How to build an evens betting strategy

An evens bet is placed at odds of 2.00 (1/1) and has a theoretical 50:50 winning chance. Many players consider these prices as the perfect combination of risk and payout, and that’s because the returns are equal to the starting stake if you win. You can find odds around 2.00 across all sports, including football, tennis, the NFL, and basketball. An evens betting strategy may also include casino bets like red/black, odd/even and Hi/Lo. These wagers are connected with several well-known staking plans like the Martingale, the Fibonacci and the Labouchere.

It’s important to know that betting on EVS doesn’t mean you have pure 50:50 winning chances. There’s the Vigorish in all leading bookmakers, which determines the house edge. In roulette, for instance, the percentage is 2,6% (i.e., European roulette) and 5,2% (i.e., American roulette). So, it’s essential to find the best close to EVS odds choosing carefully the bookie you will place your wagers.

If we make focus on the strategy’s benefits, the main question is, “Can a bettor regularly win with evens?” Furthermore, is it optimal to slowly increase the stake as you keep winning? Now, let’s see if there are more winning chances when betting on evens and which sports and markets are the most applicable to follow these prices.

What does evens mean in betting

Tips for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021Undoubtedly, the most basic roulette wager is red or black. The rule is simple, and this pattern allows you to double your stake after every win. Now you might be wondering, precisely what does evens mean in betting? The answer is that it’s the same. You bet on 2.00 (1/1) odds to double your money. The strategy is optimal for beginners or experienced bettors who place wagers on singles and follow specific betting systems to bolster the bankroll.

The truth is that searching for sports markets at even odds is not as simple as the red/black in the casino. If you comprehend the offered prices’ value, it might be profitable to place bets. So, let’s see an example. Manchester United hosts Chelsea the next weekend, but there are a lot of injuries and suspensions in the visitors’ squad. That’s something online betting sites might have overlooked. If you think the odds should have been lower than evens, but Manchester United’s win pays at 2.00 odds, it seems like a practical choice.

How to calculate an evens bet

Most bettors build an evens betting strategy that follows singles, the most straightforward wagers with the highest winning chances. Betting on one outcome is a pattern that also applies to experienced and advanced players seeking bigger payouts. Our Single Bet Calculator can help you save time when it comes to an evens bet. You can add just your stakes and the odds for one bet or a new series of bets.

Let’s follow the example above and bet €20 on Manchester United to win against Chelsea at 2.00 odds. The expected payout is €20 x 2.00 odds = €40.

That means you have received €20 pure profit and €20 from the initial stake. Of course, you can choose more than one EVS in an accumulator. In the case of three winners in a multiple, the potential payout will be €20 x 2.00 x 2.00 x 2.00 = €160, which means €140 net profit with €20 starting stake. Of course, the more selections you add, the higher the risk.

How does the Vigorish affect even odds

Another term you should certainly have in mind is the bookmakers’ VIG, the percentage of every bet the bookie keeps for the house. In optimal conditions, without the Vigorish, a basketball game between two equal teams offers 2.00 odds for each winner. However, this is unrealistic because you need to also factor in the bookies’ cut. In our example above, the VIG is embedded into the even odds, so the bookies shorten the prices to 1.90 - 1.90. These prices show the teams have a 50% possibility of winning. In other cases, finding odds for EVS means that you are actually betting on the slight underdog of the tie, as the favourite drops to 1.80 to counterpoise. The bookies’ prices are not in your favour, but the difference due to juice seems small, and it’s worth it.

Where should I try the evens betting strategy

Betting on evens is undoubtedly one to add to your strategies. It’s a profitable way for experienced bettors to win a higher number of bets but a helpful way of recovery after a losing streak. In the underneath list, you can discover the top online betting sites that offer the highest odds close to even to build an evens betting strategy.

Which are the best markets for EVS

Risk Management Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectBesides casino games, even odds are extensively applicable in sports betting. Markets with two probable outcomes can offer the optimal conditions. So, football, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, and American sports are the most popular, whilst horse racing and greyhounds are rarely avoided. Here are the main markets you can find in all the best bookmakers.

Moneylines (1X2): Predicting straightforward winners without handicaps and getting paid out if your team wins is the most popular market by far. Especially in all American sports, like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, there are numerous games on a daily basis for betting on evens.

