How to Report a Betting Company

If you have been betting online for a long time, you are bound to have had a dispute with a bookmaker at some point. From problems with bet settlement and withdrawals to account closing or limitations, there are many reasons why you would want to report a betting site. These issues can be encountered in reputable and scam sportsbooks alike. If you are an inexperienced player, you might be wondering how to report a betting company.

Not to worry, though. We are here to show you the best ways to file a complaint and the most common grounds for disputes between players and bookies. How can you avoid fake betting sites that are after your hard-earned money? Here at, we take complaints very seriously, so you can even submit any complaints on the form below and we will investigate the situation.

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How to report a bookie: Top 4 ways

Question MarkIt’s time to explain the different ways you can report a bookie. Our betting guides for beginners aim to break down all the information into valuable tips. We’ll show you how you can file such a complaint with us and also go into some detail regarding other bodies you can contact.

  1. When you report a betting company here at you have to add some basic information on our form. You simply need to enter your name, email, the bookmaker you are complaining about, the nature of the complaint, whether you have already contacted the bookie and if the bookmaker is part of our affiliate program. In this case of the latter, it’s easier for us to communicate with a site that we are partnered with.

  2. You can also file a complaint with the site’s regulatory authority. Many sites are licensed through bookmaker jurisdictions like the UKGC or the MGA. Both have dedicated online complaint forms on their websites, which can be used to register your issues. The other major licensing body is the Curacao Gaming Control Board, which has a general contact form, should you wish to complain about one of their betting sites. Note that the UKGC and MGA take complaints more seriously than Curacao, so you have a better chance of resolving any issue.

  3. There are also independent organisations like IBAS, which help with disputes between bookmakers and users with problems. IBAS is funded by licensed bookmakers in the UK and any claim should take between 8-12 weeks to be resolved.

  4. If using official methods of complaint doesn’t work, then there is always the option of speaking out on social media in an attempt to get a response from the bookmaker. There is also the option of leaving a Google review or going to one of the many betting forums and detailing your experience to warn other players.

What do you need to file a complaint

You will need to collect certain pieces of information before making your case. If you’re pondering how to complain about a betting company, make sure you have the following details to hand.

✔️ Bookmakers & Licence Number: Every licensed bookmaker will have a licence number, which they can be identified by. A quick Google search of the bookmaker’s name and phrase ‘licence number’ should quickly help you to find it. There is also usually a link at the bottom of a bookmaker’s website that will send you through to where they hold their license and you can find the number there.

✔️ Nature of the complaint: You will have to explain your complaint in detail. Do not miss anything out. So, if a bookie has rejected your withdrawal, elaborate on the incident. Did the bookie explain their motives?

✔️ Supporting documents: It will be helpful to gather any documents supporting your case. These can include screenshots, like any e-mails or live chats that you have had with the bookmaker.

Why do players want to report a betting company

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons for players' complaints. There are many different incidents why someone might want to report a bookie. Here are some of them.

⏩ Problems with Withdrawals: A widespread reason for dispute is when there is an issue with a withdrawal. If their payment is delayed, rejected or incomplete for petty reasons, then they will naturally complain. You can find the instant withdrawal betting sites here. 

⏩ Issues with Bet Settlement: Another common problem is with a bookie settling a bet in a manner that the user disagrees with. You’ll sometimes see a bookie state that the odds displayed were wrong, especially during a live event and then they settle any bets on it as void.

⏩ Account Closure or Limitation: Betting companies have the power to close a user’s account or limit the amount that they can bet. This can naturally lead to disputes.

⏩ Unrealistic Bonuses & Promotions: Bookies offer promotions and bonuses to entice new users and retain existing ones. Sometimes the wagering requirements are too stringent to realistically complete, which grounds complaint.

⏩ Expired (or fake) Licences: A licence from a gaming authority reassures users that a bookmaker is reputable. If the licence has expired or is fake, this is a sign of a scam bookie.

⏩ Responsible Gambling: Bookmakers are expected to promote and adhere to the concept of responsible gambling. A player may feel that they were not protected by the site in this regard.

⏩ Shady Terms & Conditions: Online bookmaker sites are full of terms and conditions, from sign-up to bonuses and even bets. Sometimes the rules on different sections of the site can contradict each other. The FAQ section, for example, could show a different maximum win amount than the terms and conditions page.

How to avoid falling victim to fraud

BMB_StopIf you want to avoid having to report a bookie, there are things that you can do to help yourself. Naturally, it is almost impossible never to have a disagreement with a bookmaker, so keep these solutions in mind.

Play by the book: Bookies have rules for a reason. Make sure you read their terms thoroughly so that you can follow them. So, for example, with a welcome bonus, there will generally be plenty of conditions that you must adhere to, such as using a particular deposit method or making a qualifying bet at specific odds. Fail to stick to these rules and you won’t get your bonus.

Pick a safe bookmaker: All bookies on this site are tested. However, note that no betting company gets 100% approval. Even if you read some negative reviews, it doesn’t mean you should avoid that site. Also, just because you come across new online bookmakers with no ratings, it doesn’t mean they are not to be trusted. Just be cautious.

Complete the KYC process: Any site must determine that their users are of the legal age to gamble and that the other details they gave when registering are correct. This may involve you verifying your account in some way. Make sure you stick to the instructions on this matter. If an account is not 100% verified, the bookie can use this as a reason to close accounts or reject winnings.

Keep a cool head: If you have some reason to deal with a customer service team, be it for a simple query or a more complicated complaint, stay calm. Losing your temper will never help your chances of getting the desired result.

Build your experience: The more experience you have, the more likely you’ll be able to notice suspicious behaviour. You’ll also learn how to file a complaint that will reap results.

List of trusted bookmakers

ListIf you want to avoid a bad experience with a bookmaker, it makes sense to seek one with a strong reputation. All of our recommended sportsbooks have been thoroughly tested and reviewed. Click here to rate your bookmaker, or check the list below to find legal and safe bookies.

Q: How to report a betting company in Nigeria?

If you find yourself in a dispute with a Nigerian gaming company and need to take it to another party to deal with, check where they are licensed. The National Lottery Regulatory Commission provides betting licences in Nigeria, so you should complain to them if that is where the bookmaker is licensed.

Q: Is it possible to avoid betting scams?

You can make it less likely to be scammed by a bookie by being careful about which ones you sign up with. Look towards well-established bookmakers that have been extensively reviewed and tested. Check out user comments to ensure that they are mainly favourable.

Q: How to file a complaint against 1xbet?

Should you find yourself with an issue when using 1xBet that their customer service team can’t deal with, then you should take your complaint to one of the authorities with which they hold a licence. They are licensed by Curacao Gaming Control and several different African bodies.

Q: How to report a bookie on

Here at, we have a contact form, especially to report any complaints you might have against a bookmaker. If you contact a bookie about a problem and are unsatisfied with their response, then you can contact us and we will look into the matter.

Q: What can I do if I get scammed?

If you feel that a bookmaker has scammed you, you should first take up the matter with them. Should you not get a favourable response, you can take it further with the body that has issued their license, an independent regulator such as IBAS, or here at

Q: What info should I have when I report a bookie?

You should gather as much evidence as possible. This could include screenshots of your complaint, such as payment or betting records. You should also try to include screenshots or documents of any correspondence you’ve had on the matter with the bookie.

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