points a team should score to cover the spread. It was popularized exactly for the fact that it offers a good way to even those matches in which one team is weaker than the other, and a moneyline bet won’t bring you much value. A bookmaker that offers you plenty of spread lines both pre-match and for live betting is 22Bet. Go ahead and check out the diverse betting markets they offer on Euroleague basketball.

    When the two teams in the Euroleague match you want to bet on are evenly matched, and you cannot decide on a favorite, you can always choose to bet on the total points scored in the entire game, a quarter or up until the halftime. You can focus on one team only or bet on the cumulated number of points in an over/under a system with values provided by the sportsbook.

    The special bets in basketball refer to specific actions attributed to players. With a special bet, you can try to predict if a player will score a number of three-point shots or how many of those he will score in the match, wager on the number of assists, rebounds and other several events. The specials are a good way to warm up for the Euroleague MVP odds and take your best shot at predicting the MVP.

    Future bets are those bets that are placed before the game starts and before any other important details about the match are revealed. For example, if you’re checking the Euroleague winner odds before the competition has started, you can be looking at a futures bet. Other Euroleague-specific future bets can be made by trying to predict if a team makes it to the Final Four phase of the competition or trying to guess all the four finalists.

    Euroleague season schedule
    The Euroleague basketball season is split in three different formats with its final destination being the Final Four. Each team will play a minimum of 31 games and a maximum of 37 in case they reach the Finals, where they will fight it out to become the next Euroleague Champions.

    Regular Season

    The regular season of the Euroleague basketball competition offers punters many matches to test their wits on. There is a total of 16 teams from 9 countries and each team plays against each other both home and away to gather points. At the end of the regular season, the top 8 teams in the table advance to the play-offs while the remaining 8 are eliminated.

    Play Off
    The eight teams that advanced from the regular season will each face an opponent in the playoffs. Five matches are played between the two teams in a best-out-of-five format. Therefore, the first team to gather three wins qualifies for the Final four phase. This is also the moment to lookout for some high-quality Euroleague top 8 odds at bookmakers such as Βet365.

    Final Four – Semifinals
    The four teams that qualified in this phase of the Euroleague are randomly given an opponent, and there’s only one knockout match being played. The final four odds for the semifinals refer to those teams that lost their knockout match and will compete for the third spot in the Euroleague.

    Final Four – Finals
    After the match for the third spot is played, the winning teams from the semifinals play the championship match or the final. Of course, the winners of this final match gets to lift the Euroleague trophy and will be crowned champions.

    Euroleague Betting Tips – Place Your Bets Successfully

    When deciding to support one team or the other, it is very important to be up to date with all the details. Injuries can affect the outcome of a basketball match, especially in the Euroleague. For example, if a high scoring player such as De Colo is missing due to injury, then you can speculate a low total points bet on CSKA and get a great odd.

    Team Condition
    When analyzing the winning chances of your favorite team, make sure to check their form as well. Even if the match looks like an easy one judging by team tradition and trophies, if the team condition is not at optimal levels, surprises may appear. You should always check the statistics and compare the odds for each outcome to decide if you would get more value from betting on the match winner or from going with a spread bet instead.

    Team Roster
    Somehow connected to checking injured players, taking a good look at the team roster can give you some insight on what are their chances in the following match or even for winning the Euroleague. For example, some recently bought players might not be able to start in Euroleague matches and will not be included in the roster.

    Player Ratings and Averages
    Of course that, besides the general strength of a team, you need to check out who the stats of their key players. You can place some successful special player bets if you know what individual players are capable of regarding steals, rebounds, three-point shots and many more.

    Another very important thing to consider when betting on Euroleague basketball is the venue. Some teams are practically unbeatable on their own turf, no matter who the opponent was. You can speculate this home advantage and find value odds when teams such as Red Star Belgrade, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Panathinaikos or Olympiakos.

    Back to Back Tiredness
    All the teams in the Euroleague are involved in their domestic leagues and cups at the same time. This can mean up to 3 matches per week and a lot of accumulated tiredness. You should always be up to date with the team’s schedule and try to find a value bet backing the underdog when the favorite team comes after a derby or a long series of back to back matches.

    Τop bookies for the Euroleague

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    Frequently asked questions

    Q: How Do I Place a Head-to-Head Bet?

    The head-to-head bet is another term for the win bet in which you simply place a bet on the team that you think will win the Euroleague basketball match.

    Q: How to Place a Margin Bet on the Euroleague?

    You can easily place a margin bet on any of the sportsbooks that cover the Euroleague basketball competition. In a margin bet, besides betting on the winning team, you must also indicate the number of points they’ll win by.

    Q: How Do I Place a Total Match Points Over/Under Bet on the Euroleague?

    Total match points bets, or simply Totals, come with some pre-determined values offered by the bookmakers. For example, you can wager on the fact that both teams will score under 150 points or that the home team will score over 80 points in a game.

    Q: How Do I Place an Accumulator Bet on the Euroleague?

    Just like with all the other accumulator bets, when it comes to placing such a bet on the Euroleague, you go ahead and select the teams you think are going to win and place all your selections in one bet with multiplied odds.

    Q: How do I place a Quarter/Half Time Bet?

    The quarter/half-time bet offers you the chance to place most of the popular bets (moneyline, totals, player special) on a pre-determined period. So, if you think that both teams will score over 40 points in the first quarter, you can bet exactly on that outcome.

    Q: How Do I Place a Live Bet?

    A live bet can only be placed after the match has started and it offers you all the betting types that are available on a pre-match bet. Also, you get some special bet-types that are specific to live betting such as the next event in a period or half.

    Q: What Futures Markets are Available?

    The betting markets available for Futures bets are very similar to the pre-match ones or even the in-play ones. You can place moneylines, outright winners, totals or even player specials. Consider the fact that your player might not be in the starting lineup though.