Totals (Over/Under): The total points scored in a game, the total cards, corners, or passing/rushing yards are a broad market in all sports that you can adjust your strategy. You can select odds around 2.00 from all popular sports by predicting the Over or Under outcome.

Asian Handicaps & Spreads: In competitive matches, a potential low spread at 2,5 to 6,5 points creates an odds balance closely to EVS. So, you can back the slight favourite to win by at least a certain number of points at 1.90, 1.95 or even to 2.00 odds. If you bet on Asian lines, it’s easier to find even odds. For instance, the Asian Handicap +2.0 on Salernitana hosting Inter Milan pays 2.090; whilst the visitors’ odds are 1.840.

When should I use evens odds

Martingale variationsΕvery bettor’s ultimate goal is to increase the winning chances. Placing wagers on EVS or higher odds means you need a 50% winning percentage to be profitable. The higher the odds, the lower the required win ratio you need to bolster the bankroll. That’s the demanding part of long-term betting. Underneath, you can take some pieces of advice to learn in which cases it’s more convenient to use even odds.

Betting systems: When applying a staking plan, you must consider the offered prices. The most popular ones, like Martingale and Labouchere betting systems, need to be staked at 2.00 odds at least to be profitable. According to the evs betting strategy, you should exclude all bets under 2.00 odds.

Live betting: Ιt becomes easier to cover your bets during live betting when you bet on odds higher than 2.00 (1/1). Suppose you have placed a wager on Brentford to win at 3.00 odds. You can subtract the 1.00 and use the cash out when the price offered by the bookie falls to 2.00 or 1.90.

Arbing on 2-way markets: One of the main rules of arbing includes backing your initial bet at evens odds or higher. Suppose you have placed a wager on a tennis player to win at 2.20 odds and staked €95. If you find the opponent at 2.00 odds, you could easily stake €105 and get a nearly 5% profit regardless of the result. The essence of arbitrage betting is finding confronting odds before the start of the match; however, a sure bet opportunity can easily show up in live betting.

Is it worth placing an evens bet?

Sticpay bookspyDoubling your stake is undoubtedly attractive and a common goal among bettors. So, EVS at odds of 2.00 (1/1) will always be popular. Before betting, you should always check the value and the winning probability your selection has to succeed. You should also evaluate a second parameter. It’s acceptable to have more winners at lower odds (e.g., 1.60 or 1.80) than having losers EVS causing damage to the bankroll.

So, betting at 2-way markets might be profitable only if you analyse all the critical parameters of a sports event (i.e., injuries, suspensions, current form, advanced stats). Furthermore, the way with more winning chances to get a steady payout from evens in betting is to wager on singles. Seeking more profit than doubling your stake is challenging, but every selection you put into the betslip decreases the winning chances. So, it’s necessary to avoid it, especially when you choose middle odds like evens.

Full List of Bookmakers with a broad range of markets for evens

You can explore the best bookmakers that offer the best 2-way markets from all spots to bet on even odds in the list below.

Q: What does evs mean in betting?

That’s when you place a wager, and the winnings will match the stake you used exactly. The prices in evens betting are lower or higher than 2.00 (1/1), referring to the odds on and odds against, where the odds-on bet seems more likely to happen, whilst an odds-against one is something less likely to succeed.

Q: Is evens betting a valuable strategy?

That betting system can be a profitable way to maximise your bankroll if you stay patient and loyal. You can carefully increase the stake if you keep winning, but the critical point is to have a high number of small winner bets and be satisfied with that.

Q: Which sports are the best to use the strategy?

You can place an evens bet on a broad range of sports. You can choose a numerous selection of 2-way markets from football, tennis, basketball, rugby, cricket and all American sports (i.e., MLB, NFL, NHL).

Q: Where can you find the best evens bet of the day?

Although our predictions are not always precisely evens, we make a try to find tips on 2.00 odds or higher to secure the best value for your bets. We release daily predictions for more than ten leagues from football, basketball, and American sports.

Q: How can you qualify for a free bet for evens betting?

Doubling your stake may be a good start for a new series of bets, so a free bet is a good step because it reduces the risk of losing your money. Exploring you can find all the leading bookmakers to get free bets and start a betting series bolstering your bankroll.

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